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The Dungeon Cleaning Life of a Once Genius Hunter Chapter 366

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366. Last episode

“It’s a historic moment!”

“As of today, the phenomenon of extra-dimensionality, which has been threatening human society for about 50 years, is about to come to a complete end.”

“This is a splendid achievement achieved about five years after the establishment of the international dungeon suppression organization WDSO!”

“Almost all executives of WDSO, including Planning Director Han Yu-bin and Operations Director Kim Min-ju, are attending the WDSO-affiliated Item Management and Production Research Institute, commonly known as Eclipse, where the end-of-life process will take place.”

“But Secretary General Kim Jun-woo is still nowhere to be seen.”

“Everyone’s attention is focused on when he, the person who wrote countless achievements and legends, the main character and the greatest contributor to the end of this era, will appear….” A

site on the outskirts of Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province.

Thousands of people were crowding around Eclipse, where the closing ceremony was about to take place.

“As I speak, Association President Lee Ah-young appears.”

“Ayoung Lee, President of the Association! “You must have prepared a lot for many years for this end, so please say a word before it ends!”

“Along with Secretary-General Kim Jun-woo and Operations Director Kim Min-ju, you are being evaluated as a hero who has led a new era. How do you feel now?”

When WDSO Korea Headquarters President Lee A-young appeared, reporters rushed to grab the microphone.

The attendants stopped them, but Association President Lee Ah-young gestured that it was okay, then cleared his throat and looked back at them.

“sorry. We are currently very busy preparing for the end of the incident, so we will provide a detailed answer later. But…”

The response was that it was an expected answer.

In fact, even they would not have expected a kind response from Association President Lee A-young in this situation. Nevertheless, Association President Lee A-young continued speaking in a serious voice.

“One thing I can say clearly is that all executives and employees of WDSO have risked their lives with the safety of citizens as their top priority. No matter what steps we take in the future, that feeling will not change.”

The reporters who had been rushing to hold their microphones looked at each other with solemn expressions at the words of association president Lee Ah-young.

Lee Ah-young smiled brightly at them one last time and turned her back.

That was when I was about to enter Eclipse.

“Ayoung Lee, President of the Association! “Is it true that you have been in a romantic relationship with Secretary General Kim Jun-woo for three years?”

A loud voice came from the back of my head, breaking the silence.

“…Yes yes?”

The president of the association, Lee Ah-young, couldn’t believe his ears and reflexively turned his head to hear that voice containing extremely embarrassing content.

“I heard we’re in a cold war because we got into a fight while talking about marriage this time?”


At the spot where Association President Lee Ah-young looked at him in surprise, Planning Division Director Han Yu-bin was standing there with the corners of his mouth raising his eyebrows.

At the same time, the attention of the reporters who were crowded in the crowd was focused at once, and Association President Lee Ah-young struggled to open her mouth in a trembling voice.

“…That’s an unpleasant rumor.”

She barely managed to say that one word and ran into the building, covering her red face with both hands.


“Are you crazy?!”

Eclipse Bank Item Management Room.

There, only Lee Ah-young’s excited voice could be heard.

“Why are you saying that in front of reporters?! “Are you going to spread the word around the neighborhood that I had a fight with my boyfriend?”

“…You’re pissed. “Everyone is dating, leaving me alone.”


Lee Ah-young’s eyebrows waved at the words of Han Yu-bin, who was sitting on a chair indifferently.

“You and Min-ju are like that… Now that I see it, So-yeon is doing it too?”


It was Lee Ah-young’s first time hearing this story.

Kim Min-ju, the head of operations, and So-yeon Moon, the cleaning manager, who wondered how important other people’s love lives were, were somewhat of a refreshing shock because they were far from that image.

But even for a moment.

“Is that why your stomach hurts so much?”

Association President Lee Ah-young immediately looked at Han Yu-bin with a pitiful expression.

“You know I’m the oldest among us, right?”


“Everyone is dating or getting married, but do you know what it feels like to be single?”

Because of the resentment and resentment felt in Han Yu-bin’s words, Association President Lee A-young refrained from saying anything.

That’s why his expression as he spewed out excuses seemed more pitiful than ever.

At that time there was an awkward silence for a moment.

“You’re not in middle school, so why don’t you stop talking about love and just do some work?”

Eclipse’s general manager Chloe raised her goggles on her head and made an annoyed voice.

“How’s it going?”

“You’re asking so quickly.”

Director Chloe nodded and pointed to the large monitor in front.

“The Eden Neungpa is stable and all equipment is in green condition.”


“Let’s start the countdown.”

count down.

