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Overpowered Sword Chapter 99

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Level up with black hair (99)

Leon and Karen started moving the very next day.

Of course, the first step was not to go looking for Drake. We needed time to adapt to each other, who had changed greatly in just a few weeks, and we also needed experience getting used to the terrain of forests and mountains.

Above all, the two did not yet know their own strength.

Although I knew that I had become much stronger than before I started training, I couldn’t tell how much the difference was.

In the end, I was only able to find out after asking El Cid.

Name: Leon

Title & Occupation: “Newbie” Warrior

Level: 59

Strength B / Stamina A++ / Agility A / Auror A++

〈Sword Mastery (Advanced) Lv.8〉

〈Rodrik’s Martial Arts Lv.8〉

〈Complete Boneless〉

〈Aura User (Advanced) Lv.9〉

〈Secret Sword Art (Seven Star Sword) Lv.4〉

For a change that only took place in a few weeks, the growth was beyond common sense.

[I thought it would be too confusing to write down all of Stigmata’s abilities, so I left them out. If you use it often just because it’s convenient, you may become dependent on it, so be considerate of yourself.]

‘… No, my stamina and auror have increased tremendously?’

[I told you. It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that it’s at the level of a troll. A++ is the level at which you can recover from exhaustion with just a few deep breaths. Since + means double under certain conditions, ++ means four times. When you activate the Guardian’s Stigmata, your recovery will be amplified four times.]

Leon was speechless at the absurd increase.

Even so, his body was trained to its limit through rigorous training, and his physical strength was several times greater than that of martial artists of the same class.

But you increased that ability by 4 times, not 40%?

I wondered if I would still be out of breath even if I ran all day.

[My understanding of swordsmanship and martial arts has grown rapidly thanks to the lump, and my agility has also improved as I fight against fast and strong opponents. It’s not that my reaction speed has increased, but I’ve just become more adept at fighting.] Unlike

Leon, who couldn’t help but gape in admiration for his own growth, El Cid continued to speak in a calm manner.

[The ‘Purifier’s Stigmata’ has burned off all the impurities, so the boneless body has been completed and the Auror’s circulatory system is close to 100%. It would be a good idea to start by readjusting your sense of handling power. Otherwise, you might get hurt by the sword you swing.]

‘For sure. Since yesterday, the center of gravity of <Bobeop> has shifted by about half an inch. ‘It will take a few days for my body to adjust.’

Leon agreed to that point and concentrated on his steps.

It was moving with less than 30% of its normal strength, but even so, faint footprints were left on the ground. If the control of <Bobeop> is perfect, even if you step on the snow, not even a trace will be left behind.

If you fight Drake in this state, you will lose. Humans and monsters could never be equal in power, so they had to make up the difference with technology and strategy. If he boasts that he has received four stigmata, the arrogance that defeated him before will cut off his head.

‘Compatibility… Is it better rather than worse?’

Competitive relationships were also a factor that greatly influenced the direction of the battle.

‘Drake’s poison doesn’t work on me, and I can counter the dark attribute breath by countering it with my auror and holy sword. Even if you use your stealth ability, you won’t be able to avoid the observer’s stigmata, so even if you engage in guerrilla warfare, there’s no big problem.’

In fact, when considering the compatibility between humans and monsters, the cases where humans had an advantage were so rare that it was difficult to find more than three out of a hundred.

Even if he was an opponent of a lesser monster, Leon was superior to the S+ rank Drake. This was because the aura of the sun and the stigmata of the four holy swords were extremely effective against monsters.

In a way, it could be said to be a characteristic of a warrior.

Because dealing with external enemies rather than humans and monsters was the moment when a hero’s true colors were revealed.

[It’s as you think. Because the power of a hero tends to be maximized as a natural enemy against monsters and external enemies rather than in a battle against people.]

El Cid added to that speculation.

[When facing a monster from an outer dimension, you will be able to play a greater role than the two sword masters. However, that performance does not mean that you are stronger than two sword masters.]

The hero is the agent of the goddess who looks over this world and has an absolute advantage over invaders from other dimensions. That’s why monsters from outer dimensions have never been able to overcome the warrior’s wall, even with their terrifying power.

However, the Sword Master, who was born and raised in this world, had nothing to lose to the warrior. Even today’s Leon would have to risk his life if he were to commit suicide, and the odds of winning were never high.

[A person who has delved deeply into martial arts and reached the pinnacle in one point is a master. Even though I criticized him for being a half-penny who can’t even use telekinesis, his power density is overwhelmingly above your level.]

