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Overpowered Sword Chapter 98

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Level up with swords (98)

The day was already bright.

When he came out of the cave, Leon could see the sun starting to rise in the distance. According to his senses, the time he faced the goddess was only a few tens of minutes, but unlike in the divine world, more than half a day had passed in the material world.

While I was standing, I felt like I was dreaming.

However, the stigmata engraved on Leon’s body and the eyes that turned golden said that the memory was real.

‘…everything seems unfamiliar.’

The whole world changed in one night.

No, what changed was not this world, but himself. I can see things I couldn’t see until yesterday, hear things I couldn’t hear, and do things I couldn’t do before.


It is a grace bestowed directly on believers by the goddess and a miracle that can embody her power, even if only in a very small way. Since I accepted four of them at the same time, it was even weirder that they didn’t change.

[Hmm, unexpected in a good way.]

El Cid said.

[I thought the least would be two, but the most would be three… but since it’s four, it looks like the number was thought out in its own way.]

“How many do a hero usually have?”

[On average, there are about two. Even three were rare.]

According to that, Leon received special treatment in many ways.

[‘Guardian’ is a common stigmata, but the effect is quite good, and ‘Purifier”s flame is quite useful. Because it is the power that can physically burn away poison and curses. It deserves extra points because it can be used for others as well.]

“What about the other two?”

[Is it a ‘originator’ or a ‘watcher’?… Either one is a type that doesn’t appear often. You may be able to maximize that ability with telekinesis or <sight>, but it is of little use to other guys.]

“Ah, one thing occurred to me.”

Leon, who was listening to El Cid’s explanation, said.

“How many stigmata did you have? “I’ve read Roderick’s biography a few times, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.”

[huh? I didn’t receive the stigmata.]


[Why do I have to carve something like stigmata on my body, which didn’t even get a scratch from the devil? Since I was able to do everything without having to borrow help from a helper, that was just a hassle.]


When I thought about it, it wasn’t wrong.

What would be the point of giving a few stigmata to a guy who literally shattered mountains and cut open oceans?

Leon agreed to the confident answer and continued walking.

Before I knew it, I had passed the crossroads that separates the <dimensional rift> and the waterfall, and Titan Village was appearing in the distance. However, a little distance away from the entrance to the village, a giant stood tall, clearly revealing his presence.


When Leon saw Kassim, he tried to approach him to greet him, but an unknown feeling of intimidation stopped him.


The shivering sensation on the back of my neck spread throughout my entire body.


Immediately after that, a shock wave exploded where Leon stopped.

A power that surpasses sound.

The ground is hollowed out by an invisible impact, and the dust rises thickly, blocking the view. But Leon’s eyes were looking at waves writhing beyond the dust.

And as if the first attack was nothing more than a signal, Kasim began throwing his fists in earnest.


The shock waves that explode continuously tear up the dust cloud and follow Leon’s movements, digging into the ground.

Each shot had the same power as naval artillery.

If it could hit this close even from tens of meters away, it was clear that the blow would be enormous.

‘But you can’t win if you fight from a distance.’

Titan’s physical strength is truly infinite.

Even if you fight non-stop for three days and nights, you will not get exhausted, and even if you run for an entire day, you will not run out of breath. The Titans were a fighting race that was at the top of the ecosystem from its inception.

Among them, there was no way he could defeat Kassim, who was the strongest and best warrior, with his physical strength.


Leon took a step forward.

Without even a moment of hesitation, he threw his body into the vortex of shock waves that surged in seconds!


It’s different from yesterday. Now that we have developed ‘eyes’ that can see the colorless and transparent impact flow force spreading out.

Take a step to the right.

Take two steps to the left.

He took half a step back, then lunged three steps, taking advantage of the shock coming from the left and taking two diagonal steps. I can’t avoid the impact, which is as dense as a wall, so I cut it with a slash and step forward again.



Leon gasped as he jumped into Kassim’s arms.

What you can see and what you can do are different.

