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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 594

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Episode 594

“Mr. Kijeong?”


“Mr. Kim Ki-jeong~?”


“Conductor Kim Ki-jeong.”

Han Do-yoon, sitting in the passenger seat, said with an awkward expression.

“Please calm down.”

Both finished their schedules at 7:29 PM.

They were heading to Jaeheon Lee’s house.

“I calmed down.”

“If you keep doing this, you’ll get a ticket.”

“My wallet is strong.”

“It’s not about money… no, no, this is a license suspension. “It doesn’t end with a fine.”

“It’s really scary.”

“Anyway, just calm down.”



The speed of Kim Ki-jeong’s car, which was racing through the tight traffic, gradually decreased. Han Do-yoon took a deep breath of relief. I was scared that I would get a ticket, my license would be suspended, and that I would die in the real world, which was not just a secret world.

Kim Ki-jeong has been out of his mind recently.

“Are you awake?”


“I don’t think so yet.”


Kim Ki-jeong, who was holding the steering wheel until it broke, pursed his lips.

“Is Jaeheon Lee going to be okay?”

“…It’ll be okay. “The chat went well and we even talked on the phone that day.”

“I don’t think it’ll be okay.”

“Your voice is fine. “You’re so worried, Mr. Ki-jeong.”

“How can that be okay?”

“Mr. Kijeong.”

“That’s how people are…”


“…I’ve never heard anything like that…”

Although his eyesight was average, Kim Ki-jeong was very confident in his hearing. I was proud that my ears were of great help at this aquarium.

However, those feelings disappeared as if they were washed away after seeing Lee Jae-heon being tortured.

“That sound was real.”

It was so scary that I could hear it even though I closed my eyes and covered my ears.

The crackling sound of muscles being torn raw. The sound of the skin being torn apart. The sound of the intestines being stretched and pulled out.


The sound of thick bones breaking. Rather, it is the sound of thin bones breaking into pieces. The sound of the blood contained inside bursting outward. The sound of the lungs being pierced and air rushing out. The sound of crunching and reflexive struggling.

Then it soon quiets down, and even the slight heaving of the shoulders disappears, leaving only the sound of soft tissue being crushed or the sound of something coming out of nowhere and being chewed in the mermaid’s mouth…

That noise.


“Mr. Ki-jeong, stop.”


“I’ll drive.”

In the end, Kim Ki-jeong and Do-yoon Han switched places.

The two got out of the car parked on the shoulder and switched places. Han Do-yoon said slyly while holding the steering wheel.

“I knew it would be like this. “You said I drive. Anyway, I’m stubborn.”

“…Iknow, right.”

“Is it very difficult?”


“Are you having a hard time because I keep thinking about it?”

“Why are you asking if you know?”

After escaping from the secret world and returning to reality, every time Kim Ki-jeong fell asleep or bruised, he seemed to hear the sound of Lee Jae-heon being crushed and torn in his ears.

“I’m guilty of being too proud.”

“Are you guilty of having great ears?”

“I told you not to ask questions even if you know?”

“Why are you so angry at Do-yoon after all the acting you’ve done?”

“I’m so sick of you every time you do this…”

Han Do-yoon kept playing pranks to lighten my mood, which was really bothersome and annoying, but it still helped to some extent. While he was going crazy, the sound of Lee Jae-heon dying did not come to mind.

But I was still anxious. It continued like that.


Yes, actually.

It was no big deal.

‘It’s the same as when I watched an impressive horror movie.’

Kim Ki-jeong was not a person with a weak heart who would give up on horror movies, but every now and then a horror movie would appear that would startle even him. My heart is pounding right now in the same way it was when I watched that movie.


I just… had to think like that.

“…Are you okay, Han Do-yoon?”

“Eh? Me?”

“Don’t use a tone that makes people angry, but speak in an adult manner.”

“Gwaine is okay.”



Han Do-yoon only gave a proper answer after being slapped on the shoulder.

“I’m really fine. Lee Jae-heon, it’s not like it’s been a day or two since you became a slut…”

“It was a different level from that. this time.”

“…To tell you the truth, I feel a little sick too.”


