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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 581

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Episode 581


Kwon Yeon-hee muttered.

“I want to eat soup.”

“What kind of soup?”

Seo In-young was indifferent to her sudden remarks. This was thanks to the fact that I had gradually become accustomed to Kwon Yeon-hee’s self-talk that came out whenever I thought it was the right time.

“The world is wide and there are many soups and rice.”

“…boiled pork soup….”


“…Sundae Gukbap.”


“Beef head soup and rice.” Bean sprout soup. Kongnamul gukbap is a Jeonju-style meal if possible… Have you ever tried oyster gukbap? That’s really delicious. I also want to eat woogeoji hangover soup. I also want to eat seonjit soup. “If you take just a spoonful of spicy and spicy soup, wet your tongue, and scoop up some wet rice and bright red soup into your mouth, it’s heaven.”

“Are you very hungry?”

“I’m full.”

I was just full.

“I miss the stimulating diet of real life…”

I made dried fish with all the ingredients I had and didn’t have, but there was a limit to what I could endure with that healthy saltiness. Spicy, salty and sweet dishes appeared before Kwon Yeon-hee’s eyes, who had become accustomed to Korea’s spicy food.

“Oh, I want to eat tripe.”


“I like daechang too. Well, if you like tripe, daechang is just a set. “Put even a flame in the makchang.”

“I guess you like intestines.”

“That’s true, but doesn’t it feel a little strange when you say it like that?”

“The intestines are the intestines, right?”

“If you don’t like it, just say you don’t like it.”


That’s right. Seo In-young didn’t really like foods like tripe or daechang.

“Because of my job, I often see live intestines.”

“Oh my.”

“Have you ever seen the intestines of a living person writhing when their stomach is torn apart?”

“I was wrong. “I will never talk about tripe again.”

“You can do it… it’ll just ruin my appetite.”

“I was wrong.”

Of course, not all doctors dislike tripe.

“The teacher I know didn’t really like tripe.”

Kwon Yeon-hee thought of Ha Seong-yoon.

“The last time we went to a tripe restaurant together, you ate it without saying anything… You didn’t mean to hold back and eat it on purpose, right?”

“If all the surgeons in the world hate tripe, why would the tripe restaurant in front of the hospital exist? Of course, it varies from person to person.”

“If that’s the case, I’m glad…”

“Because I have a weak stomach.”

“Doctor? “For that matter, haven’t you adapted to the underworld very well?”

“Should we just do Yeonhee?”

Talent like this isn’t common.

‘Let’s become close friends.’

Seo In-young still hasn’t forgotten her promise to send Kwon Yeon-hee to the National Assembly. I will work hard to get to know him and make sure that he sits on the National Assembly chair. With that determination in mind, I continued speaking.

“Doctors can have a weak stomach, too.”

“That’s true, but…”

“But he’s good at surgery. Do not worry. “There has been no medical accident yet.”


Kwon Yeon-hee got up from where she was lying down.



“Oh, the spirit….”

“I guess I have to do something like this to survive in this harsh world.”

In fact, there was a separate reason why Seo In-young disliked offal-type foods.

‘When I see these crazy bastards actually eating human intestines, I tend not to want to eat tripe.’

In fact, Seo In-young was not a weak-willed person. If he had been that kind of person in the first place, he would not have even thought about becoming a doctor, and people around him would have stopped him because they were worried about medical accidents. If you really had a weak stomach, how would you have adapted to the underworld?

However, Seo In-young is so squeamish that she has seen many unimaginably crazy things happen. Because of those crazy people, I have never even tasted tripe.

“What do you like other than tripe?”


Kwon Yeon-hee suddenly noticed.

‘I think this is changing words.’

However, Kwon Yeon-hee, who has a simple mindset, did not let even the slightest discomfort remain and just let it go.

She gave a thumbs up.


“Chicken is good. “I like it too.”

“I heard from a teacher I know that doctors also order chicken and eat it during their breaks. Is this true?”

“Um… yeah whatever. “Doctors are people too.”

“Of course people eat chicken?”

“That’s right.”

Although the current Seo In-young is being dragged around by people in the rough underworld, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work at the hospital. Therefore, I was able to roughly answer Kwon Yeon-hee’s questions.

“Being a doctor is a profession where there is a high probability that something new will happen even if you finish all your tasks. So, the on-call room is well-equipped… but the hospital food is often not tasty, so I usually order something to eat in those cases. “Chicken is the perfect food to eat like that.”

“Oily and salty….”

“That’s it.”

“Doctors are not much different.”

“Doctors are people too?”

Seo In-young smiled awkwardly.

“Sometimes I feel like Yeonhee sees doctors as being of a different race.”

“Yeah… um.”


“I know a doctor who seems like a different species…”


“There is such a person.”

My name is Ha Seong-yoon.

“Honestly, every time I see that teacher, I think he would have been a good fit if he had been a priest instead of a doctor. “Something like a pastor or priest.”

“What kind of doctor did you meet…? “A doctor and a priest are almost completely opposite professions, right?”

“There are people like that in the world.”

Kwon Yeon-hee nodded.

“I wonder if I’m doing well right now.”

She thought with a faint smile.

‘I don’t really know what you guys are doing, but please do it quickly anyway.’

I want to go home…

* * *


Aquarium performance hall.

“Wouldn’t it be better to take this opportunity to kill him?”

“I don’t think it’s as easy as it sounds…”

“But if not now, I don’t know when I’ll have the chance to escape.”

The opinions of the survivors were very divided.

“Still, I think it would be better to just go out to the aquarium. I heard you don’t know which of the mermaids in that big tank is the final boss, right? “When are you looking for it?”

