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Overpowered Sword Chapter 87

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Level up with swords (87)

It was a natural reaction.

It was Saint King Rodrik who taught martial arts to the Titans?

It was a story I had never seen in any book in the library or heard from anyone.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time I heard that type of story since I got hold of El Cid, but I couldn’t help but be surprised every time. Because it was a secret history that even famous historians could not understand.

The value of Roderick’s name was so heavy that even Leon would have suspected it had it not been for what the person said.

[I’m doing it well now, but at the time it was really annoying because I couldn’t understand what was being said.]

Either way, El Cid was lost in old sentiments.

[If only the goddess hadn’t been so penny-pinching…]

“Huh? “Why is the goddess here?”

[Why is it coming out? It’s because he passed it on to me.]

As if he had nothing to hide, El Cid told the story behind the secret.

[You probably know about the origins of the Titans, right?]

“Ah, I prayed to the goddess and received wisdom…”

[Yes, that story is true. Not only because the giant king begged for his life, but also because he made the ogres who were all idiots except him smarter. The mission to protect the dimensional rift in the depths of the mountains here is also true.]

But El Cid, who was angry, changed his mind.

[Would the Titans have been this good at talking and fighting from the beginning? I was the one who made these people who had just woken up and started acting like parents.]

“…No way.”

[That’s right!]

As Leon broke into a cold sweat after reading the expected development, El Cid, who was the catalyst for that reaction, burst into anger.

The holy sword resonated with that emotion to the point that it trembled.

[Damn you bitch! A bastard who leaves dozens of oversized babies in his care and asks them to take care of him! I know the hero is the head of some kind of orphanage!]

It’s not that it wasn’t, it was just as expected.

The blessing of wisdom only awakens one’s intellect and does not simply fill one’s mind with knowledge to be learned.

Although it happened more than 300 years ago, El Cid’s seizures were violent.

The resentment he had built up after being manipulated by the goddess so many times was so great that if the Knight of Seongcheolsae heard of it, he would have him burned at the stake for blasphemy, so much so that there was not enough firewood to use as firewood.

Leon heard the cries in one ear and let them out in the other, revising his perception of the goddess whose voice he had not yet heard.

‘He’s a good person, but he treats people a bit harshly.’

If even Roderick in his lifetime was capable of taking off a crane, it was clear that most people would not be able to handle even a single mission.

It was a story of great concern about his future as a warrior.

[Fucking hell. If I had known how to manipulate people like that, I would have lived without being a warrior or a holy sword. The Demon King’s immortality would have collapsed at some point if it was torn apart a hundred and thousand times.]

It was very fortunate for the Demon King who was slaughtered by him. Maybe the goddess knew that and showed mercy?

[The small talk got a little long. Well, as I said before, I was the one who taught martial arts to the Titans. I only taught them basic physical training methods and tactical theories on how to use weapons.]

“That facility called ‘Hell Hall’ or something?”

[I don’t remember that. Didn’t they make it on their own? Although the intensity was a bit high, it seemed usable.]

The health club seemed to be a training facility unique to the Titans. It was an incredible feat to maintain that motivation after repeating training that was no different from torture for decades.

When Leon seemed to understand what he said, El Cid continued the conversation that had been interrupted by complaints.

[Still, I taught at least one guy properly. He was a man who awakened his intellect even without the blessing of the goddess, so his qualities were at the level of a genius even by human standards.]

“――The King of Giants.”


El Cid agreed in one word and continued speaking.

[He probably raised the martial arts level of the Titans. Since what he learned from me wasn’t enough, he must have spent hundreds of years honing himself, so he would have already overcome the barrier to becoming a master.]

A Titan who has reached the level of a master!

Leon had guessed it in his heart, but when he imagined its power, he felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

He saw the true nature of the Titans through 11 sparring sessions.

He has strong, flexible muscles and a huge physique. He is a natural strongman, but he also understands martial arts and has the potential to become an auror even though it is difficult to increase his proficiency.

‘Will I be able to win against 5 human masters…?’

Even warriors who could only strengthen their bodies with auras were able to compete with Leon. Moreover, it was natural that a Titan who had reached the level of an Aura Master would be several times more powerful than a human of the same level.

Giant King.

The leader of the Titans who must have built up his power 300 years ago.

My body trembled at the enormity of a being I had not yet met.


El Cid’s voice made him relax.

[For the time being, focus on sparring with the giants like before. Because the opportunity to fight fiercely without dying is not that common.]

“I don’t even know when I’ll meet the Giant King?”

[What does that matter? There’s no need for you to fight him anyway, and even if you do, you’ll be killed in one hit. What’s the point in improving my condition with skills that can’t even beat the village chief?]

“…My ears are hurting.”

Although they were all correct, Leon, who had been beaten so harshly, could not help but smile bitterly.

Even though it was painful to hear, it was just as El Cid said.

What he can do now is refine his own capabilities.

It was to prove one’s qualifications before handing over the inheritance that the Giant King would keep.

And in the Titan village, qualifications meant power.

* * *


The wind pressure that comes out with the blade sweeps through my hair.

Leon, who dodged the sword with a gap of three inches, did not miss the gap and completely escaped the opponent’s gap.

I had to avoid being caught in a chain reaction.

I’ve gotten a good feel for it from sparring with the Titans over the past few days, but it’s still dangerous to just pass by them once. The difference in power between humans and Titans was that big.

