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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 40

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[Late evening]

Upon entering, the high ceiling and elaborate I saw decorations. Although it was not flashy, piety and elegance were evident everywhere. It felt like it had been made with a lot of effort over a long period of time.

I walked along the carpet on the floor.

I saw an altar at the end of the road. On that altar was the item I came looking for.

[Great! Let’s go together!]

Chubby Noonun followed me. When I looked back, all the other nunnuns were still next to nunnunmon.

“What about them?”

[I didn’t come because I was scared!]


Come to think of it, this chubby guy is quite brave for a snowman, not to mention the fact that he got into the fight by himself earlier.

Chubby Nunnuni looked around with a curious face.

[This is my first time seeing this room! Amazing!]

I warned Chubby Nunnun who was trying to touch the decorations in the room.

“Don’t touch anything just because it’s strange. “This is usually where the final trap is triggered.”

[Hi! I got it!]

The chubby, scared Noonuni was close behind me. No matter how brave you were, Nunnun was still Nunnun.

The road to the altar was not long. We quickly arrived at the end and were able to check out the items placed on the altar.

An oval-shaped glass bottle that looked like an egg was floating in the air above the altar. It was the size of an ostrich egg and had a golden liquid sloshing around inside it.

And on the altar beneath the glass bottle was a cup made of silver.

Chubby Noonun, hanging on my back and poking his head over my shoulder, shouted.

[What is this! Oh my!]

“The most delicious drink in the world.”

I reached out and grabbed the vial filled with golden liquid. When I placed the glass bottle on the altar, it settled without shaking even though the bottom of the bottle was oval.

When I turned the top part of the glass bottle, it gently separated and opened. In an instant, a sweet scent filled the room.


“Let’s have a drink first.”

I tilted the glass bottle and poured it into the silver cup that was sitting on the altar. As the glass filled with golden liquor, the scent became even more intense.


Chubby Noonun’s eyes were on the verge of popping out. I leisurely enjoyed the gaze and lifted my glass and poured a drink.


A sweet yet deep taste spread throughout my body. At the same time, the minor wounds that had occurred while fighting the blind monster began to disappear.

The official name of this drink is [Alcohol of Life].

It is the best drink recognized by experts in the seven dimensions where drinking culture exists, and is a treasure with healing abilities comparable to that of the highest quality potion.

Above all, the advantage of this alcohol is that you can drink it over and over again.


The golden liquor in the glass bottle was slowly rising, rippling like waves.

In other words, I just obtained a top-quality potion bottle that can be created infinitely.

This was in an era when things like potions had not even been developed.

Sigh. A smile spread across my lips.

“Besides, unlike potions, it tastes amazing. How much can I sell for one cup of this?…”

[Great! I’ll give you a little too!]

Chubby Noonun was shaking my shoulder. That expression looked very earnest.

“Just taste it.”

I poured the few drops of alcohol remaining in the glass into Chubby Nunnuni’s mouth.

A few drops of alcohol fell into the chubby Nunnuni’s mouth.


Chubby Nunnun closed his eyes, made a strange sound, and soon began to emit bright blue light from his body.


I took a few steps back.

“Why is he acting like this all of a sudden?”

As I thought about it, something suddenly occurred to me.

“…Ah, you were a water fairy.”

[Liquor of Life] is a top-class liquor and potion for humans, but it seems to have a different effect on this guy.



While Chubby Noonun was experiencing a strange change, I found a metal case under the altar and carefully packed the liquor bottle and glasses.

I felt even more proud because it was something I obtained after going through many twists and turns.

“First of all, this solves one problem.”

Let’s assume that the first disaster [The Night of the Seven Moons] is a defense game.

Numerous gates open simultaneously on one day. In order to deal with the countless monsters that will come out of there, you need to make some preparations.

* Firepower to subdue monsters in a short period of time

* Measures to minimize damage to the city

* Recovery of physical strength of superhumans and management of the injured *

Special team in charge of destroying the core gate

* Etc.