Movement that exceeded the limits of cognitive speed rapidly consumed his stamina, causing sweat to ooze from his entire body’s muscles.

Still, I couldn’t rest yet.


The fist stretched out without a sound grazed the cheek and sharply cut through the flesh, tearing the air.

The noisy shock wave is ultimately just a trick.

With that physique, Kasim’s true strength was his martial arts ability to move without any sign and overcome air resistance. Leon began the fight in a space that had become dozens of times more dangerous than before, with half of his face stained with blood flowing from one cheek.


My body was bent by the barely-received fist and my spine creaked as if it would break at any moment. Too sharp. More than half of the power flows in just by touching a single piece of paper.

Kangneungdanyu (剛能斷柔).

Strength is able to cut through softness.

‘The level is different. I can’t let go of all the shock.’

All I had to do was block it and spill it.

Strong, fast, and sharp.

Even if you only master one thing, you are called a master of martial arts, and it integrates as many as three things. At Leon’s level, it was still impossible to destroy that authority.

If you hit it head-on, it goes down immediately. In desperation, I gather my strength as if I were going against a waterfall by flowing the blade along the texture of my fist.

Once, twice, three times.


Leon barely shook his fist and raised his sword.

Over time, the tips accumulated. If you continue to attack with the same power as now, you will be able to attack within 13 moves-

“That’s it.”

It was that moment.

Kassim, who returned the punch that Leon dodged by an inch, grabbed him by the back of the neck, changing the flow from a strong fist to a strong fist.

Jujutsu (柔術).

A technology that was unfamiliar took away Leon’s center of gravity.


Leon spun twice in place and fell to the ground. And before he could even get up, a fist came in front of him, completely blocking any chance of a counterattack.

It was a complete defeat.

Leon took his hand off the hilt of his sword and said with a grin.

“I lost and was sentenced to death.”

“Wow, it’s still 30 years away.”

Cassim, who unclenched his fists, helped him up and patted his back.

“You are a completely different person from yesterday. “I increased my speed and strength to a level that cannot be compared to yesterday.”

“I received an undeserved favor.”

“If he sent it down, there must be a reason we don’t know. Don’t think it’s too much. In my view, if he is a priest, he has sufficiently proven his qualifications.”

Cassim, who encouraged him in a serious voice, spoke firmly.

“Congratulations on becoming a warrior once again, priest.”

“…thank you.”

Although it was a new thing to say, the emotion did not fade.

As Leon played with the side of his head feeling unfamiliar, Cassim raised his voice as if something had just occurred to him.

“hmm? “Now that I think about it, I have one more good news for you.”

“What’s going on?”

Cassim did not answer that question but grinned.

Until the two finally arrived in the village, Leon had no idea what the good news was.

But as soon as he arrived in the village, there was someone who welcomed him.

“Ah Leon!”


Leon unconsciously tried to straighten his face, but when he saw her for the first time in a long time, his eyes widened.

It has changed.

It was a change that was difficult to pinpoint even with his <method>>, but the observer’s stigmata-filled eyes noticed the difference.

The presence, which was almost colorless, became even more transparent. He was not in a hurry to hide his presence, but was letting down his guard as if blending into the flow of power and the space.

That’s not all. Changes in gait and center of gravity The tattered marks on my palms that I could see at first glance were proof of how hard I had been over the past few weeks.

“…You’ve become stronger.”

Leon knew better than anyone else.

The effort and pain should not be sympathized.

There was something I wanted to hear before worrying about you. Even though Leon couldn’t hear it, he could have told someone else.

“That’s amazing, but after all, it’s Karen.”

Then Karen opened her eyes round and immediately smiled brightly like a flower in bloom.

“huh! “It looks like the hero has become very strong too!”

“I still couldn’t win against my brother.”

As Leon said that and glanced at Kassim, Karen approached him gently and poked his side.

“Hey, how could you defeat the Giant King at that age? “You may be a warrior, but isn’t your greed too big?”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. “Well, it’s manly and good to have big dreams.”

