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The Archmage’s Restaurant Chapter 281

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# 281

Part 2 Chapter.11 With new life,

that name is something that surpasses even God for Rurin.

Even at this moment, I realized that this voice desperately calling me was L’s voice.

Even though I couldn’t remember who El was, I was certain that this voice was El.

-Who is L?


The pain doubled, but for some reason, I felt an immense sadness over not being able to think of a being with that name.

And tears fell from Lulin’s eyes.

-Lurin. Come back. If I don’t come back, I’ll die. Why? No matter what happens to the one who took you, I will take revenge.

The end of that revenge will be death. Because the being who took you must be like that.


The owner of the voice dies?

That’s not possible.

Absolutely not. The owner of the voice dies.

At the same time as yourself.

I said it once. No, I always said that. I want to die earlier than L. Because I didn’t want to see El die.


It was different now. I didn’t want to die and leave El behind.

I didn’t want to die and leave him behind. I didn’t want El to live in a world she didn’t know about.

If I could cancel the wish I made on a shooting star that fell on a white snowy day.

That wish.

-To die with El.

To be together even after death.

So I hated it. You can’t die. He returns to nothingness and El dies.

It’s not like we die together.

-So I don’t like that!

Lulin opened his eyes and reached for the light in the darkness. At that moment, all the memories came back and the darkness turned to pure white.


Lulin opened his eyes and realized that he was lying on a stone. For some reason, my back hurt.

“What is this place?”

Lulin tilted his head and said. There was an elder in front of Lulin.

his grandfather. Of course, Lurin looked for El before the elders.

“elder! El is! “Where is El?”

Then Medidana smiled vaguely at Rurin and pointed to one side.

El had collapsed.

“you! “What about you?”

Lurin ran towards El.

“elder? “Why is L like this?”

“Okay. The only thing that happened was that I overexerted myself to bring you, who was caught by the forces of nature. “You will wake up.”

“L… ?”


“… … .”

Lulin pursed his lips. How much do you really receive from L?

El’s almost infinite heart.

How much did you repay?

Because I had that thought.

“I went to the basement of the Holy Land to bring you back. You probably went through a lot of trouble. “It’s a place where you have to survive only with your mental strength.”


My heart ached. Rurin went next to El and bit her mouth tightly. Blood flowed from his bitten lip.

“I am an elder rather than a fool. “You’re really stupid.”

“Hey? Not like that. And since you have overcome providence, you and El have become perfect beings.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lulin tilted his head. The elder looked at Lulin quietly and then said something else.

“Oh, and I don’t know what to say in this situation, but honey, you’re pregnant.”

“… … pregnancy?”


“Am I going to be a mother?”


“El’s baby?”

The elder nodded quietly.

“El once said. I want to have a baby. I don’t know, but if El wants it, I’ll let her have it. So, I think it’s good if you’re pregnant.”

“okay? Then Lulin. “You have two choices.”


What choice? I decided to have a baby, but what are my options? When Lulin made that face, the elder opened his mouth again.

“Laying an egg with a dragon’s body and holding the egg until it hatches. And giving birth to a child like a human with a human body. “Which one will you choose?”

Was that the question?

Lulin laughed. That’s because there’s no need to worry about it at all.

“Of course it’s human! Although I am a dragon. El is human. I love El. And since I haven’t done anything for L, I will live as a human no matter what. It’s the same with having a baby!”

“Even though there is nothing difficult about laying an egg as a dragon? And there is no real problem with the born baby. “Even if the child is born as a human, he or she will be able to turn into a dragon.”

“I am! “I will be by El’s side, even through human suffering!”

Lulin spoke firmly.

“If my baby turns into a dragon, that’s his problem. But I will die like El, in the same human form as El.”

“Is that so? “As an elder of the dragon race, I don’t know what to say, but I don’t think I can stop him now.”

“Of course, I’m still a dragon. We do not forget the meaning of its existence. Don’t worry about that. “I just want to spend the rest of my life like L.”

As Lurin said that, she placed her body on El’s back.

I felt warmth in my chest.

“you. Let’s go back! “To my house!”

Just like that, Lulin disappeared from the Holy Land.

The elder looked at it and thought.

I’m thinking of going out to play around the time I give birth.

Looking at it, it didn’t look like he would come to show me if I didn’t go.


Lulin laid El on the bed.

The moment Lurin saw the wound on El’s hand, a feeling of tears welled up in her.

“What trouble did you go through? Without me knowing. “That doesn’t work.”

Lurin bit her lip.


Just then El woke up.

El opened her eyes!

“Oh oh? you!”

Rurin lay down next to El and stroked El’s hand, then woke up in surprise.

“Are you okay, dear?”

“You idiot, that’s what I’m saying. “Are you okay?”

El made a bewildered face for a moment and then immediately hugged Lulin. Rurin nods in his arms.

“That’s right. I’m fine. It was okay because you came to pick me up in the dark. I was the worst kind of trash who forgot you… .”


El was surprised.

This is because tears fell from Lurin’s eyes. Rurin began to cry endlessly in El’s arms.

“Yes. I am trash. You’re stupid. It’s stupid. Must die! But if I die, you have to die too, so that’s not possible… “Hmm.”