[Art of Life] Among them, ‘Management of the injured and physical strength’ ‘It was an item to be used for recovery.

Of course, this small bottle of alcohol cannot cover that many injured people, but fortunately, it could be used by diluting it with water.

The taste also reduces the effect, but mixing it with water 100:1 can produce the same effect as a low-level potion.

It can quickly heal wounds, restore stamina, and in the case of superhumans, help restore mana.

“…The future will change tremendously in the future.”

Originally, potions appeared after the Earth and the Gaia continent were connected and objects from the Gaia continent came to Earth.

Until then, when superhumans got injured, they had to rely on modern medicine or go to superhumans who had very few [treatment] personalities.

But things will change in the future.

Soon, potions bearing the WH (white house) brand will be sold.

Now, superhumans will become much more active in hunting, and society will change rapidly.

If we can successfully prevent disasters, the speed at which civilization develops will accelerate.

It was a change that could be made not by a legendary weapon or armor, but by a single potion.

Of course, the patent rights to the potion are mine.


While I was lost in thought about my future plans, blue light continued to radiate from the chubby body of Noonun.


For a moment, a dazzling light erupted, and a moment later, the chubby Nunnuni came to his senses.

The body of the guy who had undergone changes through the wine of life…

shrunk to half its size.

[It feels great!]

Chubby Noonun stretched out his short arms, flew up to the ceiling, and then flew back to me.

I looked at him with an absurd expression.

“Isn’t it normal to get bigger if you take something like an elixir?”

Strangely enough, the limbs did not shrink individually, but became smaller, like miniatures, exactly 1/2 the size. Therefore, the chubby body also remained the same.

Nunnuni twirled around me with her chubby body.

[Great! Thank you! Thanks to you, I’ve become a lot faster!]

Chubby Noonun’s speed was faster than I imagined. If I were to exaggerate a bit, it was comparable to the Mirror Demon I met in the dungeon not long ago.


“I’m dizzy, so stop turning.”



Even sudden stops were possible. At this rate, I didn’t think I would have to worry about being eaten by monsters in the future even if I didn’t really care.

No. At this speed, monsters aren’t the problem…

There must be a lot of places where it can be used, right?

I called Chubby Nunnuni in a soft voice.

“We’re friends, right?”

Chubby Noonuni responded by fluttering her short limbs at twice the speed.

[Of course! Daein is my friend!]

“Friends help each other, right?”

[Of course! Because Daein helped us! We can help too!]

I grinned and stroked Chubby Nunnun’s head.

“Let’s never change this friendship forever.”


I went back the way I came with the small, chubby Noonun.

When we came out, the Nunnuni opened their eyes and looked at the chubby Nunnun.

[[It got smaller-!!]]

Chubby Noonun excitedly told me what happened inside there.

And after a while, everyone turned their bright eyes towards me.

I said as I took out the wine of life from the box.

“friends. Have you ever heard of Woojeongju?”

After a while, I went up to the lake with the turbo engine.




What I felt as soon as I got out of the water was that it was brighter than I thought.

So at first, I thought that less time had passed than I thought.

[omg! Great! Look up!]

As I looked up at Chubby Noonun’s words, I realized that my thoughts were completely mistaken.

The sun was floating over the lake in the night sky.

No, it was a huge flame that looked like the sun.

It was obvious who made something like that.

“This little boy wants to pee in his sleep…”

I shook my head and got out of the lake. Behind me, people came out holding eye bags.

“Where has everyone gone?”

When I returned to the place where the group was, there was no one there. Seeing that the luggage was still there, I didn’t think he had gone back, but I didn’t feel like he was there.

I put my hands together and shouted.

“Is there anyone? “Where has everyone gone?”

After a while, a huge lion’s hooter burst out from one side of the lake.


With a roar, Baek Chang-su appeared from the other side of the lake. He ran across the lake at breakneck speed.

