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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 736

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Episode 736 The Secret of the Holy Stone

Stay calm and composed.

The result of spraying bait without showing any signs finally paid off.

Jinhyuk, who had been pretending to sleep, opened his eyes.

“What are you talking about?”

“At first, I thought they were going to threaten me with my identity.”

The boy opened his mouth.

A secret that was protected even by being whipped instead.

Of course, I thought they would ask for future food or holy water in return. Or do something more than that.

But even after three days passed, Jinhyeok did not want anything.

This makes no common sense.

“It is true that the wings of Judas committed a great sin against Eden. In fact, there is no excuse for foolishly attaching themselves to the fallen angel Lucifer.”



Jinhyuk interrupted the boy.

I know what this guy wants to say.


okay. The boy just feels unfair.

All of those things….

“I don’t understand why you should die just because you are of traitor blood due to things that happened before you were even born.”

So I pretended not to know.

To be precise, I decided to adopt that concept.


The boy looked quite shocked.

That too for a while.

The boy looked at Jinhyuk as if he had decided something.

“My name is Ishmael. I truly appreciate the help of a stranger. At the same time, I apologize for misunderstanding your warm kindness through my narrow-minded perspective.”

“If you’re in a situation where you’re just eating porridge, why should you keep an apple?”


“If you’re really sorry, you could help me put in a few sacred stones. I’m fine, but my colleague is having a hard time because of the low-grade holy oil.”

Jinhyuk pointed to Ellis next to him.


“I’m… going to die. Really. I’m going to die.”

Ellis was lying sick with a pale face.

That’s not acting, it’s real pain.

As the true ancestor’s body, he consumes water and food containing cheap divine power every day, so his body is bound to weaken.

Although they were suppressing it with barriers as much as possible, that was only a temporary measure.

Ishmael accepted the words without much doubt.

“This is a common symptom experienced by first-time visitors. Okay, I know the warehouse where sacred stones are stored, so I’ll bring you some from there.”

“Is that possible?”

“Yes. I know of one secret hole in the back.”

As expected, it looks like I spent a long time living in a concentration camp.

There was a limit to just looking at it while moving to dig up sacred stones. That concern was resolved once and for all.

This is why it is convenient to have an internal helper.

“No, it’s dangerous to send you alone, so I’ll go with you. You have to have at least one angel to look after you, right?”

“Hmm. If you do, I’d be happy too. Would you mind? Here, if you are caught escaping from prison, you will be summarily punished.”

“It’s okay. Even though it’s like this, I’m confident that I can move secretly.”

Jinhyuk strongly pushed for companionship.

You must go directly to the place where the sacred stone is stored.

That’s why I was holding back in this shithole.

More than anything.

If you can only go to the warehouse, you will be able to see the hidden ‘real aspect’ of sacred stone manufacturing inside.

It was only now that infiltration began to make sense in earnest.


“The overseers will be busy drinking wine, so it will be safe.”

“You know you have to be here within 30 minutes, right?”

“You always have a hard time. I’m sorry.”

Among the angels, those whose eyes were still alive patted Ishmael on the back.

It seems that Ishmael has stolen sacred stones more than once.

Of course, not for personal gain, but for the purpose of feeding other sick people.

As evidence, several people were helping Ishmael escape from prison.

‘It seems he is quite trusted.’

I chose one angel correctly.

“I’m waiting here.”

“Ugh. I understand. But I’m so dizzy that if I keep going like this, I might end up sick and dying.”

Ellis made a hand gesture that seemed to have a lot of purpose.

Even without a detailed explanation, it was clear what he wanted.

Normally, I would have refused outright, but…

“Okay, just one bite instead.”

I can see him going through a hard time, but I can’t just refuse it.


So that no one notices.

Ellis sank her fangs into the back of Jinhyeok’s neck.


Exactly one bite.

I felt like all the blood and magic power in my body had been ripped out.

Even though it’s a temporary measure, it won’t be a big problem to hold on for a while since I’ve absorbed the blood.

Jinhyuk followed Ishmael out of the cage.


A driving snowstorm.

Due to the sharp drop in temperature, the amount of wine supervisors are drinking will also increase. Needless to say, the snowstorm was blocking my view.

Above all, the guys deployed here were given a completely different mission from the war, so it was relatively easier to exploit loopholes.

Because all that was possible was managing the slaves.

“This way.”

Ishmael led Jinhyeok through the maze-like shantytown.

We encountered heavily armed angels from time to time, but each time we escaped safely using a side road.

How long did it take to walk like that?

The place we finally arrived at was dozens of times bigger and bigger than the other shacks.

Ishmael climbed through the window like a squirrel and looked inside.


An exclamation flowed from Jinhyuk’s mouth.

Pure white stones piled up like a mountain.

It was a pile of sacred stones.

Seeing the faint gas trapped inside, it was clear that the infusion of divine power had been completed.

‘How much is it all?’

This is at least enough to sustain a corps-level force for more than a month.

of course.

Clap! Clap!

Befitting him. Unlike the ones we had come here for, the fact that it was swarming with dozens of heavily armored angels was a bonus.

