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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 590

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Episode 590

Anyway, the ghost police thought.

‘Where did that come from that body?’

How much karma would I have had to endure if I had stayed there? Wow.

He smiled faintly and looked into the mirror.

* * *

It was lunch time on Thursday, the next day right after escaping from the other world.


“Yeonhui, calm down.”

“Unnie… Unni… Huuhunnie….”

“All my makeup will come off…”

As soon as she could no longer see, Yeonhee Kwon turned on the faucet.

“The news of your return is announced in a splendid manner.”

“Manager niiiiim….”

“Oh, don’t stick around, don’t stick around, I’m going to go eat too.”

“You’re so cruel, how could you do that to me…! “I hate you, manager!”

“If you keep going, you might get involved with a man in his 40s and end up in a strange scandal.”

“It’s already spinning!!”

Lee Jae-heon had a record of stealing Kwon Yeon-hee, who was doing well in marketing, into an unrelated project.

As soon as the department transfer story came out, Kwon Yeon-hee was taken away as if he had been waiting, and wasn’t there another incident after that involving Jung In-ho and Woo Woo-young?


Lee Jae-heon, who briefly recalled his past, picked his ears.

“So what. Should I at least pay compensation for defamation? “Do you want that?”

“Manager, you are really rude and threatening. “I don’t need any frivolous money, so take responsibility for me with honor.”

“Hey, look at what this rat-sized thing is talking about. “Is that the way you treat adults?”

Jeong In-ho smiled warmly at the conversation between Lee Jae-heon and Kwon Yeon-hee.

“You’re back again, Manager.”

“Why are you doing this again, Assistant Manager Jeong In-ho?”

“The manager’s crazy behavior I saw at the aquarium still remains as a trauma to me…”

“Hey, you guys really don’t respect adults like they tell you to do. Do you like teasing the manager? good?”

“Why do you think I’m teasing you?”

Jeong In-ho asked, smiling with a playful look in his eyes.

“Did you ever think it would be a real trauma?”

“Well… it’s not my fault.”

“Why did you go to the aquarium without telling anyone?”


“Are you really going to overcome that damn fear of water?”

Uh… well…

you said it well, you disgusting bastard.

‘I was just trying to figure out what to answer.’

Lee Jae-heon, who could not bring up the original story, internally applauded the direction suggested by the main character of this world. This isn’t the main character for nothing. It was indeed a cub with sufficient qualifications.

Lee Jae-heon snorted so obnoxiously that it felt a little uncomfortable.

“What does it have to do with our Deputy Jung, whatever I do?”

And naturally, the desired reaction occurred.

“The manager is so obnoxious whenever he really wants to change the subject, and I think that’s a really bad habit. “Why on earth are people so twisted?”

“Why is this friend Malbonsae like this?”

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re back to normal.”

Jeong In-ho smiled.



It was an expression that said he would not let this mess happen again next time.

“It’s hard to make a living….”

“I found a gap.”



Kwon Yeon-hee wrapped her arms around the waist of Lee Jae-heon, who was muttering with a helpless look on his face. Lee Jae-heon, who was looking at Kwon Yeon-hee with questioning eyes, soon frowned and pushed Kwon Yeon-hee’s face away from him.

“Hey hey… what are you doing now? I’m holding a man who’s gone somewhere like this. Don’t you let go of this? “I’m not some kind of dead woman.”

“Have lunch with us.”

“Nope? “Am I going to eat something so expensive and delicious that your wallet can never afford it?”

“Ahhhhhh don’t go.”

“Where is this, Angtal? Angtal.”

Woo Woo-young looked at the two with warm eyes.

“You said that, but since you didn’t push her away strongly, I guess the manager was also worried about Yeonhee. It’s nice to see a child…”

“Team leader Woo, is he crazy? “Why on earth is Team Leader Woo doing this?”

Kang Min-ah smiled awkwardly and said.

“Anyway, everyone was scattered this time. “I wasn’t in the secret world for as long as before, but the situation where I couldn’t contact them continued…” “

They probably ate and slept comfortably at the park, so why was I anxious?”

“Are you saying that? “I was anxious that one of the survivors far away would die…”

Noh Yeon-seok quietly intervened in Kang Min-ah’s words.

“Thank goodness he came out early this time… we were glad. “The people who stayed outside.”

President Choi Jeong-man especially liked it.


“This time too, Minhong went in alone.”

“You were so eager to go together, but you couldn’t go together.”

“Oh, and I heard you’re free this weekend.”

“It’s time. “Why is the boss shooting me again this time?”

