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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 737

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Episode 737 Do whatever it takes (1)



Sorsas whose bodies were pierced let out a sharp scream.

Instead of blood, blue flames continued to pour from the wound area.

I can feel the energy of a ‘shadow sapling without an owner’.

In human terms, it is not a direct lineage but a collateral lineage.

Although it has some characteristics, it is not the original source.

However, just some of its characteristics posed an absurd threat to ordinary residents.

“That… I heard that flowering is impossible on other floors…”

An earthquake occurred in Raphael’s pupils.

“What is going on…?”

“This can’t be right…”

The rest of the angels had no choice but to remain silent as well.

[‘The flower that swallows the sun’ is blooming!]

[‘The sunflower of the flame waterfall’ is blooming!]

[‘The acid dandelion’ looks at its enemies!]

In addition, a huge number of plants sprouted from the ground.

They all seemed to have consumed high-quality magic power and nutrients, and each one was showing off unusual power.



In an instant, colorful explosions occurred along the power lines.

“They said we would be attacked soon. That’s exactly what Jinhyuk predicted.”

“You’re here. I’m here.”

“Hahaha! “Ordinary men have entered the demon world on their own feet.”

“It’s not human. “Can’t you see the wings?”

Many shadows that appear.

They were strong people from all walks of life who had completely adapted to the local environment due to the harsh farming work.

“What I showed you now is just a taste. This is my… no, Jim’s territory! “If you invade, I will kill you all!”

Ophelia smiled brightly, revealing her sharp fangs.

The title ‘base ruler’ came to be used thanks to being temporarily in charge of the base.

It was a temporary, honorary position that was nothing more than a mirage that disappeared like sugar the moment Jinhyuk arrived.

Nevertheless, it had a special meaning to the slaves who were always being worked on.

golden chain.

Ophelia could not help but be completely intoxicated by the temptation of that sweetness.

In fact, the other members were looking at Ophelia with quite a bit of envy.

“To entrust your base to a cursed vampire….”

“It’s blasphemous!”

“You’re going into areas you shouldn’t touch. Kang Jin-hyuk, you guys…!”

Angry voices erupted from everywhere.

“It’s not the true ancestor… It’s the blood relatives of Decasus who fell away long ago…”

Raphael’s face also crumpled at Ophelia’s provocation.

The position of the most noble archangel in heaven.

It was natural for me to always be revered and respected.

I never thought I would hear such words from a low-class race that trampled to death on sight.

“Catch that kid right now and bring him to me.”

Raphael’s sharp command was issued.

[The special skill ‘Heavenly Precepts’ is activated!]

[A ‘sanctuary’ that restores divine power is created in a 10km radius!]

[Resistance to dark attribute entities increases by 30%!]

Golden dew It started pouring.

I flinch.

The growth rate of the plants, which had been growing without hesitation, has noticeably slowed down.

“It’s a start.”

“You must defend yourself.”

“If it doesn’t work out, let’s just choose to die in battle. “If you survive carelessly, it will be difficult to deal with the aftereffects of that leech later.”

The formation of the Stagnant Water Corporation has also completed preparations for battle.

“Turn everything to ashes!”

“Don’t let even a single one come inside!”

like that.

The forces of both sides clashed over the base.


The place where Jinhyuk followed was Ishmael’s first time to go.

A storage warehouse for sacred stones that is so huge and dangerous.

Because of this, I didn’t have a chance to peek into every nook and cranny, but I was confident that I had been here over 100 times.

In fact, the rest of the slaves also had full faith in this matter.



He must be a first-time visitor, but does he know so much about the inside?

Even the place I had just entered was not the kind of place you could find by chance.

“Hmm. It’s shabby. I had high expectations, but this is it?”

The composure shown while dragging one’s tongue.


“It would be more fun to fix this place like this. The next guy will never be able to fix it.”

It provides some advice and even corrections.

It was a sight that was hard to believe even when I saw it.

This was impossible without a complete understanding of traps and defensive magic.

But a while later, when I went to the deepest part of the storage room.


Ishmael realized that what he had seen so far was nothing.

“Look. Do you understand why I’m doing this?”

Jinhyuk licked his lips bitterly as he watched the scene unfolding below.

Quite a large underground space.

Several torches were burning there.

“Kill me

. Please…”

“I’d rather… I don’t have to sleep or eat, so let me dig up the sacred stone.”

The lowest-level angels tied to trees had multiple IVs attached to their bodies.

It’s not about injecting something.

You are taking something out of your body.


As the divine power was drawn out, the angels’ complexions became more and more white.

Some couldn’t bear it anymore and hung their heads.

“They were all friends who went to another village. I thought they went to a better place because they got hurt…”

Ishmael trembled slightly as he looked at the tied up angels.

Unknown emotions beyond shock and anger engulfed my entire body.

