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Solo Swordmaster
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Solo Swordmaster

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SSM, 나 혼자 소드마스터
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
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Synopsis Solo Swordmaster

Times change, and nothing lasts forever. Dragons and magic became legends, and heroes faded into the pages of history.

It was now the age of players that were gifted immense power and skills by Constellations.

“But is this power really free? …I protected this world for centuries, and this is what I get in return?!”

I had all my assets seized and the only friend I had left killed.

But now, humanity’s last Swordmaster—a man out of time—must pick up the blade once again to fight against a new threat to mankind—the arrival of constellations that now seek to invade the world. Will his new alliance with the longtime enemies of humanity, the Seven Princesses of the Seven Dragons Association, be able to defeat the very Constellations that bestowed humanity with their powers?


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