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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 733

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Episode 733 A torrent of pure white (2)

The various gods that exist throughout the world have tremendous power in themselves.

Changing the weather.

Intervening in the providence of nature.

These are the abilities that crush the enemy with overwhelming force.


Murugan actually pales in comparison to those monsters.

Exactly the level of a high-ranking power. It only has mediocre power.

Nevertheless, Murugan receives overwhelming trust in war. This was because he was exceptional at identifying the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses and driving them into a corner.

-Doubt every action and word.


-Look ahead to one move more than your opponent sees.

Murugan perfectly analyzed Jinhyeok based on the information so far.

What tactics and strategies do you like to use?

How do you show your wits when faced with a crisis or when a variable arises?

Literally everything.

‘I wouldn’t be able to defeat you with simple force, but this isn’t a fight to show off your strength.’

Only by making the situation as close as possible will the prey think that they have completely escaped.

For this purpose, ‘Shipship Group’ and ‘Shoggus’. Even the breaths of the two dragons ‘Altera and Aden’ were used as consumables for one last move.

Isn’t that too much?

No way.

The man who brought down so many gods had to do something like this.

Or rather, it was difficult to say whether this would be enough to completely suffocate him.

[‘Echo of the battlefield’ calls to the ancient being.]

A huge shadow writhing in the clouds.



The scattered Shogus screamed all at once.

at the same time.


A gigantic being revealed its power.


The air was frozen.

“There is no time to relax. There is no time to relax.”

Jinhyuk wet his lips with his tongue.

An energy that tightens the heart and hardens the bones.

This is the magic power I know.

In fact, when it comes to ancient beings, even if you encounter them just once, your whole body can’t help but remember their intimidation and severity.

Jinhyuk looked at the slowly rising being.

[The ancient god ‘Kaalut’ appears!]

A figure in the shape of a huge caterpillar began to move under the clouds.


“Spread out!”

Screams erupted from everywhere.

Maintaining a wedge formation to minimize air resistance was actually detrimental.

However, Kaalut rose faster than the speed at which the ship spread.


A pillar of fire swirled.



The white clouds turned red.

It was because the monster was so large that it was rampaging around and firing wide-range planes.

Everyone instinctively moved to find a way out.

It was no longer possible to go to the original destination, but a new land began to appear right next to it.

If I could just go beyond that huge cloud…

…I could get out of this hell.

Right then.

“You can’t go that way!”

Jinhyuk noticed something.

Kaalut does not run amok randomly.

At first glance, it looked like they were slaughtering people at random, but they were driving them in by subtly changing the flow of clouds.

In other words, that cloud zone is not a way out but a dead end.

but. No matter how much I shouted, the response was slow.

If things continue like this…


The worries didn’t last long.

Jinhyeok took out the frost spirit’s spear and called Cheon Yuseong.

“Tsk. You’re so different.”

Cheon Yu-seong grunted as he pulled out his sword.

He, too, instinctively realized that the flow was dangerous.



Jinhyeok and Cheon Yu-seong moved at the same time.



Jinhyuk riding on a sweet potato and a silphid respectively. Cheon Yu-seong flew above the clouds.


The blue river flowing through the sword.

The important thing is to protect our allies as much as possible.

We must attract aggro and let Kaalut focus on this.



Fortunately, Kaalut quickly responded to Jinhyeok. He noticed the existence of.

An eerie murderous spirit was directed at Jinhyeok.

That was bound to be the case.

Wasn’t he the one who offended countless ancient beings and not too long ago dared to set foot in the palace of Azathoth, a place not even he could enter? The one who

chewed up that arrogant human and swallowed him up. That was the only reason he appeared here.

The clouds turned green.

Due to the extreme poison, even the color of the air began to change to primary colors.

“No! Put the others before those two guys…!”

Murugan hurriedly tried to dissuade Kaalut.

He risked rudeness to let him know which was the priority.

However, for an ancient being, personal games of numbers and strategies are important. It wasn’t.


Acidic liquid sprayed from the caterpillar’s mouth.

Okay, I was caught.

Jinhyeok flew low and narrowed the distance to Kaalut as much as possible.



He dodged it quite narrowly.

If there had been even a little bit of delay, he would have just melted into a mushy mess.


Cheon Yu-seong also managed to escape from being turned into jelly by using the strength of his sword.

If he had not learned the season of the Sword Demon, no matter how much he wielded the Chuhon Sword, it would be of no use.

[Cheon Yu-seong] Meteor activates the unique spear ‘White Night’!]

A pure white snowstorm engulfed the sword.

“Hey! There’s no need to fight…”

“Just running away… isn’t suited for you.”

Cheon Yu-seong climbed onto Kaalut’s body.



The bugs living on Kaalut’s back responded to their prey. It had

three jaws with sharp pincers.

The sickle-like tail was covered in the same type of poison that Kaalut used.


Cheon Yu-seong’s blade disappeared as it was.

A pure white line appeared between the snowflakes.

The essence of the sword demon, said to cut down even winter

. A pure white sword strike split the air.



