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Overpowered Sword Chapter 95

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Level up with black hair (95)

“Hehe, it’s been 5 years since I’ve seen your face, right?”


The headache he had forgotten came back for the first time in five years, and Cesare put his hand on his forehead and let out a long sigh.

The 8th Ellahan was called Acht by his previous name.

She had a free-spirited personality that made her one of the first saints of all time. From the time he could stand on his own two feet, he busily walked around the temple, and by the time he spoke, he was so talkative that even the most patient priests broke into a cold sweat.

Above all, since Elahan, the 7th saint of the previous generation, had a stubborn and quiet personality, this tendency became more noticeable.

“Long time no see. How have you been?”


“It seems like it was just yesterday that I heard that the appointment ceremony was over, but you came quickly. “It’s still the same.”

Cesare said, smiling as if he had no choice.

“Now, please come inside. “I don’t think this is something to talk about at the front door.”

“Then excuse me.”

When Ellahan crossed the threshold of the church first, Khan followed him with a disapproving look on his face.

If I hadn’t been caught by her by chance, I wouldn’t have come here again. It was like running away from a fox, then meeting a tiger and returning to the same place.

As the two sat down on either end of the sofa in the living room, Cesare, who had brought three teacups, opened his mouth.


Tilting the teapot and filling it, Cesare looked into the saint’s eyes.

“There are recommendations sent from the church headquarters to all branches. Do you know what it says?”


“This is related to the saint’s unauthorized departure.”

Cesare spoke sternly, as if admonishing her.

“Ascertain the location of the saint who deviates from the designated route and listen to her destination and intentions. “They also said to consider detaining new recruits if possible.”

Khan swallowed his saliva at the unusual content.

The Holy Order is as heavy as its power and size, so it is rare for the headquarters to move branches directly. It is not for no reason that the Seongcheolsaegi Knights act alone to solve the problem.

It was the headquarters of the Holy Church that gave them autonomous authority to take care of most things.

But an order was given to move the entire branch to find the saint and even arrest the new soldier? I was afraid that I would get angry if I stayed next to him for no reason, so a shiver ran down my spine.

“and! “That is a very difficult mission!”

But Saint Ellahan smiled brightly at those words. Cesare also smiled bitterly and relaxed his face.

“Well, the fact that it ends with ‘recommendation’ probably means that it was a formal statement. “It can be said that the real purpose is the first two.”

“Is this my destination and intention?”

“…I was guessing, though.”

Even if other people didn’t know, I knew that much.

It was Cesare who told Ellahan the story about the warrior Leon. I felt sorry for her because she couldn’t go out until she became a saint, so I just tried to tell her a story that would be helpful.

I never thought I would become so motivated after hearing that story that I would go and visit in person.

“You must be following the hero’s movements. “I see you stopped by Blaine. Are you planning on heading to the mountains after visiting the academy?”

“As expected, it’s Cesare. “You know very well.”

“I’ve been watching you ever since you were young.”

Saint Ellahan, who was discovered in an orphanage, was raised by priests at the church headquarters on behalf of her blood relatives.

All of them were Elahan’s mother and father.

Among them, Cesare became her teacher and taught her about scriptures and history from the time she was about three years old.

“The saint was very playful from that age.”

They scribble crookedly or draw unrecognizable pictures on scriptures, which in themselves are like historical relics.

They said it was a game of hide and seek, and when she hid somewhere in the temple, even the cardinals had to come out and look for her. Everyone laughed when they found him sleeping in a large pot in the restaurant.

Ellahan’s face also turned a little red as he remembered those times.

“Why are you bringing up a story from when you were a kid?”

“It doesn’t mean anything. “I just thought you were still the same.”

Ellahan, who understood the meaning a beat later, cried out.

“It means you’re still a child!”

“I am an elf. “When looking at humans, you have to distinguish age based on the inside, not the outside.”

“Oh, if that’s the case… no, that sounds a bit strange, right? Are you calling me a child not only in body but also in mind?!”

“You are great.”


Cesare, who had skillfully teased her, put his hands together.

“The Goddess also said that the first step to self-cultivation is to be able to look at yourself every time you look in the mirror. “You have become a saint and you act like his staff.”

“Ik Iik!” Cesareee!”

Ellahan, who lost the argument, became tearful and pounded his chest, but Cesare was still smiling.

To parents, children remain children even after they grow up.

In just five years, his and Ellahan’s relationship had not turned upside down.


However, the power of that cute fist was dozens of times greater than it was five years ago, so Cesare desperately held his breath.

Otherwise, I felt like a groaning sound would escape.

Fortunately, there is only one other person in this place besides him and Ellahan…


Cesare, who belatedly remembered the Khan’s existence, turned to look at him.

It was devastating to even think about how the gangsters would mock him after seeing this.

However, Khan’s face was different from his expectations in many ways.


