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The Academy’s Weapon Replicator Chapter 471

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Academy’s Weapon Replicator Episode 471
Chapter 130 Arrogance (3)

Monsters are approaching Frontier and the others at every moment.

Most of them are insignificant.

Things that Frontier and all the powerful people here have been tired of seeing. They are beasts without a doubt.

Most things have no intelligence and are just busy running around ignorantly.

“Being cheeky.”

One ‘set’ owned by Frontier is annihilated.

The power of God’s bow and arrows, all combined with abilities worthy of being in the position of God.


The combination of Piljung and Nakwoo does not involve the wasteful action of shooting arrows in bunches.

A single arrow soars into the sky, only to fall as rain.

pop! Bubbling bubbling!!


the divided arrows fall with the sound of rain. Cutting through the wind, they fall in pursuit of their respective goals.

The screams of monsters echo. Their number certainly seemed unbearably large.

They cannot escape the rain.

Rain that would be fatal if even a single drop hits, if everyone gets hit by a drop.


Lili, who was in the car, made a sound in a daze. Lili is now in charge of protecting Basileo in the car. Frontier did not command him to do so, but he did it himself.

Even in this world where magic and aurors run rampant, troops are more important than anything else in war.

An individual cannot defeat an army. This law still applies in this world. This is because although there are overwhelmingly strong individuals, no one is ‘unique’.

Ospreet, one of the Zodiacs, is officially considered the strongest on the Palind Continent.

And if you include the informality, Ampere de Roach is comparable to it.

However, these two are not willing to fight alone against countless troops.

Ospreet has various political and power connections, and Ampere has his own knightly order.

Humans have limits to their physical strength and mana, and no matter how strong their skills are, they will eventually tire. Even if it isn’t, it doesn’t mean that others are just playing around while someone gets stronger.

There is a clear wall between talent and ability, but there is no wall that many people cannot overcome by coming together.

Whether it’s Ospreet’s coordinate designation magic, Ampere’s slash from a distance, or Elodie’s Suzaku Oreum, the moment a technology is revealed to the world, the entire continent uses all its brains and training to devise countermeasures to deal with it.

The Palind Continent has only one country, the Terst Empire, but not all humans within that country are friendly allies.

‘…But that’s only when the person you’re dealing with is a human.’

Lili thought the moment she saw the fireworks being launched by Frondier.

I immediately understood why Artemis’ bow and arrows were divine weapons.

That is the power to overturn the principles of war.

In a war against humans, strength beyond a certain level is not needed. Cutting through the ground or blowing up a mountain may be awesome and useful in and of itself, but that’s not what’s important.

To win a human war, you just have to kill humans.

All it takes is one shot to pierce the heart or head.

There is no need to torment the poor land and mountains.

The power to kill all humans below a certain level.

‘When given a choice between an archer and a swordsman, if there is one person on each side, I will usually choose the swordsman, but if there are a hundred people, I will choose the archer without hesitation.’

The more arrows you have, the stronger you become.

In other words, the ‘fireworks’ used by Frontier can carry thousands of archers with just one shot.

Truly the power to lead an army.

‘…I’m glad Frontier is on the human side.’

Lili is a demon herself, but she is relieved that Frontier is on the side of humans now. Because she is also on the human side.

However, there is anxiety.

What if one day, the Frontier eventually turns its back on humans?

Can humans’ fight against him really be called a ‘war’?

Frontier is wearing a variety of divine weapons.

An individual cannot defeat an army, but that only applies when dealing with humans—

“Mr. Lili.”

“Aaaah!! “Uh, huh?”

Lili was startled by the sudden voice.

Maybe it’s because my own thoughts are too scary.

Once I answered, I turned around and saw Selena.

“Start the car.”

“Uh, huh? okay. But why?”


Lili asked as she started the engine. Fortunately, despite the mess, the car was still intact.

“This is a message from Frontier. “The road will be cleared soon, so they tell us to wait and then leave.”

At those words, Lili looked ahead.

Now, there are monsters everywhere. Although Frondier used fireworks to clear it out, the number of monsters is still large.

Of course, since they are coming from all directions anyway, it makes no difference whether you step back or move forward, but…

“Isn’t it too early to tell us to prepare already? “There might still be a hidden bomb, and above all, the ‘monster of the abyss’…”

Lili’s worries were valid.

A huge, ominous energy felt from beyond the monster, felt by her and everyone here.

It is probably an abyss monster comparable to, or even higher than, the Minotaur.

Selena said to him:

“He tells me to prepare, including that.”

“…Can I back up a little bit?”

“You recommended it.”

Lili made a cold face and nodded.

The same time Selena said those words to Riri.

Frondier said to Elodie:

“Elodie. “Please take charge of this place with the others for a while.”

“For a moment or whatever, as long as it takes. But what are you going to do?”

“From here to there.”

Frondier pointed his finger in one direction.

This is the road to where they originally planned to go, Charon’s mansion.

“I’ll pierce it.”

“…There is an abyss monster at the end. “He might be more dangerous than the Minotaur.”

“So, I have to go.”


