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The Youngest Son Of A Rich Family Chapter 326

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[Episode 326] The dead and the living. [Complete]

When we opened the door to the conference room and entered, all the directors got up from their seats and bowed. Their surprised expressions are obviously because of Joo Byung-hae, who appeared with me.

Joo Byung-hae nodded his head with a benevolent expression.

“Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit in the corner and watch. tell me if you feel uncomfortable Can you leave your seat?”

“Oh no. Advisor.”

When the electronics president hurriedly waved his hand, Joo Byeong-hae smiled and sat down.

The registered directors exchanged glances with each other and showed a look of discomfort.

It’s probably not because of me, but it’s definitely because of torture…. What is it?

As soon as I sat down in the empty seat in the conference room, the board meeting began.

“From now on, we are holding a temporary board meeting of Sunyang Corporation and Sunyang Electronics. The agenda is related to the appointment of the general CEO of the company. Directors, please express your opinion.”

They looked at each other, but no one opened their mouth. The presidents of electronics and products companies and some executives leading factions should first express their opinions in favor, but they are also keeping their mouths shut.

sparks of inspiration.

It’s the last silence right before the declaration of surrender, but they know very well that it’s not very useful.

I smiled while looking at the former and the president of the product company.

“Are you two still counting? Or are you showing me a little bit of pride?”

“Oh no.”

The two suddenly jumped up and started clapping their hands.

At this signal, about 30 registered directors quickly stood up and clapped their hands.

“I declare that this bill has passed unanimously.”

I got up slowly and hunched my back.

Even though he obtained the two companies that were his last goals, he was strangely calm.

As I straightened my back, advisor Ju Byeong-hae approached me and patted me on the back.

“Good job.”

His short words were like my grandfather talking to me.

Yes, I struggled for a really long time.

* * *

Advisor Joo Byeong-hae’s eyes were already wet the moment he stepped into the Sunyang Group chairman’s office.

Did you think of the most splendid moment of your life? Or do you remember your grandfather?

I walked slowly and sat down in the office chair. The tactile feel of the stained leather on the armrests was like the touch of a grandfather.

“How are you? How do you feel sitting there?”

“It just is. It’s normal to be happy like jumping, but you’re calm.”

“Because I am qualified enough. If it was an undeserved position, I would have been overjoyed.”

Advisor Ju Byung-hae changed his bowler hat.

“I saw you sitting there, so I’m going down. Finish all the rest and come down. My older brother’s oxygen is also moved to Yongin. Now that I’m old, it’s too much for me to be a gravekeeper.”

“Why don’t you take a rest while you’re here?”

I got up and grabbed him.

“done. I have seen what I want to see, so there is nothing more to see.”

“Little grandfather. Is that all?”

“huh? What are you saying?”

“I don’t think that was the purpose of coming to Seoul.”

“The old man is really noticing… heh heh.”

Counselor Joo Byeong-hae raised his staff and pointed outside.

“I came here to scold anyone who was perverse at the board meeting. And I thought I would rip his mouth out if he broke into the board of directors.”

He was also thinking of replacing his grandfather.

“Little grandfather. Aren’t you looking at me too carelessly?”


“I released people and surrounded my uncle’s house. You can’t come out of the house. And electronic executives have already knelt down to me. Today’s board meeting was an act of catering. haha.”

The startled grandpa shook his head.

“Poisonous bastard. It’s the same as old lady Ji. I’m going. It won’t come out.”

He pushed me away as I was trying to see him off and ran across the president’s office before leaving.

As I walked slowly through the chairman’s room left alone and looked back at the traces of my grandfather’s hand, the intercom rang

. The presidents of affiliates are waiting to greet you. What should I do?

Chairman…. It’s my title that I have to get used to.

“Only the presidents of electronics and production are asked to come in, and the rest are sent back. I’ll see you after the inauguration ceremony.”

When I turned off the intercom, the two bosses came in and bowed their heads as if they had been waiting.

“Congratulations. President.”

“Say hello later and let me know what needs to be done quickly.”

“Ah yes. President.”

The two of them sat in front of me with tense expressions.

