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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 605

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Episode 605

“The chicks have grown quite a bit.”

Daddy Chicken knows how to be careful.

“I guess I finally realized it wasn’t my dad.”


“So, I’m thinking of slowly becoming independent.”

Jaeheon Lee said so.

It was reasonable.

* * *

“Teacher Ha Seong-yoon.”

Jeong In-ho spoke.

“Why haven’t you seen this before?”

“I’m busy.”

“Was that all?”

“I was also organizing my thoughts.”

Ha Seong-yoon did not try to avoid attacks that were not Jeong In-ho’s attacks. Regardless of his feelings, it was clear that what he was doing was wrong, and there was nothing good about continuing this standoff.

Therefore, Ha Seong-yoon obediently agreed.

“As you know, this incident was quite troublesome. Lee Jae-heon was in a very bad state, and I also caused a lot of trouble in one way or another… I’m sure other people were a little bit shocked as well.”


“So, I needed time to organize my thoughts.”

“Looking at the patient?”

“Looking at the patient.”

Jeong In-ho smiled like a sincere young man.

“As expected, Ha Seong-yoon seems a bit strange.”

“I know.”

A sarcasm like, ‘How ordinary are you then?’ came to the tip of my tongue, but I did my best to swallow it.

Ha Seong-yoon, who returned to reality and had some time for himself, was able to remember that it was really ugly to be sarcastic about a young man like this.

“I’ve had a bit of a strange side since I was young. “I did things that other people didn’t do and was obsessed with things that were a little unusual… Unlike my peers, I was also passionate about religious activities.”

“Oh, that’s fascinating. Of course, Teacher Ha Seong-yoon has a gentle atmosphere like a priest, but children usually do not like such religious activities.”

“It can’t be fun to sit in one place and pray to someone you don’t know the face of during a time of great excitement. So did I. “I think I just liked the unique atmosphere of the cathedral.”

“Are you eating early?”

“well. Rather, a priest is an interesting analogy. Did Kwon Yeon-hee say that?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Jeong In-ho nodded.

“I was a little puzzled when I heard that, too. “There must be a big difference between a doctor and a priest.”

“Well… he may not be a priest, but he is a faithful believer, so maybe there was a connection. Quite a few of the doctors are also believers of some religion.”

“Why is that?”

“There must be a variety of reasons… Even now, there are so many diseases in the world that doctors cannot completely cure. Fixing something that is broken has obvious limitations. If you go beyond the doctor’s limits, don’t you have no choice but to expect God’s mercy?”

“Then I guess we are praying that the patient miraculously survives.”

“You could be praying to go to a better place in the afterlife, or to go to heaven instead of hell.”

Ha Seong-yoon finished his small bowl with seafood and continued speaking.

“Doctors seem to seek God more when their patients are dead than when they are alive.”

“Isn’t this Teacher Ha Seong-yoon’s personal opinion?”

“Of course, this is my personal opinion. How do I know what other people think? “In particular, there are many things related to religion that should not be said carelessly, even if I am a Catholic.”


“However, if I were to tell you what I heard and saw, it would be like that. Doctors are people who can save more patients if they are arrogant enough to completely trust themselves, so they believe in themselves, not God, until the patient dies.”

Jeong In-ho nodded.

“Is this your story too?”

“My story is correct.”

Ha Seong-yoon laughed slightly.

“How can a doctor who doesn’t even believe in himself save any patient? So, I hope you see this as confidence rather than arrogance.”

“Then, you must be worried about a lot of things when seeing patients. Do you feel any stress about it?”

“How can you not be concerned when it comes to handling people’s lives with your hands? As I said before, just trust me. Then, if it was a problem that I couldn’t solve, I prayed to God.”

“That’s amazing.”

Jeong In-ho’s eyes softened.

“I can’t believe you organized your thoughts while looking at a patient like that.”


“It seems like the extent to which you use your brain is truly extraordinary.”

The snow inside was as black as a cave.

‘…Is this why you brought up the patient’s story?’