It was not an expression that a gangster who tramples on other people and picks their pockets would make. Each time Ellahan’s fist struck, his grim face became colored with an unknown sympathy.

It was a feeling that Cesare could neither understand nor want to understand.

“Ugh, I can’t beat Cesare.”

Ellahan eventually lowered his fist and shrugged his shoulders.

When I think about it, I can’t remember a single time when I tried to tease him and succeeded. Cesare had a very calm personality and had accumulated a lot of experience not only through his skills but also through the long lifespan of an elf.

There were several instances where he stepped in and resolved a dispute over the interpretation of the scriptures.

“Cesare would probably know why I came here, right?”

Trust and expectations.

As two bright eyes looked at him, Cesare nodded in affirmation to the question.

“Do you want to know about ‘Oracle Day’?”


“I knew so. “There are almost no books left about ‘Oracle Day’, and only those who have lived a long time like me will remember a little about it.”

The Goddess’ Word oracles are divided into two types.

Teachings that teach believers the path to take and revelations that prepare them for disasters that will come to this world.

The ‘Day of the Oracle’ that the two mentioned was, of course, the latter.

The birth of a warrior.

And the text hinting at the descent of the Holy Sword meant that a disaster that they could not handle with their own strength would come.

“Difficult times will come.”

Cesare declared.

“The monsters will increase and move on an abnormal scale, people will be disturbed by unfavorable rumors and atmosphere, and those with ambition will use that anxiety to fuel the flames of war. “The wicked who have been hiding their faces will reveal their true nature, and even the heretics hidden beneath the surface will act, creating chaos in this world.”

“That’s a mess…!”

“yes. The cases of “Swallowing the City” and “Vampire Exploitation” that you solved are only a part of it. “For something we don’t know about yet, the evil beasts are probably preparing for action at this very moment.”

If you look into history, the term ‘golden age’ exists.

It refers to the best time when everything is at its peak and everything is going well. It could also be said to be a state in which prosperity and prosperity are occurring at the same time.

Troubled times are precisely the antithesis of that.

Can it also be called the dark age? It was a difficult time when all the irrational trends and negative situations that had accumulated knowingly or unknowingly reached the extreme.

“Be prepared, saint.”

It is the fate of the warrior to overcome that dark era.

Since she volunteers to be a warrior’s companion, she must face the storms of that era head on.

Ellahan’s eyes were filled with determination.

“The resolution is already over.”

As if in response to her determination, golden light flows from inside the robe, and divine power lingers in her words like a commandment.

“The saint’s karma was not fulfilled 7 times in 300 years. “This time, I will save this world together with the hero.”

Ellahan, the strongest saint of all time, pledged that.

* * *



A sword and a titan made similar sounds. They were looking in the same direction from a little distance away.

Of course, Leon was sitting at the corner of his gaze.

“I think we can do a little more, but it’s a little lacking.”

Cassim, who was sitting next to El Cid, responded to El Cid’s assessment.

“The current pace of development alone is significant. “If you try to achieve it faster, you might run into other problems.”

“No, that guy can do it.”

El Cid didn’t start practicing telekinesis for nothing.

He was a person who took action only after seeing enough potential.

The problem was that others did not see the potential he saw, so it sounded like nonsense or crazy until it was successful.

《This is a guy who has been swinging a sword with ‘will’ since he couldn’t use Aurors. Not only has he constantly trained his body, which was already developed to its limit, but the quantity and quality of his mental power is not much different now compared to a year ago.》

“You are a very worthy disciple.”

《What’s wrong? “I guess I’m the perfect teacher for that guy.”

“I don’t know.”

Cassim did not respond further to the self-praise and turned his head away.

There is nothing more annoying than seeing a guy who pretends to be really smart. That infinite confidence was unwavering no matter what insults he received, so it was no different from cursing at a wall.

It would have been better to care about the only priest.

‘A priest….’

I had no idea that the death penalty would be introduced more than 300 years later.

It’s absurd that that damned species resides in the sword, but I never thought they would teach priests of other races.

All the years I lived as a giant king were all meaningless experiences.

It was then.

Cassim, who was quietly watching Leon, saw a space that had begun to become slightly distorted.


《I have eyes too.》

“…Is it true? “Where does it hang?”

《Even if you stab it, it won’t go in, so wake up from your dream.》


It was an odd question and answer, but their expressions were extremely serious.


A strange phenomenon was occurring centered around Leon’s body.

There is no physically observable force.

Mass heat pressure.

The atmosphere is distorted without anything. The sunlight pouring from the ceiling curved and began to flow around Leon’s body as if it had hit water droplets.


It is a kind of air power.

The development of a domain starting from the most independent thing in the world, one’s own body. In Muhak, to expand the microcosm and reach the macrocosm was to discuss this state.

The first step toward transcendence beyond the limits of physical laws.

Leon finally stepped into that realm.

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