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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 577

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Episode 577



Song In-myeong smiled warmly and looked at the survivors at the concert hall.

“Is that why I became a knight?”

“You know how to use difficult words, Inmyeong.”

“Yeah, let me hit it.”


Song In-myeong showed off the elegant figure of his middle finger to Jeong In-ho, who was arguing as if he were breathing. No matter how much I think about it, that person was the one with the most twisted personality among the survivors. This is the subject who is most sincere and smiles neatly.

‘If you just look at that bastard, he starts arguing everywhere.’

It’s not like firing shouts at the front.

‘I know roughly why he does that, but…’

There was nothing that Song In-myeong couldn’t understand about Jung In-ho’s bad personality. Isn’t that the way our lives are, where everyone we meet only sees shortcomings and is suspicious even if they only see strengths?

Of course, having a fight with me is a completely different story.

“To put it bluntly, you guys are too backed off by that guy.”

Song In-myeong pointed to Lee Jae-heon, who was looking at me blankly.

“So, regardless of logic, I didn’t mean to say that I wanted to protect that pure heart that didn’t want to see blood. You really went as far as you could. “To what extent can we be swayed by one person, Lee Jae-heon?”

“Haha, where did you buy it?”

“In a situation where you are contemplating whether or not to kill a serial killer with a fraught record, are you putting up with this just to protect Lee Jae-heon’s innocence? “I don’t understand.”

“I still don’t understand, so I think it would be better to be careful what you say.”

“Oh, of course, heels and heels.”

Song In-myeong giggled and sat next to Lee Jae-heon.

“Please save my uncle. “The black eyes over there are bothering me.”

“Why are you sticking to me? “It’s disgusting when a grown adult acts like that.”

Jeong In-ho was moved to tears by Lee Jae-heon’s words.

“What about me?”

“…Why are you… again? I understand that the word gross is not used with affection. “Did this sound like a compliment?”

“I know it’s not affection, I know it’s not a compliment, so what about me?”

“It’s pretty gross, isn’t it?”

Looking at that, Park Da-young clicked her tongue.

‘I treat them like adults.’

Of course, today too, this was excluding Lee Jae-heon. Lee Jae-heon’s only crime was suffering by being stuck among those people who were not worthy of his age. And that could not be called a sin.

Ha Seong-yoon came forward, sympathizing with Park Da-young’s feelings.

“I know that Student Inmyeong Song now knows the circumstances, but I think it would be best for us to be as careful as possible so as not to misunderstand.”

“Because you might accidentally kill me?”

“If it sounded like that, it must have been because Student Song In-myeong’s review was messed up. “I just meant that let’s not create misunderstandings between each other.”

“Aha, you see.”

What Ha Seong-yoon was saying was clear, but if you cringed after hearing that explicit warning, it wasn’t Song In-myeong. If he had that level of shame in the first place, he wouldn’t have become a serial killer.

Unfortunately, Song In-myeong had already learned something bad.

‘You’re really not going to kill me because you owe me money to Lee Jae-heon?’

Of course, it was entirely Song In-myeong’s choice to stick next to Lee Jae-heon. I thought it would be more fun that way, and I also had a desire to become closer to Lee Jae-heon. Other than Janghwa and Bian, the other survivors weren’t of much interest.

‘The more I look at that person, In-ho Jeong, the less affectionate I become.’

However, since I proved my usefulness to Lee Jae-heon, isn’t Lee Jae-heon really doing Song In-myeong’s cover? And what surprised Song In-myeong was that the cover actually had an effective effect.


Song In-myeong smiled warmly once again.

“You guys are really soft….”

“Will you please shut up?”

Park Da-young took notice, but Song In-myeong remained steadfast.

“Wow, I’m scared. “Uncle, please save me.”

“I know it’s not scary, student Song In-myeong.”

“But they said I’m useful.”

“of course.”

Lee Jae-heon said, smiling so vividly that it was grotesque.

“Student Song In-myeong is worth much more than me.”

“…Are you going to turn on me and criticize me now?”

“…? Did it sound like that?”


Finally, Song In-myeong decided to do something.

‘It’s better for me to keep my mouth shut than to hear more of this human being’s outburst.’