Ha Seong-yoon sighed quietly as if he felt tired for a moment, but then answered.

“I have a good head.”

“Can we say that seeing patients in that way is a feeling of pride or responsibility?”

“There are other emotions, too. It could be narcissism. “There are not that many doctors who are addicted to the catharsis they get from saving a patient’s life.”

“It’s not normal.”

“If I were normal, I shouldn’t have become a doctor. “They are not dolls or machines, but people who fix lives.”

At about that time, the employee came in again.



They still didn’t say anything and quietly left the food behind. Even though In-ho Jeong had never asked for a favor in advance, the employees did not say a word to them. They act so cautiously, as if they shouldn’t interrupt important conversations.

Every time In-ho Jeong sees something like this, he thinks of Jae-heon Lee. The person who created this place.


A small, clear laugh came from him.

“Ha Seong-yoon.”


“Can’t you stand yourself for not being so perfect?”


A young guy with a pale face.

‘You’re only stabbing where it hurts.’

Jeong In-ho would certainly not like this, but Ha Seong-yoon had no choice but to admit that the young man in front of him looked exactly like his uncle. Mainly because there is no compassion.

Ha Seong-yoon sighed as he looked at the small grains of rice placed on a white bowl.

“Yes, I can’t bear it.”

“is that so.”

“I think it’s natural. A doctor who is not perfect is useless. Rather than saying they are useless, they are actually poisonous… A doctor like that will kill the patient rather than save him.”

“It’s not normal.”

“I know.”

“Are you crazy?”

Jeong In-ho, who said he was using strong words, continued without giving Ha Seong-yoon a chance to refute.

“I’m not sure why.”


“Teacher Ha Seong-yoon doesn’t have an innate reason like me. “It’s hard to believe that, like me, my father, or my uncle, their ability to empathize since birth was so faint that it converges to 0… It seems like he truly cares and loves his patients.”


“Ah, to Ha Seong-yoon’s parents as well.”

Jeong In-ho laughed once more.

“Isn’t that why you didn’t understand their deaths?”


“…Oh, this is delicious.”

The sight of him calmly eating rice with a spoon made his stomach boil, but Ha Seong-yoon managed to regain his composure after taking a long, deep breath.

The rice was delicious.

“It tastes like intestines… I wonder if they used crab intestines.”

“It could be shrimp intestines.”

“Do shrimp intestines taste like this?”

“Of course, the quantity is not as large as that of crab, but I think the taste is somewhat similar. It looks like the rice was also coated with a sauce made from shrimp shells. “The savory taste that comes only from crustacean shells is special.”

“I didn’t know that. “You can make sauce with the skin…”

After eating the small intestine rice, fish came next.

Quiet employees coming and going. Eat small amounts of food, no more than three mouthfuls. A room where other noises cannot enter. Seats facing each other.

can not avoid.


Ha Seong-yoon was the one who became nervous as the violent criminal, who was so tingling in his innermost being, did not say anything for a long time.

‘It’s a bit overwhelming…’

I felt like I wanted to finish it quickly and run away.

Did you learn it from Jaeheon Lee or is it just your nature?

I was angry for no reason at Ha Seong-yoon’s actions of thoroughly dragging himself down to the position of Eul and causing trouble. Normally, I would have drawn boundaries and controlled my emotions, but due to my poor condition, that was difficult.

‘Furthermore, In-ho Jeong created this position with the help of Jae-heon Lee.’

At least 2 to 1.

It was a shitty situation in many ways.


“Oh, come to think of it….”

Jeong In-ho began his sentence patronizingly, as if to say, ‘This is enough.’

“Did Teacher Ha Seong-yoon enter the secret world himself?”

“…you’re right.”

“They also said that they came here to find their parents dead.”


“I heard you got help from a friend, and I think it was a really great attempt.”

Calculated cunning with intention makes you feel bloated due to the hot and cold temperatures.

