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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 580

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Episode 580

Treasure Chest The team does their best to find the key.

“uncle Uncle.”

“I am So-on.”

Jaeheon Lee was next to the children.

Very cool.

“Why is that person like that?”

“Would you be like this if I knew?”

“Anyway, I’m glad you seem to be feeling good, but…”

“I think you’re healing, so I’ll leave it at that.”

Song In-myeong, Jeong In-ho, Ha Seong-yoon, and Park Da-young were all together as if asking when they had stopped me like that and yelled at me to kill them. This was thanks to the returner’s unique cool-headed mindset of just adapting if there is nothing to change since the conclusion has been reached anyway.

From their perspective, Lee Jae-heon, who was hugging two kindergarten students and burying his head, looked quite happy.

“Puppy belly….”

Song In-myeong nodded at Park Da-young’s words.

“That’s right.”

“It’s good animal therapy.”

“Humans are also animals, right?”

But the scary thing is.

“So how long are you going to be like that?”

It had already been almost an hour since Lee Jae-heon had trapped the kindergarten student like that.

“My posture is uncomfortable, but if you’re like me, you’re already cramping.”

“Do muscle monsters like you get cramps?”

“? “Why are you fighting?”


“Anyway, shouldn’t that posture be made more comfortable?”

As Song In-myeong said, Lee Jae-heon’s posture looked very uncomfortable.

She was sitting cross-legged, hugging two kindergarten students on her thighs, and bowing deeply, burying her head between the children’s shoulders. Ha Seong-yoon lamented that it almost looked like a ball.

“How much money does it take to straighten a curved spine…”

Jeong In-ho made a tackle as natural as breathing.

“Isn’t that something that the manager would worry about?”

“The cost of surgery is expensive, but do you even know how painful it is? Not only is it painful, but the time it takes to get there is not easy.”

“If you’re sick enough to worry about cost or time, you’ll just quit your job.”

Lee Jae-heon quits his job.

Ha Seong-yoon looked back at Jeong In-ho.

“…If you are no longer the manager, what should In-ho Jeong call Jae-heon Lee?”


“That’s gross.”

“You’re damned if you say it, you’re damned if you don’t say it…”

“Who is doing the damned?”

Park Da-young shook her head.

‘Just because you get older doesn’t mean you’re all the same adults.’

Park Da-young and Park Da-hoon are 19 and 18-year-olds who are easily influenced by adults around them. Special care had to be taken to avoid becoming adults like that in the future.

Anyway, it was clear that Jaeheon Lee’s posture looked uncomfortable.

“I’m so frustrated.”

“I don’t know if they’re breathing…”

Song In-myeong and Park Da-young muttered as if they were all tired.

There was no particular reason for Lee Jae-heon to capture kindergarten students in such a way. After releasing Song In-myeong, they talked a few times and then walked shakily with a tired face towards the kindergarten students who were hiding behind the water tank and staring at the adults.

It’s already been an hour since I sat down next to the water tank and was healed by the kindergarten students.

“Even if it’s Kkosunae, it’s me.”

Dayoung Park muttered.

“Like sniffing the soles of a dog’s paws….”

“Was that not a tummy tuck, but just inhalation?”

“It looks closer to sucking in rather than exhaling.”

“Honestly, at this point, we need to listen to the kids’ perspective as well.”

“No, what…”

Song In-myeong’s words about worrying about the human rights of kindergarten students were quite valid on the topic of radioactive pollutants, but Park Da-young shook her head with a shocked expression.

“The kids are liking it too.”

As for how much they were enjoying it, their faces were the brightest they had been since they were locked in the aquarium. The kindergarten students were writhing in Lee Jae-heon’s wide arms and laughing amongst themselves repeatedly.

Song In-myeong glanced at the kindergarten students with his characteristic languid eyes.

“…It’s not for me to say, but I think they also have strange tastes.”

“That’s not really what you would say.”

“So you didn’t put a clue in advance?”

“I just wanted to start a fight.”

