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Overpowered Sword Chapter 85

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Level up with swords (85)

〈Hell Hall〉.

Leon swallowed dryly at that terrifying name.

You could tell just by looking at the distorted faces of the Titans. The blood vessels are swollen as if they will burst when touched, and the bruised body is mottled with a bluish color.

The body is tougher and harder than steel, to the point where it becomes a complete wreck. It was no exaggeration to say that we had already entered the realm of torture.

‘If a human followed that training method, he wouldn’t even be able to recover his bones…’

Although the hell unfolding before his eyes was not as severe, Leon was also someone who trained his body harshly. So I was able to immediately understand the incredible intensity of this training center.

There is no significant difference in the way the muscles are trained.

Stimulating muscle fibers through high weights or high repetitions and promoting recovery through rest and nutrition.

Nevertheless, humans should not follow that method.

[Well, the bodies of Titans are different from humans in many ways.]

El Cid did not deny that.

[Unlike humans, Titans are monsters that can train not only muscles, but also ligaments, joints and blood vessels. Someone with better senses can even control involuntary muscles.]

‘Involuntary muscles?’

[A muscle that moves autonomously like the heart. Humans can only handle that part if they are an Auror or trained in a special way for a long period of time. One of those tricks is the strong body technique that you used at the Academy.]

El Cid’s voice was as calm as usual, but the content was not something to be listened to calmly.

A creature that trains not only muscles, but also ligaments, joints and blood vessels!

It was a body that every warrior could not help but covet, and it was difficult to guess its limits.

No matter how much humans trained, their limitations were clear without Aurors. There is no human being who can break down a castle wall with his bare body, and no human being can run faster than an animal barefoot.

It was a limitation of the species.

Even if muscles are attached, there are no ligaments to support the force and no joints to withstand it.

‘It means you have a blessed body.’

[It’s just as he said.]

Leon felt regretful for no reason and sighed.

This is because I remember when I was at the academy, my skills remained stagnant even after training for several years.

If it had been a Titan’s body rather than a human’s, it would have been able to develop its physical abilities without an Auror. A body that infinitely rewards your efforts. It was truly a blessed body.

“Oh, it looks like your blood is boiling too.”

However, Urga seemed to have accepted that situation and smiled as she tapped Leon on the shoulder.

“Every time I come here, I am also afraid, but I am also burning with the desire to challenge the limits of my body. “It is a place where the name ‘Hell’ is very fitting.”

“I see.”

Leon did not agree at all, but agreed for now.

If they offered me a chance to give it a try, I was planning on turning it down immediately.

According to his estimate, the weight of the iron mass carried by the Titan doing squats was more than 10 tons, and the weight of the Titan doing the press exercise was at least 5 tons.

If I were to carry that weight with pure strength, I would not be able to hold it for even a second and my vertebrae would definitely be crushed.

Fortunately, Urga did not recommend it.

“Now, it may be a pity, but we will postpone the training in the training center until later. “The village chief will be waiting for us beyond.”

Leon and Karen nodded without any hesitation.

If I could escape this place full of blood, sweat, muscle pain, and screaming, I could meet anyone.

The two walked quickly across the training center.

In the meantime, the screams from the health club never ceased.

A giant who vomits blood while doing squats, a giant who is crushed by a metal block, and a giant who asks to insert one more disc at a time, and a giant who refuses to stop until ten more discs are added….

“Ugh… What is this terrible place? ”

Karen must have been horrified by the hellish scene, so she hugged her shoulders with both arms and trembled.

Even she, who was raised to be an assassin who was raised to be an assassin and was lucky if one or two of them came out alive, was horrified by this sight! The traditions of the Titans were truly remarkable in many ways.

The screams were not heard until after several hundred meters had gone further.

The two were barely relieved by the change, but then stiffened when they heard the sound coming from beyond.

Kwaaaang…! Kwaang…!

A roar that shakes the earth.

The scale of the shock wave was not much inferior to the one Angela experienced earlier in Rubena.

Huge forces are colliding.