‘Even after readjusting your senses, you still can’t win?’

[It may vary depending on the opponent, but even if you set it high, it is 20%. It would be a different story if I were to sneak up and use the Seven Star Sword.]

Leon kicked the holy sword’s scabbard once into the farmland.

It wasn’t at the level of being cowardly. If one can survive being hit by the <Seven Star Sword> that explodes at close range, then it must not be human or something that transcends even the Sword Master.

What’s the point if you try to compare skills and sneak attack like that?

‘A man called a teacher teaches his students very good things. ‘Are you telling a hero to sneak attack a person who isn’t a monster or an external enemy with a special move?’

[If you aim for a time when you are alone, there will be no witnesses, so wouldn’t it be okay to wipe your mouth without anyone knowing?]

‘Even if there are no witnesses, the Goddess is watching!’

[Oh, I forgot the penny.]

The story was so low-level that it was hard to believe it was a conversation between a former warrior and a current hero. If this were told to priests, their faith would be put to the test.

As the two people were arguing, Karen, who had been ahead, came back to their side and opened her mouth.

“Hero, I found a group of swamp trolls.”

Karen’s reconnaissance ability, which has improved to a higher level than before, has increased several times, to the point where it is possible to cover a radius of several kilometers while being faster than Leon.

With the map given by the Titans added to that range, the two were able to explore the forest while avoiding all unnecessary friction.

“What’s the distance because it’s a swamp troll?”

“It’s probably a little less than 3 kilometers. There is one guy who looks like the leader, and the rest are five. “There was not a single immature individual.”

“It’s a young bunch. “It hasn’t been long since we became independent.”

Swamp trolls are usually monsters that enjoy living alone, but they were not brave enough to live alone in these mountains. In other places, trolls would run rampant as destroyers of the food chain, but in the Titan Mountains, they were nothing more than common monster A.

However, if too many trolls with good appetite gather together, there is not enough food, so groups of more than ten rarely occur.

“…Let’s get rid of it.”

“Are you going to do it?”

“What Karen told me is that it’s going to take a while to get around them, right?”


“Then there is no need to delay further. “You need to adjust your hands and feet, and you can think of it as rehabilitation training.”

It seems like only yesterday that I was sweating against forest trolls, but now I don’t even think of even stronger swamp trolls as a threat.

Karen also hid herself with a confident expression.

After learning “Run Dance of the Dusk,” her stealth skills developed to the point where she could fool even Leon. If it weren’t for the ‘Stigmata of the Watcher’, they wouldn’t have been able to find out even if they hid their bodies from sight.

3 kilometers.

After passing a distance that was not that far, the two entered the swampy area of the forest.


The mud flattened on Leon’s feet made an odd sound.

This is because the weight was put on due to imperfect walking techniques. He looked embarrassed and paid more attention to his steps.

Unlike him, Karen didn’t touch a single leaf.


Leon soon saw the swamp troll’s appearance and lowered himself.

As Karen reported, there are six of them. Among them, the big one with red skin is probably the leader. The waves circling around him were more than twice as large as those of the others.

Should we kill the leader first? Or from the little ones?

‘–let’s go.’

Leon soon decided.

The blade that came out of the scabbard gained strength and created a dazzling light in the middle of the dark swamp.

A flash of light that pierces the eyeballs of swamp trolls who are vulnerable to light!


Guwag!? Googwaak?!

Grumble! Gurgaak!

The reactions varied.

The guy who dives into the swamp while covering his eyes, the guy who turns away from the light, and even the guy who notices the attack and grabs a weapon.

Except for the leader and the two guys, the rest were in a state of panic.

And Leon jumped into the mess.


The holy sword was covered with a golden aura, and its surface burned, turning the surrounding air into a haze.

Swamp trolls and forest trolls have a weak point of regeneration: burns.

There is nothing better than a well-heated blade to truly kill someone. Holding the <Auror Sword> in one hand, Leon approached the guy before he realized and struck the back of the neck.


The troll’s head, which was cut off in an instant, spun several times and fell onto the swamp, leaving only its eyeballs blinking.


He went in so cleanly that even Leon, who had beaten him, was embarrassed.

‘What, I heard that swamp trolls don’t get cut easily?’

In reality, that was correct.

The skin of swamp trolls is special because they grew up eating all kinds of poisonous plants and insects in swamps. It secretes oil made from waste products and poisons in the body from its sweat glands, making it difficult to use its blades, and it is used as a weapon to poison those who attack it.