“you’re right. “I haven’t eaten anything since I came to the aquarium, so I have no energy, so I’m going to fight the final boss… I’ll be lucky if I don’t stumble before that because I’m dizzy and get eaten by a monster.”

“Everyone’s feet are tattered from crossing the stream. Can you hold on while hunting monsters?”

The opinion was, ‘It’s the final boss and it’s going to be hard, so let’s get out there first.’

“That’s true, but isn’t it such a waste to come all this way? “You just have to find a way, and it’s certain that the final boss is in that tank.”

“If I miss this opportunity, I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet the final boss again. “Didn’t we all already feel that the longer we stay in the secret world, the more difficult it is to escape?”

“That’s right. At that time, it took so long to escape…”

Opinions were divided on ‘If not now, when will we escape? Let’s kill them first.’

And behind this, there was the subtle help of possessor Park Min-jun.

‘Captain, did I do well?’

‘Wow, the best talent…! As expected, our Minjun is the best!’


To be precise, there was a mix-and-match between Lee Jae-heon and Park Min-jun.

The treasure box team somehow managed to find the key to the glass box through effort, sincerity, and love. They returned to the concert venue showing off the confidence of a triumphal general, but that did not mean they could jump into the water tank to save Park Da-hoon right away.

―Isn’t getting the key and opening the box while avoiding those mermaids two separate problems?

―Let’s not go in right away, but take a closer look at those rooms.

-Yes, there might be information on how to avoid mermaids.

At this point, the survivors also become cautious.

The survivors who were scattered throughout the area gathered together and arrived at the aquarium performance hall without anyone dying, and even miraculously collected the key to save Park Da-hoon.

Now, if someone gets seriously injured or dies, how will I endure the agony?

-I think Da-hoon is still worth holding on to.

-okay? thank god.

The survivors, who sought the consent of Park Da-hoon, the person trapped, agreed to be more cautious.

The goal was to ‘find a way to avoid being attacked by the mermaid in the tank’, and in the midst of it all, Park Min-jun, who was clearly possessed, was also involved.

―Everyone, I found something like this…

Park Min-jun, who agreed with the opinion of the captain who was poking his side, manipulated the information and the evidence. He went into a room alone, picked up a pen and paper, and then manipulated the ‘Aquarium Survivor’s Record’, and the survivors were completely fooled by it.

―So, are you saying that the final boss is among the mermaids in that tank?

―I can’t believe there was a final boss this close…

―Isn’t the way to kill it too complicated? Why are so many things not working?

That was the situation.

“Well, if you’re going to catch a monster, you need to have a strong stomach… We don’t have the energy right now. “What’s the point of the final boss when no one can sleep, let alone eat anything?”

“But if I don’t escape from here, when will I have the chance to do so? “Even if I were to visit the aquarium again, I wouldn’t have enough energy.”

“Then come back after eating.”

“If that happens, it’s time again…”

Thanks to the two possessors, it was the ‘Defeat the Final Boss’ side that ultimately gained the upper hand.


The captain praised his lovely chicken for its beautiful and correct appearance.

‘Good boy.’

‘Thank you for the compliment.’

‘This is the hope you created.’

Having a fast friend next to me makes me feel so refreshed.

The man couldn’t help but be impressed by Park Min-jun’s skill in manipulating information. There was a completely different pleasure here than when working with our stubborn Hong Gyeong-jun. Even though they only conveyed a few rules for the aquarium final boss in the original, didn’t they persuade the survivors in the meantime?

The two spoke discreetly with their eyes and filled each other with happiness. Park Min-jun was delighted with the praise he received from the captain for the first time in a long time, and the man cheered at the possibility of escape.

“I understand what you’re talking about, but…”

Seo Jang-hwa, who was still feeling uneasy despite being somewhat persuaded, sighed and continued.

“Oh yeah, I guess so. Even so, how are you going to kill that thing? How do you know who the real final boss is among all those mermaids in the first place? Doesn’t the story end from there?”

“If you look up more information about the room…”

As Park Da-young was about to refute Seo Jang-hwa’s words, a man interrupted, imitating Lee Jae-heon.

“It’s over there.”



“It’s over there.”

A little slow, but the pronunciation is clear.

‘Look at my acting skills that are still usable.’

‘I have no idea how absurd what I am saying is,’ the man said once again with that carefree and mechanical face.

“That mermaid… is the monster you are looking for.”

He pointed to a mermaid with very long hair.

Just before returning, right before dying, the man saw a mermaid kissing him.

‘It was definitely Mana-sama.’

No matter how crazy he was, the man’s memory itself was usable. And after thinking about it after returning, I realized that the mermaid’s behavior towards the man at that time was clearly different from that of the mermaid in the aquarium.

With the power of love, I am certain that it was Mana.

‘And Mana can’t do that to other monsters, but… she can possess the final boss very well.’

As evidence, there was a green algae monster in the previous park. Whether in dreams or in reality, the only monster she possessed was the final boss. If you look at it that way, the Mana that the man saw just before he died was clearly possessed by the final boss, the mermaid.



The survivors made strange expressions.

That’s probably because it’s hard to believe Lee Jae-heon’s remarks. The man knew that too. Even if a drunk man blurts out, ‘Hey, these numbers are the winning lotto numbers,’ isn’t that just an injection? It’s not persuasive.

And the man had a secret weapon to persuade them.

“How do you know that? “We can’t tell them apart at all.”

“That’s right…”

Among these, Jaeheon Lee was the only one who underwent mutation.

The man said, intentionally scratching his neck where the gills were.

“Only the mermaid is speaking.”

“…You mean?”

“Can’t you hear?”


“You’re still…talking to me.”

Jaeheon Lee’s Human Theater.

Let’s get started right now.

(Continued in the next part)

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Theatrical Regression Life

Theatrical Return, 연극성 회귀 생활
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