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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 734

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Episode 734 A village of outcasts.

A mountain full of green crystals and gems.

The place where the Green Clan’s rares were concentrated maintained a peaceful yet noble beauty.


A being with a black flame came to the territory of the Green clan.

“Im here.”

“This is where the green ones live.”

Vedymion and Salacid, who followed Addon, bowed their heads.

“Is it a barrier created by overlapping verbs?”

Addon muttered as he looked at the faint green wavelength.

A dragon phrase that can be said to be a symbol of a dragon.

Among them, what unfolded here was of a different kind.

It was a kind of space distortion field created by the elders of the Green Clan over time.

Of course, the moment unauthorized intruders set foot here, they will be trapped in an unknown location. Due to this alone, the Green Clan’s rare has never been invaded by outsiders.


This is a story limited to ordinary residents and deities.

Quad deuk!

For Addon, an ancient dragon, the dragons’ unleashed dragons were at a level where it was impossible to even tie his feet for a moment.

The shattered fragments of the barrier fell to the floor.

Immediately, the place where the Green clan’s rares were gathered appeared.

Pinot Noir.

The dragon leading the Green clan welcomed Addon.

“For someone who is in the midst of a war… how are you doing this all the way to this far away place?”

I’m not really asking this.

Because the purpose was so obvious.

“I’ll say it last because it doesn’t suit my taste to check the seasoning needlessly.”

Addon made a final offer.

“What do you mean?”

“Give up your position as Lord and join the plan. If you go astray here, it won’t be a problem for you as Lord, but your entire clan will be destroyed.”

This is not a threat.

Intimidation is something that those in power clumsily bark at to avoid a bigger conflict.

What Addon says now is calm. It was close to just telling us what would happen in the future.


“That’s a difficult request.”

Pinot Noir kicked Edon’s ultimatum as it was.

The rest of the Green clan behind them were just a little scared. It seemed like he had no intention of backing down.

“You mean everyone is going to die.”

“Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.”


Pinot Noir released its polymorph form and returned to its original form.



The rest of the clan also released their polymorphs.


“How dare you? Who are you rebelling against!”

Vedymion and Salacid immediately sought to punish the impious people.

In the blink of an eye, a 10-circle annihilating dragon spell was cast.

“Don’t come forward.”

Addon took a step forward.


A terrifying fear erupted.

Black salt spreads in a straight line along the ground.

The forest began to scream and burn.

“…I didn’t want to kill the dragon with my own hands if possible.”

Addon let out a small sigh and gathered his magic power.

It is a fight that has become unavoidable.


It would be best to end it as quickly as possible and return to the original battlefield.


Arrows made of black flame appeared in Addon’s hands.

There is no need to go back to the main body.

A few of these arrows are enough.


The three arrows were aimed at Pinot Noir first.

A shield made of Yongeon wrapped the Pinot Noir in 0.1 seconds.

of course.

Puff puff puff!

It was impossible to block the arrow even with the strongest shield made of dragon words.

Three arrows shattered the shield and penetrated inside.

But right before the arrow pierced the dragon scale.


Something intervened.

A stream of golden-colored water overflowed.

An arrow of black flame that evaporated like a lie.

A huge amount of water vapor came out.

“Really. You have to protect it well. I believe it. really!”

Even though I am shaking, I keep capturing the waves that are flooding in.

A player with the ability to manipulate water.

It was Elder God’s apostle Jang Bo-kyung.

And behind her.


Indescribable rays of light poured down sequentially.

[The Elder God’s body appears.]


For the first time, tension appeared on Addon’s always relaxed face.

The strongest force known to be the only one capable of opposing the Outer Gods.

This is because fragments of another being that bisects the 50th floor have seeped into Jang Bo-kyung’s body.


Jang Bo-kyung frowned.

No matter how much you are in the position of an apostle. And it is said that he inherits some of the power of the Elder God. The extent of that power goes far beyond common sense.

Therefore, it is only natural that it puts a strain on the body.


There were ample reasons to take such risks.

Because the primordial power encompassing all three states began to unfold before my eyes.


Same time.

After safely crossing the river, Jinhyeok and the coalition quickly established a temporary base.

Fortunately, I overcame the crisis, but the consumption of stamina and magic power was much greater than expected.

This means that it is impossible to reach the original destination.

“Please let me get as much rest as possible.”

“i get it.”

“Thanks to you, we have overcome another crisis.”

“I’m truly glad we’re on the same side. Although it’s a cliche to say, I know.”

Deities from each myth came to Jinhyeok and each said a word.

Not a typical greeting, but sincere.

If it weren’t for Jinhyeok, more than half of them would have buried their bones in that river.

“What did I do? It’s all thanks to everyone not panicking and doing their part.”

“You’re even humble.”

“It’s a good thing I chose you as leader.”

“Hahaha! It’s changed a lot since before.”

“ha ha ha.”

Jinhyuk smiled awkwardly.



“There’s no way the owner would do that.”

“Rather than that, those guys called God are getting caught up in that kind of acting?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Because we’re not together every day like we are.”

“Mosquito mosquito.”

Only the members of the Goinmul Corporation and the spirit beasts had blurry eyes.

And as expected.

‘I’ve created a decent image, so I need to start rolling it out in earnest now.’

Jinhyeok’s mind was filled with thoughts about how to efficiently run the slaves.

They are probably feeling a sense of crisis by now.

