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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 573

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Episode 573

The man narrowed his eyes as he looked at the brown-haired new face.

That bastard?

‘Are you sure I know this guy…?’

The author, Park Min-jun, gave a sympathetic look as if he understood the man’s feelings. The man was moved by the cocky yet trustworthy look in the big chicken’s eyes.


“Are you in a state to say hello to the manager?”





No, it wasn’t that I was blanking out because I didn’t like the name I was called.

‘I would be grateful if you could understand the misunderstanding.’

The man nodded roughly to Jeong In-ho.

“Did you call me?”

“I called you to say hello.”

“I think I said hello.”

“I guess you don’t remember, but you haven’t done it yet.”

“Then it must be something like that.”

The man who had been talking for no reason smiled and held out his only hand to Park Min-jun.

“This is Lee Jae-heon. “Please feel free to call me.”

“Uh, uh… I don’t know if I can catch this…”

Park Min-jun was acting quite in line with the soft common sense of this world. In fact, if a mop who looked at a dead body from the first meeting held out his remaining hand and greeted him, no one would want to catch him.

If you are a ‘resident of this world’.

“Well… yes, nice to meet you. My name is Park Min-jun. Please feel free to call me too….”

The man gave a standing ovation inwardly at the way he portrayed an ordinary person who was depressed with a dead body right in front of him.

‘This is definitely one of the chickens I raised.’

I still don’t know exactly what kind of guy he was, but there are only a few guys who have this smooth eye communication and are good at acting both big and small. The shamelessness that seems to be engraved in this soul and the slyness that comes out from there…

‘I think it’s one of 1 8 39 43.’

For reference, number 43 came in possession of a woman’s body and died after showing only her face, so numbers 1, 8, and 39 remain.

If you weren’t acting, you would know right away, but since he was taking on the appearance of an ordinary person, it was difficult to understand.


Anyway, everyone thinks I’m crazy.

The man asked the question comfortably.

“Are you a man?”



As expected, reactions like ‘This guy is so crazy that his optic nerves are broken’ came out here and there, but the man didn’t care. While he already had a reputation as a crazy kid, the optic nerve abnormality was not a big issue.

And we were able to find the desired response from Park Min-jun, who was presumed to be the possessor.

“ah…? “Yes, yes, that’s right, your man.”

“Aha, I see.”

“Anyone can tell I’m a man…”

“I was confused for a moment. sorry.”

“Oh no, it’s okay.”

The eyes and gaze that flashed intentionally while playing the role of a naive young man. The movement of those muscles.

‘He was a man in his past life too.’

The man understood what possessor Park Min-jun was trying to say.

‘Then it must be number 39. He was a guy who joined the company in the same class as No. 43… Just like with other possessed people, I can’t remember his name this time, but I know what kind of guy he was.’

The role given seems to have been ‘subordinate C, who follows the villain, the Viper, but secretly hates him and pretends not to be the one to help the main character.’ I remember using this guy often because he had a pretty good head.

“How did you get here?”

This was something that Jung In-ho had already asked earlier, but thanks to his image as ‘Crazy Lee Jae-heon’, he asked it again, and Park Min-jun skillfully matched the rhythm while reading and answering the question the man wanted to ask.

“yes? Ah, as I said before… I thought there might be a friend of mine here… so if you were lost in the aquarium, I was going to help you.”

“Oh, I see.”

Jaeheon Lee nodded. The story goes, ‘I don’t know if the manager remembers me, but I came because I felt like he needed some help leaving the aquarium.’

“From what I saw on the way here, I feel like I don’t have any friends in this aquarium… If you don’t mind, I’m uncomfortable being alone, so I’d like to go around with the people here. Is that okay?”

“I don’t think you should ask me that.”

“Ah, but it seemed like some other people were thinking of Jaeheon Lee as the leader, so I asked. Of course, I already asked if I could come with you earlier.”

Jaeheon Lee was convinced. This meant, ‘I had a vague understanding of the situation while I was here, but I still recognize you as the leader and manager, and I have full intentions of helping you, and I’m doing this because I have my own thoughts, so when I say nice things, please accept me as a member of the group.’

‘No, this insolent number 39.’

It was very reliable.