Even if you just touch not one or two, but dozens of them, dangerous destructive power is unleashed in seconds. It was a phenomenon that was difficult to see even in the center of a battle where large-scale troops clashed.

“Hey, everyone seems very enthusiastic today too.”

Only Urga savored the vibration with a happy expression.

“It must be worth it since the village chief participated. “There will be many brothers who will risk their lives because it is an opportunity to unite with the warrior leader even once.”

“What’s going on out front over there?”

Karen, unable to bear it any longer, opened her mouth.

Although each scene was a scene that destroyed common sense, the scale of this power was dangerous. If they are caught in the aftermath, the two people will die. The instinct of a top assassin tells you to step down if you don’t want to die.

Then Urga answered as if she was asking an obvious question.

“It’s sparring.”

“Great sparring?”

“Skill without strength is nothing more than a dance move, and strength without skill is nothing more than a struggle. “Isn’t it impossible to become stronger by training without competing?”

It was indeed a natural story.

However, the two were not convinced and made eye contact, then walked in after Urga.

I planned to see it with my own eyes and judge it.


“What–! “Is it barely this much?”

I faced a whirlwind of violence.


After being hit by a fist, the giant rises several meters, falls against the wall, and loses consciousness. The impact was so great that the wall sank into the shape of a giant.

That’s not all.

A giant with a spear, a giant with a sword, a giant with a club. Regardless of what weapon you are holding in your hand, it will fly away with one punch.

A storm of equal power!

Even if you are hit with a catapult, you will only bleed a little and the Titans will not be able to withstand a single punch from the same Titan and fall down.


Eventually, Karen, who had begun to hiccup, took a deep breath.

It was a very cute reaction for an assassin who reigned in Blaine’s underworld, but Leon didn’t even dare to make fun of her.


This is an application method of applying Aura Weapon, which coats the surface of a weapon with Aura, to the body rather than a weapon.

A proper martial artist’s 〈Aurofist〉 can break rocks and shatter shields in one blow. Even humans, who are very weak compared to the Titans, can display that level of power.

So what if Titan uses that <Aurofist>?


The giant burst out with a roar and flew near Leon and the others, blinded them and fainted.

The sight of blood dripping from the corner of the mouth was not just a bruise, but it looked like the shock had penetrated all the way to the internal organs. If any other species had been hit by it, they would have been literally torn apart.

It was actually amazing that I just vomited some blood.

“There’s nothing to worry about. “It’s just that my liver and stomach were a little ruptured.”

After briefly examining the giant, Urga rolled him aside and continued walking. Injuries that would have been life-threatening for other races, such as internal rupture, were no better than scratches for Titans.

Urga, who opened the way, shouted loudly.

“Chief! Spearman Urga has brought guests from the village!”


The giant village chief responded to his call and opened his eyes wide.

He was the giant who reigned in the vortex of power that had knocked down dozens of giants just a few seconds ago.

He must have come to his senses after hearing that he was a guest, and walked towards them, shaking off his blood-covered hands.

“I’m a guest in the village, so how much is this?”

As the village chief giant approached, Leon’s body froze.

So strong.

Regardless of the Auror’s proficiency or other such areas, the combat power itself was an entity that was in a realm that could not be matched.

S rank and above is stronger than Drake, who has been struggling recently.

“Nice to meet you. “I am Balkan, the chief of this village.”

Leon barely reached out and held hands as big as rocks. I get goosebumps from the power that passes through my skin.

If you fight, you lose.

An intuition like certainty passed through his mind.

The warrior leader-level Titan Vulcan I met for the first time.

I haven’t seen the Sword Master yet, but he might be more powerful than them. It was a moment that added even more credibility to the rumor that Saint King Roderick’s legacy remained.

* * *

“…I see, it is the legacy of the hero Rodrik.”

The village chief, the giant Balkan, muttered while resting his chin.

“I can’t answer you because I don’t know anything. I will report the matter to the king immediately. “As far as I know, he is the only Titan who knows Rodrik.”

“ah! thank you.”

“What is taken for granted?”

When Leon bowed down from his seat, Vulcan waved his hand and declined the greeting.