All those times that took countless lives and caused countless fights over the past 50 years.

It finally began to feel real that they would end here, at this moment.


“Let’s wait a little longer.”

Association President Lee A-young shook his head and said.

And then I glanced at the entrance.

As she said, all the main characters here had not yet gathered.

“I know how you feel, but I can’t wait for long.”

Director Chloe said while looking at Lee Ah-young.

“Currently, dungeons around the world have been forcibly closed using dimension stones, and it will be overloaded to keep the Eden supernatural faction going. If we wait too long, the dimension stone will be fuzzed and the dungeon will appear again around the world.”


“No, but even if no one else knows, shouldn’t that person, Kim Jun-woo, come? “Have you never talked about it?”

“I did it yesterday. “I hope you come when the end comes.”

“Then what did they say?”

“It overlaps with the dispatch time, so I will contact you after looking at the schedule…” When

Association President Lee Ah-young trailed off, Director Chloe frowned and imitated slitting her throat with the blade of her hand.

With that, Lee Ah-young closed her mouth and thought for a moment.

At that time, I was contemplating whether I should call.

“Oh, I’m sorry! It’s a little late! Hahaha!”

“If the manager hadn’t made me late for touching my head, I would have come early…”

“I’m sorry!”

Manager Park Geun-tae, Moon So-yeon, cleaning manager, Han Sang-hyuk, cleaning team leader.

The three original cleaning team members appeared.

Seeing that everyone was wearing clean suits instead of the dirty work clothes they usually wore, Association President Lee Ah-young opened his mouth with a smile that I couldn’t recognize.

“I was waiting.”

“Haha! “I see I’ve been to places like this again.”

“Wait a minute, Kim Jun-woo, he hasn’t come yet? Anyway, let’s get away…”

“Oh brother. There are reporters outside…”

At that moment, Lee Ah-young’s eyebrows twitched at a word that Moon So-yeon suddenly uttered.

“So So-yeon, what did you just say?”


When Lee Ah-young asked, Moon So-yeon’s face instantly heated up. And it was the same for Han Sang-hyuk.

At that time, Lee Ah-young was quite shocked by a situation she had never even thought about.

“Haha! “Well, at the last company dinner, these guys left everyone except me, and it ended up like this.”



Manager Park Geun-tae laughed loudly and gave an explanation instead.

Association President Lee A-young was embarrassed, but still nodded.

Is there one or two cases where things like that happen to you and others when you work together?

So it’s not something you can’t really understand.

Of course, those two are quite surprising.

“Yubin knew too….”


Lee Ah-young said that and turned her head to ask Han Yu-bin if she knew, but soon lost her voice.

They were looking at the two people with blank expressions, more shocked than themselves, as if they were out of body.

“…I didn’t know.”

Lee Ah-young smiled shyly, but Han Yu-bin froze on the spot with her eyes still wide open.

At that time, the awkward silence was once again encroaching on the management office.

“sorry! “I was a little late because there was so much traffic…!”

“ha ha ha! Still, it looks like we’re in last place!”

Afterwards, Operations Director Kim Min-ju and Hanbyul Group Chairman Ha Seong-il appeared.

Lee Ah-young welcomed them with a smile, but her expression hardened at the sudden sense of discomfort that struck her.

No way….

“Why are you two coming together?”

Association President Lee Ah-young looked at the two in turn with a questioning expression.

At the same time, Minju Kim looked embarrassed and avoided eye contact.

“ha ha ha.”


Chairman Ha Seong-il scratched his head and smiled sheepishly.

‘The company is doing well…’

Lee Ah-young didn’t bother to ask or question when they started being like that.

From the beginning, didn’t Chairman Ha Seong-il express interest in Director Kim Min-ju before?

“Wow, my head hurts…”

Association President Lee Ah-young threw himself into a chair as if he collapsed from a sudden headache.

“Do you have a headache? “I have a stomachache.”

Han Yu-bin also fell into a chair with a stunned expression.

‘Ugh, okay. You understand. I understand.’

After looking at him for a moment, Lee Ah-young was lost in thought as she pressed her hand to her throbbing head.

It’s an important day with more than one thing to worry about.

“Now we have to start counting down!”

“Oppa, is it really over now?”


On one side, Director Chloe said that we should count down.

On one side, a couple from the cleaning team, Moon So-yeon and Han Sang-hyuk, are making sweet, half-tongued sounds that I have never heard before.

On the other hand, I’m still unable to get over the shock of my younger brother’s love story…

How can I not have a headache?


Lee Ah-young took a small, deep breath.

