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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 574

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Episode 574:

In a situation where Park Da-hoon was not sure when he would die, Ha Seong-yoon did not give Jeong Eun-woo a grown-up nephew just to make fun of Jeong In-ho without even thinking about it.

“It was all expected.”

In response to Ha Seong-yoon’s words, Jeong In-ho smiled his characteristic round smile.

“that’s right?”

“you’re right. “I’m putting Mr. Lee Jae-heon’s human rights at stake.”

Lee Jae-heon, who was still, said, “…?” I looked back at Ha Seong-yoon with doubts, but the doctor was strong. Seeing that Lee Jae-heon’s opinion did not seem to have been reflected at all, Jeong In-ho spoke again.

“Let’s leave our poor manager alone and put the honor of Ha Seong-yoon’s parents on the line.”

“Are you encouraging me to become corrupt now? “You’ve really gone as far as you can.”

“Oh, don’t you have anything to say about our manager’s human rights violations?”

“That person has been willing to sell his human rights for a long time, so there is no harm in putting his honor on the line.”

“Ha Seong-yoon, are you crazy?”

Kim Ki-jeong, who was watching this, muttered.

“I just think they’re both crazy.”

Anyway, back to the main topic, Ha Seong-yoon pointed to Jeong Eun-woo’s face.

“how is it. “Don’t you look really happy?”

“…Yes, he seems genuinely happy, but there is a side that is more annoying, but… so?”

“Machines can’t be happy.”


“And Eunwoo Jeong is happy.”


“In other words, the current Jeong Eun-woo is definitely a living being.”

Eun-Woo Jeong was so amused that he joined in with a straight face on the verge of death.

“I was originally a living creature.”

“Did you hear? “Even though it was a truly meaningless statement, this lively voice made me feel like a child who was not worthy of his age.”

“Does that sound right to you?”

“He looks like someone who will soon die of a heart attack from laughter. “He seems quite human.”

“Oh, this is really fun.”

Ha Seong-yoon nodded seriously at the sight of him behaving like an old man, laughing without resistance at a joke.

“That is all.”

Seo Jang-hwa said.

“I can’t refute that.”

Ha Seong-yoon truly made Jeong Eun-woo a human being by giving him a scapegoat named Jung In-ho into the arms of the machine. Not only Seo Jang-hwa but also Do-yoon Han and Ki-jung Kim were impressed by the unconventional effect.

“This is definitely….”

“After all, he is a learned person…”

The only person who protested was Jeong In-ho.

“What on earth means you can’t refute it? What is certain? What does it mean to be a learned person?”

“Ah, it’s ugly… Aren’t you embarrassed as an adult? “You have to admit what you have to admit to be a true adult.”

“Janghwa, if I can escape this hell, I can get even uglier here. “Please just remember that I am doing my best to endure the injustice.”

“It’s not that hard to remember.”

“But if I really remember it, I get a little sad.”

Jeong Eun-woo sat down sobbing.

“I guess your legs have lost their strength.”

The sobbing grew louder at Lee Jae-heon’s reflexive and mechanical explanation. It was so loud that it made the concert hall cry, even Park Da-hoon, who was in the glass box, said “??” I was so embarrassed that I looked down.

Do-yoon Han nodded with a warm face.

“I was wondering if this was the sniper-type AI of the future generation of this party that would conquer mankind… but it turned out that he was just an ordinary man who lacked a smile…” “A rescuer who saw the

happy smiling face of a dog he had rescued in the arms of a good guardian. “He’s acting like one.”

Park Min-jun intervened in Kim Ki-jeong’s remarks.

“I’m sorry, but please be careful. “You can’t breathe.”

“yes? No, who? Eunwoo Jeong?”

“You have a hole in your lung… and it looks like you are not able to heal it.”


Kim Ki-jeong stepped back with a look on his face that said, ‘Why are there such crazy people?’ And those ‘crazy guys’ included Park Min-jun. I guessed it from the time I gathered the information with a sane face, but that wasn’t sane either.

People like that are called clear-eyed madmen these days.

‘Why are there only people like this near me?’

While Kim Ki-jeong was taking time for self-reflection, Jeong Eun-woo, who had managed to control his lungs, struggled to get up from his seat. After clearing his throat a few times, he was able to return to his usual gentle smile.

