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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 614

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Episode 614

“Teacher Seo In-young.”

A voice calling you.

“…Oh yes.”

Seo In-young reacted one beat slowly.

As always.

“How are you feeling today?”

“I’m fine.”

“You still seem to be in a bad mood.”

“That’s not true.”

“Haha, I was just joking. “Don’t be nervous.”


“Of course, it’s better to be nervous in front of customers.”


Like many writers in the industry, various lower-level members who are part of the industry also receive help from ‘managers.’ The structure is such that as the value of each member increases, the influence of the manager decreases.

This is because the manager’s job is to maintain and manage the relevant personnel.

“Even if I don’t tell you, Teacher Seo In-young will check carefully, but you must make absolutely no mistakes. In particular, this patient was a bit difficult…”

“I remember it well.”

“Well, I sent you an email. “I’m glad you understood it well.”

Managers in the industry always have a smiling face. Their faces are just like leather.

“You were injured at 9 PM yesterday, so it would have been nice if you had received treatment right then, but as you know, writers in our industry… are a bit stubborn.”


“I’m not sure if the injury got a little worse because of that. However, I am worried because the author enjoys creating very active works. “Because he moves without worrying about the severity of his injuries.”

“I will treat you well.”

“i look forward to.”

Fortunately, this was the only role that Seo In-young’s manager played.

‘Deployment, surveillance and pressure.’

That’s what the manager’s tasks of ‘maintenance’ and ‘management’ meant.

In particular, Seo In-young had a history of continued stubbornness. Due to the nature of the industry being closed-minded, such as wanting to see more patients and having his own hospital, he was not viewed favorably.

I could feel that in the manager’s attitude as well.

“Okay then…”


“Would you like to move?”

A look of suspicion in his eyes as to whether he might run away somewhere or make things complicated by saying useless things. The behavior of trying to monitor as many areas as possible that one can attach to.

Nevertheless, the manager smiles and respects Seo In-young.


Seo In-young knew that she was a resource of considerable value.

‘That too for both the industry and this party.’

Doctors maintain a close relationship with patients.

For patients who have become mentally weak due to pain in body and mind, the only place they can rely on is a doctor who can heal them. If I carefully dug into the gap that arose at that time, I was able to receive the beauty of receiving my own small hospital as a gift.

Even though it was superficial, the trust of those in power was something that a mere manager could not do anything about.

Seo In-young was someone who really knew that.

“Yes, that…”

Seo In-young asked, avoiding eye contact as if she was a little embarrassed.

“Just take a moment and pack your bags.”

“Have you gotten it yet?”

“I received an email yesterday and a problem arose while I was checking the tool. I got a new tool and happened to be polishing it at the same time. As you know, on days like today, all the nurses are home from work, so there is no one to ask for this kind of work…”

“Oh, that’s right.”

The manager agreed.

Strictly speaking, the nurses that the industry planted in Seo In-young’s small hospital were not perfect industry figures. However, they are all nurses from Yangji who have some connection.

‘Such people receive paid vacation on days like today when they have business trips.’

It was proven that Seo In-young’s words were completely true and were not particularly ‘useless words’.

The manager, who knew that, smiled obediently and nodded.

“Then shall we go together?”

“Ah, well… that’s right.”

“Excuse me.”

Nevertheless, from the perspective of the manager who had to monitor Seo In-young, his departure was not something to be welcomed. Even if that was only about 10 minutes after stopping by the hospital on the third floor of the building in front of me and coming back down.

‘…This person hates me.’

However, he is not a person who is passionate enough to catch a pod and pass it on to his superiors.

‘It’s nothing special, just jealousy.’

Seo In-young went up to the hospital and continued to pack her bags, while her mind wandered in silence.

‘Then… just a little bit of repetition might be enough to get rid of the persistent surveillance.’

If you spy on someone you hate, you’ll want to create sins that don’t exist, but if you spy on someone you even moderately hate, you’ll end up being bitten at some point. Seo In-young, who had been through numerous managers, knew this well.

Until now, I thought there was no need to do that, so I stayed quiet, but…

“I took care of everything.”

“You’re fast. “Then shall we move?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Seo In-young packed her medical bag and got into the manager’s car.

‘…I have to do it now.’

Unfortunately, Seo In-young was a thinking resource.

‘For the safety of his people, Jaeheon Lee asked me to inform him of the dangers of approaching them. That’s hard to achieve by just staying where you are now. I know I won’t be free for the rest of my life, but I need to at least have the freedom to move three steps from here.’

Of course, Lee Jae-heon just asked me to stay here and relay the news. However, if you listen to such unexpected words, you will end up in trouble.

‘If I detect the danger in advance and inform Jae-heon Lee of it, and then Jae-heon Lee eliminates the danger and as a result is able to protect the things he cares about… then that happens.’

Seo In-young slowly clenched and opened her hands.


Honestly, he was looking forward to it.

‘Then I will gain Lee Jae-heon’s trust.’

The sweetest thing for the poor doctor who had been pushed around all his life was the trust given by those in power. Seo In-young, whose skills as a doctor were not particularly outstanding and who was just meticulous, had to learn at least that kind of management skills to survive.