In the meantime, her eyes remained focused on the door.

In fact, what she was waiting for was not the cleaning team members or the general manager.

Of course, there is only one person she is waiting for, and unfortunately, as the end approaches, that person has not even been contacted.

‘Why isn’t this bastard coming!’

The moment an ominous thought suddenly appeared in Ayoung Lee’s mind, an anxious feeling stirred deep within her heart.

If Kim Jun-woo doesn’t come.

If he couldn’t find the assurance.

If he couldn’t forgive himself.

So, can your relationship with yourself continue?


Lee Ah-young’s eyes began to turn red without knowing why due to that anxious feeling that suddenly bloomed.

“Oh, I can’t wait any longer. The countdown begins now…”

At that time, Director Chloe approached her with a nervous expression.

“What are you crying for?”


As soon as he saw her face, he raised the corner of his mouth with a grin.

“Why all of a sudden? “Surely he didn’t come?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Why not? Everyone, look here. “Is this person crying because her boyfriend isn’t coming?”


Director Chloe started biting her as if he had found the most fun toy in the world.

Lee Ah-young jumped up and started running around, saying it wasn’t like that, but the others didn’t seem to have any intention of listening to her.

“Oh my, the president of the association is also a woman.”

“Junwoo was wrong.”

“The Secretary General is not the type of person to do that.”

“…die, everyone die.”

As everyone said something one by one, the management office became noisy, not even in Dottegi Market.

Before you know it, there is no sense of tension even if you wash your eyes and look for it.

A childish prank that you don’t know if you’re an adult or a child. It’s just a time when everyone is laughing and getting angry without thinking and forgetting something important for a moment.

“If the reporters outside see it, it will be quite an uproar.”

Someone’s voice was heard.

“It’s a historic day, so is it okay for top WDSO officials to be like this? “Not even kids.”

Eclipse Bank Item Management Room.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on one place.

And the silence that followed. Everyone froze in place as if they had seen a ghost.

“I’m sorry. “It’s a little late.”

The man who appeared there looked at them and smiled slightly.

“Thank you all for your hard work on getting here.”

With those words, I made eye contact with Lee Ah-young, but I didn’t bother to say anything out loud.

Just looking at each other without saying a word was enough to answer.

A few seconds passed and the man turned his gaze again and looked at everyone present with grateful eyes.

The cleaning team members I met for the first time in this world.

A disciple who followed him recklessly.

The successor who made the worst first impression.

The best money.

A bat that knows its life is a waste.

If it weren’t for just one person, this day might not have existed.

The man, who knew this well, bowed his head politely to them without saying a word.

Those who felt that way straightened their posture, faced each other, and bowed their heads in the same way.


He raised his head and said the last words like a protagonist.

“Let the countdown begin.”


Three years have passed since the Aberration Dimension incident officially ended.

Contrary to expectations that many things would change and change after the end of the war, the world remained frighteningly the same.

The only thing that has changed is that everyone at WDSO is now following different paths.

Kim Min-joo opened a small kendo gym as per his wish.

“Now, take the upper hand and head!”


With the clear voices of children, Minju’s kendo gym was very lively.

In fact, most of them are children of group executives and employees of affiliates who want to impress Hanbyul Group Chairman Ha Seong-il.

And it’s a kendo gym, so I coach the kids to and from school, teach them how to study, and occasionally throw them snack parties… They

say they take the kids out to play in the ocean or valley during vacations.

And her boyfriend, Chairman Ha Seong-il….

Well, we can’t meet often because of construction, but we still have a drink once a quarter.

“Secretary General, no, brother. If you look at this business, it’s very promising… I really wish you would do it…”

Haha, you idiot. Even now, as if he hasn’t given up on me, he keeps talking about various new businesses…

In fact, it’s not that annoying.

“Ugh!! What is this!! PPT? Excel? It would be easier to kill monsters! Fuck you! “I’m not doing it!”

I knew it would be like that.

Han Yu-bin was scouted and worked at the planning headquarters of Hanbyeol Corporation, but she said that office work was not for her, so she smashed her computer and ran out. She suddenly went overseas and started doing volunteer work.

What are you doing that doesn’t suit you?

Everyone was shocked, but why would they even do that?

Han Sang-hyuk and Moon So-yeon got married last year.

“wah wah.”

Holding a child.

…Speeding. He was so relaxed when cleaning. Tsk tsk.

Now they have opened a small cafe and are living well together.

It seems that 50% of sales come from our members.

“drink! “Get it wet!”

