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Solo Leveling: Ragnarok Chapter 184

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Only I Level Up: Ragnarok Episode 184

A piece of oriental painting.

That was Suho’s first impression on the way to the black market.

A deep valley road in a misty mountain range.

As we walked up the winding road, a huge building slowly emerged in front of Suho, and eventually its true form was revealed.


It was like that.

There was no other way to express it than that.

High ceilings.

A crude but elaborately decorated stone pillar.

A huge door made of bronze sits in the middle of it.

This sacred atmosphere that overwhelmed me as soon as I saw it made me instinctively realize that this was a ‘temple’, even if I did not know who it was for.

I flinch.

Suddenly, Ber’s eyes brightened sharply and he looked ahead.

[Small lord, I can sense a lot of people coming from deep inside that building.]

“human? Or a demonic beast?”


In response to Suho’s question, Ber twitched his antennae and answered with confidence.

[Humans with magical powers. I think most of them are probably hunters.]

“What about the devil?”

[I can feel demons too, but not many. And there is no one right on the other side of the door.]

“It’s just as the branch manager said.”

Suho nodded his head and walked carefully to the front of the temple.

Then he raised his head and looked up at the huge door that was closed tightly in front of him.

A heavy door that ordinary people would never be able to open.

Of course, with Suho’s incredible strength stats, he could not simply open it but destroy it in one blow.

‘But if that’s the case, there’s no point in sneaking away.’

It wasn’t a good idea to make a fuss in a situation where I didn’t know whether my grandfather would be in the building or not.

Moreover, Suho already knew how to open this door.


Su-ho took out the ‘star dust necklace’ that he had taken from Branch Manager Min Dae-seok from his pocket.

Then, after putting the necklace around his neck, he stretched out his hand and gently pushed the tightly closed door.


Then, surprisingly, the heavy door began to be pushed away so easily.


Eventually, the door opened wide, revealing a spacious interior.

The interior is dark and damp with moss here and there on the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Suho burst into laughter as he walked up the hallway, following the torches hanging on the wall.

“…It was real. “I never would have guessed that the real purpose of the stardust necklace was a pass to the black market.”

It is now widely known in the world that the reason the stardust necklace was created was as a memorial.

The so-called ‘Let’s honor the souls of the victims who died as stardust’ was a truly meaningful and good intention.

Moreover, since most of the profits from the stardust necklace were actually being used for bereaved families, no one had any doubts about its purpose.

‘…But in reality, it was all a smokescreen.’

According to Branch Manager Min Dae-seok, there are still only a few hunters who know this truth.

Since the black market had only recently been created in the first place, very few people knew of its existence.

But in the end it was just a matter of time.

[If you only spread information about the black market to a few people, they will spread the word about it on their own in the future.]

As information about the black market gradually became known, hunters would move to obtain the stardust necklace.

Quay stuck out her face as if she was interested.

Really, the more you learn about Black Market, the more interesting it becomes.

[It’s like a method you would see in a multi-level pyramid business.]

Ponzi schemes, commonly called pyramid schemes, often increase their victims in this way.

A method of starting with a small number and increasing the number by encouraging others as if introducing something good.

Among them, there were many places with a religious overtone that was sometimes suspicious.

However, as long as there was no direct harm to himself, it didn’t really matter to Suho.

But what if that religion is a foreign religion that serves Italim?

‘Anyway, one thing is clear.’

If this was the true temple of the Foreign Gods, the apostles of Itarim seemed to have already adapted perfectly to Earth.

After walking along the hallway for a while, a wide dome-shaped space soon opened up in front of Suho.

It seemed to be as big as several of the main Olympic stadiums put together, or even bigger than several of them put together.

However, Suho, who witnessed the scene unfolding inside, could not help but be a little surprised.

I thought it would be very dark and secretive because I thought it was a black market, but when I actually came in, the atmosphere was much brighter and more cheerful than I expected.

“200 kg of magic stones! Yes, it is possible!”

“I have everything except for the lack of dungeon ore types!”

“The corpse of the demonic beast is dropped today! “We’ll give it to you at a low price only to the last person on a first-come, first-served basis!”

“Extraordinary sale! “The boss is crazy!”

“If you don’t have money, you can pay with magic stones!”

“Ah-oh! Are you new here? What kind of idiot in the world would hand out a credit card on the black market?!”

I felt like I was at some kind of fairground.

Numerous mats and booths filled the large cavity.

There are numerous merchants who take their seats there and sell and sell goods while eagerly soliciting customers.

Seeing that scene, Suho couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“…I feel like I’m at some kind of bazaar.”

They said it was a black market created for tax evasion, but when I actually saw it, it felt like I was in a second-hand market.

But there was also something unexpected.