“You guys want to see for yourself if you’re all in good shape…”

“Aha, you’re in good shape…”

“…You’re in bad shape…”


Jeong In-ho’s eyes landed on Lee Jae-heon. . The same was true for other team members.

Lee Jae-heon said with a characteristic sullen expression.

“Why what why?”

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

“So you don’t look okay?”

“I heard that the person was torn in half…”

“Don’t you know that when you come back to reality, you’ll get injuries you didn’t see before?”

Woo Woo-young smiled awkwardly and answered.

“Even if it’s your body, the pain doesn’t go away. “It’s not like we’re arguing, we’re all worried that there might be something wrong somewhere else.”

“Then do you think there is something mentally wrong? “Let’s stop worrying.”

Lee Jae-heon, who made fun of the survivors, gathered his outerwear and left the office.

“Everyone enjoy your lunch.”

“Manager, are you sure you don’t want to eat with us? “It’s the day after something like that happened?”

“You say something like that because I ate with you and started a rumor.”

Jeong In-ho said with a small smile.

“Don’t you know that there are already rumors that this member is on the manager’s line? Even if you come and eat with us now, there won’t be any strange rumors.”


“You hate it so much.”

“Sounds like a line. “It’s really disgusting, these people, to stick to a manager who has no intention of getting promoted and do the line work and all.”

“For that matter, don’t you tend to rub your palms against your superiors…?”

“It’s all about networking.”

Yeonhee Kwon shouted at him as if she was being wronged.

“Manage those connections with us too! Manage it! Manage it!”

“Employee Kwon will do very well if he joins the union. “Oh, okay, let’s eat.”

“Oh, I’m the manager!!”

“It’s okay, it’s a hassle, just solve it yourself.”

“I’m the manager…!!”

“uh? You told me not to call you that? “How can you be rude to an adult?”

Lee Jae-heon grumbled, “You’re so clever…” and immediately left the office. Perhaps this time too, I would go out by car and have a meal at an expensive restaurant. That’s how it always was.

And looking at the door through which Lee Jae-heon left….



Jung In-ho, Woo Woo-young, and Kang Min-ah exchanged glances.

Something was strange.

‘…Isn’t it too similar to usual?’

Before even 24 hours had passed, they escaped from the other side of the world. Among them, Lee Jae-heon was so cruel that he could not bear to open his eyes and even seemed unable to remember the other survivors the entire time he was in the aquarium.

However, Jaeheon Lee, who returned to reality, was no different from his usual appearance.


It felt so natural that I felt uncomfortable.

‘Maybe Yeon-seok or Yeon-hee don’t know, but…’

Woo Joo-young and Kang Min-ah, who made eye contact with Jung In-ho, looked at each other with eyes that seemed to say, ‘I guessed wrong, didn’t I?’, as if they felt something similar. Even if each person’s degree was different, it was clear that they felt a strange sense of discomfort from Lee Jae-heon.


Jeong In-ho blinked and soon returned his smile.

“It seems that the manager has not fully recovered. “You look a little tired.”

“…Is that really the case?”

“It’s right after something big happened, so you probably have a lot to organize your thoughts about.”


“Let’s eat before lunch time. Would you like to conveniently have it delivered?”

Jeong In-ho skillfully changed the subject, and Joo Woo-young and Kang Min-ah, who had been told to not bother Lee Jae-heon any more, quickly nodded. The lunch break isn’t that long.

Right after ordering and receiving the food each person wanted from a handmade hamburger shop, Kwon Yeon-hee, who was opening the avocado hamburger wrapper, opened her mouth and said, “Ah!”

“Now that I think about it, when I was living alone, I stayed with another survivor. “It’s my first time seeing you.”

“Oh right. “I said yes.”

Woo Joo-young chimed in, perhaps remembering the content of the phone call they had exchanged when he was at the park in the other side of the world.

“What did they say? Seo In-young? “I think it was his name… he’s a doctor.”

“Yes, yes, he was a good person. “Thanks to you, I was able to live well and not be lonely.”

“I’m really glad. “I was really worried about what Yeonhee would do since she was alone.”

“Maybe because he’s a doctor, sometimes even if I get a minor injury, he treats it right away.”

“I’m really glad I didn’t meet a strange person.”

It was clear that most of the survivors still remaining in the underworld were either temperamental or crazy. Wasn’t it heavenly luck for Kwon Yeon-hee to meet and team up with the most beautiful and talented doctor among them?

Jeong In-ho also nodded his head.

“Now that I think about it, we also met a new survivor at our aquarium.”

“Wow really? “What kind of person are you?”