“All you have to do is look out for someone coming from behind.”

Ishmael assumed a crawling position.

It was impossible to go directly between the guards, but it wasn’t that difficult to target the few sacred stones that had accumulated and spilled over.



Jinhyuk shook his head.

The purpose of coming here was not just for a few sacred stones.

“We’re going to play around with things here a little bit from now on.”

The sacred stone is one of the most important necessities for angels.

For humans, it’s like air, water, or food.


what if we contaminate all of this?

Something pretty interesting will probably happen.

Enough to completely collapse one axis of the war.

Jinhyuk took out a glass bottle containing a dark red liquid from his arms.

‘Blood of a fallen saint’.

If you drop this into the holy water being made, the ‘corrupt’ attribute will be forcibly given to the entire sacred stone. Of course, that doesn’t mean she’ll become as corrupted as Teresa…

…but it does cause diseases such as stomachache, diarrhea, and high fever.

Anything is possible.

“What are you…”

Ishmael glared at Jinhyeok as if he couldn’t believe it.

There was a mixture of contempt and anger in their eyes.

“No matter how much I am confined as a slave, I have no intention of desecrating the sacred stone, the most important to all angels.”

“Even if most of the sacred stones here are used by warriors?”

“There are probably innocent people among them. Above all, I don’t want to be the same as them.”


Look at this?

If you roll and roll in that hellish pit, it’s normal to break through.

Did this belief still remain?

The trustworthiness was still insufficient to persuade them just by blocking a few whips.

Jinhyuk’s gaze glanced into space.

To check once again the conditions for copying Ishmael’s abilities.

[Copy conditions: In order to copy Ishmael’s abilities, you must relieve yourself of the guilt of being a ‘traitor’ to your race. If it simply relieves guilt, you can copy one of the ‘unique abilities’ and ‘skills’, and if it also provides a new direction for life through it, you can copy Ishmael’s unique spear.] Ishmael’s unique spear ‘

black’ ‘Bloodline’ and unique ability ‘Bloody Silver Coin’.

These were all abilities specialized for destroying divine power.

Not only does it fit well with Teresa’s ‘fall’. Having it will be a great help in dealing with the Angels of Eden.

‘I can’t help it.’

A little shock therapy is bound to be necessary.

“Follow me. I will show you how the sacred stone you cherish so much is made.”

After seeing that, I will see if I can maintain my current answer.

Jinhyuk threw his body around at will.

“Wait a minute. It’s dangerous if you go without knowing the way…”

It happened without any time to stop it.


While the Corporation and Alliance are busy trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle for victory.

Strange things were happening elsewhere in the tower as well.

thud! thud! thud!

A huge army approached the dragon lair.

“It was quite a struggle.”

The Archangel of Eden, Raphael, let out an irritated complaint.

The road to get here was not very smooth.

Of course, due to the need to make a surprise attack, the path that should have been a straight line went round and round. Boundary magic also had to be approached by breaking it down as carefully as possible.

This means that the mission was completely opposite to the usual refreshing style of pressing down with a mace.


All the hardships are now over.

“Hehehe. You never dreamed we would come.”

“They must be crazy just creating a base in an unfamiliar Eden.”

“Isn’t that saying that it’s impossible to win in an information war? Hahaha!”

At first glance, enemies are attacking Eden. It could have been thought that the union of angels and the universe would prevent this.

That is completely wrong.

A base occupation war literally means attacking each other’s base.

The attacking side also faced the risk of their home base being attacked at any time.

Like right now.

[If the enemy’s base is destroyed during a base battle, all of the enemy’s stats and abilities are reduced by +1%. However, as the importance of the base increases, the percentage of declining stats and abilities increases.]

Dragon Lair is Jinhyeok’s main base.

If we can just destroy this place, we will be able to drive a wedge into this damn war.

“What are the enemy’s defenses?”

“It’s embarrassing to call it a base. The magic response is only a few tens at most. Even then, it’s scattered all over the place.”

The size of the Dragon Lair was very large and complex.


Just a few tens is all.

“I knew that the human lifespan would be insufficient to experience such a large-scale war, but… I am too complacent.”

Murugan, the god of the universe, had a bitter taste in the battle of Seonbong.

That humiliation.

The opportunity to wash in the name of the great Eden has come.

“Send the ghosts. Let’s see how the enemy responds.”

Raphael started lightly.


Immediately, the angels loosened their chains.


The bloodthirsty beasts have captured their prey.

‘Sorsa ‘.

It is a combat-type phantom beast with the ability to re-embody divine power into fire-attribute magic. It was

trained with considerable effort in Eden, and was a unique species with excellent balance in attack and defense as well as mobility.



10 beasts. More than a dozen Sorsa all rushed into position.

The distance narrowed in an instant.

The base, which was not equipped with proper defensive equipment, allowed their intrusion too easily.

“It’s the end.”

Raphael clicked his tongue as if there was nothing more to see.

Once inside, there would be no way to stop the Sorsa.

But just then.

[The ‘shadow plants without an owner’ awakened.]

Something unexpected happened.

Puffer . Puff!

The dark-purple tree trunks rose up.

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