“What are you talking about, idiot? It happened because I came back. And you didn’t forget because Lulin wanted to forget, right? It’s just a trick of nature. “Stop.”

Elle stroked Lurin’s head.

The fever disappeared like a lie and my mind was fine. In that case, it would have been a complete violation and trampling of the law of nature.

Only then did L feel relieved.

“Is that so? Then you won’t cry.”

Rurin also stopped crying and fell into El’s arms.

“And you… ?”


Lurin, who fell out of bed, hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth.

“I think I’m pregnant. “The elder said so.”

“Oh, right? “I think so.”

El said with a bright smile.

“Are you giving birth?”

“Then of course you have to give birth. Are you saying that?”

“Okay then, I’ll give birth to you!”

Lurin nodded and declared.

“Oh, that’s right. “Thank you for that.”


Lurin finally started laughing. Even though he was crying a little while ago and the transition was quick, it was too fast.



“I am serving you just for today. “It’s really hard to endure shame!”


To announce that she was giving birth to a baby, Lurin, who had been lounging outside the bed away from El, ran towards her.


And then he boldly hugged L.

When L thought about it, he wondered if this was the real Lurin.


“Why are you doing that?”

“That’s good, but you can’t just throw yourself away like this anymore.”

“… … because?”

“You’re pregnant!”

“… … Okay. My baby is also strong because he is a dragon. It’s different from human babies. Hehe.”

Now that I think about it, my future daughter said that. Lulin was said to be completely laissez-faire.

I felt like I could already see the hint in L’s mind.

“But that doesn’t work! Now, sit down first.”


What. I decided after a long time to do everything. Lurin became sullen, but when I told her to sit down, she sat down on the bed. When she tried to sit down as usual, L supported Lurin’s body and very carefully made her sit down.

“you! It’s still okay. And this body is strong… Wow?”

L lifted up Lurin’s shirt. The pure white belly is exposed. A pure white belly that is not swollen at all.

El lightly caressed her stomach.

“Ugh? you?”

“Are you in here? “A baby?”

“… … “I don’t know.”

“Something is amazing.”

L put his ear to the pure white belly. Lulin was naturally tickled.

“So you’re still in the first trimester of your pregnancy! What are you doing? Ugh”

“How do you know it’s early?”

“… … I know that. Because it’s this body.”

“… … ? “Then did you even notice that you were pregnant before?”

“I didn’t know?”

What do you know? L was dumbfounded. Although this kind of shamelessness is Lulin himself.

“So ugh!”

Lurin turned L’s shirt over. And I put my hand there.

“What’s wrong with my stomach?”

“I just did the same thing. Because I decided to do everything today. “Something like this is possible.”


Rurin tried to take off El’s pants. So El hugged Lulin like that.

“Uuuh? What else!”

“Well, I said you have to be careful. “You shouldn’t move so drastically.”

L described Lurin rushing towards her with her hands on her pants as a radical movement.

Lulin was dumbfounded.

“So that’s not it!”

“Now, whether you sleep or not, lie down first. I need to lie down and calm down. “Because I had a hard time going to the holy place.”

El was doing a lot of bold things, to the point where Lurin said that it was her first time meeting, but she was so distracted by the news that she was having a baby that she didn’t even notice it.

“… … .”

Lurin looked at El with resentment for a moment. For no reason, my face turns red, my ears turn red, and my heart starts pounding.



“Then you too, lie down next to me.”


With those words, El lay down next to her, and Lurin quickly climbed onto her body.

“Hehe, I won. you have been caught Under my ass!”

“… … Yes?”

“And you. I come before the baby! Do you understand?”

Lurin shouted and bent down towards El’s lips. Lurin and L’s lips met.

“Of course Lurin is the one I love the most.”

My daughter will love it just as much.

El said that in her heart. For now, just in my mind.

“I love you too! love! I love you so much. Because I can’t do it without you! Absolutely not. cancer! I love you because I love you because I love you. “I love you much more than you!”

Lurin kept saying “I love you” to L as if pouring out a lifetime’s worth of words.

L looked at Lurin blankly for a moment, and now that she realized that her face had turned red from embarrassment, she attacked her.

“Aaaah! you! Can not be done! Can not be done! There’s a boat over there! Why do you only like pears! “The baby isn’t coming yet!”

Lulin’s scream echoed throughout Lair.

-End of Part 2-


Review Hello.

This is my first time leaving an author review.

Some people may ask why it ends so suddenly. However, A Wizard’s Restaurant is actually a novel that completely ended with part 1 of the story.

There were many people who were disappointed, so we decided to organize part 2, but in fact, it would have been better to call part 2 a collection of side stories.

The abdomen vowels were finally depleted and ended in pregnancy.

It’s a shame for me too, but once you start, there has to be an end!

Of course, it’s not a perfect ending.

I hope that the day will come when I can write Part 3, which depicts the struggles of Elle and Rurin as they raise a daughter who is not at all ordinary.

I hope to see you again, but for now, I will end my visit to a wizard’s restaurant here.

Thank you very much for reading this short article.

If you have any questions, request of novel and/or found missing chapters, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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