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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 604

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Episode 604

“You must be having a meeting by now, right?”

In response to Park Min-jun’s question, Lee Jae-heon, who was lying on the sofa, looked back at him.

“Are you talking about Jeong In-ho and Ha Seong-yoon?”

“If not, what would I have asked?”

“How arrogant.”

Jaeheon Lee laughed slightly.

“Aren’t you going home?”

“It is my job to protect the captain.”

“My true intentions.”

“The house is really nice. “I don’t want to go out.”


He frowned slightly.

“It’s not like Seo-ah is running away because she’s uncomfortable with you sitting here like that.”

“Say it right away. “The reason Jang Seo-ah has been going out frequently recently is because President Choi Jeong-man’s anxiety has increased greatly and Choi Min-hong likes Jang Seo-ah.”

“But that doesn’t mean it’s Park Min-jun’s fault…”

Even as he muttered that, Lee Jae-heon didn’t criticize Park Min-jun too much.

The feeling of entering a stranger’s body in a remote world, with even your name forgotten, must have been indescribably miserable and miserable. It was unfortunate that he had met a connection from his past life, but if his goal had not been clear, Park Min-jun would have likely been ruined like the previous possessors.

It was obvious what direction Park Min-jun would take after that breakdown.

‘That won’t work.’

Why am I doing this now?

Lee Jae-heon accepted Park Min-jun’s anxiety.

“More than that…”

He skillfully brought the subject back to the original topic.

“Are you even paying attention to Jeong In-ho now?”

“I am the protagonist of this world and no one else. “There’s no way it wouldn’t bother me.”

“What kind of evaluation does Park Min-joon give to Jeong In-ho?”

“It’s quite immature.”

Park Min-jun was resolute.

“When I read your wife’s novel, she seemed much more sophisticated and skilled than this, but when I met her in person, I realized she was much lower than that. It was pathetic to see him losing efficiency because he was so caught up in his emotions that he couldn’t focus on them. “Even though he is not even a minor.”

“Are you different from our youngest in many ways?”

“… Even at such a young age, your youngest son had a firm goal, was not swayed by emotions, and often made wise decisions. “There were many people who admired him, and followers naturally formed.”

Park Min-jun continued speaking in his unique, stiff tone.

“The main character needs that kind of charisma.”

“Of course.”

“In order for us to benefit from Jung In-ho, the main character must be well established. “For now, I can only see it as nothing more than the captain’s childcare.”


Lee Jae-heon muttered helplessly.

“It was right to raise children.”

“I knew it.”

“We had no choice because the climate of this world did not suit us. Where we were, tasks that would have been completed in one day would have taken months, and tasks that would have been completed in just a few words had to be repeated hundreds of times for them to understand.”

“It’s extremely inconvenient.”

“I am something that is taken for granted by the residents here, and I am the only individual trying to change them, so it was natural that a lot of time and effort would be invested. If you drop a few drops of water on a rock, will that huge thing split into pieces overnight?”


Park Min-jun said, sipping the black tea Jae-heon Lee gave him.

“Are you split now?”


It took quite some time.

“My stupid behavior also contributed to the hassle of work.”

Jaeheon Lee accepted it obediently.

“I could have been more efficient, but what kind of affection is this guy…”

“Do you regret it?”

“I always regretted it. It’s my fault for not being born a perfect villain. “It’s not that what I’ve been doing to turn chicks into chickens hasn’t been completely meaningless, but it’s also not completely reasonable.”

Lee Jae-heon, stretched out on the sofa, blinked his eyes slowly.

“‘Lee Jae-heon’ existed too much.”

If his goal was simply to cling to the protagonist and hope he escapes the underworld completely, or to find and kill the administrator, Jaeheon Lee should have acted more wisely.

Park Min-jun probably thinks so. Jaeheon Lee also knew that.

“That’s why I’m trying to steal ‘Lee Jae-heon’.”

“I heard you get so angry if you take it away.”

“To be exact, it’s not like taking it away… but displaying it?”