‘It is rewarding to have raised excellent chickens with love and sincerity.’

My heart swelled as I felt like a parent who received a carnation on Parents’ Day. Isn’t the chicken that I raised frugally in my past life trying to come over the coop and lay eggs? He couldn’t have been a very special friend.

The man just laughed.

“I like seeing my team members grow.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“If other people said it was okay too… it wouldn’t matter if it was just my opinion.”

When he slowly changed the topic of conversation, he added a very subtle remark that lowered his confidence, and as expected, Ha Seong-yoon got angry and attacked him.

“I remember that such remarks were prohibited, sir.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember that…”

“Oh, that’s right. shit. “Do we have to do it all over again?”

Ha Seong-yoon was very distressed, perhaps because he belatedly remembered the fact that ‘Lee Jae-heon, who is crazy, doesn’t remember other people well.’ I had encouraged communication with patience in the last episode, but I felt like I was burning up at the fact that I had to do that again in this episode.

The man who had attracted all the attention to ‘Lee Jae-heon’s crazy state’ secretly sent a signal with his eyes. Park Min-jun caught the attention.



‘help me.’


In this way, a secret alliance of only those who shared a past life was formed.


* * *

The combination of the detective inside Lee Jae-heon, who was out of his mind but, strictly speaking, not completely out of his mind, and ended up acting like a crazy person, and the possessor Park Min-joon, who knew his situation in detail, was quite excellent.

‘The skills I used to play with my teammates haven’t gone anywhere.’

‘It’s really gross.’

The man and Park Min-jun looked at each other and admired each other.

He makes up the information he found out in the last episode as if he found it in this episode, pretends to guess and guides the direction of the investigation, and then secretly places the information he is looking for in front of the survivors who find the relevant evidence and frantically rummage through it. …

They continued to fight indirectly, faithfully adhering to the concept of meeting each other for the first time, and as a result, it did not take much time for the survivors to rebuild the information from the previous episode.

“Wow, our cooperation is really good!”

Seeing Do-yoon Han’s sincere admiration, each of the returnees held back what they wanted to say.



“…Well, I didn’t say anything outrageous, did I?”

“Haha, that can’t be possible.”

Ha Seong-yoon waved his hand.

“It was so true that I think everyone forgot how to react.”

“Is that right?”

Seo Jang-hwa, who felt a strange sense of discomfort, asked without hiding the thought, ‘There is something strange about these gentlemen,’ but the returnees skillfully avoided her doubts. They were regressors whose skills only improved day by day.

Anyway, we have roughly obtained the information from the last episode. The survivors, remembering what they had to do next, looked to one place.

“What’s wrong with me?”

The only person who had a wetsuit license, but was never able to do it and couldn’t use the ring, so he had to become more comfortable somehow… It was Jung Eun-woo.

Seo Jang-hwa frowned. It was because I sensed a strange sense of playfulness in Jung Eun-woo’s tone of voice.

“I don’t know if that person knows or doesn’t know.”

“I asked because I didn’t know. “It’s a given.”

“What kind of college major does it take to make people mad in such a polite tone?”

“You can learn at this party, not at university. “If Seo Jang-hwa is interested, I would like to carefully ask, under the authority of the Chief of Staff, if he would consider getting a job at this party after graduating from Korea University.”

“Would you like to search?”

“We need that kind of spirit in our party.”


“You are a prepared talent.”

Park Da-young, who saw Seo Jang-hwa’s expressionless fist clenched tightly, approached her and naturally folded her arms. Seo Jang-hwa silently accepted the warm restraints of the high school senior.

This episode’s returnee, Yoon Garam, opened her mouth with the help of Park Dayoung. She brought the topic back to normal.

“Employment… of course is important, but isn’t survival more urgent now? Above all, since Da-hoon is still trapped in a glass box, I think we need to think about the issues related to that first.”

“Probably the reason all the survivors saw me was related to saving student Park Da-hoon. “After all, we’ll have to solve the wetsuit problem.”

Seo Jang-hwa’s fists and shoulders shook at the same time at Jeong Eun-woo’s elegant answer. Dayoung Park said seriously.

“Sister, just a moment.”

“You know that bastard and he’s doing this. huh? “That’s right.”

