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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 593

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Episode 593

Hong Gyeong-jun looked at Lee Jae-heon, who was fine, and immediately asked.

“Have you ordered it?”

“What is this, coming on a bloody weekend? “Suddenly it’s an imperial order.”

“Did you have a ritual?”


Lee Jae-heon wiped the corners of his mouth for a moment before opening his mouth.

“…But wasn’t Detective Hong Gyeong-jun the shooter you respected?”

“If you are referring to the police officer who is believed to have entered Jaeheon Lee’s body, then yes, that is correct. “He’s probably the senior I know.”

“But the commander? exorcism? “Why isn’t there an exorcism?”

“Given the reality of Korea, it is difficult to actually request the dispatch of an exorcist priest.”

“Ah, you were asking about a feasible alternative?”

“That’s right.”

“But I wasn’t asking that. “Did you have a bad relationship with your senior, to the point where you had to banish the archer who was resurrected in this world by an amazing coincidence?”

Hong Gyeong-jun answered with a warm smile.

“It was good.”


“And it was like shit….”

“Ah, just stop there.”


“No matter what, you have to maintain your usual image, detective.”

“I will refrain.”

At the same time, Lee Jae-heon broke out in a cold sweat as he smiled an unusually faint smile.

Of course, the detective in the mirror has already come too far to be the same person as me, so we can say that we are different selves, but…

‘For some reason, it pricks me.’

Because we share the same roots, it was difficult to make eye contact with Hong Gyeong-jun.

‘I didn’t even bother you.’

In fact, due to the nature of the poisonous snake, the probability of not incurring the hatred of Hong Gyeong-jun, who enjoyed teasing, was extremely low. That would have been a separate issue from Hong Kyung-jun’s respect or longing for his senior.

“…Fortunately, I escaped from the other world and my body… seems to have come out properly. “I don’t think you need to worry about that part.”

“Oh, is that so? “It’s a shame.”

“Because you couldn’t kill it yourself?”

“yes…? No, what are you saying? “Even if the opponent is a ghost, there is no way a detective in Korea would commit such an atrocious act.”

“Then isn’t it atrocious to talk about spirits and rituals against ghosts?”

“Ghosts are not subject to the Constitution. Anyway…”

“Are you changing your mind?”

Hong Gyeong-jun nodded.

“It is true that I respect my senior, but I thought it should not be possible for someone who has been dead for a long time to take over the body of a living person. Neither I nor my colleagues would welcome that kind of resurrection.”


“More than anything else, I was worried about Lee Jae-heon because you tend to have a bit of a conscience. “I kept thinking that maybe they would just steal my body.”


“I’m so glad you’re back to normal.”

Jaeheon Lee was curious about what kind of expression the man in the mirror was making, but he succeeded in holding his gaze as he tried to turn to the mirror.

‘If this bastard was always doing something to his junior, he would come out like this.’

And Hong Gyeong-jun muttered.

“I had a little bit of expectation, but…”

“? what?”

“It was a joke.”

“I don’t think it’s a joke? What did you expect? “What on earth…?”

“Of course, we were hoping that there would be no problems with Mr. Lee Jae-heon’s safety.”

“What is this crazy people’s staff talking about earlier?”

Jeong In-ho made a subtle expression while looking at Hong Gyeong-jun. Jeong In-ho spoke to Hong Gyeong-jun with an awkward expression that almost seemed like a smile.

“Did you… have a drink during the day?”

“You can just talk like you would in the other world. “Did you turn around?”

“I have a lot to apologize for in that regard, but…”


“Detective, why does it seem like nothing has changed in the behind the scenes world or in reality?”

“Are you arguing?”

“No, it’s not a fight…”

Jeong In-ho, who tried to respond while maintaining his manners as a grown adult and member of society, soon gave up.

“It’s done. “Live like that for the rest of your life.”

“thank you. “I will continue to work hard in the future.”

Lee Jae-heon muttered at that sight.

“Why is this kid still hitting on me like this even though I’m in real life?”

If it were a secret world, I would have thought, ‘Oh, I’m losing my mental strength and going crazy,’ but this was reality.

‘…If I could think of a reason.’

Perhaps Hong Gyeong-jun was still a little out of his mind because of the excitement that he might meet his senior through Lee Jae-heon.


Lee Jae-heon, who came to his own conclusion, began to direct traffic.