“Oh no, why do you come to a cafe and drink…”

“I am the chairman of Hanbyeol Group! How much does it cost to rent here for a day? “How much is it?”

…It’s very drunk and a sight to behold.

“This year is a very good harvest. haha.”

Manager Park Geun-tae is said to be retired and doing a small farm in his hometown. Even though we can’t communicate well, they still send us crops every year.

They send us different crops every year.

…This year, I’m just eating a lot of blueberries.

And Ayoung….

And what do I do?

Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Hanbyeol Department Store.

This is Korea’s largest department store and home to dozens of luxury stores.

This is a place where celebrities, politicians, and business people often make appearances, and they can spend a ridiculous amount of tens of millions of won on their daily shopping.

And here I am….

“Junwoo! “Have you finished cleaning the 3rd floor hallway?”

“Yes, I’m going to finish now and go to the 4th floor.”

“Great. “Please empty out the trash cans on the way.”

“Of course.”

“Oh Junwoo! “Please throw this away along the way!”

“When that’s over, tell me how to mix the medicine. “Last time, Director Park said something crazy about using too much chemicals and breaking the sink.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.”

…is being dispatched for cleaning.

‘Before cleaning the 4th floor, I emptied the trash cans and separated waste…’

I walked up the stairs, repeating the work order in my head.

Chizzik –

“Hey, Jun-woo….”

Then, out of nowhere, Captain Hwang’s radio rang.

“Yes, Captain. “What’s going on?”

“Something happened now. “The department store branch manager is really angry… Come to the management office right away.”

Those words were said in a very intimidated voice.

I let out a small sigh while holding the radio, then immediately turned around and started walking back the way I came.

The service space behind the space where customers come and go.

And the cleaning office located there.

“Are you out of your mind?”

As soon as I arrived there, I first heard the branch manager’s excited voice.

“I told you not to overlap with the customers’ movement lines, but you didn’t! “Especially when VIPs come, I told them not to crawl out!”

“But… in order to keep up with the schedule, the routes inevitably overlap…”

“The schedule is a fucking schedule! “What kind of schedule do you need for cleaning!”


“Hey, Captain Hwang. “I signed the contract trusting Director Kim, so it would be a problem if it turned out like this!”

The branch manager poured out excessively emotional words and actions toward Manager Hwang.

It looks like one of the VIPs who came in the afternoon made a claim.

Well, here, the sales brought in by one VIP customer are enormous, so I understand the situation has no choice but to take it sensitively…

“Oh fuck. That’s enough. “Not once or twice, but I can’t use you anymore, so don’t come out here starting tomorrow.”

“Yes yes?”

“Didn’t you hear? “I’ll tell Director Kim, so he shouldn’t come out starting tomorrow!”

“Where is that? “What was clearly contracted was done in an instant like this…!”

“If you’re going to argue, go to Director Kim and argue with him. There’s nothing else to do, so get out of the way now!”

After saying those words, the branch manager passed me and left the management office.

And where he disappeared, only heavy silence fell.

“Brother Tongue… what should we do?”

At that time, Brother Kang opened his mouth in a trembling voice.

“If we say the contract has been cancelled, Director Kim won’t leave us alone…”


Captain Hwang also rubbed his head with a confused expression.

Hanbyeol Department Store is our most core business partner.

Even though it is one-sided, the destruction of such a place is not just a headache.

Well, in reality, our entire crew will be fired.


I was lost in thought as I looked at our crew of about 5 people for a moment.

And soon.


He opened his mouth with a deep sigh.

“Well, don’t worry too much. “I will try to solve it somehow.”


“What does that mean?”

In an instant, their eyes turned to me.

I took my phone out of my pocket and smiled.

“I also have a lot of experience with this kind of thing.”

With those words, I turned my back and walked away.

“Yes, the cleaning team here is also having some problems.”

“okay. “I won’t cause an accident.”

“What am I? Got it! “Hang up!”

Anyway, let’s stop worrying.

“Let’s finally end our cleaning life wisely!”

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Hello, this is Dalbit.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the readers who enjoyed my limited work.

I wanted to write a work that everyone could enjoy, but I think there were many times when I fell short of readers’ expectations due to my shortcomings.

But also support from readers. Even harsh criticism was a valuable driving force for me, and thanks to all the readers, I was able to reach the end safely.

It was a very honorable time to publish < The Wise Cleaning Life of a Returned Genius Hunter > in the series. Thank you once again for being with us for such a short period of time.

The novel has been completed, but the webtoon < The Wise Cleaning Life of a Returned Genius Hunter > is being serialized every Thursday, so please give us a lot of interest!

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Thank you for joining us.

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