“We dispose of all domestic and foreign assets for private use held by the electronics and property divisions. Home cottage charter. Includes various car memberships. The same goes for all items inside the house and cottage. If anyone claims ownership of the item, ask them to prove it. Until then, you won’t be able to take it outside of a spoon or slipper. The deadline is three days.”

I gave this lengthy instruction to expel all of my uncle’s family from the house.

The two are perplexed by this gritty instruction, but they know it can’t be avoided.

“We will also start a massive affiliate audit. So, please read carefully so that the executives and staff members do not become agitated.”

They were blushing at the second instruction.

Doesn’t this mean that they will uncover the corruption of executives of affiliates?

“do not be surprised. He’s not so tight that even those executives can touch him. The only two targets are Jin Young-ki and Jin Young-jun. Do you know? I ask for your cooperation.”

They also guessed that taking over the group was not the end, but the beginning. The final goal is the destruction of Jin Young-gi and his son.

Just as Chairman Jin Yang-cheol erased the traces of his older brother, Jin Sun-cheol.

“Ah yes. I’ll keep that in mind. President.”

“If you handle these two well, I will leave the company to them. You already know, right? That I’m not deeply involved in management? If you perform well, you will stay there for a very long time.”

It is also the best gift for a salary earner.

The two presidents returned with bright expressions and bowed their heads as they stepped back.

As soon as they left, Chairman Lee Hak-jae came in bursting with laughter.

“What? Is the seat suitable for you? hahaha.”

“Are you here?”

As he was about to get up, he waved his hand.

“Just sit down. That chair has been looking for an owner for a long time, so I have to adapt.”

“Chairman, hasn’t it been a while since you’ve been in this room?”

He, too, opened his mouth slowly, looking around as if feeling new.

“The breaking news has already been out. Do you get a lot of congratulatory calls?”

“I blocked the phone and turned off my phone. I want to deal with urgent matters first and receive greetings slowly.”

“Shouldn’t the first thing to do is to buy back the company’s shares in C&T and Electronics?”

“yes. We have prepared everything so that we can proceed as soon as the official announcement is made. Within this week, the group will be vertically aligned.”

“It’s fast, too. Was the media really upset? The new captain of the Sunyang Group. Praise articles poured in to the point where it was embarrassing. Especially in the Hanseong Ilbo.”

“Isn’t that cruel? The child’s father was kicked out, and you have to praise me for making it that way.”

“Because it is work. You have to endure the cruel humiliation.”

“Now you will suffer even more humiliation. There will be no business with the Hansung Ilbo for the time being.”

“for now?”

“yes. Until Yeongjun-hyung raises the white flag and asks for help. Even Young-Jun hyung will raise the white flag when he thinks of his children.”

“Poisonous bastard. You’re destroying the Gujok.”

“It’s my grandfather’s way.”

Lee Hak-jae smiled bitterly. It’s because I realized that there would be a bloody wind blowing.

“Anything to organize affiliates?”

“The people who were in the hands of my uncle or Youngjun hyung should be cleaned up. They are now bowing down to me to survive, but what can I do? Has the king changed? If I had resigned from all of them, my heart would have been shaken.”

“Just clean it up. If you were the president, you would have done that. And… there is one more.”

Chairman Lee spoke with difficulty.


“Merger of Sunyang Group and HW Group. And Chairman Jin Do-jun, who will sit at the top. In order to do that, I also need to organize. Hehe.”

He is a really neat and thorough person.

I don’t forget that old deal and put everything down at the right time.

“Would you like to join me at my retirement ceremony?”

“A cool child. Aren’t you supposed to hold on to empty words?”

“If I had been someone who would change my mind just because I caught him, would I have made it so difficult? Even complaining for nothing. Hehe. So what are you planning to do now?”

Chairman Lee Hak-jae shrugged and smiled.

“Oh Se-hyun told me to come and play. It’s not bad to throw all the burdens on you and live leisurely. I’m thinking of going to see if that’s right.”

Everyone is different. Lee Hak-jae is a person who should stick to his work and use his brain until he dies.

“If you are tired of staying at the resort, please come back. I’ll leave one seat empty. I will always talk to you.”

Would a vice president be enough?