Since the turning blow missed, of course I couldn’t help but feel impatient.

‘If you want to take a hit, now is the time.’

I heard from Jang Bo-kyung that Addon went to punish the Green clan.

A vacuum of maximum power called the ancient dragon.

And the possibility that the maximum power could be fatally damaged by the Elder Gods.

The timing when these two conditions are met does not come around very often.

Jang Bo-kyung, who inherited the power of the Elder God, would be able to tie Addon down for at least a day.

Jinhyuk’s eyes turned to the map in the middle of the tent.

A strategic map that lists all of Eden’s bases. Important information given by Gabriel and the tendencies of Raphael and Uriel were added.

Let’s see.

The place that is most painful and painful in the current situation…

… has been found.

Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.

If you attack a few locations organically, you will be able to maximize the damage.

“Now, let’s fill our bellies first and then rest. It will be night when we move.”

Warm stew and hot alcohol made at ‘Isekai Restaurant’.

Fruits, cheese and even nuts.

A diet optimized for rejuvenation and nutritional supplementation was prepared.

This is a culinary skill that has reached a very high level.

Even the Greek gods, who enjoyed nectar and ambrosia, were busy devouring Jinhyeok’s dishes.

“Oh, that’s right, Ms. Teresa. Can I see you for a moment?”

Jinhyuk called out Teresa, who was munching on her food like a hamster.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of of! Gulp! Yes yes!”

Teresa came running in one step.

“Before we disperse, there is one thing I need to ask of Teresa.”

“Of course. Just tell me anything!”

“Can we get just one drop of blood? We need blood in its ‘corrupted’ state, not just that.”

“Ah… yes. It is possible.”

Jinhyuk handed Teresa a glass bottle.

Teresa drew her sword without hesitation.

Then, I suddenly remembered something and looked at Jinhyuk.



“There’s something I want to say when this is all over. Actually, I wanted to keep doing it… but I don’t think I’ll even have the chance if it’s too late.”

He blurts out words that are reminiscent of a death flag without hesitation.

If it weren’t for the saint, she would have blocked her mouth midway.

‘I don’t think it’s a guarantee. Are there any necessary relics?’

Seeing that his face was blushing, it was clear that he was about to say something quite embarrassing.

“All right.”

Jinhyuk nodded and returned the vial containing blood.

The night was so deep.

When the clouds catch the moonlight and create a fantastic sight.

Many shadows escaped from the base.


The new model stepped lightly on the clouds and disappeared in an instant.

The place Jinhyeok was aiming for was the ‘Village of the Abandoned’ on the border.

“It seems like an ordinary village… Why did you target this place?”

Ellis, who was next to me, opened her eyes wide.

“This isn’t just a village… no, it’s better than that. “You said go to the lake to the east, so why did you come this way?”

“But…! It’s scary out here! “There are a lot of winged guys who use a lot of divine power, so if this noble body attains Buddhahood, would it be good for the contract?”

When do you always pretend to be the strongest?

When I tell him to go alone, he suddenly looks weak.

Jinhyuk clicks his tongue and shakes his head. Ellis got even more upset.

“I get it. Why not go! “Don’t cry later when Jim dies!”

That’s a mess.

If we let things go like this, he won’t come out of the ring for at least a month.

“no. Come with me.”

“Are you saying that on purpose to make Jim feel better?”

“no. “It’s because I really need you.”

“Ahem! Still, you know something. Angels, too, would be equally afraid of the burden that is at odds with their divine power.”

Ellis, who was in a good mood again, clung to Jinhyuk’s side.

“So what should we do? “I think a small village like that could be sorted out in 10 minutes if left to any faction in the coalition, right?”

It may not seem that way on the outside.

but. That’s not just a village.

A power that is absolutely necessary for all beings in Eden to exercise their power.

‘Divine power’.

That village is one of the places where sacred stones containing the source are manufactured.

Similar to Heaven’s Door. No, rather, I could see barriers and defensive magic spread more secretly than that.

They must have also prepared appropriate defenses.

‘I disguised it well, but it’s my fault that it happened to me.’

There are things in the world that you cannot hide even if you want to.

“Put this on over. “Follow me as carefully as possible.”

Jinhyuk took out a black hood and handed it to Ellis.

Then, as if something occurred to me, I added a small gem with a white gas inside.

“You have to eat this.”

“Ugh. It smells bad. Hood, even so, what is this?”

“It’s a sacred stone that contains divine power. “If you eat this, you won’t be caught when you go to town, so don’t talk nonsense and eat it.”

“…i get it. Why not eat it? “If you eat it.”

Although she mumbled, Ellis reluctantly put the jewel in her mouth.


A dazzling light enveloped the bodies of Ellis and Jinhyuk.

The Shinseongseok, which has been slightly modified through ‘system manipulation’, will provide the function of concealment while causing as little damage as possible to Ellis.

Of course, even this would be discovered immediately if there were a high-ranking angel.

Jinhyuk and Ellis headed straight to the village.

Although the village is not large in size, the security at the entrance was quite tight.

Heavily armed Angels of Eden were gathered in front of the main gate.

Among the crabs, there was a medium-sized phantom beast called the Scavenger of Eden.

“It appears that it is not an ordinary village as the contractor said.”

“It seems like it would be too big to just break through… There must be a back road somewhere here…”

This was when Jinhyuk was looking for gaps here and there.


I found something good just in time.

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