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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 735

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Episode 735 A huge pit just outside the village

on a moonlit night .

More than a thousand residents were gathered there.

Those who have no wings or very small wings. They were the lowest level angels.

‘I’m digging for magic stones that will become the mold for sacred stones.’

Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.

Unlike magic gemstones, which are generally bluish, this gemstone is pure white.

Only within it could divine power be contained.

One of the reasons I came to this village was related to that sacred stone.

Kaang! Kang!

Did he work with a pickaxe all day?

There are more than one person who stumbles.

of course.

“Move quickly, quickly!”

“Do you all want to die? They are like scum.”

The whippings of the angels who appeared to be administrators did not contain any mercy.

Blood splatters and flesh is torn off.

It is as cruel as using medieval slaves.

“Cruel bastards… How can angels do that?”


Jinhyuk cursed.

And Ellis stared at Jinhyuk.

“Hmm! Great. Let’s blend in there first. Pretending to be a worker will make it easier to enter the village.”

Jinhyuk created two shells using ‘bast cotton balls’.

The scars from being whipped and the pale gold eyebrows common among the lowest-ranking angels were noticeable.

Since his body was already emitting a faint divine power, he would be able to blend in without being suspected.

‘There are so many of them.’

Even if two more people are added to the crowd of over 1,500 people, nothing will change.

Jinhyuk and Ellis approached the outskirts of the pit, hiding their presence as much as possible.

“Huh. Huh….”

“Water… just a little bit….”

“I wish it would just end.”

Half-dead corpses.

There was no hope to be found in the pupils that had lost focus.

These zombie-like people are not allowed.

A little more.

I need to find someone who is even a little bit lively.

As Jinhyuk walked cautiously, a boy caught his eye.

Likewise, although his entire body was covered with wounds, the spark of fire was alive in his eyes.

Leftover money.

It was extinguished several times, but the flame clearly remained.

Plus the boy’s eye and eyebrow color.

Unlike the others, it had a blue glow.

The wings were also growing on only one side.

This is going to be fun.

I never thought I would meet a rare species in a place like this.

good. That’s enough.

We found the right person.


I stood next to him holding the pickaxe I had purchased in advance at the coin exchange.


A stranger approached next to him, but the boy continued his work without hesitation.

It was then that Jinhyuk stopped talking.

“I didn’t know there were survivors left on Judah’s wing.”

A word thrown out abruptly.


A variety of emotions burst out from the boy’s expression, who had little interest in his fingernails.

“You… did it… how?”

“Eyes and wings. Beings with such features are not that common.”

The Wings of Judah are those who sided with Lucifer during the war between Eden and the Demon World a long time ago.

Some kind of traitors.

All those involved were purged and their existence was erased from history.

At least that was what was known in Eden.

‘But there are always survivors.’

Jinhyuk waited for the boy’s reaction as if he was interested.

“Do you… plan to talk?”

If this is natural, it is a natural reaction.

Traitors are everyone’s exploits.

If you reveal your identity, you will be immediately executed by having your limbs torn apart.

“Well, do we really need to do that?”

Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders.

They had come to this village in the past, but this time, the ancient beings and even Addon had intervened. The situation in Eden had changed considerably.

This means that there is a gap between existing information and reality.

so that.

Someone who knew the internal situation in detail was absolutely necessary.

Right then.

“Are these people crazy? Why are they making such a fuss when they aren’t doing what they are told to do?”

An angel patrolling around opened his eyes.

Immediately, the whip in his hand stretched out like lightning.


Jinhyuk took that punishment instead.

“Block it?”

The supervisor tried to crack the whip again.

“Just do it in moderation. If we get hurt, there will be a problem with our supply, right? Already, the quota would have increased because of the war, but are you really okay with that?”


The hand that was about to strike him stopped for a moment.

As I said, I was about to have a headache due to the quota being double the usual amount.

In wars with other great powers, no matter how many sacred stones there were, they were not enough.


“I don’t think the amount of mining will change just because one or two of the dying bugs are gone.”


The whip struck again.

A red line appeared on Jinhyuk’s back.

“You guys…”




“Thinking that something is important is in itself arrogance!”

The whip moved at an invisible speed.

Because it is not allowed to be seen, no defensive magic or skills can be used.

For the first time in a while, a searing pain hit my entire body.

Damn it.

You memorized the face.

I wanted to rip out his head like a Lego right now, but if I did that, my attempts to infiltrate would be in vain.

In order to achieve great things, you will have to endure these trials.

The life of a great actor is always difficult.

The big problem wasn’t their patience, but rather Ellis’s.

“How dare you…”

Ellis’s eyes were bloodshot as she saw Jinhyeok getting hurt.


Blood slowly begins to collect.

Jinhyuk indicated with his hand that it was okay, but Ellis’ sense of reason was already cut off.

One more second and the entire village might have evaporated.


“Stop it. If you do that, you’ll be in trouble if you die.”

Another supervisor stopped his colleague.