Chairman Lee Hak-jae jumped to his feet.

“Pack up a staff and send them quickly. A merger should be discussed. Goes.”

He turned around without showing the slightest regret.

I leaned back in my chair and sighed. Taking a break like this is only for a while. You can’t miss the most effective time.

I picked up the phone and found Prosecutor Kim

Ji-hoon. I can’t contact you, what are you doing… no. First of all, congratulations I will reduce Chairman of Sunyang Group. Hehe

“Congratulations should be slow and I need to do something urgently.”

Work? What happened?

“Meet Jin Young-joon and threaten him.”

* * *

“Chairman. The prosecutor in charge has come.”

“what? How does he know where to go?”

“That’s… I’m here to tell Dojun Jin.”

Jin Young-jun pondered for a moment and nodded his head. What did the guy who became the president want to say?

“As expected, there is no way a chaebol would stay in a detention center. This is why when only chaebol enter the detention center, it is said that they hit the lottery.”

“You’re not going to make a fuss about this, are you?”

“I have to move on to this level of aegyo, can I do anything different? Anyway…”

Prosecutor Kim Ji-hoon sat down on the bed.

“Have you seen the news? Did Dojunie swallow all of Sunyang?”

The young guy is half-talking at the end of every word. Jin Young-joon pressed the boiling inside.

“Is the errand boy talking too much?”

“okay. The source of the 400 billion shares of Sunyang Corporation you bought under a borrowed name stole the company’s money, right? They say that starting today, Do-joon is looking for evidence of 400 billion embezzlement by robbing affiliates.”

“These things are real…”

“If I find evidence, I will split it into 10 billion pieces and prosecute them. If you’re lucky enough to get all of them on probation, you can be prosecuted 40 times. So you spend your whole life being judged. Of course, the jail will be your home. Oh, from now on, motels are no good. You will have to live on the cement floor.”

“This bastard… are you kidding me?”

Kim Ji-hoon showed a creepy smile at Jin Yeong-joon, who was showing off his spirit, and said in a low voice.

“Do-joon told me to tell him this. How about living the rest of your life with the group stock you own instead of the detention center? Think slowly. Hehe.”

Thinking that Jin Do-jun’s cutting will never stop, Jin Yeong-joon sat down on the sofa.

I didn’t even have the strength to get up.

* * *

After confirming that the order was going smoothly, I was able to relax. And I started preparing to go to the person who must tell me that I became the owner of Sunyang.

I pressed the intercom.

一 Yes Chairman.

“Prepare a private jet. Right now.”

一 Yes? Ah yes. All right. By the way, where should I tell you where to go?


* * *

一 epilogue.

“Everyone wait here. I will go alone.”

“President. That’s a bit…”

Pretending not to see the embarrassed attendants, he held up a black plastic bag.

“are you okay. There is no human traffic here. It’s safe.”

Yunseok Kim stepped forward.

“President. Don’t you know what’s wrong?”

Seeing his desperate expression, I sighed.

“Then follow me 10 meters outside. Will this be enough?”

“yes. President.”

With dozens of attendants following, he moved his steps. It’s been over 20 years, but it’s as vivid as yesterday. I even remembered the forest road leading to the lakeside.

And the open blue lake.

Right there, I opened a bottle of soju and lit a cigarette. I coughed, but smoked slowly.

I can also vaguely hear the murmurs of the attendants watching me like this. Even the sound is like the sound of the forest. The place where Yoon Hyeon-woo died and was born as Jin Do-jun.

Where did Yoon Hyun-woo sleep? Is it a lakeside forest? Or is it the bottom of a cold lake?

Looking back, it was difficult to tell whether he lived for revenge or to take over the Sunyang Group. Wasn’t the boundary line when I stopped having nightmares about bullets in the head?

He extinguished his cigarette and poured soju.

Half by the lake, half by the lake.

“Sleep in peace now. This is enough for the grievance of the unfair death.”

As before he died, he gazed at the blue lake for a long time.

It seems that Yoon Hyun-woo’s funeral has been completed.

Now I must forget the dead and return to the living.

Not Yun Hyun-woo, but Jin Do-jun…

1 end 1

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