I don’t know why, but the strange things Jae-heon Lee said were often more infuriating than funny. Song In-myeong decided to try to act a little humble.

Of course, that didn’t close Lee Jae-heon’s mouth.

“If student Song In-myeong causes a problem, I have decided to take responsibility. So, I don’t think Song In-myeong needs to worry or feel burdened.”

“…It sounds a bit impure to say that I am responsible, but what does it mean?”

“It is not impure at all. “I just decided to cut off my fingers one by one if Song In-myeong posed a threat to the survivors.”


“They said that if I cut off all ten fingers, I would apologize with death. Well, as things stand now, I can only take responsibility five times, so it would be better for you to be careful beyond that.”

Song In-myeong asked.



“Whose death do you apologize for?”

“Of course it is my death.”


Jaeheon Lee answered elegantly, like a saint discussing a very obvious point.

“The fact that student Song In-myeong had an accident more than 10 times means that Lee Jae-heon is not functioning as a brake at all, and since I have already lost all of my fingers, it is difficult to be used as any human resources… I can return anyway. “Isn’t it?”


Song In-myeong looked at the survivors with an expressionless face.

“this is right?”

“Probably not.”

“Do people who know that make promises like this? What kind of gangster group is this? Yakuza or something like that? “What kind of finger are you offering in this day and age?”

“If you tried to make an excuse right now, we stopped you too.”

Jeong In-ho smiled faintly.

“I just ruined it because of you.”

“Oh, I see….”

Song In-myeong nodded and looked at Lee Jae-heon.


“Please speak.”

“Are you crazy?”

“I think it would be of great help in answering if you could define the scope of what is considered crazy.”

“You know you’re crazy, but you really don’t have the will to pretend to be sane?”

“We decided that such motivation was unnecessary for the attack.”

“I’m going to attack with the spirit of pretending to be sane. “It’s really reasonable and heartbreaking.”

“I heard that student Song In-myeong from the last episode also had a tough time.”

“Do you know? “I don’t even remember?”


The sound of Ha Seong-yoon clearing his throat was heard.



Park Da-young patted Ha Seong-yoon’s arm.

“Calm down, we decided not to kill you.”

“Dayoung, I didn’t do anything.”

“I think I’ll do it soon….”

“It’s a misunderstanding.”

Jeong In-ho smiled softly and said.

“For a doctor, you’re quite intimidating.”

“In a world like this, is there anyone with a job more threatening than that of a doctor, Mr. Jeong In-ho?”

“I didn’t think you would admit it so quickly…”

“You look really happy.”

Park Da-young, who was staring at the two, approached Lee Jae-heon’s side.

“You are the only one we have. “You know, right?”

“? I know.”


Dayoung Park clung to Jaeheon Lee’s arm. It was like receiving healing.


Jaeheon Lee was smiling but looked quite confused.

Song In-myeong looked around and then let out a long sigh. It was a very different reaction from when he was liberated from room 11, giggling as he realized that the situation was turning in his favor.

“No, well… I really appreciate your sacrificial spirit, even sacrificing your finger to take responsibility for me…”

“Are you thankful for this?”

“For a high school student, his words are harsh. Anyway, I know very well that I’m not going to like this. “It’s definitely a penalty for me to have one of these human fingers for every accident and hit.”

But still.

“In the end, isn’t there any response after Lee Jae-heon’s brake disappears?”

The content of the last episode seemed to be that after Lee Jae-heon’s death, Song In-myeong became a radioactive bomb and caused trouble for the survivors. But despite that, the regulations they imposed on Song In-myeong were poor.

Park Da-young, who was still clinging to Lee Jae-heon’s arm, answered.

“The uncle decided to kill me himself.”


“I said that after I killed you, I would kill you too.”

“What on earth does that mean?”

“They say it’s better than two bombs….”


I understand.

‘…Actually, if 10 of Lee Jae-heon’s fingers are blown off, this person’s spirit will not be intact.’

If Song In-myeong went on a rampage even though he clearly knew that Lee Jae-heon’s fingers were collateral, it meant that Song In-myeong was hostile towards Lee Jae-heon or had forgotten him. In a situation where he went crazy like that, there was a high chance that Lee Jae-heon would also go as crazy as he is now.

