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The Academy’s Weapon Replicator Chapter 470

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Academy’s Weapon Replicator Episode 470 Chapter 130 Arrogance (2)

[…! Pielot! I left you!]

“I didn’t even know you left.”


Hypnos’ voice humming in my head.

Actually, Pielot knew.

He truly has many talents, but the most powerful talent among them was the devotion Hypnos gave him.

Pielot has seen many other people who have received divine power, but Pielot is the only one where a god moves to this extent for a human being.

He even tried to steal Frontier’s black lotus for Pielot’s sake.

“Hypnos, I know very well that you have been acting for me.”

[If so, why!]

“But that doesn’t mean that.”

Another arrow flies, this time three.

‘I won’t be able to stop them all this time!’

The devil thought. It may have been possible because he swung the sword with both feet in a single trajectory with good timing, or because the sword moved at a speed that was truly magical.

But not three shots. One of them will definitely burrow into the other person’s body.


However, this time too, all three arrows fell without any help,

and swoosh!


Blood lines suddenly appeared on the devil’s face.

The devil was embarrassed and touched his face. There was a clear trace of blood left on my hand.

‘W-what is it? ‘How on this street?’

The devil is literally at the right distance to hit the enemy with a bow. It was impossible for the blade to touch him.

‘The Aurors are all the way here…!’

I knew he was skilled at handling Aurors. However, it is a sword strike that reaches the distance of an archer.

“That’s why.”

A human voice is heard. He started saying something incomprehensible earlier,

“Don’t think you can move me.”

Even the devil felt scared by this one word.

‘This guy!’

The devil’s next bowstring was fast. His intuition warned him.

Right now, the aura only touches the face. All you have to do is take a few steps back.

But what next? The moment Pielot’s sword touched him, Pielot himself may have found some kind of trick or sense.

Then, shooting arrows without thinking is now a bad hand. He just serves as Pielot’s practice partner.

He took out all the arrows in his quiver. I grabbed a handful with my fist and pulled it arbitrarily on the bowstring.

Even in this messed up position, all of these arrows will fly accurately.

‘Even if I use all my arrows, I can fight!’

The devil’s original weapon was not a bow. This is what I received, and I usually use dual swords.

I only used it because the bow’s performance was good and it didn’t matter the archer’s skill. His main weapon, the twin swords, are still at his waist.

‘Don’t think you can beat the devil when it comes to dealing with Aurors.’

The devil lost all sense of fun and aimed his arrow.

I wasn’t interested in matching. That’s up to this bow to take care of.

What should I do after shooting? That’s all the devil cares about.

‘I don’t think it will block all arrows this size.’

Now it’s not just three shots, it’s literally ‘a handful’, and the devil doesn’t even know how many shots there are in total. It may be a shield, but it is not a number that can be cut with a sword.

However, although

the devil was truly displeased with his own senses, he felt fear at the human’s arrogant expression.

‘I’ll kill you more clearly.’

After completing the plan in his head, the devil let go.


This time, an uncountable number of arrows were fired and flew away. The arrow fired in a mess was sucked into Pielot like a lie.

[Pielot! Use my power! [Come on,]

There was no time for Pielot to reply.

He just saw the arrow flying in a posture that was not even an inch different from before.

‘This is the last one.’

With the thought, the eye holds all the arrows in the eye, and

if you buy

a Libanche swordsmanship

foot ,

it slurps!

Letting out an animal howl, the sword was pulled out, and the blade and the aura contained within it crushed the arrows.


And before Pielot’s eyes, he sees a demon that has reached a very short distance away.

A lunge using a leap, both feet grazing the ground, a body moving at high speed. At the same time, both hands take out the dual swords at their waists.

Pielot’s sword was drawn out differently than before. It is definitely different from before, where the blade still returned to the scabbard after cutting the arrow.

‘I guess there was no time to put the sword back when dealing with this many arrows?’

If so, that is exactly what the gap is.

From what I’ve seen so far, that person is the type of person who can only show off his skills if he has good posture with his feet. So, it takes time while putting back the drawn sword.

So, now that the devil has gotten this far, Pielot will have no choice but to respond without putting the sword back.

‘If that’s the case, I win.’

A human who stubbornly kept his sword in its scabbard. If you take out your sword, your skills will definitely be cut in half.

That’s why the devil was drawn into close combat.


However, Pielot did something surprising.

The devil is right in front of me, but when he gets there, he’s putting his sword back into its sheath.

‘You idiot!’

The devil’s twin swords stretched out simultaneously. One of the twin swords was aimed at Pielot’s sword and at the same time drew a clever path to block the path of the blade that Pielot would draw, and the remaining sword was aimed at Pielot’s neck.

The path of the sword extending from Baldo is limited. Because it inevitably has to be hit from below. In addition, two devil’s swords.