“Jae-heon Lee feels a bit scary…”

Kim Ki-jeong’s body trembled.

Han Do-yoon continued speaking.

“Kim Ki-jeong, that’s not strange.”


“Jaeheon Lee did all the painful and difficult work, so why am I afraid of him? I’m just thinking this. “Right?”


“Jaeheon Lee was originally a bit afraid of people.”

Han Do-yoon smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s just that we got used to it and didn’t seem scared for a while.”


“Of course, if you let Jaeheon Lee know that we’re scared, you’d be a real asshole.”

“Who do you think is doing this because they don’t know that??”

“That’s right.”

His unique light and sly voice continued.

“Being afraid of Lee Jae-heon is something you can’t control, so rather than blaming yourself for it, you should try your best. I’m not worrying about why I’m so bad, but if I act like this, that person will be hurt, so I should try to be better….” ”


“Like this.”

Han Do-yoon laughed slightly.

“That’s what I meant when I said ‘it’s okay.’”

Soon a faint sigh came out.

“I’m scared too, actually.”

“…is it so?”

“Jaeheon Lee’s reaction wasn’t normal, right?”

When you’re in pain, you have to scream in pain to be human. If you’re sad, you should cry because you’re sad, that’s how human beings are. To be a normal person, you have to smile with your teeth wide open when you are happy and say that you are having a hard time when you are having a hard time.

And Lee Jae-heon was no ordinary person.

“Even though he was being torn apart in various places and dying, Jaeheon Lee didn’t even scream. Of course, we may not have heard it because it was underwater, but I don’t know. He seemed very calm and composed. Although he was originally a person with a strong tendency to do that, this time he really….” “


“It didn’t seem like he was human.”

In the disgusting sound of a living person’s flesh being torn apart, Lee Jae-heon was just calculating.

What should I do to get better results? How much longer should I endure? A human being who deserved to die but kept falling into pieces instead of dying…

didn’t look like a human being at all.

“No matter how unrealistic the world is,…”

Lee Jae-heon was a bit harsh.


“…But that’s not because Lee Jae-heon is bad. “Right?”


“So, we are the ones who have to overcome.”

Han Do-yoon drove the car with a relaxed expression.

“Jaeheon Lee, he gets hurt surprisingly easily.”


“A player is the one who comes to his own conclusion.”

At least we shouldn’t have to do something like that.

It was true that Jaeheon Lee was scary.

It was a worthy situation. While he fell into a strange world full of monsters and was under mental pressure, his trusted companion did not die even though he was torn into 50,000 pieces and turned into pieces of meat.

That was definitely scary. That’s true, but Jaeheon Lee wasn’t a bad person.

“Jaeheon Lee will be fine.”

It was a calm voice, but in fact, Han Do-yoon was also comforting himself like that.

Because I want to get better.

“…Actually, Jaeheon Lee’s mental state is always questionable, but wouldn’t he have come back to his senses? “It was like that the last time we spoke on the phone.”

“…I guess so.”



Han Do-yoon parked his car in the parking lot.

“Then let’s go and check it out.”

“…I was going to get off anyway.”

Kim Ki-jeong went up to the lobby with Do-yoon Han, took the elevator, walked down the hallway, and arrived in front of Jae-heon Lee’s house. It was a clean and luxurious officetel that made you feel like you were from a well-established family.

And let’s ring the doorbell.

Jump up!!

“―Mr. Kijeong!”

Kwon Yeon-hee came out with a crazy look on her face as she was so happy to see her.

“Wow, it’s been such a long time…! Is everyone okay? Aren’t you dead? Are you breathing? Do you eat well? “I spent my time away from you all, whimpering, buying a hammer from a convenience store, picking up a doctor from a flower garden, cooking and eating dried fish, and making 15 nests…!”

“…There are a lot of things I want to ask and a lot of things I want to say, but please calm down first.”

Convenience store hammer? A doctor in the flower garden? Fifteen nests in dried fish…?

Han Do-yoon asked instead of Kim Ki-jeong.

“Dried fish?”