“It was a dream…”


Coincidentally, when Leon and Cassim heard those words, someone’s name came to mind at the same time and they smiled wryly, no matter who came first.

Is this also a feeling of sympathy for the same illness?

But because of that sentiment, the two couldn’t see Karen’s face turn red. Karen, who was good at killing people, was also bad at dating, so it seemed like their relationship would remain the same for a while.

“Still, I feel a bit disappointed.”

Karen, who had subsided the blush on her face, puffed out her cheeks.

“I wanted to show myself as a master if possible, but I stopped with one last step left. “I feel like I can do something right now.”


It was Cassim, not Leon, who reacted to those words.

“That’s interesting. If that is true, it may mean that we are experiencing a ‘gateway’ phenomenon.”

“What do you mean ‘gateway’?”

Karen, whose ears were fluttering at the giant king’s advice, asked back.

Whether you can become a master or not can actually be said to be a matter of luck. What some people cannot achieve even if they work hard for decades, others can realize and overcome in one day.

Rather than a matter of qualifications or effort, it means that you need an ‘opportunity’ to break through the blockage.

“This applies to you too, priest.”


Leon’s eyes widened as he was suddenly pointed out.

“I felt this while competing a little while ago, but the priest currently has a serious imbalance between his body and head. You have His grace, but it is up to you to redress the balance. “It will take at least half a year more if you train alone.”

“Half a year….”

“It’s too long a time for you, who now have to start working in earnest. So, I’m going to give you two a suitable mission. “How is it?”

Leon and Karen looked at each other once and nodded without exchanging a word.

It was the eyes, not the mouth, that were speaking.

That you can do anything.

“It seems like you have enough motivation.”

Cassim, who was satisfied with the two’s reactions, opened his mouth.

“Even though it is a mission, it is not a complicated task. “Please subdue a monster that has been causing trouble in the mountains for a few days.”


“That’s right.”

The depths of the Titan Mountains are always in turmoil due to clashes in the food chain, but it is rare for a single monster that is not a colony to cause trouble. No, it would be more accurate to say that it is close to impossible.

Monsters of rank A or higher also move around in groups, and if one monster causes a commotion, they will soon be hunted.

If there is an exception in that case,

“…he is a very strong guy.”

Only an overwhelmingly powerful monster that lower-level monsters could not outnumber could do such a thing.

Kasim also did not deny it and added an explanation.

“You know this guy too.”


“Didn’t they cut out one of your eyes? So it looks like the poison has taken hold. “They say they cross the border between the deep and the outskirts, killing humans and monsters without distinction.”

Leon, who finally found out his identity, muttered lowly.


A monster with an S+ level of danger. Previously, they had been able to survive by outmaneuvering his arrogance, but if he hadn’t retreated, there was a high probability that they would have been defeated.

A powerful enemy who had no chance of winning even though he fought alongside two giants.

The guy paid an eye for his arrogance and was looking for Leon with resentment and venom.

[What are you going to do?]

Even if he doesn’t accept it, there will be no effect on this mountain range. If Drake is any more stubborn, a warrior-level Titan will come forward and crush his head.

Drake’s range is wide, but it is impossible to surround the entire mountain range, so all you have to do is look for gaps and escape.

There is no need to fight.

There is no reason to fight.

No one had to risk their life to save anyone.

“I’ll do it.”

However, Leon did not back down and grabbed the hilt of his sword.

To fulfill my role as a warrior.

To give colleagues the opportunity to grow.

A true warrior would not take a single step back even if he faced a dragon other than Drake. There was too much for him to handle in the future for him to be scared by the word S+ rank danger.

“Karen, what do you think?”

When Leon turned to the side, Karen, with a triumphant smile, shrugged her shoulders instead of responding verbally.

It meant that I would follow his decision.

Cassim, who watched the communication, smiled happily.

“It’s decided.”

One-eyed Drake and the warrior party’s second match was decided that way.

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