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The Academy’s Weapon Replicator Chapter 472

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Academy’s Weapon Replicator Episode 472

Chapter 130 Arrogance (4)
Pielot’s Auror is already closer to shooting than cutting.

Swinging a sword necessarily requires a retrieval motion, but since Pielot does not draw the sword, the retrieval motion is omitted.

To put it roughly, it is closer to cutting the enemy with a sword and throwing the sword away at the same time. There are only so many swords.

“Hey, this guy…!”

Whether it’s because of the limitations of their intelligence or because they don’t have the time, most demons are cut to death before they can even finish half of their chatter.

The demons that come in like a wave spread out in a circle around Pielot, who cuts down as many.

However, the circle does not shrink.



The demons’ screams gradually become louder.

Ironically, their increasing pain and screams meant that Pielot’s accuracy was decreasing.

In the beginning, those killed by Pielot’s sword died almost without making a sound. That’s how cleanly the devil’s life was cut off.

But not anymore.

Demons literally pouring down in waves. Pielot has neither the time nor the consideration to do so.

It is cut down at random.

However, Pielot’s aura is not infinite.

And even if you don’t actually move your body, your body feels like it’s going to collapse at any moment with each shot you fire.

Instead of using less physical strength, you are cutting down your mental strength into pieces.

There aren’t that many auras used on a stupid demon with a bow, but killing an entire army this size will take a huge amount of effort no matter how much you try to save.

But strangely enough.


As the sound of raindrops gets longer, it gradually turns black.

[Pielot, how…!]

Hypnos could not understand.

No, I understand. The reason why Pielot’s Aura doesn’t bottom out.

The mana of the demon world contained in the arrow is being replaced by Pielot’s aura.

That principle is also not impossible. The calculation is not a complicated equation.

The problem is mental.

‘It’s not something I should accept as a human body…!’

Just because it is the mana of the demon world does not mean that all demonic auras or magic are fatal to humans. Most of them are the same as those of humans.

However, just as even oxygen is fatal to humans when condensed to a high concentration, mana from other worlds rebels against human mana.

The arrow that Pielot was hit with, the mana contained within it was extremely concentrated.

It may be necessary to make up for the lack of Pielot’s Aura, but accepting that is a different matter.


In fact, Pielot felt more terrible now than when he was hit by the arrow.

A feeling of disgust comes over him, as if he is going to vomit at any moment, and the body’s action of clearly warning that something should not be accepted incites fear in Pielot.

The body’s reaction is honest. When the body warns of death, humans have no choice but to stop.

The reason Pielot can continue in this state now is because of his strong mental power and the fact that

certain parts of his body are improving as he replaces the demon world’s mana with his own.

‘If you leave me alone, you’ll die anyway.’

Even if the demon world’s mana is contained within the body, it is nothing more than poison to Pielot.

The moment you change it to your own mana, you feel burning pain and disgust, but if you shorten that time as much as possible, you can prevent the damage as much as possible.

This is literally the act of spitting out the poison inside the body. However, there is always a risk that the poison will travel around the body the moment you spit it out.

Hypnos observed Pielot’s body.

A body designated as a divine power. Hypnos can look into Pielot’s physical condition much better than other humans.

‘…I’m already used to converting it into my own mana. If we continue like that, we will spit out all the mana of the demon world without going into a fatal state.’

But the problem is next.

There are still many demons.

‘At this rate, Pielot’s auror will be empty before all the demons die.’

Pielot is now at a certain level.

Neither Hypnos nor Pielot himself knows whether he will be able to unleash a divine skill like this again next time.

However, any Auror’s ultimate goal would of course be impossible without Aurors.

There is only one way to solve this situation. This is a mana substitution that Frontier has done in the past.

When all the energy in the body disappears, humans naturally faint, but Frondier did not faint and instead did something crazy, turning the components in the body into mana.

However, Frondier was only able to do it after being knocked out several times. This is impossible for the current Pielot.

Moreover, even if he could do it, it would only be death for Pielot.

[…It can’t continue like this. Pielot! I know your strength well! I will take care of the remaining ones!]

Hypnos spoke again.

At that point, Pielot became suspicious.

As mentioned earlier, it is rare for a god to show this level of enthusiasm for a human being.

Will Elodie, who is said to be able to talk to her god, be loved this much?

Although Hypnos didn’t know what he was thinking, Pielot felt that his god was definitely an exception.

Of course, apart from that,

it is “noisy.”

Pielot does not use divine power.

[Why are you stubborn! Pielot! There is no demerit for you!]

There is no demerit?

Yes, you are not wrong.

There is no downside to humans borrowing divine power. At least that’s what Pielot knows.

There were cases like Edwin senior where God controlled humans, but it was not because he borrowed divine power. God simply intended it to be so.

[Pielot! If it continues like this…!]

And then,

a change occurred in the battlefield.

It was the time when Pielot’s auror, as Hypnos mentioned, was on the verge of depletion.


Pielot’s next Auror did not cut down the demon.

There are still a handful of Aurors left.