Now, several years after becoming a doctor in the industry, such manners have become a habit or constitution for Seo In-young. It is the trust itself that is appreciated, not the product that comes from trust.

“…How long will it take?”

“We’ll probably arrive in 50 minutes.”

“I see…”

50 minutes.

“Then I’ll sleep for a while. “Please wake me up when we arrive.”

“Don’t worry, take a good rest, Teacher Seo In-young.”


This ‘patient’ lives 50 minutes away from my hospital.

‘…I have to tell Jaeheon Lee.’

Seo In-young didn’t know who in the industry would pose a threat to Lee Jae-heon.

‘But if I tell you everything, I don’t think Lee Jae-heon will make his own decision.’

There was no harm in remembering everything.

Seo In-young is not a very smart person. His skills as a doctor, who are considered not bad within the industry, are significantly inferior to those of a person named Ha Seong-yoon, whom I once heard of. I’m trying my best to improve, but it’s not enough to showcase the value of Seo In-young.

So this was Seo In-young’s way of surviving.


And it was a way of holding on.

‘…I don’t want to just be bullied by the industry like this.’

That is the true intention.


Seo In-young decided to act cautiously.

Suddenly expanding the scope of activity will only intensify surveillance, so act as usual and receive the patient passively as usual. At the same time, he pretends to listen well and gradually moves away from the manager’s gaze.

‘Because I was the one being called everywhere anyway.’

There was no need to go out and look for ‘danger’.

Unless Jae-heon Lee points out a specific target….




Soon the car stopped.

“Im here.”

“…Oh, thank you.”

“you’re welcome.”

“I’m tired these days…”

“You could be.”

“But the treatment will go well.”


“Do not worry.”

Seo In-young got out of the car with her bag.

“Are you going to wait here?”

“No, I have to introduce myself. “It would be better if you go together.”


Seo In-young nodded, no different from usual.

“Then let’s go up.”


Well, even earthworms know how to wriggle.

I was able to do this much.

* * *

Back to Lee Jae-heon’s villa.


“Wow, did Jaeheon Lee make this himself?”

“I made a lot, so you can eat it yourself.”

“thank you…!”

Jeong In-ho was looking at Park Min-jun and Lee Jae-heon with mischievous eyes.

‘Pretentious people.’

It’s not for me to say, but it really wasn’t, but it was extremely dark and humid.

‘Now that I’m looking at it a little more closely, I can almost see them exchanging glances.’

When I didn’t know about the relationship between Park Min-jun and Lee Jae-heon, I just thought, ‘Oh, they’re talking’, but when I put doubt lenses in my eyes, I could faintly see the two exchanging glances. It was even unpleasant because it seemed quite skillful.

‘Would you want to do that with someone who would kill you?’

But Jaeheon Lee was the person who wanted to do that.


“You disgusting bastard over there, don’t you eat?”

“Someone eats chicken for breakfast.”

“You have simultaneously insulted five high school students, two adults, and one doctor who ate chicken all morning. “Reflect on yourself.”

“I have no idea where exactly to start and how to reflect.”

“That’s why you’re still the assistant manager.”

“I am satisfied with my position, so why are you making personal attacks?”

“I don’t think this will go up. uh? “Did you fall because you were so mentally weak?”

“The manager also has no intention of moving up….”

“Are you and I the same?”

“Oh, it’s different.”

You son of a bitch.

“How dare you compare me and the manager?”

“It’s condescending to you, right? “You’re not criticizing me, are you?”

“of course.”

“What this guy is saying is a bit impure.”

“What kind of era are you trying to verify your ideology?”

“When do you say I delved into ideology?”


He speaks very well.

‘You really act like you used to.’

Even though I don’t have the will to do that.

From the looks of it, Park Min-jun and Lee Jae-heon had already revealed their situation to each other. Even though he knew that Park Min-jun was looking for an opportunity to kill Lee Jae-heon, the fact that he tolerated him meant that Lee Jae-heon was also thinking about dying when the time came.

‘Your personality is so dirty.’

Let’s pretend like we’re not suicidal people.

“You just rolled your eyes.”

“I guess it’s because I’m tired.”

“For someone who just woke up three minutes ago, you’re saying such shameless things?”

“I’m usually tired if I wake up 3 minutes ago, Manager. “The words are bound to get mixed up.”


“You may not know the very diligent manager who comes to work early in the morning when everyone else is asleep and harasses the employees who come in later than him just because he wants to hire more employees.”

“Is this stretching?”

Inho Jeong saw it.

‘Ah, I’m smiling.’

I saw Minjun Park secretly clenching his teeth at my words.

‘Well, it must be funny.’

I don’t know how long Lee Jae-heon has been acting as an old man, but if you remember that he is really a dry and tired person on the inside, that laugh is understandable.

‘It must be funny that that helpless person is playing the old manager.’

It would be so different from the past that Park Min-jun remembers, so why would Lee Jae-heon struggle so hard?…


After I finished organizing it, I became displeased.

‘Oh yeah.’

Don’t you think it’s fun to see other people struggle?

* * *

‘Ah, Captain….’

Why do you live like that?

Park Min-jun was just expressing his childishness as a poisonous snake.

(Continued in the next part)

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