The devil’s sword swung at Pielot,


You dragged me in.

Libanche Swordsmanship

Baldo, Pielot Original


‘It’s a good idea to pull it out!’

The devil felt Pielot’s aura and his eyes lit up.

Pielot’s steps will definitely be blocked by the devil’s sword. In the meantime, the devil’s remaining sword will cut off Pielot’s head.


However, Pielot’s sword is not drawn.

‘what? When—’

And the devil saw.

The sword was struck from above Pielot, who was completely still in the firing position, towards him.

‘This thing….’



Pielot’s stance did not move, and

he dropped one of the devil’s arms.


while the demon was blankly saying those words, the remaining pair also fell.

Suddenly, the devil took a step back.

When both my arms were cut off, what I felt was more loss than pain, and even more fear.

When you walk backwards, you can see your rolling arms even more clearly. He is still holding the sword tightly, not realizing that he has been cut.

The devil does not die immediately when both arms are cut off. However, defeat was clear.

He lost. In less than two seconds since I took out my main weapon.

‘…It wasn’t a high-speed departure. A problem of that level.’


The devil lost strength and fell to his knees. The blood flowing from both arms soon forms a puddle.

“…I had never drawn my sword.”

The devil finally knew.

The high-speed feet that cannot be traced with the eyes, its identity.

Once you knew what it was, it was a simple matter, but it was even more absurd.

“Without pulling out the sword, you can cut with an auror from another orbit.”

──I can separate the auror and the actual sword and attack simultaneously at different targets.

As Pielot previously told Frondier, he can separate the sword and the Auror.

However, it is only possible with foot dosing.

Pielot started for the simple reason that he thought the art of martial arts was cool, but looking back, his skills were at a level that would have been impossible in the first place without the limitations of the martial arts.

Pielot’s footwork has all the same disadvantages as footwork, but it can be performed in a still state, with the same movement, and with the same breathing. Using all of this as a routine, Pielot was able to separate the Aurors.

However, he was also well aware of the weaknesses of the Baldo technique.

Because it is in the sheath, the sword’s speed and power are lowered, the sword and sheath are damaged, and the act of sheathing the sword itself is extremely dangerous in a combat situation.

Everything else was resolved somehow, but the last one was the problem. In order to do Baldo, you have to do Nado. How do we overcome that gap?

However, when Frondier first brought up Pielot’s story about his swordsmanship, he said something very absurd.

─If it is difficult to sheath the sword during battle, you just have to pull it out from the beginning.

Of course, Frontier is not a prosecutor. That’s why he doesn’t know what his words mean.

But Pielot did so because Frondier said it would be okay to

do so.

“I heard you really like to manipulate others.”

Pielot muttered in a dying voice.

said the devil.

“…You, you, dragged me in.”

Pielot was the only one who pulled out his sword when the devil fired multiple arrows.

Now that I think about it, there was no need for that. It was clearly to lure the devil.

“Because I can’t move.”

Just as the devil said, Pielot can’t move even a single step now. The mana of the demon world grows by consuming his body every moment.

the devil asks

“If you had used that technique a long time ago, you could have kicked me out. There would have been no need to make the risky bet of close combat with me. “Why didn’t you do that?”

“The problem is kicking them out, you idiot.”


“If you run away from me, you will pick up that bow and go to our group again. “Do you really want to watch something like that?”

“…You lured me with my dying body to eliminate danger to my comrades?”

The devil grinned.

“…I saw something good before I took you as a companion. “I saw the ultimate power of the Auror that even the devil could not embody,”


said. Before he could finish his sentence, the devil’s head was blown off by Pielot’s sword.

This time, though, I cut him with a real blade.

“Stop dying. It’s the devil. “What is the ultimate purpose of Aurors?”

Pielot finished speaking and sighed.

won However, his body is no different from defeat.

In this situation, Frontier is probably busy too. I don’t think anyone will come here.

‘…Am I going to die? me.’

I thought blankly.

I put the sword back into its scabbard. It was difficult to hold.

‘But if this guy was just planning to kill Senior Frontier, it was too complacent.’

At that time.

Pielot felt an eerie energy rush over him and raised his head.

‘This energy…!’

Something hostile comes from far away. They are flocking towards him from all directions.

A plan to kill Frontier.

Surely this one demon is not enough.

That’s why

──Before I make you a road comrade.


Pielot raised his head.

He sees the same thing that Frontier once saw.

It’s a black cloud.

A black cloud formed by demons gathered together like a swarm of bats, spewing only unconditional life at him.


Pielot closed his eyes.

Even though he was pierced by an arrow and swallowed by the mana of the demon world, he killed a demon.

I thought he really did his best.

Pielot sensed his own death.

Even before that black cloud came.

──My colleague is not coming.


Just like that, Pielot opened his eyes.

“Don’t be a fool. Pielot.”

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