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Overpowered Sword Chapter 84

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Level up with swords (84)

It was the next day.

Leon and the others began to follow the two giants through the forest.

Unlike yesterday, there was no darkness blocking the view. Because the concentration of mana was so strong, the plants contained its power and emitted a bluish light instead of sunlight.

Leon and Karen, who are not wizards, didn’t know much about it, but if someone who knew its value had seen it, it would have started a fight.

Mana is so abundant that even a single weed can glow!

It was a phenomenon that could only be seen in reagents made by highly skilled alchemists. Moreover, if it’s just weeds, what about the medicinal effects of magical herbs like Mandragora?

There was no need to make it into a reagent; you could see its effectiveness by chewing it in one bite and swallowing it.

But the two giants and Leon Karen knew nothing.

The flower that was trampled by the thick sole of Urga, who was walking ahead, was worth dozens of gold, and the mushroom that Zulu crushed with his elbow could be used to buy two magic swords.

The old saying that ignorance is medicine is not for nothing.

[It’s a good thing there are no wizards in your party yet.]

Only El Cid said bitterly when he saw the devastation.

‘huh? Why the wizard all of a sudden?

[…You don’t have to know. If you think about it, it’s funny that a hero acts like an herbalist.]

There’s no point in collecting those spirit herbs anyway.

Neither Leon nor Karen knew anything about medicine or alchemy, and there was no way in the Titan village there were skilled alchemists or merchants who could exchange money for money.

It was much better to just walk and enjoy the scenery than to feel bad because I knew I was making money.

Fortunately, Leon did not delve further into the topic.


Seeing something over the giants’ shoulders, Karen leapt back and grabbed a dagger in both hands.

And Leon also reacted similarly to her.

A pack of ten wolves appeared.


The danger level of a single entity was C+, but when it acted as a group, it was a monster that was treated as B rank. Its body size is comparable to that of a tiger or a bear, and it can accelerate its body or create magical phenomena using its internal magic.

Among them, it is said that the strongest ones have horns growing between their eyes, and those who blocked the way of Leon and his group were like that.

“All ten of them have horns…”

Karen broke into a cold sweat without realizing it.

In other regions, individuals with horns would be the leaders, but in the depths of these mountains, that seemed to be the average.

If it had been just the two of them, they would have struggled greatly.

But Urga and Zulu laughed at that reaction.

Facing a group of threatening direwolves one by one, they walked forward without any tension.

“Whoop whoop.”

Urga was the first to swing the spear slowly.

It was as if he was chasing away a fly.

Leon and Karen were dumbfounded by his defenseless attitude, but soon became astonished.

Whine whine whine whine.

This was because a group of direwolves made a sound like they were going to poop and got out of the way. According to records, the monsters were not frightened by the charge of a heavily armored knight and showed their teeth.

Those guys who would tear steel to shreds with just one bite are grunting with their tails down!

Leon, unable to hide his absurdity, muttered softly.

“They weren’t the type of people who would back off that easily…”

Karen nodded in agreement, but El Cid responded with a pessimistic attitude.

[There are no people who are as faithful to the logic of power as monsters. The Titans are the apex predators of these mountains. The smell of Drake’s blood from yesterday will still be there, so it’s natural to buy it.]

The Titans are strong.

A single entity is treated as A~A+ rank and has an ogre-like body, as well as martial arts and intelligence. The entire race is warriors and hunters, and any monster lower than S rank can be single-handedly annihilated.

No, it was a race of monsters that could kill even a S-rank or higher monster alone if a warrior leader appeared.

So even the monsters deep in the mountain range have no choice but to be afraid.

“Haha, are you surprised?”

Urga smiled when she saw their surprised faces.

“Even if it is a monster, its nature is no different from that of an animal. “If you teach us the superiority and inferiority of strength, there will be no need for unnecessary fights.”

“But those wolves were smart.”

Zulu, who naturally joined in on the story, added:

“If you leave the wyverns alone for two months, they will forget everything and start attacking you again. “The wolves have been whining and lowering their tails whenever they see us for several years now.”

In some ways, Direwolf’s response was the best way to preserve his life in front of the Titans.

The Titans are a race that prides itself on being warriors and hunters.

He was reluctant to wield that power against monsters that had given up without any intention of fighting. Those who are vaguely strong, like wyverns, climb up without knowing this and end up being killed in droves every few months.

‘…Still, it still makes no sense.’

Leon was inwardly astonished by the explanation, but did not show it on the outside. Since the Titans were a race that deviated from common sense in the first place, there was no point in considering such matters.

The two people fell silent due to the culture shock.

After the direwolf, several types of monsters appeared before them, but none showed their teeth or growled against the Titans.

Was there even one troll that tried to attack without knowing fear and was beaten by its own people? It was very pitiful to see him struggling desperately without knowing why he was being beaten.

“Ah, the view is nice-.”