Immediately after those words, Dayoung Park was overcome with a sense of self-destruction.


“…? “Why are you looking like that?”

“I wonder how I ended up like this.”

“What is he saying now.”


I wondered where this desire to smack Song In-myeong with his tongue every time he said something came from. It seems that he had probably picked up the skills he used to get along with Jeong In-ho, Hong Gyeong-joon, and Ha Seong-yoon while they were sparring with each other without realizing it.

‘Let’s be careful.’

It would have been a big problem if stupid Park Da-hoon had moved it.


Park Da-young looked up at the water tank and observed Park Da-hoon in the glass box.

‘…is it okay?’

Just a moment ago, he was trying to die.

Although we were still communicating mentally, Park Da-hoon didn’t seem to be in a bad mood. Seeing Lee Jae-heon sitting near the fish tank and playing around with the kindergarten students seemed to help me stabilize my mind and body, at least temporarily.

‘The speed at which the water fills has slowed down a bit.’

I have to say it was pretty smooth.

‘Obviously, since he is calm, the overall situation becomes calm…’

As expected, it seemed right to leave Lee Jae-heon as is.

“You seem happy enough.”

“I guess so…”

And it was as they said.


The man, who still retained his detective personality, was quite happy.

‘This is healing…’

It wasn’t because the kindergarteners were really tired that they were restrained like this.

However, immediately after Song In-myeong was released, the man realized that he had spoken out quite a bit, which did not fit the concept of ‘Lee Jae-heon’. It didn’t seem to have caused any discomfort to the survivors, but if it continues like this, ‘Huh? I thought I would hear people say, ‘Are you out of your mind?’

‘It’s hard to keep acting like I’m crazy.’

It was much easier to cover my face with kindergartners than to stare blankly at the fish tank.

‘There’s also the advantage of not talking.’

Since he’s already doing this, hasn’t public opinion formed saying, ‘Oh, he must have been quite tired’ and ‘Let’s not touch him.’ Maintaining the concept of a crazy old man was difficult even for a man who was a seasoned undercover investigator.


In addition to those calculated reasons, the warm body temperature of the kindergarten students made the man feel good.

“…It’s warm…”

I muttered softly, and Choi Min-Hong started bouncing around and saying.

“I’m hot!”

“I like it….”


Choi Min-hong also said that it was hot, but even though he was having a hard time in Lee Jae-heon’s arms, he had no intention of leaving. Needless to say, Jang Seo-ah was enjoying being on Lee Jae-heon’s thighs.

For children the size of chicks, Lee Jae-heon’s arms seemed like a pretty good play space.

‘This is why it’s good to be big.’

Unlike the poisonous snake in his past life or the body of the detective in his current life, Lee Jae-heon’s body was quite large. Should we say that we have thick bones or that we can easily build muscles? The shoulders were wide and looked quite sturdy.

One of the advantages of having a body like that was that it was much more satisfying to hug someone.

‘If I hadn’t been possessed… I would have been a little disappointed.’

The man chuckled to himself because it was his first time seeing a body like this.


“I’m not a chick.”

“Soft pudding….”

“I’m not even a pudding! yo. this!”

“It’s like cotton candy.”

Isn’t it the same in that it dissolves when put in water?

“Then it won’t work.”

These cuties.

‘How can you be so soft?’

What do you do? How do you do it? It seemed that Lee Jae-heon had no choice but to take responsibility for the rest of his life and decide whether to come or not.

‘Lee Jae-heon, more than your karma.’

As soon as I remembered this bastard’s past life, I started researching it all.

The man pretended to be crazy but continued to rub his cheek against the kindergarten students. Choi Min-hong was flirting with her, and Jang Seo-ah, who was awkward at first, was now enjoying it a lot.

“Give me your hand, uncle.”


“Oh man… me too…”


I thought to myself.


It seemed true that cuteness could save the world.

‘I should have had ten, not three.’