The bodies of bugs cut into dozens of pieces. They fell left and right.

Seven in one blow.

The parasites, equivalent to Shogus level, fell down without even being able to react properly.


Jinhyeok whistled. It was quite good

. I could feel that Cheon Yuseong had really become stronger.


problem was that the number of parasites killed just now was nothing more than a mere stymied compared to the total. I lost seven, but the number was ten times greater than that in an instant. filled the place.



At that time, it was Ellis who stepped forward.

“I will take care of the lowly things. Hit me hard, you stupid swordsman.”

Ellis, who was floating in the sky, fired at the skewers indiscriminately.


The pouring red rain turned all the parasites into grilled skewers.

There really was a gap of about a second.

Cheon Yu-seong poured all his magic power into the sword he held with both hands. It was swollen.

The tangible black energy extended about 3 meters.


Just like that, Kaalut’s outer skin was cut off and penetrated deep into his inner flesh.


A long, long roar came out from Kaalut’s mouth.

Unfamiliar pain. It was because of that, but what struck the nerves the most was that the bug couldn’t understand the subject.

Immediately, thin threads sprouted from its body.

Thin, thin threads that barely felt weight.

But those threads became invisible starting from the next moment. It became a whip with incredible speed.



Cheon Yu-seong swung his sword like crazy.

There was no time to catch his breath as the innumerable threads were blowing like a storm.

“So. I told you not to fight. That kid just made me angry.”

“If something like this is going on, you should have said something a long time ago!”

Even if I tried to tell him, he wouldn’t have listened.

Anyway, I don’t know when that hot-tempered personality will change.

But thanks to Cheon Yu-seong’s rampage. A significant number of troops were able to escape.

Because Kaalut was destroying allies and enemies at will, even Murugan’s fleets were unable to approach.

‘This is enough.’

Since we exchanged one blow each, it can be considered a draw.

Next time, I will definitely finish it off.

“Let’s get out of the way.”

“Tsk. I understand.”

Jinhyeok and Cheon Yuseong prepared to escape.

They planned to use the moment while Ellis was providing cover.

Of course,

Kaalut had no intention of allowing them to run away.


Eight legs above the clouds. It came up.

Its wings were about to spread.

I felt the determination to chase after it, even to the end of Eden.

“Let’s not relax too much already. It’s the first day.”

Jinhyeok took out a book from sub-space.

[‘Necronomicon’ opens.]


The pages turned quickly.

Because my understanding of the book was still low, I couldn’t make Kaalut back down. .



It is quite possible to confuse the Shogus.

It is possible. As

the unfamiliar command was given, the Shogus shook their heads left and right.

That was also for a moment. They started biting Kaalut.

Kaalut and the parasites attached to his body. And even the Shogus. A truly

spectacular scene unfolded where they were killing each other.

“That’s great.”

Cheon Yoo-seong said during the battle between the Shogus and Kaalut. I looked at him and swallowed dry saliva.

“Then from now on, those guys called Shogus can do whatever they want?”

“No. That’s not right.”

This time, we just found a gap in a certain command system.

Next time, the part where the neural circuit is located will be completely cut out.

So until then, we’ll have to think of another way to attack that monster.

⁕ ⁕⁕

Thanks to the hard work of the members of the Stagwater Corporation, they were able to overcome the white torrent with minimal damage.

For Eden, it was like allowing the enemy to enter a very annoying strategic point.

And now.

The center of Eden, where the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is located. In , numerous gods and great heroes gathered in one place.

“They shouted so loudly that they would definitely be able to stop it.”

“If there was at least some success, don’t tell me. I heard you barely reduced the number of troops?”

“If we had known it would be like this, we would have gone.”

The angels each uttered one word:

“Shut up!”

“It’s not our fault, it’s because Kaalut did something unexpected!”

“therefore. “Are you saying it was the fault of the ancient deity?”

“That’s not what I said…”

An argument went back and forth between Cheonsei and Eden.

Although they were ostensibly in the same boat, they were hiding knives in each other’s stomachs.

This is because of the characteristic that they can only revive when their opponent falls.

Therefore, whenever the opportunity arose, they were anxious to disparage each other in any way possible.

“Where is Mr. Addon?”

Samiel, who couldn’t see anything, asked.

It is an ancient being, an unpredictable force that moves as it pleases.

Next, of course, was Addon, the ancient dragon.

He will be needed to unite the forces that are divided due to the painful defeat.


“He went to punish the traitor.”

“You won’t be gone for a few days.”

Altera and Aden, members of the Gold clan, only shrugged their shoulders.

“It’s difficult.”

Absent when I needed it most.

My head was already pounding as I didn’t know how to stop that terrible Kang Jin-hyuk.

“Don’t worry too much. “He also prepared for the situation when they crossed the river.”

This is war.

Stealing each other’s bases.

In other words.

This means that Goinmul Corporation also has a place to protect.

“It looks like almost all of the main forces have been brought in…”

Indeed, how can you protect your base?

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