…That’s definitely not an equal frequency, right?

“Team Leader Lim-!!”

There was no way to escape. Baek Chang-su rushed at me like a thunderbolt, grabbed my neck and shook me violently.

“Where on earth have you been! They said they’d be back by dinner time! “You eat dinner at 2 a.m.!!”

I said out of breath.

“Oops! CEO. “Leave this…”

After a while, other people appeared one by one, as if they had heard Baek Chang-soo’s shout.

“older brother!” “manager!”

Sirutteok and Wang Guho ran together in a huff and said,

“I’m the team leader!”

Baek Young-hee flew in with the little boy.

for a moment. Flying?

Looking closely, I saw that a shield made by a child had been spread out beneath the feet of the two people.

I don’t know how he did it, but the kid was flying around using a shield.

Anyway, that talented guy….

“I’m the team leader!”

Baek Young-hee ran up to me and hugged me – this time I was caught by Baek Chang-soo, so I couldn’t escape – and sighed in relief, saying that Wang Gu-ho was worried.

“How worried we were!”

“I thought you were drowning…”

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by people.

I wondered why everyone was so upset just because I was late, but I was caught up in the atmosphere and had no choice but to apologize to everyone.

“…Sorry I’m late.”

But it wasn’t a bad feeling. It feels a little strange.

Meanwhile, strangely enough, the little boy remained silent.

Then I barely said a word.


Everyone looked at the little boy and stepped aside.

The little boy took about ten steps backwards and then ran towards me with all his might.


I opened my arms. I thought what the little boy was doing was quite cute.

Are you worried about me too?

…I underestimated the little boy too much.

The kid’s headbutt with all his might exploded into my stomach.


It didn’t hurt at all, but I was so dumbfounded that I looked down at the kid.

“What is this…”

The kid’s attack was only the beginning. He started hitting my chest and stomach with his two small fists.

“Where have you been! It’s time to eat! It’s not coming! I was worried when you didn’t come even though I was hungry! “You idiot!”

“…either be hungry or worried.”

I sighed and grabbed the kid’s arms.

Then I lowered my head and looked into the guy’s eyes.

“Did you cry?”

“no! “I didn’t cry!”

I decided to fool you once. I nodded and patted the kid on the head.

“Did you eat?”

“Are not you hungry!”

“You’re lying.”

I looked back at Sirutdeok and said.

“Sirutdeok. It’s a little late, but let’s eat. “I think everyone stopped eating because of me.”

“Yes brother!”

Sirutdeok started preparing the dish. I looked at the bushes behind me and spoke in nostalgia.

“friends. “Come out now.”

After a while, the snow-eyes that had been hiding behind the bushes since Baek Chang-su came running appeared. I could also catch a glimpse of a snowman lying between the bushes.


“It’s a monster!”

I explained and calmed down the shocked people – especially Baek Chang-soo, who was clenching his fists.

“It’s a bit long to explain, but they are my friends.”

Before the long explanation was over, the Nunnuni were circling around us and singing.

[[We’re all friends-!!]]

Anyway, they’re amazingly good guys.

After a while, we lit a bonfire and had a late dinner together.

The menu consisted of pre-purchased meat and vegetables, fresh seafood I fished from the bottom of the lake, and grilled kraken legs.

When the fake sun floating in the sky was removed, a cluster of stars adorned the sky and a rainbow symbolizing disaster was seen.

“Hey. “The two of them together are a killer sight.”

As I was looking at the scene for a moment, I heard snoring next to me.


The little boy had barely eaten dinner and was asleep on my shoulder. Meanwhile, he held onto my sleeve with his hand.

I made an embarrassed expression.

“I want to go to the bathroom…”

I tried several times to take the little boy’s hand off my clothes, but

“Ugh…don’t go…”

Each time, the little boy whined in his sleep and held on to my sleeve tighter. .


I have to go to the bathroom later.

[Late Dinner] End

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