The angel who had been whipping him seemed to have lost his temper and retreated, pretending not to be able to resist.

Only after about 6 hours had passed did the long labor come to an end.

“Work done!”

“Everyone, get ready to go back. If you want to sleep a little longer, move quickly. You slugs!”

The slaves moved to the village in groups of five and ten.


The heavy door opened.

I knew it.

‘The lost language is engraved in this too.’

Not for defense, but for alarm.

They intentionally create a loophole in the village’s own security, and if someone breaks in, news is immediately delivered to Eden’s leadership.

If they had invaded by force, their target would have been exposed before they even started planning.

We arrived at a dormitory where slaves were gathered.

It’s a good place to stay. All that was left was straw spread out in an open cage with no place to escape the wind.

There was sticky porridge stuck to the dishes that I didn’t know when they had been washed.

“Eat and sleep. I’ll start working again in 5 hours.”

Holy water and porridge containing a small amount of divine power dissolved in it.

That was all the meal was.

Even though there was a fuss about eating each other.

As soon as the gluttonous meal was over, almost everyone fell asleep.

In order to cope with the fatigue accumulated in my body and the labor that would begin again, I had to force my eyes to close.


The night was deep.

The crescent moon seen for the first time in Eden gave off a particularly cold light.

“…Are you okay?”

Before we knew it, Ellis came and sat next to Jinhyuk.

“It’s just a bit of a mosquito bite.”

“The wound looks deep.”

Ellis’s hand touched.

“This isn’t a big deal…”

Jinhyuk, who was about to laugh, trailed off.

This is because Ellis’ fingertips that were touching her body were trembling slightly.


“The contractor… is also getting hurt.”

A strong being who always held on like a mountain and led us to victory.

Such people bleed and get hurt.

It will break, get ruined, and in the worst case scenario, you could die.

‘Bat face sphere’ is erased.

A night with only faint moonlight remaining.

Ellis’s eyes turned to Jinhyuk.

The wish I’ve had my whole life… has already come true.

Because the traitorous family heads were punished and the name and meaning of Ataraxia was restored.

I lived for only that one thing, and I thought that if I could achieve just that, there would be no regrets.


A new wish has arisen.

Now, I want to escape from the dark past and create a tomorrow with my precious person.

“Jim is anxious.”

I’m so anxious and anxious that I can’t stand it.

An emptiness that cannot be filled even though we are together.

The reality is that you have to watch without receiving anything in return.


A future where that precious being is heading towards an increasingly dangerous and dark place.

“What do you think of Jim?”

“What… do you mean?”

“Don’t you know that Jim likes you? He’s just trying to ignore it for a greater purpose.”


Jinhyuk closed his mouth heavily.

There’s no way he wouldn’t know Alice’s feelings while being closer to him than anyone else.


As Ellis said, there were more important things left to do now.

“It’s not a question I really wanted an answer to. I just hope the contractor is safe. I hope he survives and is by my side when the end of this tower comes.”

All I want is just one thing.

Just being together is enough.

Ellis smiled sadly.

“Still, my pride won’t forgive me for looking at him too much, so shall I try being a little greedy?”

at the same time.

I felt a soft and warm touch on Jinhyuk’s lips.


It seems like time has stopped.

Even when fighting Nyarlathotep. Even when I first met Azathoth. And I never felt this way even when I first climbed to the top of the tower.

Jinhyuk flinched, but Ellis pressed closer to him.

He wrapped Jinhyuk’s shoulders with both hands and knocked him down.

The silver hair that hung down like a skein of thread gently brushed the nape of Jinhyuk’s neck.

The feel of your skin and the feel of your lips.

The red eyes that looked like they were about to be sucked in slowly closed as if they wanted to remember this moment forever.

Emotions are conveyed.

Even though it was so cold inside the prison, a warmth bloomed.

Jinhyuk also quietly closed his eyes.


I think I slept particularly well that night.

When dawn broke. The image of Ellis sleeping peacefully in my arms came into view.

Jinhyuk gently stroked Ellis’ head.

…I think my complicated mind has become a little more organized.

A reason to live.

The purpose of living has become more solid.

‘I can’t afford to lose.’

I will definitely overcome whoever my opponent is.

Unlike in the past, now there are precious people to protect.

like that.

Three days passed.

In the meantime, Jinhyuk silently completed the assigned tasks and focused only on mining sacred stones. I didn’t forget to look around the village from time to time and collect information.

-The torch soaked in holy oil was secured. Hercules and Thor captured the two southern fortresses.

-In a week, the deployment of the mechanized corps will almost be completed. They’re continuing to launch small-scale assaults, but Yeonhwa is holding on strong.

-Mr. Jinhyuk. I succeeded in recapturing the eastern POW camp with Gabriel. Most of them are seriously injured, but I think they will be able to join our forces once they recover a little.

Ravens made of bone brought news from other scattered companions.

Everyone was faithfully carrying out their duties.

And when the fourth day came.

“What are you planning?”

The boy approached Jinhyuk.


The moment I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

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