“Ah, wait a minute, time time. I’m the only person who has a license right now. “I have to keep it alive.”

“I’m good at diving. Get your certification well. Good brains and good stamina. “I’ll kill that one and get that license again.”

“Meanwhile, our Dahun dies.”

The story progressed calmly as the women fought for their own peace.

Ha Seong-yoon nodded.

“Garam is right. What Jeong Eun-woo said is correct. “I’ve worked hard to gather information so far and I think I’ve seen sufficient results, so now it’s time to put it into practice.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“The most important thing right now is probably the trust relationship between Jung Eun-woo and the diving suit ring.”

“Only then will you be able to use the wetsuit safely to open the treasure chest. “The next problem will be checking which box is the correct answer.”

“I’m glad you understand correctly. “Then what we have to do is decided.”

Ha Seong-yoon, who said that, grabbed the shoulder of Jeong In-ho, who was standing next to him, and held it out.

“Now take it.”

Suddenly, Jung In-ho, who had been treated as a totem for the ‘trust relationship between Jung Eun-woo and the ring’, came out as smoothly as water from Jung Eun-woo, who had both arms outstretched. Ha Seong-yoon looked very disapprovingly at that loach-like figure and laughed.

“Are you running away?”

“I think I should have the opportunity to choose.”

“Do you want to see Da-hoon die making that choice? “How dare you discuss opportunities in front of people.”

“My human rights are being violated right now.”

“As long as we are in the underworld, there are no human rights recognized by the government or state. “Please fall into Jeong Eun-woo’s arms obediently.”

“Something unfair like this should not happen.”

“Please take Mr. Eun-Woo Jeong into custody.”

So he was taken away affectionately.

Nephew Jeong In-ho, who was held in his uncle’s arms, asked with a straight smile.

“So, are you feeling inspired to trust the ring now?”

Jung Eun-woo, who was hugging Jung In-ho from behind, responded.

“I don’t feel particularly energized.”

“Then, would you like to put your hands together, Jeong Eun-woo?”

“But it’s fun.”

“Janghwa, kill me.”

Despite Jeong In-ho’s active sympathy and Seo Jang-hwa’s angry muscles, ‘Seo Jang-hwa’s plan to murder Jeong Eun-woo’ failed. This was because most of the survivors still had reason to go there.


Jeong In-ho, who clicked his tongue boldly, smiled faintly again. Fortunately, no one knew that Park Min-jun was looking at him like a chick who needed to be scouted due to his facial expression management that was made in a split second.

Jung In-ho, who had calmed down like a miracle, opened his mouth.

“So is this correct that this is best for the trust relationship between Jung Eun-woo and the ring? Are you really going to tell me that it’s best for the two of you, the two of you, to embrace this affectionately and share the humid temperatures? really?”

In response to Jeong In-ho’s question, Choi Min-hong, who had been quietly watching the Jeongs embrace, came between them. In response to this incomprehensible atrocity, Jeong In-ho looked at Choi Min-hong, who was caught between the back of his calf and Jeong Eun-woo, and asked.

“What on earth did you want to do, Minhong?”

“They said it was humid…”


“I came to check.”

“Hmm and?”

“Isn’t it humid?”

“I see.”

Following Jeong In-ho’s quiet answer, whose soul had disappeared, Jeong Eun-woo, who was clearly 120% satisfied with life, spoke up.

“I think it’s because In-ho and I are both lazy.”

“What is dryness?”

“It refers to dry skin. “Sweat or oil doesn’t easily get on the skin.”

“Oooh… is oil coming out of people?”

“Originally, if you squeeze most living things, oil will come out.”

In response to this absurd conversation, Jeong In-ho politely raised one of his hands.

“I have something to ask.”

Ha Seong-yoon nodded.

“Please speak.”

“Did you just want to go to sleep and watch me suffer?”

“Did you know that now?”


“ha ha ha.”

As the two regressors collide, the chief secretary intervenes with a happy face. Kim Ki-jeong, who was looking at all this shit with a tired face, suddenly widened his eyes.


“Huh? Why?”

“No, that one…”


The ring that Jaeheon Lee was holding so dearly had stopped trembling.

It seemed worldly comfortable.




Han Do-yoon was confused.

(Continued in the next part)

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