“Tsk! “You look like you’re going to get caught, but you manage to escape!”

The twin-sworded giant Drugo, who had missed Leon again, chased after him with an angry expression. The twin swords made from the basilisk’s vertebrae were extremely sharp despite their blunt appearance.

Every time Drugo shakes off his dual swords, the wind splits. It was a shame because the attack was poorly structured. If it had been a little more elaborate, they would have been in trouble a long time ago.

Leon was clearly seeing through that loophole.

‘It’s too aggressive for wielding dual swords.’

The martial art of dual swords, which uses two swords, had a strong defensive aspect apart from its killing power.

In fact, most of the well-known dual sword techniques were based on dividing the two swords into attack and defense roles, blocking with one sword and striking with the other. Even if both weapons were used together, there were very few schools that focused on attack.

Above all, contrary to popular belief, the trajectory of dual swords was more monotonous than when wielding a single sword.

‘It is powerful to be able to attack from two directions at the same time, but on the other hand, there is no other advantage.’

It had been a long time since Leon had found a loophole in the dual swords wielded by Drugo using the Eye Method. It’s just that it’s not easy to get in because of the difference in spacing, and it wasn’t that difficult.

He had been calmly laying the paving stones for a few minutes.

The seemingly fluke-like avoidance of being hit but avoiding it by a small margin is the trap that attracts Drugo.

‘It will come soon.’

I saw Drugo’s eyes widen with excitement.

Highly heightened fighting spirit was a powerful weapon and at the same time a drug that made you forget your cool. Experienced warriors know their boundaries well and control their strength, but Drugo still lacked experience.

So, I fell into the trap set by Leon.

“Are you here?”

Two slashes strike almost at the same time.

Vertical and horizontal cuts.

The criss-crossing slash tears the target caught within to shreds. It was a blow that Drugo considered to be his secret technique.

Once captured, it is difficult to avoid and Leon’s strength cannot handle two slashes.

The moment Drugo’s eyes sparkled as he was confident of victory, he said,

‘Here we go.’

Leon was half a beat ahead of the moment when the two blades overlapped and threw himself beyond the intersection of the slashes.


Drugo, who saw the gap in the eye of the typhoon slash, let out a cry of astonishment. It was a weakness that I could not know about because I had never struggled against a person the size of a human.

However, Drugo’s fighting spirit was as fierce as his impatient personality.

When he realized his mistake, rather than panicking or taking a step back, he tried to headbutt him first.

[Oh, that’s quite a bit?]

El Cid was also secretly impressed by the response.

When a cross cut misses, he doesn’t just give up the defenseless arms, but even tries to counterattack.

Although he was poor at reading numbers, he had excellent fighting sense.

If Leon’s actual combat experience had been lacking even a little, he might have been caught in that headbutt and thrown to the ground.


Leon, who completely dodged the headbutt, struck him in the cervical spine.

Although it was a strike from a hilt, not a blade, it was a moment that could have knocked off the head if it had been attempted to cut it.

Drugo also did not ignore that fact.

“I lost.”

A human would have fainted, but Drugo admitted defeat by hanging down the sword in his hand.

7 wins and 3 losses with this.

It was Leon who finished the tenth sparring with victory.

‘I guess the blow to the nape of the neck didn’t feel anything.’

Even though he won the sparring match, he clicked his tongue because it was absurd.

The sword hilt was hard and heavy, so it could be used as a blunt weapon. Even if you hit it properly, there is no damage, so there is no weapon as meaningless as a blunt weapon when fighting Titans.

With the iron ball that Cesare was swinging, hitting it with a clumsy hammer or something like that would only result in a massage.

“Drugo lost! “This is why double swords are not allowed!”

“Hahaha! I never thought I could break that cross cut by charging in! “If the timing had been wrong, you would have been cut into four pieces!”

“There is no way warrior Leon would back down like that! cancer!”

As always, the giants surrounding the sparring venue cheered.

This sparring has been going on for over a week already.

Meanwhile, the giants seemed to have grown quite fond of Leon and praised him, calling him by his name as if they were now friends. This was especially true for giants who had fought with him at least once.

They are the Titans who have lived the same life for decades. Fighting with warriors from outside was a thrilling stimulus for them.

“Okay, next is me! “Let’s fight with the trident!”

“What bullshit! “It’s my turn!”

“what!? “Would you like to give it a try? Arul!”

“There’s nothing you can’t do! Come on!”

The two giants clashed without Leon having time to stop them.

The other giants only giggled at the dirty fight and did nothing to stop it, only encouraging it. For the Titans, there is no big difference between fighting and talking.

Therefore, the argument was tantamount to a fight.

“Haha, that’s bullshit.”

As Leon was rubbing his nose at the usual scenery, there was a giant approaching behind him.

Leon, feeling his presence, turned around.

“Chief? “What’s going on?”

He was a warrior-chief-level giant and the village’s chief, Balkan.

He, who boasted even more massive muscles, looked around and whispered to himself in a low voice.

It was already hard to hear because of the fight between the two giants.

“…Follow me quietly. He called you.”

Leon’s face hardened as he understood his message.

There was only one being that Balkan could call ‘him’.

The Giant King’s Call!

The time has come to achieve the purpose that brought us all the way to the Titan Mountains. It is time to take over the legacy that Roderick left behind in the distant past.

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