“His name was Minjun Park and he looked to be around his mid-twenties.”

Jeong In-ho continued speaking while taking a sip of the not-sweetened lemon carbonated water.

“He seemed like a pretty crazy person, but…”

Although he felt a bit uncomfortable due to a strange sense of incongruity, he was a useful person.

“I thought he was a very friendly person, as he talked to people without hesitation and built friendships even though he was meeting many people for the first time. “He must have been alone in this world all the time, so his survival skills were excellent.”

“Wow… I want to meet you.”


Now that I think about it, there was one race here that I felt second to none in terms of affinity.

Jeong In-ho looked at Kwon Yeon-hee and smiled.

“I remember the contact information, so we’ll probably be able to meet soon.”

“It’s so good.”

“Did you get the contact information for that person named Seo In-young, Yeon-hee?”

“Of course. “Can I invite Teacher Inyoung this weekend too?”

“I think that would be a burden on the doctor…”

While we were talking a lot.

Lee Jae-heon was meeting the possessor Park Min-jun.

* * *

“Yeah well….”


“Thank you for your hard work.”

Park Min-jun, who was sitting in the chair across from Lee Jae-heon, asked with a blunt expression.

“Is that really all you have to say to this wonderful chicken?”

“What do you want?”

“I ask for quality praise. I completed my work so well, so why is the only compliment I get is ‘Thank you for your hard work’? “I have serious doubts about whether this is truly ridiculously harsh treatment.”


Lee Jae-heon’s expression became slightly distorted.

“you… “Have you ever had this image before?”

“You sound like an image. When did the genre change to Apocalypse in Our Town?”

“I thought apocalypse characters don’t care about their image, but you’re being a bit harsh.”

“Do you understand? I’m going to settle here anyway. “The world is so soft that it looks like it would be nice to suck on honey.”

“It must not have been an easy decision to settle down. “I guess that was a possible decision because our Park Min-jun joined Mana?”

Minjun Park solemnly nodded as if he wanted to prove himself.

“관리자 개새끼.”

“Do more, do more.”

“Fuck you manager, you damn bastard, you damn bastard who will even get along with my grandmother.”

“Up to that point, it doesn’t fit the age range of our genre.”


Park Min-jun’s expression became strangely distorted.

“What on earth do you mean? I saw with my own eyes the captain’s limbs removed and his internal organs flowing out. Are you saying that I can’t even swear like this? “Aren’t you 19+ here?”

“If you think about it that way, it’s true that I’m 19+, so I’m just a character here so I don’t have anything to say…”

Lee Jae-heon, leaning back on a chair in the dining room, wiped the corners of his mouth and continued.

“Anyway, you are attached to Mana.”


“You have no intention of going back to the manager’s side.”

“Anyway, if it weren’t for my wife, I would have been used as a disposable person and thrown away. “Rather than sticking with a bastard like that, wouldn’t it be a much more reasonable decision to stick with your wife, even if it’s dirty and disgraceful?”

“I really like this side of our Minjun. “He knows how to make decisions very efficiently… he’s cool.”



Minjun Park frowned and groaned.

“Don’t do that to me.”

“What kind of nonsense is this all of a sudden?”

“My wife might drop a bundle of rebar on my head on the way home today.”

“So what do you mean?”

“Why did I get between this disgusting couple…”

“We’re not such mean people.”

“Even bean pods have degrees.”

Park Min-jun took a deep sigh and then continued speaking.

“Anyway…nice to see you again.”

“If you stick a knife in my back again like you did in your past life, I won’t let you go, Park Min-jun.”

“I put it on for a reason, but the back end is too long.”

“So is it my business?”


Park Min-jun soon burst into laughter.

“You’re consistent.”


“Captain, you don’t like the chicks you have now, do you?”


“I can help you well.”


Park Min-jun leaned forward and made strong eye contact with Lee Jae-heon.

“I can do better.”

“I know.”

“Throw those bastards away.”


“Where else do you say there is a subordinate like me?”

Lee Jae-heon, with an evil smile, arrogantly shrugged his shoulders.



“I like our chicks, but why?”

“Is that so.”

Park Min-jun leaned back.

“But I’m more useful, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then that’s it.”

The word ‘useful’.

That was the best compliment for us.



Park Min-jun opened his mouth again.

“I’m sincere when I say it’s nice to meet you, Captain.”


Lee Jae-heon laughed empty-handed.

“so do i.”

A feeling of stability for the first time in a long time.

A conversation with a person from a far away country put all the slightest fears to rest.

(Continued in the next part)

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