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The Academy’s Weapon Replicator Chapter 468

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Academy’s Weapon Replicator Episode 468

Chapter 129 Discovered (4)
The crow died after saying that. These were the words spoken just before the flame of life went out.

The joke he made right before he died, or rather the voice that was close to a swear word, was full of composure. It’s too much to be a voice that’s on the verge of death.

‘This bird is not talking. ‘Someone’s voice is coming out of the bird’s beak.’

Charon realized that the crow was not Taming.

Someone is controlling the bird. It flies on behalf of its owner, leans forward on its sword, and even transmits its voice through its mouth. An ability unheard of on the Agoris continent.

But there is no time to think now.


Colin barely stood up and ran towards the door again.

Charon held his sword back in an instant.

‘If a crow gets in your way,’

we’ll see it through together, Colin.


Charon’s aura boiled over and instantly concentrated on the sword. The sound of the wind passing by. The ground pulsates once, resembling a heart, and


The blade was fired towards Colin’s back. The air follows suit later, creating a storm.

An attack that can never be prevented with just one or two birds. If you jump in front of it, it will lose its shape and be torn into pieces, rolling around along with Colin.

However, Charon doesn’t know yet.

The crow is not a tamed being, but something controlled by someone. In other words, it is the same as human intelligence.

What does that mean?



Charon’s sword flew out.

It wasn’t Colin who hit it or a crow blocking his way.

Charon is a paladin. His aura-filled attacks are lethal to most humans.

However, the sword suddenly broke in the air and the tip sank to the ground.

‘This power…!’

Charon realized something in the sight and raised his head.

The door is open.

There was a crow on the doorknob.

[I heard the conversation earlier and it seemed like they didn’t want to send me through this door.]

Another crow, a very boring crow already.

[What is happening?]

The crow bobbed its head like a true bird.

[I’m not sure if it’s a bird’s head.]

“What a trivial interruption!”

Charon shouted.

At that time, a voice was heard through the open door.


A woman’s voice. However, no one has yet appeared inside that door.

Originally a drawing room where Charon welcomed important and secret guests.

The place behind the door or the place shrouded in darkness had a gloomy and eerie air.

“‘Nine’ determines that Colin and the bird are companions, and acknowledges that Colin opened the door of his own volition.”


Charon’s face distorted.

“Nonsense! “The treaty must have been conditional on a member setting foot in the room!”

While Charon was shouting, Colin disappeared into the room. Only the crow is still sitting on the handle. However, Charon could no longer follow carelessly.

Instead, Charon shouted.

“Even if Colin is one of the nine, doesn’t unconditional protection go against the treaty?”

The woman’s voice speaks again.

“That’s strange, Charon. “You bring up our treaty.”


“Our treaty exists only to protect us. Such conditions exist to confirm the will to protect. In the current situation, it is clear that Colin has turned to us for protection.”

Cough, Charon clenches his fist. I lost sight of Colin right in front of my eyes. That anger causes blood to seep out between the fists with nowhere to go.

“Charon, it’s hard to understand the good of a paladin, trying to collect one of the nine by playing with words.”

“…Give me Colin. Otherwise, you will have to deal with all the paladins. “Even you won’t be able to withstand all the paladins.”

“Of course, if the nine of us engage in an all-out war against the Paladins, we won’t be able to win.”

Even though she says she will be defeated, the woman’s voice is elegant.

“But we only follow the treaty. “We all die, and all the paladins are fine,”

and also, there is a fascinatingly harsh way of life.

“You will die. “Paladin Charon.”


Charon sighed and stretched out his hand.

Squeaking, his sword stuck in the ground made a strange sound and twisted its body. It soon escaped from where it was stuck and returned to his hand.

“Paladin will not forget Nine’s decision today. “You will regret it soon.”


The woman’s voice seemed to contain a smile.

“That’s what you will do yesterday and tomorrow as well.”


Charon turned his back and left. I didn’t forget to give a crow a glance at the end.

A moment of silence after he left. It was again the woman’s voice that first removed the cloth.

“Okay then.”

The woman spoke to Gregory, the crow sitting on the doorknob.

“Are you going to be there? “Who is Colin’s benefactor?”

The door is still open. Neither Colin nor the woman whose identity we yet know closed the door.

Welcoming Gregory, who is clearly a crow.

However, the crow speaks with the face of a bird.

[I don’t know what the nine are or what the treaty that man was talking about.]

“Oh, I see.”

[So let me warn you. If there is a secret hidden inside that door, it would not be wise to show it to me.]

Gregory is, as the woman said, the benefactor who saved Colin’s life.