Frondier stretched out his hand. Immediately afterwards, Mjolnir flew out and was caught in his hand.

“…Frondier. You seem impatient. Same with the fireworks from earlier. “You were the one who said you would trust Pielot.”

“…It did.”

Frondier answered calmly, but his eyes were trembling.

“It feels strange.”

“…the sixth sense?”

“No, it’s not like that. Just something…”

Frondier briefly turned his gaze toward the direction where Pielot had disappeared.

His sixth sense does not have a wide range. Pielot disappeared somewhere far beyond his range of perception. Probably in a location where neither Elodie nor Selena can detect it.

Nevertheless, Frontier cannot overcome its sinister nature. I feel something beyond my sixth sense.

Pielot will defeat any difficult enemy. I believe so.

However, if that is not the end.

“…Let’s finish it quickly.”


Frondier looked straight ahead again from the direction where Pielot was, and

then looked in that direction again.

“Are you that worried?”

“…No, there’s something over there…”

Frondier looked in that direction for a while.

And I saw the same thing I always saw everywhere.


black bird.

It’s a common bird that’s everywhere, so you’ve probably seen it somewhere.

…A bird that looks like I’ve seen it somewhere before.


cried, and


called his name.

In an instant, Frontier knew everything.


Frondier shouted in surprise.

At this moment, I forgot everything about the crow being his original taming.


Elodie frowned at the name. Because it’s a name she knows.

That’s the name of a criminal.

[Frondier! The desire to talk about accumulated stories seems like a chimney!]

“Information first!”

The crow sat on Frondier’s shoulder and nodded in agreement.

[I saw Pielot on the way here!]

“…! Oh, what happened! Pielot!”

Frondier spoke in an unusually anxious voice.

Elodie wanted to take on the name Grelori, but it wasn’t the situation. Soon she too began to listen to the crow’s voice.

[Demons flocked to Pielot in droves! It rushed towards Pielot like a pitch-black dust storm!]



Frondier bit his molars.

All plans to break through are cancelled. Kill everything with this Mjolnir right now,

[No, wait! Frontier!]

“What are you waiting for?”

[No need to go!]


Frondier’s face darkened. It was the same with Elodie.

There’s no need to go.

“You, you,”

‘What does that mean?’

Are you saying it’s too late to go?

Pielot, that Pielot.

Due to my poor judgment,

‘No way,’

[I killed them all!]

“…Oh, what…?”

The thoughts that passed through Frondier’s head and the words spoken by Gregory.

It was so similar that my heart sank.

However, when I realized that the meaning was different.

The crow spat again with its beak.

[That bastard! They killed them all with their dying bodies! Demons!]

* * *

A few minutes ago.

Pielot looked ahead with sad eyes.

I had long ago given up on counting the number of demons pouring in.

When they flock to that extent, it seems like a moving wave rather than an individual.

‘…The faces are all similar. ‘Is it low class?’

It’s low class.

Come to think of it, Frontier senior also had to deal with guys like that.

I’ve faced great soldiers of that size twice. Very leisurely.

‘Hey, Dier. ‘What would Frontier say if I lose to those guys?’

Looking down with those cold eyes,


Pielot laughed. It was neither self-deprecation nor ridicule. It was really fun and I laughed.

[Pielot! Are you crazy? It’s not too late! If I use my power…!]

Hypnos is making a lot of noise.

Pielot then opened his mouth, but

it was not specifically an answer to Hypnos.

“It will never happen.”


Pielot placed his hand on the sword sheath and took his stance again.

“That guy, that guy!”

“Kill! “Kill it!”

“Revenge, revenge!!!”

As a low-level devil, the words he speaks are crude. Both intelligence and behavior are clumsy.

In other words,

“You bastards.”

Pielot called correctly.

“Don’t make a sound.”


one of the flying creatures lowers its head.

But I don’t care about that.

The number of individuals flocking to Pielot is already uncountable.

Even though it was cut from a distance that the sword couldn’t have reached, it was only one of them. Being outnumbered is just hopeless.

However, I saw some of them and other demons nearby that had fallen dead.

‘…Just now, go Auror,’

pitch black,


As if that one animal had started,


The black straight line grew,


thud! Coogung!

Something that barely made a sound befell the horde of demons.

Quietly, quietly.

Pielot just stands there.

Standing, only,

‘A sword that is not drawn, is not wielded.’

Not swinging means not returning.

My sword doesn’t need my muscles.

Just think.

My idea is to draw out the enemy.

A body pierced by an arrow, the mana of the demon world, accumulated fatigue and wounds.

“…something like that.”

Are you saying you touched my mind?

Don’t be a fool. Pielot.

[Piel, Lot….]

Pielot himself is not conscious of it, but

Hypnos sees it.

The mana of the demon world that was devouring Pielot’s body

suddenly dwells in his aura and runs towards him, cutting down demons.


Pielot bit his molars.

The sword he was holding, the only sword hidden in the scabbard.

The moment those eyes looked straight at all the cloud-like demons,

the thought was,

one sword,

with thousands of auras,


It falls with the sound of rain.

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