When the troll’s natural durability was added, it boasted a defense power that was more difficult to cut than most heavy armor.



He cut down another one, but Leon’s sword cut off the swamp troll’s neck without fail.

The sharpness of the Holy Sword and the power of the Aura Sword.

More than that, the heat remaining on the blade completely evaporated the oil covering the swamp troll’s skin. In return, the poison that turned into vapor touched Leon’s respiratory system, but he felt nothing because ‘Purifier’s Stigmata’ was activated.


The eyes of the swamp troll, who lost two of his men in an instant, turned blood red. The leader, who seemed to have a special ability, glared at him with eyes the same color as his leather.

Evil eye.

A curse of madness that confuses enemies and prevents them from distinguishing between enemies and enemies.

“It’s a curse, so it’s a rare ability for a troll.”

Leon said, casually shaking off that gaze.

“You said you met the wrong person.”


As the stigmata carved in the exact center of the forehead began to shine, the curse of the evil eye bounced off and dissipated into vain.

The stigmata of the originator.

It was an ability comparable to that of the curse-type natural enemy.

Only then did the swamp troll, sensing that its crisis was approaching, take a step back. It’s too strong for a meager little guy theme. If we fight like this, we will all die. You have to use your subordinates as bait to escape.

Guaaaagh! Guaaaagh!

He immediately roared for his subordinates to kill him, but strangely, there was no sound in response to his shout.

Not a single one.

The swamp troll’s eyes widened as it reflexively looked to the side.

“Wow, a troll is a troll after all. “Look at how he doesn’t die even after being hit with a blood poison that can kill an ogre in one hit.”

Before we knew it, the other three had all collapsed and were trembling at Karen’s feet, coughing up blood.

There were exactly three daggers embedded in its body.

“The poison that the Titans taught me is very useful. “If you can use just one bag against trolls, if you use it undiluted against humans, your body will melt.”

Karen, who had proven the power of the poison in combat, grinned.

Since the source of the troll’s regenerative power is blood, the blood poison that contaminates the blood worked well. The fact that the injection was aimed at a vein near the heart also played a role.

Even so, Leon was impressed once again.

Using poison to subdue a swamp troll, famous for its strong poison resistance, was like burning a Salamander to death.

‘If you’re an opponent like me who doesn’t have the ability to nullify poison, I could kill you with just one hit.’

It is not for nothing that mankind has avoided the use of poison since ancient times and relegated it to the shadows of history.

There was nothing more dangerous in actual combat than poison poisoning.

It was then.


As Leon looked around at the fallen trolls around Karen, the leader swamp troll spewed poisonous mist.

A special move that collects poison that should be secreted through the skin into the respiratory tract and spits it out at a concentration before it is diluted with waste. If you breathe in this fog, the wyvern will not be able to survive for even a few minutes and will die.

The swamp troll who spewed this in Leon’s face laughed triumphantly and said,

“…This dirty bastard is real!”

Leon’s eyes rolled back from his head at the terrible smell of his breath.


As a leader, his skin was tougher than that of others, but it meant nothing in front of the golden blade of the holy sword.

The head of a troll with a smiling face fell into the corner of the swamp.

Leon, who was still angry even after cutting off his head, kicked the bone and spat at it, sending it flying into the distance.

“Why are you burping into my face? “I feel bad.”

Thanks to the purifying ability, there was no direct breath, but even the stench that passed through the tip of my nose was a terrible experience.

Just thinking about it made me lose my appetite.

“Well, it’s okay because we won without getting hurt, right?”

Karen, who consoled his complaints, finished off the trolls that had fallen at his feet and retrieved the dagger he had thrown.

Three sacks.

One of them had a crack in its blade, so it was not recovered and was thrown into the swamp. No matter how well you throw it, if you throw it as fast as she does, the impact will exceed the dagger’s original durability.

“I guess I’ll have to go to town after I catch Drake.”

There was still some room left, but as I kept using it up, the number of daggers was decreasing.

Leon nodded and said.

“Let’s move on to the next area. “Swamp trolls won’t do.”

“So there’s no tension at all.”

“Shall we look for monsters that move a little faster?”

The two people said that as they walked again.

Swamp trolls aren’t even good practice opponents anymore.

I had to find stronger monsters so that I could forge them even sharper until the day comes when I face Drake.

In the swamp they left behind, only the corpses of six swamp trolls fell to their deaths in an unsightly manner, and even those disappeared into the stomach of a passing basilisk in less than half a day.

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