Does Pielot care about that Auror? Not like that.

The reason was simple.


The devils don’t come any closer.

Unlike Hypnos, the demons don’t know how many more Aurors Pielot can use in the future.

Every time that black blow is struck, a demon dies like a fly.

If you look around, so many lives are already scattered in disarray.

How many more times do we have to repeat this?

If just one person remains and kills that person, that’s fine.

But what if that doesn’t happen?

Not just one life, but an organization came close to destruction.

A place where anger towards humans has flown away and only fear reigns.

According to Hypnos’ calculations, if all the remaining demons rush in, they can kill Pielot.

However, the actual battlefield does not work like that.

“What are you doing?”

I flinch.

The demons become nervous once again at Pielot’s words.

“Come and die.”

“this person…!”

Even if you drop your body in anger, the devils can’t get any closer.

Pielot does not allow devils to invade within a certain radius.

That radius is now visible to the eye.

The corpses and blood of demons. It is very clear how many meters it is.

Who can enter this circle? Once you stop, you can never enter again.


The demons look at Pielot’s face.

A face that is sure to be close to death, no matter how much you think about it, it deserves to die soon.

That face covered with ‘arrogance’.

The gaze that seems to be looking down at the subject looking up.

It was as if he looked down on the fact that he could kill all the remaining demons with his remaining aurors.


The demons slowly retreated.


Hypnos couldn’t believe the situation.

It’s not that I don’t understand bragging and lies.

If you don’t know what your opponent has, bluffing can work. Bluffs from strong players work even better.

But that is not the case now.

Isn’t it very clear that Pielot is currently on the verge of reaching her limit?

If Pielot had a secret trick, he would have already used it. If you think about his remaining auras calmly, you can easily check the remaining amount.

The fact that his auror is black is a hint to the demons. Because that mana came from the demon world and not from anywhere else.



Starting with one demon’s words, the demons began to fly away.

Get away from Pielot as soon as possible.

This man is crazy. I’ve already seen enough blood. The strategy needs to change.

[How could this happen…!]

All the demons flapped their wings and retreated, and Hypnos muttered in bewilderment.


Pielot said.

“Why on earth are you a god?”


“You don’t understand humans, and you don’t understand the devil either.”


Pielot finally broke that stance. Both knees dropped, and all muscles became weak and sank.

“If you don’t understand humans, why are you a human god?”


Hypnos cannot answer.

Because he clearly doesn’t understand this situation.

Pielot closed his eyes.

Pielot said, just before falling asleep in two breaths.

“Why should I talk nonsense to my senior?”

—You were abandoned by Frondier.

“Do I need to borrow your strength?”

* * *


Also called Orthros, it is a monster that appears in Greek mythology.

It looks like a two-headed dog, and although it is less well-known than the Minotaur, it is a monster that is far superior in rank. It is also very close mythologically to Cerberus, the three-headed dog.

Originally, their strength should have been similar, but they are set to be somewhat weaker due to the fact that they lack one head and are less well-known.

However, it is somewhat weak compared to Cerberus, a ridiculous monster from mythology, and the Minotaur is not even a subject of comparison.

An abyss monster detected by Frontier and his party. A being far more threatening than the Minotaur.

There are many Minotaurs, but there is only one Orthos. You can understand its strength when you consider that one animal far surpasses the entire Minotaur.


Orthos growls like he does.

The power that boasts of high-speed running is always waiting for the moment to explode.

There were three conditions for them to charge at humans.

If one or more of the currently surrounded human party leaves the battlefield.

Similarly, if one or more of them becomes incapable of combat.

When all human members participate in battle. If any of these are met, they immediately run out.

In fact, the Frontier side had already met the second condition because Basileo was not in a state to fight. However, since they could not see Basileo in the car, they just waited for a while.

But he had waited enough time, and Orthos was confident. One of them is in no condition to fight.


One of their feet presses on the ground. The strength prepared for the leap crushed the ground as if it were clay.

Lightly contract your entire body and take your first step toward a high-speed sprint.



At that moment, Orthos’ body tilted. I lost my balance.

It was ‘one’ thought.

Orthos with two heads. One of them was suddenly embarrassed because his body was out of balance.

The remaining one is,


It had already become a shape that could not be called a head, and a hammer was stuck there.

A human foot stood on top of the figure.

“I’m sorry.”

A black-haired man.

He stands cockily with one foot on the hammer and the other foot on the head he crushed.

“My junior is cheering me up right now.”

The man sees Orthos’ head, which is still intact.

He was smiling.

Orthos checked the face.

This is undoubtedly the person who was pouring out incomparable anger there earlier.

Orthos was convinced when he saw that look of anger.

This man is the strongest among them. A threatening entity that must be eliminated first.

But why?

“I get embarrassed if I don’t do it right.”

Why has this man’s anger now seemingly disappeared?

Why am I more scared now than before when I was angry?

That smile, what on earth was triggered by it?—

“So don’t do anything and die. I’m sorry.”

The man said humbly.

Like he was really sorry.

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