The table where people could eat and drink as much as they wanted was moved beyond the picture.

So that you can still see and appreciate it, but not fully enjoy it.

“Wouldn’t that lead to division of labor?”

The rescue of the survivors now was abnormal.

They were run solely by a few heads, and the rest followed orders without question. Even if I had any doubts, I was quickly convinced.

“Lack of autonomy.”

“This could lead to significant problems in that eventuality.”

“It’s natural that your hands and feet can’t move when your head is gone. This part is my fault. So I thought I should correct this deformed structure again.”

The conclusion was ‘Lee Jae-heon’s distancing’.

“It’s not about completely dividing the survivors. It’s just that they depend too completely on me and it becomes a heavy shackle for me. “It’s hard to imagine how many obstacles there will be when you try to do what you want.”


Minjun Park said after chewing a cookie.

“You shouldn’t have thrown it away a long time ago.”

“I keep saying that, but I can’t throw it away, even if it’s a waste of what I’ve raised so far.”

“It’s not like you have too much affection.”

“There is no need to keep it in check.”

Lee Jae-heon saw through Park Min-jun’s intentions.

“Even after 100 years, the residents of this world will not be able to value Park Min-jun as much as you. “I’ve felt that keenly over the past few months.”


“They always feel sad when someone close to them dies.”

Dry voice.

“I’m not congratulating you.”

“…It’s a pathetic thing to say, but to be honest, I was a little sad when I betrayed the captain.”

“I’m not sure if it’s really a feeling that can be expressed with such cute words.”

“How can people’s emotions be standardized? Of course, all kinds of emotions were mixed, and of course, it wouldn’t be at a level that could be described as cute. But it is true that I was sad.”

“That’s pretty cute.”

Jaeheon Lee laughed frivolously.

“It’s gross.”

“Have you been caught…?”

“Our Park Min-jun has grown too much to win the favor of the captain who has changed while imitating a chick. “I still have a lot to learn in terms of acting.”

“…Still, it is true that the captain’s death was sad.”

“That’s why it’s disgusting.”

What word in this world can explain the ‘sorrow’ of an adult chicken?

Jaeheon Lee did not necessarily define it.

“But your analytical skills are still the same.”


“Yes, that’s right. Maybe it’s because I have a personality that mixes with that of an old man manager… Lately, I’ve been quite attracted to cute things. “The attempt to please the most powerful person who can extort profits is worthy of commendation.”

“Thank you for the good review.”

“Anyway, back to the point.”

The slowly moving eyelids soon closed.

Jaeheon Lee continued speaking with a face that looked like he was sleeping.

“Did I mention that I was disappointed that Jung In-ho was pathetic for a protagonist?”

“I don’t think you think so, Captain. “Please give me some advice.”

“Minjun, I told you.”

Lee Jae-heon’s voice flowed quietly, showing a faint joy.

“There are people who need to be careful when working.”

“…They were Jeong In-ho, Park Da-young, Ha Seong-yoon, and Hong Gyeong-jun.”

“Why did I talk about these people?”

“Jung In-ho is the main character, Park Da-young is clever, Ha Seong-yoon is analytical, and Hong Gyeong-jun is intuition.”

“It’s roughly correct, but the explanation for Jeong In-ho is insufficient.”

“The main character receives the world’s protection. Even if your wife used someone she dislikes as a motif for Jung In-ho, the world will respect and consider Jung In-ho, who is their center, regardless of your wife’s likes. Therefore, Jung In-ho is fortunate enough to be able to miraculously overcome any ordeal… I understood that this work was more of an ordeal for Jung In-ho, so be careful.”

“It’s amazing, though.”


“I’m talking about the spoon that In-ho Jeong was born with.”


Jaeheon Lee opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling.

“Jung In-ho himself.”


“What are his strengths, Mr. Park Min-jun?”

When Park Min-jun didn’t respond even after a while, Lee Jae-heon laughed.

“It’s gross.”

It was so funny that I laughed like I was dying.