Then, there is a bomb named Song In-myeong, who is already on a rampage, and a bomb named Lee Jae-heon who cannot overcome the situation and goes crazy. Then, it was reasonable for the survivors to just fight together and then blow themselves up.


At that point, Song In-myeong was dumbfounded.

“…But isn’t this just something you are forcing yourself to accept?”

From the other survivors’ point of view, isn’t this a business that only brings losses?

No matter how much I thought about it, I was too disappointed in Lee Jae-heon.

* * *

Around the time when Lee Jae-heon had just saved Song In-myeong and the survivors were squaring off about him.

“It definitely came quickly.”

“There is no reason to slow down.”

The wetsuit team had just arrived at the ‘Sea Treasure Hall’.

Garam Yoon asked Seo Janghwa.

“What are you thinking like that?”

“Ah, I was thinking that it was fortunate that the Sea Treasure Museum was here.”


“The only section you have to pass through to get here is an undersea tunnel.”


Yoon Garam understood what she said right away. It is no exaggeration to say that the undersea tunnel is the easiest to navigate among the theme zones in this aquarium.

‘It would definitely be a lot more trouble if there were places like the Amazons of the world or the Friends of the Stream.’

The survivors had already suffered quite a few injuries as they passed by. Unless they showed remarkable jumping ability and judgment, the ‘Stream Friends’ inevitably had their legs torn off, and it was also difficult to cross the ‘Amazon of the World’ with those legs.

“It certainly is.”

I was fortunate to be able to easily access the ‘Sea Treasure Hall’, where important items were hidden.

Garam Yoon turned his gaze towards Eunwoo Jeong.

“Are you okay, Jeong Eun-woo? “Do you feel any discomfort when using it?”

“Yes, it’s okay.”

Jeong Eun-woo, who was checking his condition while wearing a ring, nodded.

“I don’t feel any particular discomfort or changes worth reporting. “It doesn’t seem much different from when I put the ring on at the concert.”

“thank god.”

The ring’s reliability seemed to still be maintained.

“Then now we have to choose which of the treasure chests will be the winner…”

Do-yoon Han joined in Garam Yoon’s muttering.

“Well, maybe I should have brought Minhong…?”

A kindergarten student who is the owner of the map and at the same time the aquarium’s recipient of consideration. Minhong might have been able to notice immediately if there was a change in the map.

Kim Ki-jeong frowned at that.

“No matter what, bringing a child is a bit…”

“I didn’t think that was right either. “It’s just because I’m anxious.”

Han Do-yoon didn’t do this because he didn’t know that Choi Min-hong was a child who needed to be protected. However, I said this because I thought it would be much more stable if adults guarded the entrance to the ‘Sea Treasure Museum’ and checked the changes in the map.

Garam Yoon shook his head.

“But that doesn’t work.”

“Ahaha, that’s true too, right?”

“Apart from safety and all, we don’t trust Minhong.”

“? yes?”

“It’s not a bad thing to say… It’s because Minhong has a great spirit of challenge.”


Do-yoon Han smiled bitterly, as if to say, ‘I know roughly what you mean.’ Sometimes, young children show incredible courage that adults can’t even imagine.

The problem was that he couldn’t think about what kind of ramifications it would have, and Han Do-yoon also often encountered that kind of difficulty.

‘Like sneaking into a burning building.’

It may sound absurd, but it was something Han Do-yoon experienced firsthand.

He said he went into the road fire scene to save his younger brother before all the firefighters arrived, but in the end, the child came out dead along with his younger brother.


Han Do-yoon wiped his face.


“…No, I had a strange thought for a moment…”

“Are you okay?”

“Um, yes, I’m fine.”

As expected, it seemed better not to think about it in the other world.

‘My thoughts keep wandering into strange places.’

While Han Do-yoon was concentrating like that, Park Min-jun carefully intervened.

“By any chance… Jeong Eun-woo, don’t you see something?”


“Anyway, the one who has to open the treasure chest is Jeong Eun-woo. The only person who can open the treasure chest is someone who has a diving suit and a license, and that is only Jeong Eun-woo.”


Jeong Eun-woo checked the map.


It was a bit of a meaningless ending.

(Continued in the next part)

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