“Thank you for trying so hard to make me smile.”

Jeong In-ho said with a faint smile.

“I never tried to be funny…”

“Then I guess I can laugh just by your presence.”

“I didn’t want to be like that…”

“Thanks to you, I laughed for the first time in a long time.”

“Would you like to listen when someone speaks?”

“I would like to thank everyone who helped me.”

And it seems that the happy Jung Eun-woo was not particularly an object of caution for the ring.

“Oh, I’m definitely not leaving anymore.”

“Iknow, right. “When I tried it with my friends by the stream, it was almost like a vibrating massager just by putting your hand on it… Are you not wary of happy humans?”

“Rather than that, the doctor’s statement that he actually went from a machine to a human seems more certain.”

“Well, it’s rare to find a happy machine, I guess…”

“I felt happy and steadily rose to the level of a human, but didn’t I just relax because the things I did were stupid?”

“In that context, weren’t we stupid enough with our friends by the creek?”

“Jung Eun-woo wasn’t happy back then.”

“Oh, it was stupid, but you’re saying you’re not nervous because you’re not human?”

“It’s like that. “If we were to stand in front of a stupid tiger, we would be nervous and worry about when we might get eaten.”

Among the survivors who were looking at the ring on Jung Eun-woo’s hand, Kim Ki-jeong said shyly.

“Earlier, I wondered if it was okay because it was on Lee Jae-heon’s hand… but I guess that wasn’t the case.”

Immediately after the wetsuit team returned, the ring was on Lee Jae-heon’s hand. This was because Jung Eun-woo had to receive so-called nephew therapy, but seeing that there was no problem even though Jung Eun-woo received the ring back from Lee Jae-heon, it seemed like he had clearly lowered his guard.

“what? “How on earth did you get the idea that looking at that tattered rag would make you feel comfortable?”

Lee Jae-heon, who was pointed out as a slut by Seo Jang-hwa, expressed his doubts, but no one paid any attention. Kim Ki-jeong just smiled awkwardly and answered.

“Well, even though Lee Jae-heon looks scary, he has a gentle side in some strange ways…”

“Oh, that’s right. “That guy is strangely soft, looking like he would take away pocket money from kids.”

Lee Jae-heon once again raised doubts, but this time, no one paid attention to him.

“There are people who are not scared even when they get angry. “I guess it’s inner strength.”

“Is Mr. Lee Jae-heon easy-going on the inside?”

“What’s wrong. “Anyway, I didn’t say that.”

“Then no?”

“I didn’t even say that…”

Park Min-jun, who was listening to the conversation, slowly took a deep breath.

“…? Mr. Park Min-jun?”

“Oh yes.”

“It’s bleeding from my lips.”

“I took a bite for a moment.”

“You can’t bite your lips. “It’s a habit.”

“I will listen carefully.”

Oh please.

‘Hihihu hohohi….’

Problem with breathing. Abnormalities in breathing.

The scene where a shitty boss is criticized for being a slut was a priceless sight worth paying a thousand dollars to see. It was a truly sweet situation, but it would have been difficult to enjoy it any more. My boss and his wife, who are vengeful at my ridicule, may punish me.

The ‘Saving Park Da-hoon Project’ continued, leaving behind Park Min-jun, who desperately endured great happiness.

“Then can we say that Jung Eun-woo and the ring have reconciled now?”

In response to Han Do-yoon’s question, Seo Jang-hwa muttered with a subtle look on his face.

“Was that a fight…? When I saw it, it wasn’t an argument, but a ring that was being unilaterally blackmailed by a psychopath?”


“Oh, that guy’s lungs must have been shot with a machine gun. Why does he keep saying that? “It’s gross.”

Seo Jang-hwa, ignoring Jeong Eun-woo, who fell once again, continued speaking.

“Anyway, seeing that the ring didn’t even move on Eun-Woo Jeong’s hand, I guess he definitely relaxed.”

“As expected, the effects of animal therapy are…”

Jeong In-ho burst in to Han Do-yoon’s words.

“I am a human.”

“And humans are animals too.”

“Then let’s call it human therapy. Surely there must be a better word for it, human instead of animal?”

“Hey, Doyun doesn’t know that.”




The story continued with Jung In-ho broken down with a look on his face that said, ‘I have a lot to say, but so much that I don’t know what to say.’