“That bastard is really gross. He’s real, just like my junior…”

“It’s hard to understand.”

“You will know when you experience it.”

He was as happy as someone watching a fight between mad dogs.

“If you get bitten, it hurts quite a bit.”

Therefore, Lee Jae-heon obediently prepared a meal for Jeong In-ho and Ha Seong-yoon.

It was so obvious what kind of picture would come out.

* * *

Jeong In-ho was an immature person.

What he couldn’t do was live his entire life in a state of almost no emotion, and it was not until he was in his 30s that he learned about emotions for the first time through the secret world. It would be even more strange if the newborn child was not immature.

That’s why Jeong In-ho made all kinds of mistakes while crossing between the underworld and reality. Most of these happened because he was unable to control his emotions.

“Would you like to eat first?”

“I think I’m going to pretend…”

“The manager is paying all the money, but are you saying you won’t eat it and just throw it away?”


And there was no need to store my emotions.

“Wouldn’t Mr. Jeong In-ho be scolded if I used the manager like this?”

“I get scolded, but I’m a well-loved employee, so this level of arrogance is okay.”

So far, the survivors have had a strong foundation in Lee Jae-heon.

He always comforted the survivors, helped them grow, and occasionally scolded or scolded them to help them improve. However, it was not coercive, so Jeong In-ho was able to just remain complacent. There was no need to grow up.

The problem is that Jaeheon Lee started to run away.

“And the manager… you have a better wallet than me.”

“…It would be a shame to leave it for now, so I will eat it. “I hope it’s a course that isn’t that crowded.”

“Just looking at the appetizers, it doesn’t look like there are that many, so I’m glad.”

From the beginning, the relationship between Lee Jae-heon and the survivors was abnormal.

They understood each other but could not sympathize. I couldn’t approve of that person’s methods and reasons. However, Lee Jae-heon was always in the upper position, and the reason he was able to criticize and scold him was entirely because Lee Jae-heon was considerate of the survivors.

But now Jaeheon Lee is trying to give it up.

“You can’t pretend.”

No, I understood.

“But you’re a doctor.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

“you’re welcome.”

Jaeheon Lee was convinced that there was no need to be ‘considerate’ of them.

There was no hard feelings in it. However, Jaeheon Lee wouldn’t listen even if we said, ‘It’s true that we’re a little scared of you, but we don’t want you to die or get hurt.’

Lee Jae-heon, who has already come to a conclusion, will consider this story to be mere consideration or hypocrisy from ‘chicks’.

“hmm… “It’s delicious.”

Jeong In-ho also accepted it.

I acknowledged and understood. Lee Jae-heon seemed quite determined, and the current situation was not relaxed enough to just hold on to Lee Jae-heon. This was due to cracks in various places among the survivors.

Therefore, for the first time in a very long time, Jeong In-ho began to worry alone. And I judged.

“Next to the kelp issue is abalone… Do you think it will be mainly seafood?”

“It’s a shame I couldn’t explain the menu.”

“Actually, I was very glad to see such consideration. I think the manager probably put a lot of effort into it, but I thought he was a very sensitive person. Is it because he is a person who cherishes his subordinates? “Isn’t that right?”


“We have a lot to talk about.”


“Ah… no.”

Jeong In-ho smiled and looked directly at Ha Seong-yoon.

Due to Lee Jae-heon’s subtle sense of distance, Jung In-ho decided that he could not be complacent. Of course, judging by the fact that Lee Jae-heon did not show any ill feelings toward us, it seemed like he intended to maintain this relationship, but…

“I told you before, that’s true.”

Jaeheon Lee seemed to provide only the bare minimum of help to the survivors, enough to enable them all to survive ‘when escaping’.

And with just that, I could occasionally survive through regression, but I couldn’t completely escape the other side of the world.

“Teacher Ha Seong-yoon just needs to listen to my story.”


“That’s enough.”

That’s why he was able to become the ‘main character’.

Because I’m alone.

(Continued in the next part)

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