“Now that you understand, please organize your belongings.”

“Wow, Manager, have you finally acknowledged that your house is a hotel?”

“Are you crazy, Mr. Kwon?”

“But you accept it too obediently.”

“No… what kind of conscience…”

Lee Jae-heon’s face was distorted at Kwon Yeon-hee’s words.

“If they attack you so suddenly, it only takes one or two times for me to have the energy to reject them.”


“Where are you doing something like Han Do-yoon? “Stop complaining and leave everyone in their rooms.”

As always, those who visited Lee Jae-heon’s house on the same weekend were Ohsung employees Jeong In-ho, Kwon Yeon-hee, Kang Min-ah, Noh Yeon-seok, and Woo Soo-young, and in addition, Hong Kyung-jun, who was on vacation for the first time in a while, and Yoon Gar-ram, who had closed the flower shop.


Lee Jae-heon looked very disapprovingly at them as they calmly packed their luggage.

Inho Jeong asked.

“Is something wrong?”

“Is this right? “Is this correct, Assistant Manager Jeong?”

“I think it would be of great help in answering if you could describe it more accurately, Manager.”

“I told them to pack their bags and they all went to their rooms without any hesitation.”

Jeong In-ho, who took a look at Jae-heon Lee’s grumbling face and the survivors moving in an orderly manner and putting away their belongings, looked back at Jae-heon Lee again.

Soon, Jeong In-ho smiled faintly and said.

“Seeing as you say ‘local area,’ I wonder if the manager has already acknowledged that there are living quarters of survivors all over this house….” “

Why do I understand what you say like that? Assistant Manager Jeong doesn’t know Korean? “Did I make it difficult for you to speak?”

“Even if you say that now, I don’t know if anyone would be scared.”

“A pale young man making fun of an adult? “I’m very comfortable, right?”

“Honestly, it’s a bit comfortable.”

“This is really….”

“Why don’t you try cutting it?”


Lee Jae-heon answered with a soft smile.


“…sorry. “I was wrong.”

“See you on Monday.”

“Please just work overtime….”

“You didn’t always value your manager.”

Kwon Yeon-hee intervened in the conversation between the two.

“Now, let’s start the game.”

Jeong In-ho broke into a cold sweat at that solemn line.

“…what game?”

“It’s a guessing game.”



When Kwon Yeon-hee jumped up and shouted, Hong Gyeong-jun, who was sitting on the sofa, raised his hand as naturally as air and said.


“uh? uh? 3 3…!!”


As No Yeon-seok and Yoon Gar-ram shouted out the number one after another, Lee Jae-heon opened his mouth.





The last person left was Jeong In-ho.

Jaeheon Lee said.

“Put them to death.”


“Excuse me?”

Kwon Yeon-hee and Hong Gyeong-jun brought a large blanket and began wrapping Jeong In-ho up. To prevent any danger, Kang Min-ah kindly took off his glasses, and Jung In-ho was able to safely become a blanket gimbap with warm consideration.

It took about 3 minutes for Jeong In-ho to come to his senses.

“If I did something wrong, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize.”

“How can people live without sinning?”

“Mina, I was wrong. “I don’t know what it was, but I did something wrong so stop.”

“It’s nice to see your child.”

“Team leader, stop it….”

“In that way, In-ho Jeong became food for the hearts of countless survivors.”

“Sounds like food for the heart…? like this? Yeonhee, do you have a grudge against me? “What on earth did I do so wrong?”

“I’m happy.”

“Is that all you have to say as an adult my age, Detective Hong Gyeong-jun?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“Why are you hitting me like this since a while ago, really??”

Hong Gyeong-jun smiled and answered with a truly lively face.

“Everyone will be like this when they take a vacation for the first time in a few years.”

“…How many years?”

“I haven’t taken a single vacation since my senior passed away.”

“You’re just saying things that are really hard to reply to. Just make me out to be an asshole.”

Yeonhee Kwon muttered.

“Tallulah, let’s go Tallulah.”

“Yeonhee, what on earth are you talking about earlier…”

“Oh, I don’t know this.”

“I don’t know. “I just don’t want to do it.”

“Eh, that’s not fun.”

“Did I not have enough fun as Kimbap?”

“Yes, Assistant Manager Jeong, you are a boring man.”