“Ah… That’s what I was most curious about right now…? “Wouldn’t it be common sense to first ask the man who was the flower garden doctor?”

“More than that, aren’t you really curious about how dried fish is made in the other world?? “I don’t even know what dried fish is in the first place??”

“No, no… why is Kwon Yeon-hee making such a proud expression?…”

Kwon Yeon-hee said with a lot of energy.

“I’ll tell you if you buy a box of snacks from the convenience store in the lobby.”

“yes? Snacks, a housewarming gift….”

“They come in without saying ‘gu.’ “We made kimbap.”

“? “Kimbab?”

Kwon Yeon-hee leads the embarrassed Kim Ki-jeong into the house and voila! He pointed to a lump.

“Hello, this is Lee Jae-heon Kimbap!”

“Manager Lee Jae-heon’s kimbap.”

“…Director Jaeheon Lee’s kimbap!”

Han Do-yoon and Kim Ki-jeong looked at Lee Jae-heon, sweating coldly as he corrected Kwon Yeon-hee’s unflattering title with a haggard face.




“What are you going to do?”

“No, just.”

Han Do-yoon nodded at the image of Lee Jae-heon rolled up in a thick blanket.

“I feel like I lost money by worrying.”

“You speak very poorly…? So you weren’t worried about me? “Even though people are so divided?”

“Of course I was worried.”

“Then what kind of nonsense did you just say?”

“I guess I should say it was a fleeting moment of self-reflection.”

“…What the fuck…”

Lee Jae-heon, leaning on the sofa with only his face out, frowned.

“Speak clearly, firefighter Han Do-yoon.”


“Don’t do that either. “I mean, pay a bit for the night.”

Kim Ki-jeong intervened without even realizing it.

“Why are you so angry when your child is acting like a child?”

“Huh…? Does that look like a child right now, Conductor Kim Ki-jeong?”

“If it’s that big, it’s still a little bigger, but as soon as it comes, you hit it and do that.”

“Shouldn’t Firefighter Han Do-yoon also gradually gain self-awareness as an adult?”

“I’m not saying it’s wrong, but you could have said it better.”

Han Do-yoon looked at the two with excitement, and Noh Yeon-seok also watched, chewing potato chips as if he was interested.

And Yeonhee Kwon said:

“Mom and dad fighting over their son’s education….”


In response to Noh Yeon-seok’s pure admiration, Do-yoon Han shouted as if he could no longer bear it.

“I like you both, so don’t fight because of me…!”

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

“Firefighter Han Do-yoon, please understand the atmosphere.”

“It was something I came up with after understanding it!”

“How can people be so immature?”

Seeing Kim Ki-jeong and Do-yoon Han like that, Lee Jae-heon, who had been wrapped tightly in a blanket, sighed and got out. Kwon Yeon-hee, an authority on blanket kimbap, looked very disappointed, but Lee Jae-heon didn’t care and just ate the kimbap.

“I accept this because it’s me. Don’t go to another manager and do this. uh? Because I am an open and open person, I accept it with an open heart. Do you understand, you idiots?”

Jeong In-ho nodded.

“You were opened and pierced in many ways.”

“What dude?”

“In the aquarium tank… physically…”

“Don’t you know how unattractive men with long rear ends are?”

Noh Yeon-seok intervened.

“Inho hyung has charm. Yesterday, I got my number from a member of the human resources department.”

“Oh my…?”

Lee Jae-heon looked at Jeong In-ho gently.

“I guess I have to tell Eunwoo Jeong this very, very happy news?”

“No, you crazy….”

“Crazy? Is the manager crazy? Wow, that’s a big deal. “There are a lot of stories about this happening to my uncle.”

“Please… that’s the main policy.”

“It’s the main book and the nabal, and I clearly remember the nobleman’s number.”

Kim Ki-jeong muttered at that sight.

“I think there was someone else who would pay for the night.”



Now my heart has calmed down a bit.

‘…I think it’s really okay.’

It’s not Jaeheon Lee, but Kijeong Kim himself who sees him like that.

Fortunately, I wasn’t scared of Lee Jae-heon. Fortunately, really…


…I guess so?

(Continued in the next part)

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