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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 732

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Episode 732 Pure White Torrent (1)

[The Union Fleet is setting sail!]

The ships stretched forward across the whirlpool.

A threatening whirlpool threatened to swallow the ship at any moment, but thanks to the ‘will of the ocean current’, such an unfortunate incident did not occur.

It’s smooth sailing.

That was when I was thinking about it.

It’s flashing.

A red light blinked in a torrent of pure white.

Is that really possible?


Jinhyuk reflexively screamed.


The boat that was leading stumbled greatly.

The warriors inside were thrown away due to the tremendous impact.



The ship was destroyed in half with a scream.

This is not a shock that an improvised ship can withstand.


The loud roar of the beast signaled the beginning of despair.

I never thought there would be life living in such a torrent. There was something absurd lurking there.

[The ‘Shoggus’ of the abyss appear!]

An entity that lives on the 50th floor.

A 5m tall monster with numerous mouths and eyes moved quickly under the clouds.

The eyes can barely follow the shadows.

‘Damn it.’

Jinhyuk bit his lip.

Of course, this was not the source on the 50th floor.

An improved form optimized for Eden, which is overflowing with divine power. Although the original power was halved, the ability to maintain speed in the clouds felt much more difficult.

More than anything.

There was absolutely no way to outrun the Shogus with a raft like this.

Puff puff puff!


“Tsk! “You’re so damn fast.”

Ellis, who was throwing red skewers, looked very excited.

It is difficult to secure visibility due to thick clouds.

For Jinjo, the unique power of divine power, which was a polar opposite, also greatly contributed to making aiming difficult.


Once again, a hole was made in the boat carrying more than 500 people.

“Chi is sinking!”

“Abandon ship!”

“Ugh! “Help me!”

Screams and the smell of blood come together in one place.

Their voices calling for help rang out desperately, but rescuing them would inevitably result in greater damage.

One… two… no, a lot more Shogus were moving around.


In addition to the Shogus, there was something much bigger lurking around.


Ice powder gathered at the tips of Jinhyuk’s fingers.

You have to slow down and then defeat them one by one.

That was when I was thinking about that.


The sounds of horns continued through the thick fog.

at the same time.


A huge number of ships appeared on the other side.

“Jinhyuk Kang!”

Cheon Yu-seong, who was in charge of the left flank, immediately called Jin Hyeok.

“The right side is blocked!”

The same reaction continued from Teresa, who was in charge of the right.

‘Are you saying that they approached while hiding in the fog, taking advantage of the opportunity to distract the Shogus?’

Although the design was simple, the most surprising thing was that so many ships were operated while completely hiding the presence of magical power.

This scene shows how rigorous the training was.

“Are you already planning to deploy this much force without even a preliminary battle?”

I thought it was a bit strange when I handed over Heaven’s Door so easily.

I never thought the next one would be the real gateway.

Jinhyuk tried to calm his complicated mind.

Be careful.

You shouldn’t panic.

Every response from now on will be directly related to the absolute loss of power.


“You got it right.”

One of the main gods of the millennium. ‘Murugan’ looked at the enemy lines from atop the most luxurious and largest ship.

An angular face and a solid build.

The energy emanating from his body exuded the experience of a veteran in battle without any filtering.

“Thoroughly surround and annihilate them. “You will never be able to escape with their improvised ship.”


Thousands of warriors headed to their respective locations.


The huge crossbows on board the ship were loaded.

There is no need to concentrate firepower.

Even if you hit just one hit at a time, it will slowly sink.

of course.

Even the chief priests belonging to the alliance did not sit idly by.

Ordinary warriors were falling helplessly in the current situation, but the gods, who had experienced all kinds of battlefields, made the best choice even in the midst of embarrassment.

“Collect your battle lines! We must break through as one point, not scatter!”

Hestia of Greece stepped forward.


Light yellow flames spouting from the furnace began to surround the ship.



The crossbow and the flame imbued with magic were blocked by the flame of the brazier.


“Yes. I know.”

Artemis and Apollo unleashed their power.

[Apollon activates ‘Sacred Palace of the Sun’!]

[Artemis activates ‘Sacred Shrine of the Moon’!]

Soft moonlight poured down and a ray of light crossed the sky.

And on top of that.

A flash of sunlight drew a new trajectory.

Tsk tsk tsk… Kwakwakwakwakwa!

Two rays of light exploded in the middle of Cheonse’s ships.

White and red rays rose above the clouds, forming a mushroom cloud.

Go, go, go!

A tremendous aftereffect of magical power followed.

Just now, dozens of ships were reduced to ashes with that single blow.

“We will help the injured.”

“I’ll help too…!”

[Gabriel activates ‘Archangel’s Embrace’!]

[Teresa activates ‘Call of the Stars’!] A

small group of angels led by Gabriel and Teresa served as rear support.

Although it was impossible to rescue those who had sunk into the clouds, it was possible to treat warriors injured during battle.