So, I was able to use that as an excuse to freely look around at the things hidden inside this door. It’s as if the woman has already given permission.

However, that is just saying without knowing Gregory’s current situation.

‘Right now I’m caught up in Malia’s shared sense.’

Gregory is now under Malia’s watch. It’s not that difficult to solve Sensory Sharing, but of course Malia will catch you if you do. This was very difficult for Gregory, who held the line of Frondier.

‘I don’t know, but there’s something dangerous in there. This woman seems friendly, but she’s trying to reveal my identity. Such as finding the owner of the crow’s mana, or being able to trace back and attack.’

It was only recently that his identity was discovered by Malia. I couldn’t bear it if I went in there and suffered something similar.

Moreover, if we backtrack, even Malia is in danger.

In a moment of carelessness, you hurt Frondier’s mother, Malia? We don’t know what Frontier will do.

“Then we can’t bring it inside.”

The woman said regretfully. Gregory felt it in that voice. A woman of the same type as herself. They are the type of person who lies so much that even they are confused about what is true.

Then I heard another voice.

“Hey, I don’t know who it is.”

It was Colin.

“You said earlier that you came to help Frontier, right?”

[okay. In the end, you were the one who saved it.]

Of course, Gregory came over to this continent to find Frondier.

The words of the day are to the birds, and the words of the night are to the mice.

After receiving most of the information about Frondier, Gregory learned that Frondier had become quite famous in a place called Atlas in that short period of time. Well, if a frontier of that ability is sincere, his fame will be instantaneous.

Gregory pursued Frondier not through smell or sense, but through information. So I know the general situation.

However, that is not more information than Frontier knows. Because there wasn’t enough time.

“Frondier headed to Charon’s mansion. “I will tell you the location, so please go there.”

[Charon is just that guy. The enemy has completely outpaced the situation.]

Since Charon is here, even if Frondier goes to Charon’s mansion, of course he will not be able to meet Charon.

In this situation, this timing cannot be a coincidence.

Charon doesn’t know why, but he knows the current situation in Frontier like a finger.

“I do not have time. There is a high possibility that it has already been attacked. “Just a little faster,”

Colin’s voice rarely contained a faint hint of impatience. Of course, it was a faint feeling that Gregory, who saw Colin for the first time, could not feel.


“I’m sorry I feel like I’m kicking you out, but it’s urgent at 1 o’clock, so hurry up.”

[I understand.]

The crow answered like that but did not move.

Colin felt puzzled, but soon realized.

[I’m on my way now.]

* * *

While Pielot’s body was being pulled by the arrow, his eyes flickered in pain to the point of fainting.

For a long time, not knowing whether he was flying in the air or being thrown to the ground, his arrow-studded body was mercilessly dragged somewhere. Meanwhile, the wound spread deeper and the eyes turned red from the pain.


Boom, coo goong!


And how much pain did you suffer?

In the air that seemed to be pulled without limit, he fell violently onto a hill. Like a stone thrown into the water, the body bounced several times and swept the ground, extending a long line.

“Huh, huh, huh, huh!”

Pielot stood up trembling.

A body pierced by an arrow, blood continuing to flow, a body pulled roughly by the thread stuck in the arrow. My vision blurs from pain and fatigue.

However, this place is enemy territory. If you fall, you can never stand up again.

“No, what is it?”

A carefree voice is heard above his head.

“I’m not chasing you. “Your leader.”

Pielot looked up and looked in the direction the voice came from.

‘…It’s easy to understand.’

A man with a stocky physique. A bow is held in one hand, and the other hand is clenched into a fist. No, it’s probably holding a thread.

Plus the wings on the back. It was revealed without any hesitation that he was a devil.

“Are you really working under a heartless captain?”


“okay. “My subordinate was brought to the grave in a near-dead state, and he sent no one, let alone himself.”

The man shook his head with an exaggerated gesture, as if he was sorry.

And he grinned.

“Are you abandoned?”


Pielot did not answer. Instead, he held the arrow in his hand.

There is a thread tied to this arrow. If you leave it alone, you will just end up like a fish caught on a hook.

“Oh, wait. Wouldn’t it be better not to take that out?”

Then the man said.

“My arrows are special. If you pull it out, it will leave a bigger wound. Moreover, the entire arrow was coated with poison, so if you touch it carelessly, the poison will immediately hit your internal organs.”


Pielot pulled out his arrow without even listening.


The man let out an exclamation that did not suit him. Soon his eyes widened.

“Are you a funny kid? I am used to pain in a way that is not appropriate for my age. “Have you received any such training?”

“Well, that’s it.”

Pielot stood up trembling.

“Because our captain likes to dominate others.”

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