“There was no congenital cause, but you completely separated your outside and inside. I am so obsessed with my parents’ death that I can understand it myself even if I voluntarily go crazy and die. Teacher Ha Seong-yoon, who was forced into this secret world… doesn’t want to escape from the image of ‘Ha Seong-yoon’. In fact, it is definitely different from the concept of ‘doctor.’”


“It’s like that even though there’s no reason for it.”

“Shall we stop?”

“Why do you hate me so much?”

In-ho Jeong seemed to have no intention of stopping.

Ha Seong-yoon once again did not have the confidence to shout into those pitch-black eyes.

“Why do you hate me so much?”


“You don’t have to apologize. “I also hate Teacher Ha Seong-yoon.”

“I don’t like Jung In-ho because he is the main character.”

“Then what about Manager Lee Jae-heon? “That person must have been a main character at one time.”

“Isn’t that a poor patient who is being removed because he is considered a foreign body because of Mr. Jeong In-ho? Jaeheon Lee is dying. I think the world wants that. In reality, the god of the other world is hoping for that. That’s why he probably tried to kill Lee Jae-heon by saving his former colleagues.”

Even when I mentioned an incident that happened on a hill near Unhak High School in the past, Inho Jeong just nodded. Jeong In-ho, who placed the spoon next to the empty bowl, asked again.

“But I don’t think that really explains why I don’t like it.”

“I know. “It’s groundless and far-fetched.”

“Mr. Ha Seong-yoon is heterogeneous.”

“…Who is talking to whom now….”

The employee came in again.



This time, they left a small piece of meat and disappeared.

While Ha Seong-yoon was forcibly cut off, Jeong In-ho delved into that point.

“Detective Hong Gyeong-jun is a person with very good intuition.”

“…I know.”

“So, when I first met him, I was wary of many things. Now, I think I’ve recognized my nature of not caring about people’s death or of being able to take advantage of it. In reality, I almost joined hands with Song In-myeong.”

“Yes, I did.”

“But Detective Hong Gyeong-jun was especially wary of Ha Seong-yoon.”

Jeong In-ho laughed.

“Isn’t it strange? “If Detective Hong Gyeong-jun’s intuition is to pick out groups of people who pose a threat to the greatest number of citizens, then why on earth wasn’t Detective Ha Seong-yoon, who put a knife to Song In-myeong’s neck in the previous episode, alert?”


“It can’t be explained simply because Song In-myeong is trash. Separately from that, if that is the case, Ha Seong-yoon arbitrarily distinguishes between ‘garbage’ and ‘human being’ and feels no remorse even if he kills and torns as many people as he wants if the other person is trash… This means that he is such a dangerous person.”

“You’re making all your conclusions and asking me.”

“If you don’t want to answer, you can just listen. I know you’ll want to say something when you listen anyway. Anyway…”

I couldn’t clearly see what was going on behind those pitch black eyes.

“That’s where the word ‘heterogeneous’ came from.”


“He was obsessed with his ‘Ha Seong-yoon’ to the extent that he was unable to escape from it and was swayed by it, ultimately becoming a survivor of the underworld. “I am very curious about why Teacher Ha Seong-yoon became like that.”

“…Did you come to me to talk about this? “Didn’t you come to criticize my cowardly act of hiding without talking?”

“How could I criticize Teacher Ha Seong-yoon? “I’m just asking a question.”

What I’m saying is that I didn’t come to talk about something like that.

The person with the sincere smile looked like a remarkable young man, but Ha Seong-yoon just felt sick. Even though I was dying of disgust at the person in front of me, I couldn’t help but feel angry because I thought this was my karma.

Apart from that, Jeong In-ho’s words continued. It’s like a calculator without any recognition.

“Since when has it been like that?”

“…I’ve been like that since I heard my friend’s story. That friend showed me the secret world, told me about my parents’ death, and gave me a lot of information about it. So I did that.”


“That’s right.”

Jeong In-ho tilted his head.

“Have you ever suspected anything?”


“From what I see, Teacher Ha Seong-yoon doesn’t need time to think.”

“Let’s stop.”

“The thought has already been completed.”