Warm starlight and golden mist poured down on the wounded.


“Ugh! Cough…”

The groans of those who were vomiting blood and suffering gradually quieted down.

like that.

Even in the midst of the surprise attack, a response was being made little by little.

A black lump popped out from the clouds.

The person who climbed onto the ship in the blink of an eye was targeting Hestia.

It seems that the most annoying large-scale defense was annoying.


The black mouth bit down on its prey in one go.

No, I tried to bite it.

Just before it reached Hestia, another god intervened.

“Kick, kick, kick…!”

It’s Shogus.

Although Hercules barely managed to stop it, clear teeth marks remained on Hercules’ arms.


The wound area deteriorated rapidly.

“Ignorant dog logo.”


Hercules swung his club from bottom to top.

One of Shogus’ faces was hollowed out.

Toukwaang! Quaaaang!

As if that wasn’t enough, Hercules struck down the club again with crazy strength.

“thank you.”

“Nothing much to say. Don’t be too relieved, you bastard. He’s not dead at this level.”

For a moment, I thought I had turned him into porridge.

The Shogus’ form was returning to its original form.

Even Hercules’ physical strength can’t kill him. It is said that no one can be killed by force.

The warriors’ expressions became even darker.

That moment.


“It’s done, bro!”

[Lee Taemin activates his unique ability, ‘Machine Lord’!]

Lee Taemin, who had been gathering magical energy under the ship right after starting the voyage, immediately responded.

Of course, when entering a new place whose identity is unknown, one must keep surprise in mind.

Plan B was already prepared.

[The unique spear ‘Last Meister’ is activated!]

Taemin Lee and Jinhyuk’s unique spears overlapped at the same time.

It was at that time that a new shadow appeared under the ship.

[The special aircraft ‘U-boat’ begins diving.]

It is not a ship.

The submarine, which can move freely in water as well as in gas, moved at high speed.

Torpedoes with tracking capabilities intercepted the Shoggars roaming beneath the clouds.

Puff poop!


Pillars of cloud appeared here and there.

Through ‘system manipulation’, we have deleted the part that allows you to resist divine power from Shogus. It won’t have any effect at all.

Even if they have terrible regenerative abilities.


This moment is the only chance to escape.

Jinhyeok wanted to lead all troops to the other side of the river.

[Pesis activates ‘Multidimensional Navigation’!]

Pesis, who can figure out the optimal route, aimed for the place where the walls of the world are the thinnest.


The wedge-shaped ships broke through between the battleships.

Speed and power.

And even the timing.

It was a room where all three elements came together.


Confusion appeared on the faces of the gods who saw the sinking ships.



I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Because there was not a single soldier on board the ship.

From the beginning, it made no sense for the ship to move as there was no one on board. Moreover, on top of the battleship are armor and weapons that have lost their owners. There were a lot of things like armor lying around.

Before I could understand the situation, the next attack followed.

“You’re stupid enough to line up in a row.”

“I will burn every single one of you.”

What was waiting was a light that made even the cornea burn white.

Cuckoo cuckoo!

[Altera and Aden activate ‘Spiral Breath’!]

These are guys I’ve faced before.

The two dragons returned to their original bodies and continued to prepare and prepare for this one time.


It is different from ordinary breath.

Because a double wave phenomenon was occurring that only twins could use.

[Sweet Potato summons the ‘Sword of Condemnation’ during the Lunar New Year!]


The sweet potato instinctively felt threatened and summoned a burning sword.

Unlike the Eucharist, the flame is much smaller and lukewarm.

Nevertheless, what the ancient dragon lacked in power, it made up for with its bloodline.


Different beams of light collided at one point.

Dozens of waves cleared away all the clouds.

The whirlpools and waves became more violent and turbulent.

Small rafts could not withstand the impact and capsized, but there were not many of them.


They managed to minimize the damage.

This time, using the gap created by the sweet potato, they escaped the siege and headed towards the other side.

Everything was focused on speed using the ‘will of the ocean current’ and ‘the domain of the wind’.

The gods of Greece and Northern Europe also used their respective abilities to help.


That was actually bait.

“Have they completely escaped?”

Murugan looked at the Union ships that had disappeared into the fog.

“yes. Heading east! Exactly as Murugan intended!”

“Haha! Now all we have to do is hunt as planned.”

“Don’t get too excited. Because not everything is over yet. Moreover, he is a master who has repeatedly managed to turn the tables in these situations. “You must not let your guard down until the end.”

Now we’ve just managed to force the enemy into the entrance of the cave.

Starting now is important.

[Murugan activates ‘Echo of Battle’!] The

long spear held in his hand was Murugan’s holy relic, Vel, and contained three special abilities.

Tap! Tap!

The spear hit the wooden plank.


Coo thump!

The movement of a fetus felt from deep within the clouds.

Something ancient and more terrible and ominous than Shogus was stirring.

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