“If the ring’s vigilance has truly been relaxed, wouldn’t it be okay for Jeong Eun-woo to start using it?…”

“No, but wouldn’t it be better to build a proper relationship of trust rather than look like it’s easy to let this happen?”

“Oh, well, the information I found said that it would be more effective to build a relationship of trust rather than appearing easy.”

Among the information on the wetsuit that the concert hall team found was a statement along the lines of, ‘If it’s difficult to build a trusting relationship, at least make it look easy.’

“If you think about it that way, it’s definitely better than looking easy…”

Jeong Eun-woo nodded to Kim Ki-jeong’s muttering.

“I will try.”

Han Do-yoon looked at Jeong In-ho.

“Inho, please go.”

“I am not a Po○mon.”

“It’s time for you to step up.”

“Why on earth?”

Dayoung Park shook her head.

“When that person said he would try, nothing worked.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that the effort is not human. “Hurry up and hug Uncle Eunwoo Jeong before he goes back to the machine. I want to give you a big smile.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Why am I so reckless while my younger brother is talking about death? “Aren’t you going right now?”

In accordance with public opinion, Jeong In-ho’s human rights were once again ignored.



“…Are you happy?”

“It’s a bit like that.”


Jeong In-ho, who was held in his uncle’s arms, kept his mouth shut again and only smiled. That was the smile of someone whose soul had already disappeared, and on the contrary, Jung Eun-woo’s liveliness became even deeper.

Park Min-jun whispered secretly to the survivors in Lee Jae-heon’s ear.

“In this world, can you kill someone with a hug?”

“Hmm, I didn’t know either, but I guess so.”

“It’s a crazy world.”

I have to be careful too.

The possessed person, who was so misunderstood, vowed not to receive any hugs in the future. I was lucky enough to meet my wife and escape from the manager’s clutches, but I didn’t want to leave behind the terrible death of being hugged in a harsh world where I had only one life to live.

However, there was one small problem with Jeong In-ho’s sacrifice.

“…So how can you confirm that you have built a proper trust relationship?”

The survivors nodded in unison to Kim Ki-jeong’s question.


“I see.”

“What should I do with this?”

Eunwoo Jeong gave a clear answer.

“Won’t you find out once you try it?”

“Really, Eunwoo Jeong, why are you so full of challenging spirit? “You were a very fighting person, right?”

Jeong Eun-woo smiled shyly at Do-yoon Han’s admiration.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“People become so absurd just because they hugged their real nephew once. “The effect is amazing.”

“The hug between family members was such a warm thing…”

“Now he’s even openly teasing my nephew.”

When Do-yoon Han once again admired the way he acted like an immature uncle on a holiday, In-ho Jeong relaxed his legs and collapsed in his seat. Jeong Eun-woo, who let go of his nephew’s weak appearance, asked worriedly.

“Do you have anemia?”

“…Do you know when my anemia went away?”

“How should I know that? I haven’t seen you since high school.”

“You’re just saying that your mouth is pierced…”

Seo Jang-hwa frowned.

“You just keep teasing me because it’s fun, right?”

Jaeheon Lee nodded.

“It seems so.”

Park Min-jun also joined.

“The way I see it….”

“Strike out.”


“There is such a thing.”

The story progressed smoothly only after Seo Jang-hwa, who felt sorry for Jeong In-ho, rescued him.

“Please, let’s just focus on saving Da-hoon. “The story keeps leaking elsewhere.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. “It’s been almost 12 years since I had this much fun…”

“It’s been such a long time.”

Anyway, the result.



“…how is it?”

Jung Eun-woo, wearing a ring, smiled.

“It seems to have been successful.”

It seemed like he had succeeded in becoming friends with the ring that had lost its wariness.

Seo Janghwa asked.

“How do you know it’s success?”

“I should say I can feel it. “I’m sure this guy won’t hurt me.”

“Isn’t there a more objective indicator than feelings? “I just can’t believe that it’s Jung Eun-woo’s feelings.”

“I don’t think there is a more objective indicator than that if no mutation occurs even if you keep wearing it like this. If you wait for about 10 minutes, I think you will get a basic explanation. Shall we proceed?”

Dayoung Park shook her head.

“If you have time, please save Dahun.”

It was a stern command from a high school student to immature adults.

(Continued in the next part)

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