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Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 1119

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Chapter 1119

Episode 258 Predator of All Dimensions (9)

Talaris leaving the front line means that those under her protection will die. But Talaris did not hesitate in that decision. As soon as she received Leet’s call, she withdrew from the center of the line and entered La Fra Rosa.

Talaris was already covered in blood all over her body. She was the final line of defense against enemies who penetrated the shields of Murakan, Vale, and La Pra Rosa.

She shed as much blood as the blood of her enemies. She could almost see the magical power of the red stars burning in her affected area, which had not yet disappeared.

[…Prime Minister, is it possible to seal it with that body?]

“Hmm, I have to do it no matter what, so what? “If she doesn’t send her son-in-law there, she has no future.”

[I will attach His Highness the Holy King while the sealing is in progress.]

“No, it’s okay. Even without your help, at most I will only suffer more internal injuries, but the others will die. Instead, tell my daughter to keep her mother’s place.”

[All right.]

Immediately, a chill began to spread throughout the studio. Since Manbing was with Siris, she had no choice but to take on more risks and perform the Great Seal.

Lucy and Siris replaced Talaris as the final line of defense. One worried about her daughter and one worried about her mother.

[Unlike me, the Little Palace Lord and the Big Palace Lord are strong people.]

“Lord Lucy’s daughter will also be stronger than me.”

They soon calmed down their emotions. Emotions that do not help in the fight only make reality worse.

Enemies flocked in. And Joshua and Araxion had just arrived at the battlefield beyond, where two blades, the Dragon Sword and the Manbing Blade, were pouring out sword energy.



Jin wasn’t too embarrassed when he saw that Joshua had gained the power of Illoanu. This was because we knew that he had already fused with the sun god’s selves and Ganesto from the moment they arrived.

There was a contrast between Joshua, who was shining brightly with Iloanu’s solar energy without a single wound, and the Alliance Spears, whose bodies were repeatedly aging and disappearing as they withstood Keliak’s attacks.

“You made it this far without dying, like a bug.”

[I’m here to provide support, so you don’t have to look at me with such harsh eyes.]

“support? Even though the world has come to this point, you guys must have intervened in the battlefield just to take care of your own interests. Even if you really fight until you die, your honor will not be remembered. “No one will ever be more grateful to you and your family.”

[I know, I just have something more important than that now. Mother… is helping the big snake for you. Until the job is over, be sure to survive.]

Jin didn’t answer but shifted his gaze to Heylin. She had already jumped into the middle of Keliak’s magic and was assisting the alliance spearmen.

Unlike Joshua, she is not guilty of Haylyn. All sins belong to Araxion. Also, Lokia spoke as if she had complete control over Araxion, but given the circumstances, there was a high possibility that the person Araxion was really following was Malugia, not her.

‘As a descendant, I pray that you do not end up going through those terrible years just as a body chosen by monsters.’

As Heylin began to emit solar energy in earnest, Malugia’s energy was exploding. As Jin expected, Araxion follows Malugia rather than Lokia, and their relationship is more special than that of the other doomed selves.

Those two were the only selves who had already realized the multiple worlds a thousand years ago. From then on, the two selves learned how to link their powers like humans. To prepare for a situation like the present.

“Araxion, and the dregs of the Illoanuwa dimension. All sorts of things are coming out and getting on my nerves. But Orgal, is it really true that you believed these things and shouted at me?”


Orgal’s body shrunk drastically. The magic power of the Myeongwon around him was piercing him like an awl.

“When it comes to lifespan, even our Ming Dynasty is not left out. “Now let me carry a little more, Orgal.”

Ban’s blade cut away the magic power that pierced Orgal. The aging effect on Ban also became more dangerous, but it was not enough to end all at once.

[Thank you, yes… I can’t fall down like this. No matter how old and decrepit I become, I am Orgal, the Demon King. I am the chosen one who will stop your ambition until the very end!]

If Lokia lifts the curse as planned, the coalition will now only have to hold out for five hours. This fact was scheduled to be conveyed to the union leaders soon.

Keliak also knew that the time the Union had to endure was shortening. And still, he thought, there was no hope for the Union.