“I’m going crazy…”

At that point, Jaeheon Lee asked Kang Minah.

“Do you know how the kids are doing?”

“Oh, yes, I did call you once before coming to visit the manager.”

“…Why do you think my home is some kind of tourist attraction?”

“CEO Choi Jeong-man said that Seo-ah and Min-hong will stay together this weekend. Da-young and Da-hoon said that it would be difficult for them to come today because the kids they lived with in the apartment dormitory were too scared…”


I roughly understood the situation.

‘I guess I lost a lot of mentality while looking at the kids who were turned into mannequins.’

It was natural for Choi Jeong-man to feel anxious and go crazy because the kindergarten student he and his son had lovingly cared for had become mannequins at the same time, and high school students who lived under the same roof must have seen Park Da-hoon and Park Da-young becoming mannequins for the first time. I couldn’t help but be scared.

‘If at some point it becomes real, it means that my family and friends are dead in the other world…’ I

understood because everyone was very soft-hearted.

“Can you contact Do-yoon Han or Ki-jeong Kim?”

“He said he would finish his schedule and come over later in the afternoon.”

“Let me tell you in advance that my home is not a hotel. And what did Seo Jang-hwa and Vivian say? “Are they going to come too?”

“No, I can’t come because I have a backlog of assignments.”

“Oh my.”

Lee Jae-heon, who was thinking about the survivors, asked.

“Then what about Ha Seong-yoon?”

Garam Yoon answered that question.

“Teacher Ha Seong-yoon also said he wouldn’t be able to come because there were a lot of backlogged patients.”

“I am very fortunate that the number of people has not increased any further, but it is unfortunate that we are very busy.”

“Originally, he was a busy person because there were a lot of people looking for him. And…”

Garam Yoon shrugged his shoulders and added.

“It seemed like I needed some time to organize my thoughts.”

“…Ha Seong-yoon?”



“I think this visit to the aquarium… was too much for you in many ways.”

At those words, Kang Min-ah looked embarrassed and looked at Yoon Garam and Lee Jae-heon’s feelings. Kang Min-ah didn’t bother to talk between the two, perhaps because she thought she couldn’t be of any help because she wasn’t at the aquarium.


Lee Jae-heon just silently covered the corner of his mouth with his hand.

‘Ha Seong-yoon is originally a character who thinks a lot.’

Among the current survivors, except for Lee Jae-heon, he is the only one who carries a shadow monster. Why is this a monster that appears in reality when you have a mental breakdown and goes around tearing holes in the body of the survivor who created it?

‘I’m raising one too.’

Anyway, Ha Seong-yoon originally had a strong tendency to do that.

If I hadn’t been a very thoughtful person, I wouldn’t have been able to come to the other side of the world on my own in the first place. The ‘note’ he gives to the main character in the original work in the form of a corpse is also the same, and especially in this secret world, there was a lot going on….



“No, wait a minute.”

Jaeheon Lee asked Garam Yoon.

“You’re probably not angry with me, right…? You’re not mad because I lost my mind a little at the aquarium, right? “I don’t think I dug that far.”

Jaeheon Lee desperately made an excuse.

“I just did my best, but if you say anything about that, it’s a bit…”


“Honestly, I’m innocent.”



“Do you remember what happened back then?”


Then don’t you?

‘…Did I have to say I couldn’t remember? why?’

Lee Jae-heon hesitated for a moment when he saw Yoon Garam looking at him with a strange expression.

“No, that…”



What is it?

For some reason, the other survivors were also quiet.

‘What is the reason?’

It’s not like I said something I shouldn’t have said.

In his opinion, there was no reason why Jaeheon Lee should not think about the aquarium.

‘It’s not a configuration error.’

At the time, I did some ugly things because of the aquarium’s environment and the ghost police, but now it’s reality, and the police have also left my body….


What’s really the problem?

Lee Jae-heon thought so, but soon realized what kind of emotion Kang Min-ah’s strange expression meant.




That is fear.



“How…why now again…”

It’s a sadness that borders on fear.



So it is despair.

“…Why do you remember that?”


Lee Jae-heon couldn’t understand this suddenly changing atmosphere.

So I’m asking because I’m really curious.

“…did I do something wrong?”

No one answered.

* * *

Lee Jae-heon was covered in blankets.

I was just resigned.

(Continued in the next part)

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