Common sense that you have known until now.

The hope that we were heading towards a slightly better future.

It was shattered.

“The sacred power that goes into the sacred stone. That is the identity of the raw material that goes into it.”

The bottom angels, whom it would not be surprising if they disappeared immediately.

There is no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity to grind up those cheap ingredients.

Additionally, you can have them mine sacred stones until their strength runs out.

“No matter how hard we struggle here, there is no future.”

We must not contaminate the sacred stone that is precious to everyone?

It’s bullshit.

In the first place, the sacred stone itself was a product created on someone’s life force.

“What do you think? Even after seeing the whole truth, can you just sit back and watch? Can you just be satisfied with living each day and wait until the day comes when you die?”

“I know!”

Ishmael couldn’t stand it anymore and jumped up.

“I… I know.”

My face was red due to complex emotions.

“But what should I do? I have no power.”

Why wouldn’t you want to escape from this hell?

Everyone would be the same, but there was nothing they could do as they were helpless.

“I’m not asking for much. Just help me do what I do and tell everyone the truth.”

“Hahaha. Are you saying that if you just do that, everything will change? I understand that you are not an ordinary angel, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are trapped.”

“Well, it’s my job to break that stereotype. Don’t change your mind later.”

“Huh? What does that mean… now wait a minute!”

Before Ishmael could stop him, something crazy happened.


Jinhyuk went down lightly and then threw himself away.

You’re jumping into the lion’s den yourself.

There was no doubt that he would be caught in less than a second and then his divine power would be extracted in the same way.

Because they were elites so strong that they could not even be compared to the supervisors.

It’s impossible not to get caught.

‘It’s an act of suicide.’

That’s what I thought.

The new model that disappeared like the wind.

…It’s not at the level of ‘fast’.

It’s completely impossible to follow with your eyes.

In fact, among the countless angels down there, not a single one caught Jinhyeok’s movements.

In an instant, Jinhyeok reached the place where divine power was gathered and dropped the black liquid.


A very faint black energy spread throughout the sacred power.

At first glance, there are no major changes.



[Holy power has been corrupted due to the blood of the fallen saint.]

[When absorbed. ‘Status abnormality’ and ‘corruption’ effects are granted.]

Attacking water supply sources was a fairly effective tactic even in modern warfare.

Although it was a bit unrealistic due to human rights issues and all.

‘There’s no need to worry about that here.’

There was no reason to show mercy to those who sacrificed their own people in the first place.

Jinhyeok, who achieved his goal, immediately returned to where Ishmael was waiting.

“It’s really… amazing.”

Ishmael let out an exclamation, still in disbelief.

“Keep your promise. It’s time to go back now.”

No matter how much you drink, it’s difficult to stay away for too long.

Ishmael also nodded and agreed.

Then, he looked at the tied angels as if he remembered something.

“Should I just… continue to let him suffer?”

“For now.”

I felt sorry for the angels who were still receiving divine power, but if I saved them now, all my plans would be in vain.

At least we have to hold out until the now polluted Holy Stone leaves this place and reaches the main army.

‘Is this much you can do?’

Magical power formed at the tips of Jinhyeok’s hands.

[The unique ability ‘Star’s Protection’ is activated.] A

warm energy filled me.

Divine power vaporized and scattered.

Heal your wounds through this. It was possible to increase the quantity and quality of divine power possessed.

The pain will be longer as you recover, but your chances of surviving until rescue will also increase exponentially.


If they survive, they will be reborn as beings who can become variables for counterattacks.

It will also be of great help in producing the ‘items’ that must be used for success in this war.

The plan went smoothly.


Jinhyeok, who returned to the prison, immediately told everyone what had happened in the storage room.

Of course, not everyone believed it at first.

It was expected.

If I were to suddenly say that angels were replaced to create a sacred stone, who would easily believe it?

However, it was Ishmael who was brought in to lend credibility to what he was saying.

“It’s all true.”

Ishmael opened his mouth heavily.

“That can’t be possible.”

“We…were all destined to die in the end?”

“They said they would let me live once the war was over…”

“I guess that’s it.”

“I can’t help it.”

The murmur grew louder.

But that was just it.

That has to be the case.

These people are steeped in slavery.

The slaves, struggling under the weight of great power and fear, had no will to look towards tomorrow.

Just today.

Because the only thing I could do right now was survive.

In fact, even now that his life was at stake, there seemed to be no great intention to change his situation.

“It won’t be easy. Contractor.”

Ellis also read the emptiness in their eyes.

As the leader of Ataraxia’s family, she thought it was impossible to change these people.


‘I have to do it.’

For the future, we must absorb them.

Jinhyuk took a step forward

and pulled out something from subspace.


“That is…!”

A strange change occurred on the faces of the angels, who had no souls to be found.

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