“Struggle as much as you want. Now that I think about it, it’s natural that this dimension is special. Those countless worlds began when the Demon God Stone was created here a thousand years ago. In that sense, to me, this dimension is no different from the god who created me. Today I kill God for the first time. “Not like immortals who are just called gods.”

Joshua’s sword plunged into Keliak’s throat.

It has enormous destructive power as it possesses the power of Illoanu, but the fundamental problem was that it was Joshua who used that power.

He is not a suitable person for this battlefield.

After awakening as Ganesto, he discovered his own value, gained enlightenment, and finally found inner peace, but he was still Joshua.

Not only has he never come close to Changseong, he has never even completed his own sword. All he did was meet a dark savior and gain great power.

It may be a battle at a superhuman level, but his sword is not that deep to deal with an entire level of defeater that surpasses Changseong and even him.

Keliak waved his hand lightly as if swatting away a fly to push him away, then created a space explosion in his place, instantly turning him into six pieces.

However, the sun god’s ego is basically a being close to immortality. His scattered bones and flesh quickly came together in the air and formed him.

Regenerative power, that was the only ability that Joshua had right now that could be said to be transcendent.

“Oh, I see. When dealing with the sun god, erasing its existence is the best way, but you are so weak that I forgot about that for a moment.”

[I am not afraid of extinction for my mother.]

“ha. Siron, how did you end up having something like this as your child? “You also have your flaws.”

Siron did not give Joshua a glance. This was the case for all Changseongs except Jin. Because he is such a meaningless and unpleasant being.

He was no different with Kelly Ak. Keliak even got the feeling that Joshua was desecrating this fight, so he thought it would be a good idea to quickly unleash Amwon’s magic and erase him.

The dark magic of the dark circle surrounded Joshua. Keliak just passed by the man who had turned into a black cocoon and figured out the location of the alliance spearmen and Heylin.

But the next moment, Keliak narrowed his eyes and looked behind him.

‘…This bug wasn’t erased in one go?’

A considerable amount of the magic power of the dark source was poured out with the feeling of erasing Illoanu, not with the intention of killing Joshua, but Joshua turned into some kind of slime and was escaping from the magic power of the dark source.

Soon, the essence appeared to form Joshua’s body again.

[Huh, huh… Ugh….]

Joshua gasped and bent his back as if the blow had been severe, but Keliac was more shocked.

“This is ridiculous… Your false mother must have some pretty amazing abilities. You improved Iloanu, right? No, it would be correct to say that it was regressed rather than improved. I crushed my reason and only strengthened my vitality when I didn’t need it anymore. Come to think of it, that may be the reason why Illoanu cannot control your consciousness.”

Keliak was truly bewildered.

Even if a space explosion is triggered again and the dark net is spread, Joshua changes and regenerates again like a dirty slime.

A waste product that cannot even be easily decomposed and can no longer be called a human or a sun god. Keliak identified Joshua as such. In the midst of dealing with wild beasts, a fly that does not die easily got in the way.

[Wow, big…!]

And that, surprisingly, turned out to be a pretty big variable.


A trickle of blood spattered from Keliak’s cheek. He was so embarrassed that Luna approached him while he was distracted by Joshua.

It was a risky and bold move. However, Luna had never had this opportunity before. And while the blood was splattering, Haylin’s sword pierced Keliak’s back, and at the moment the two were thrown away, Siron and Van’s swords rushed in.

A single mistake made by Keliak was creating a chain of loopholes.

It was a development that no one had expected until recently. Those who have transcended fate, even the predators who have conquered the entire dimension by trampling on them.

Rather, Joshua’s fate is so shabby that no one can read him.

Of course, Valeria and Enya’s precious magical power was never used on Joshua. In the first place, he considered himself an expendable item that did not need to be protected.


Keliak let out a short groan. Blood poured out of his mouth. As was the case all along, I couldn’t easily shake off the shouts. This was because Malugia’s eyes were shining and his magic power was being removed.

Malugia’s solar energy, amplified by resonance with Araxion, surpassed the power shown in the previous empire. No matter how strong Keliac is, its energy cannot be easily offset by a body that has not ‘fully’ recovered.

In other words, Keliak was facing a mild crisis for the first time since the battle began.


Joshua’s low moans, which had already repeated extinction and rebirth five times, were dissipating in vain amidst the roar of the battlefield.

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