The Titans do not like ostentation.

I don’t even feel like it’s worth hearing about things like status or respect. For a warrior, praise comes from his dancing, and honor comes from strength.

So Balkan changed his mind as soon as the story was over.

“Anyway, the seeds must have dried up in the Drakera Mountains. “He must be from another area, right?”

“Maybe so.”

Urga answered.

“Not only has he been attacking me and Zulu first, but he doesn’t even know who the owner of the mountain range is. “There’s no way I haven’t seen a guy with black scales and dark attribute magic like that before.”

“I guess so. “If he had shown his face even once, there is no way he would have saved our children.”

“If it had flown near the village, it would have been dead long ago.”

It may have sounded arrogant, but from the Titans’ perspective, S-rank monsters were just prey that they caught several times a year.

Drake was no exception.

You don’t have to go far, five or six people can handle it, and if a warrior leader steps forward, solo hunting is also possible. Vulcan, who is here now, has also defeated S-ranks on his own several times.

“Well, it’s such a shame, anyway. “If it weren’t for the guy whose owner has already been decided, I would have gone to kill him.”

“Other friends will think so too.”

“…I’m the owner? Is this like a hunting order?”

When Leon, who had heard something incomprehensible in the conversation between the two giants, carefully intervened, Vulcan’s eyes widened.

Then he soon realized the reason and burst into laughter.

“Oh, I see. “You don’t know our customs yet.”

“What if it’s a custom?”

“It’s no big deal. If there is someone who inflicts serious wounds on the prey, that warrior is guaranteed the opportunity to subdue him first. “This time, you have the right to cut out an eye.”

The criteria for a major wound were simple.

It would be enough to interfere with his fighting ability. Rights are guaranteed only if the wound is something that cannot be ignored, such as an eye or a missing wing or leg.

Coincidentally, Leon met the conditions.

“How delightful! Not only was he a guest after a long time, but he was also a warrior skilled enough to cut out one of Drake’s eyes. “It’s too much of a waste to just leave it in the village!”

“Haha, even if you don’t show me such hospitality…”

It was nothing more than a high compliment, but Leon waved his hands while trembling with an unexplainable sense of foreboding.

For some reason, I was able to anticipate what he was going to say next.

So, I had to end the story before those words came out

: “Let’s have a few rounds of sparring with the kids!”

Balkan stood up without paying attention to his specifications. There wasn’t even a single doubt. He seemed to sincerely believe that a warrior like Leon would not refuse this offer.

If you get bitten here, the atmosphere will get cold.

Leon had no choice but to give in to the invitation.

“Fuck it, let’s try something.”

It was then.

Coo coo coo coo coo…!

There was a sound like the ground shaking from somewhere, and giants were seen coming from the other side of the cave.

You can tell just by looking at the tail covered in blood and sweat.

These were giants who were screaming in pain at the gym.

Not wanting to be outdone, they came running in a panic, and as soon as they saw Leon, they started waving their hands and screaming.

“There it is! “I am the human warrior who gouged out Drake’s eyes!”

“grow! Come fight me first!”

“Get out of here! “I am the first to fight with one sword!”

“Drugo! “Now it’s your turn to go out on patrol. What kind of fight are you talking about?”

“You can make up for it later!”

Leon felt himself becoming dizzy from the clamor.

An opponent where one cannot guarantee victory.

Cold sweat came out without me knowing because of the enthusiasm emanating from them. It would have been impossible for even the Imperial Guard Knights to overwhelm him without a trace of malice or fear.


Stop shaking with one deep breath.

This is what I hoped for if it was a fight against a strong person. Would it be common to have the opportunity to face off against powerful forces like the Titans?

We may not be able to recreate the legend of Roderick, who defeated the Giant King, but as a disciple, we must not let his name be tarnished. Leon, who regained his composure, pulled out a sword from his belt.


All the giants fell silent at that sharp sound.

There was no fear.

Only the excitement of the warriors ahead of the fight was swirling.

“One person from the left.”

Leon’s golden eyes calmly stated the rules.

“Let’s get started.”

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