“Because we are people who think a lot.”

At about that time, the employee came in again.



They removed the untouched bowl and left behind a clear glass cup filled with pure white ice cream instead. Judging by the rice garnish on top, it seemed to be rice or malt ice cream.

Jeong In-ho finished his meal calmly, as he had always done, and the first time he opened his mouth again was when Ha Seong-yoon’s white ice cream melted into a sticky liquid.

“Aren’t you eating?”


“What a shame.”

“…I feel like I’m pretending.”

“That’s a nice story.”

Jeong In-ho wiped his lips with a napkin and let out a small smile.

“Because you won’t be going to work tomorrow.”

“Chegi, it will go down soon. “I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with my going to work.”

“Well, isn’t it hard to get out if you’re stuck in the hospital?”


“I know you want to stay in there. Of course, who would understand Ha Seong-yoon, other than me, who is said to be the main character? “I know everything.”

Jeong In-ho still made eye contact with Ha Seong-yoon with his eyes bent.

“Even if I go into the other side of the world.”


“Doctor Ha Seong-yoon would like to remain at that hospital.”

Jeong In-ho, who smiled at Ha Seong-yoon, who had no answer, continued speaking.

“Ha Seong-yoon, you don’t need time to think.”


“You’ve already noticed something strange a long time ago. I decided that I wouldn’t be able to rebel or develop beyond just noticing it. That’s why he hated me, the main character and fate itself, so much, and he was quite soft on Manager Lee Jae-heon, who saved Ha Seong-yoon from his fate.”


“No matter how much I thought about it, Ha Seong-yoon was heterogeneous. “It was as if there was no such thing as ‘Ha Seong-yoon’ in our story, but somehow he continued on without dying and that was a problem… Was that too unrealistic?”

Ha Seong-yoon closed his mouth.

The protagonist continued speaking.

“Can you really trust the person you call your friend?”


“What’s your name? What did you do? What did you say to Ha Seong-yoon? “What did each survivor say that allowed Ha Seong-yoon, who was just a dedicated doctor, to become a survivor of a crazy underworld? Why was he so obsessed?”


“I think we’ve already thought about it all.”

Black eyes without a single ray of light stared at Ha Seong-yoon.

“I didn’t need time to think, I guess I needed time to run away.”


“Look, the conclusion has already been reached.”

That was the sentence.

“That friend.”


“…You fooled Ha Seong-yoon.”



Jeong In-ho looked over Ha Seong-yoon’s shoulder.

“It must have been very difficult.”

The pitch-black shadow monster stabbed Ha Seong-yoon in the shoulder with a scalpel, then quietly withdrew his hand and turned away.


“Take out this monster too.”

Then, Jeong In-ho was able to feel Ha Seong-yoon’s mental image as the monster just looked at Ha Seong-yoon in silence.

It looked very much like its owner.

“Last time, the manager also got a big bruise on his neck because of this monster. do you know? “At that time, it looked like some kind of woman, but this time, Ha Seong-yoon’s monster friend… looks exactly like Ha Seong-yoon.”


“It seems like the biggest concern was yourself.”

Ha Seong-yoon’s shoulders had already turned red.

According to Lee Jae-heon’s words, his rise is visible only to those who have experienced the underworld. So, even though Ha Seong-yoon had such a deep injury on his shoulder, he could not complain to anyone.

However, Jeong In-ho laughed happily.

“I really need to take sick leave now. “You’re not going to go into the operating room in that condition, are you? I feel so sorry for the patients who will undergo Ha Seong-yoon’s surgery.”

“…I guess you have a lot accumulated on me.”

“If you leave it like this, you will rot and die in that hospital.”


“That doesn’t work.”

His black eyes seemed to sparkle like pebbles.

It was favored.

“You are my humanity.”


“Did you think I would let that go?”


If that were the case….

“That doesn’t make sense.”

It was a seriously stupid decision.

* * *

Jeong In-ho was selfish.

There has never been a time when I didn’t do that.

(Continued in the next part)

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