The man who pressed his lips to the top of Jang Seo-ah’s head, who was sullen because he could not hold her only hand, thought of his children. Even though I keep thinking about it, I think having only three kids was too narrow-minded.

‘Even if we started out as a business couple, wouldn’t we have had to start a soccer team? huh? babe.’

In fact, the three children were originally only going to have two children, but when they became pregnant with twins, they changed their plan.

However, as I held my children in my arms for the first time in such a long time and felt their body heat, I felt regretful as to why I had only three children in my care at that time.


The kids were cute.

“…I will have to protect you well…”

These children were sure to be included in the wealth and prosperity that Lee Jae-heon hoped for.

‘Just like this.’

Or with a desire to stuff a happier image.

Unlike the idiot Lee Jae-heon, I knew the man who had already adapted to this world a long time ago. He too could be happy. Before considering qualifications and all, if a man considers himself a truly vicious villain, it is right to ignore shame and do whatever he wants.

Men know small happiness. Now that I am holding these two small, squishy chicks in my arms, rather than grand treasures of gold and silver, I can call it clear happiness.


So the man decided to show mercy to Lee Jae-heon.

“love you.”


“I love you so much.”

I decided to do for you what you couldn’t say.

The current Lee Jae-heon probably doesn’t even know what that means.

“Do not hurt.”


“You are so small and pretty….”


“So you shouldn’t be sick.”

The kindergarten students blinked at the whispered words. It seemed like they couldn’t believe that ‘Lee Jae-heon’ was saying these things.


The man could not have known the bold pride and timid joy seen in those surprised eyes.

I looked at it quietly and then hugged it tightly again.


After I make up with An Saram, I should ask him to invite the kids.

‘…Anyway, I don’t even know where they are and what they’re doing these days.’

As I saw co-workers from my previous life come to me one by one in the form of possession, I thought that if I did well, my wife would be sick, and my children would also be able to come here. But is it her will, the manager’s will, or the children’s own will that they have not come yet?

Either way, it couldn’t have been a complicated situation.

“I’m tired…”

“Mister, don’t die.”

“I won’t die.”

How could I die leaving these little things behind?

‘Lee Jae-heon, I’ll have to dig a few more times, but whatever.’

It seems like Jang Seo-ah was half adopted as a daughter. After spending several years with this little chick, Lee Jae-heon was sure to feel something as well. If you do that and still can’t change your mind, you’ll be disqualified from being a poisonous snake. He doesn’t even qualify as a third-rate villain.

In that way, the man expressed his affection for the kindergarten students without thinking…




Jeong In-ho expressed his doubts.

“As expected, you had children?”

“I married a woman I met in the other world and had a child with her, but they both died in the other world and I can’t even register them on the family register?”

“You seem to have talent as a writer, Mr. Ha Seong-yoon.”

“Then, Mr. Jeong In-ho, would you like to come up with a more realistic and specific delusion? “You must have had a lot of children, Mr. Lee Jae-heon.”

“But isn’t that almost like biting and sucking my baby?”

“I guess there was a child he looked after in the other world. Even if it wasn’t your child, there may have been a young survivor whom you really thought of as your own child.”

“Well, that’s true.”

And Park Da-young bit her nails.

“i envy you….”

“? “Are you crazy?”

“I should have been there too…”

“Why don’t you just ask for a transfer of your family register?”

“Lee Da-young and Lee Da-hoon have good diction.”


Song In-myeong was disgusted.

‘I’m completely sincere.’

Everyone seemed a little crazy.

* * *

A few hours later.

“Let the discussion begin.”

The survivors gathered together began a discussion.

The topic was ‘How to take out Park Da-hoon and what is the most reasonable escape?’

“Jaeheon Lee wrote this theme.”

“I don’t think it’s such a strange topic, Seo Jang-hwa. Did I say something I couldn’t say?”

“Looking at the way he’s talking, I think that guy has come to his senses.”

“I was originally sane.”

It’s okay… right?

Park Da-hoon’s gaze was trembling as he looked at them.

(Continued in the next part)

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