[Little Lord, it seems there is a blacksmith shop that directly smelts ore and makes weapons and sells them.]

“I know. “Blacksmiths are mainly demons.”

Surprisingly, humans and demons lived naturally in harmony here.

Those who visited for a while and traded goods were mainly hunters, but those who settled here and made and sold goods in earnest were devils wearing crow masks.

So to speak, the organizers.

It’s the staff.

‘A market where humans and demons coexist. It’s really strange.’

[Master, I can see the auction house and gambling house over there.]


Looking at the direction Quay was pointing, it was finally starting to look like a real black market.

“Ha, one more time! Lend me some more money! “You’re saying I’m going to pay you back?!”

In front of the gambling house, hunters who seemed to have squandered all their money were begging with grim expressions.

Finally, when their whole body was filled with magic, the raven masks guarding the gambling house grabbed their shoulders with their weight.

“Members, please calm down. “You can’t do this here.”

“We also don’t want to take action to force them to leave.”

“Well, just once! “Please lend me just one more time!”

“…after. There is no choice. “If that’s the case, how about playing a few games yourself?”

“What, what?”

“Don’t worry. I will take responsibility and match the weight class.”

The gamblers’ eyes were shaken by the devil’s suggestions.

In the meantime, I couldn’t take my eyes off the gambling room, as if I still had some regrets.

And in the end, I ended up making a decision that I shouldn’t have made.

“G-are you really going to match the weight class?”

“Oh, it’s obvious. You know it well, right? In the underground fighting arena, all original items are removed and it is purely bare-body fighting. “For someone as strong as Hunter, why are you so worried?”

“…Well, then is it possible for me to receive an advance payment?”

The moment those words came out, Suho looked.

The corners of the devils’ mouths are torn long beyond the crow mask.

The demons smiled brightly and held the hands of the hunters, or rather the hunters.

“What an obvious statement. “Then let’s talk about the actual contract over there.”

Suho quietly watched the backs of the gamblers following the demons one after another.

‘It’s an underground fighting arena. It’s literally a contract with the devil.’

[Solord, do you understand? Gambling is a shortcut to ruin. uh? Why are you going there?]

“They say it’s an underground fighting arena. “It’s okay to just look around.”

As Su-ho walked to the gambling house, the gatekeeper demons who were guarding the front politely bowed and spoke to Su-ho.

“I don’t think I’ve seen this person before. Have you visited from another factory?”

At the same time, I glanced up and felt a bit of caution as my gaze was examining the pair of horns hanging on Suho’s head.

[You answer informally. Since you are wearing Volkan’s horn, I think you are a much higher level devil, so I am careful.]

At Esil’s timely advice, Suho briefly nodded his head and opened his mouth.

“He stopped by after hearing the rumor. Is there a problem?”

Then, when he slowly showed the stardust necklace hanging around his neck, the gatekeeper demons hurriedly backed away and responded in a rather friendly manner.

“Oh my, what a problem. We always welcome new factories. “If you need any guidance, can we be there to help you?”

‘It’s strange.’

Suho felt like a salesperson trying to win new business from the Devils.

And the demons seemed to have no intention of hiding their true feelings at all.

“But… if you don’t mind, may I know how many star fragments you have?”

At the same time as they asked that question, their snake-like gaze scanned the movements of Suho, who came here empty-handed.

“As you know, there are so many factories that are broke these days.”


While Suho was choosing his words for a moment, Esil whispered as if he was displeased.

[what the. How dare you little squires say things like this to a devil with horns?]

‘No, why are you so angry? ‘I’m not really the devil.’

It seemed like this was a place that had nothing to do with the hierarchy of the demon race.

However, when Su-ho was silent for a moment, a blatant sneer appeared on the gatekeepers’ lips, saying that he knew that would happen.

“Oh, my. You said that too. I recognized you from the moment you came empty-handed. These days, there are a lot of demons who come to us because they are broke and want to join us… hmm?”

It was then.

A bunch of stardust suddenly appeared in Suho’s hand, which was clearly empty.


At that moment, the gatekeepers’ eyes widened.

No, it wasn’t a bunch.

Two bundles.

Three bundles.

Four bundles.

While Suho was robbing the devil factories, he was keeping the stardust he had acquired there in his inventory.

A bitter smile appeared on Suho’s lips as he took out a package and showed it to the demons.

“Maybe there should be more?”

“Chu, that’s enough.”

“Hey, come this way! “We’ll take you to the VIP room!”

“Please guide me.”


The gatekeeper demons immediately took a low stance and guided Suho to the gambling house.

Suho followed behind them, his eyes shining sharply.

‘It’s a VIP room… devils live like real people.’

He was good at pretending to be the devil from the beginning.

If I wanted to find out if his grandfather was here, it would be faster to investigate from the deepest level.

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