The two people looked away with awkward smiles in front of a scene that casually destroyed common sense.

The deep part, famous for its magic, looked like a walking path.

The adventurers who turned their feet in front of the Titan Mountains were sure to shed bloody tears when they saw this scene. To that extent, the Titans’ guidance was tantamount to foul play inside this mountain range.

Thanks to this, Leon and his party were able to reach the Titans’ residence deep in the Titan Mountains in just three days.

* * *

“Open the door! “The spearman Urga and the axeman Zulu have completed their mission and have returned!”

When Urga, standing in front of the huge door, shouted like that, a Titan poked his head out from the far wall. Since the wall was over 20 meters high, even its size seemed much smaller from perspective.

He looked down at the two giants and then tilted his head.

“Urgawa Zulu? It’s a little late. “I thought you’d come back yesterday.”

“We had a bit of a fight!”

Zulu, standing next to Urga, boasted.

“I got into a fight with Drake from another area! “It was a fight that almost stopped this tough heart for the first time in a long time!”

“drake?! really?”

“That’s right! “I’ll go inside and tell you everything, so please open this door right away.”

“Oh, I see. “Just wait a moment.”

The Titans are a race from their very beginnings for fighting.

Warriors who receive the mercy of the goddess and defeat monsters with their powerful strength and received wisdom.

For them, the only purpose of life was to meet a stronger opponent and achieve a glorious victory. Therefore, an S-rank monster like ‘Drake’ could not but be a bloodthirsty prey even for Titan warriors who were expert at hunting monsters.


A door larger than most castle gates was pushed aside, and a giant with a large bow on his back greeted the two giants.

“Come in! “You guys are so lucky to have come across Drake while patrolling.”

The bow giant Faruku expressed his regret in a sincere tone.

It was a luck he could not have hoped for.

Among the Titans, there are few people who handle bows, so most of them are sentinels, so I can’t remember the last time I went out on patrol.

“Yes, I was lucky in many ways.”

Urga stepped aside as she entered the door.

Then the two humans, Leon and Karen, who were standing behind him, caught Faruku’s eyes.

“hmm? human? “Did you bring it here?”

“That’s right. He fought Drake with us. “It was that human, Leon, who cut out one of his eyes.”


Faruku’s eyes lit up as he tried to show his guard. He is qualified to be treated as a guest of the Titans.

Prove your strength or fight alongside them.

Leon and his group were the second.

If you want to visit the village as a comrade in arms, the watchman must also open the way as requested. Faruku, who was already interested in the saga with Drake, smiled and gestured.

“good! Let both of you come in. “If you are Urgawa Zulu’s comrade in arms, you should welcome me as a guest too.”

“thank you.”

Leon bowed his head once at those words and passed through the wall made of huge wooden fences.

Karen followed him across the threshold, and soon the door was back in place. It was a large and heavy door that seemed impossible to open even if pushed with a hammer except by the power of the Titans.

Whatever it is, it is a large and heavy structure befitting the Titans.


Urga opened her mouth as she entered the village.

“I’m sorry, but would you like to talk to Zulu first? “I have business to meet with these two and the village chief.”

“Why him?”

“We’ll talk about that all when we come back.”


Faruku thought for a moment and then nodded.

“good. “You guys aren’t quiet enough to do anything.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m even thankful. “I’ll buy you a drink later.”

My journey with Zulu ended there.

He shook his fist at Leon and Karen once and then walked away with Faruku. Several axes hanging from his thick waist belt made clanking sounds as he walked.

As Leon was watching the group go, he suddenly asked a question.

“What does that fist from a moment ago mean?”

“It means ‘good luck.’”

“…I see.”

It was truly a greeting befitting the Titans.

The two people were embarrassed for a moment and walked along with Urga and looked around.

There was still some distance to the village, but the scenery beyond the wooden fence was beyond imagination. The corpses and remains of all kinds of monsters are spread everywhere. Although it is rare, there are a number of monsters that appear to be at least B rank to A rank, but there are also a number of materials floating around that appear to be S rank.

‘…cockatrice…basilisk…kurd…twinhead troll…’

It was an absurd sight.

There were two, maybe even a hundred, dead monsters that could destroy a small territory if just one appeared.

These are probably monsters that the Titans themselves have hunted.

There are special monsters scattered around like goblins in the back mountain that you can buy several castles by exchanging them for gold coins. It is truly terrifying that it is not organized as if it is an insignificant matter.

“That pile is the daily life of this village.”

Karen, who had the same thoughts as Leon, muttered.

They are monsters that can reign as a disaster in an area even at A rank, without even going up to S rank. But the Titans don’t even care about the by-products of hunting those monsters.

Ogre’s tendons too.

Troll blood too.

Basilisk skin too.

Kurdish bones too.

That meant that it could be obtained ‘at any time’.


Leon felt it once again. Every time I take a step closer to the village, the feeling of presence increases.

Each person is A rank or higher.

Strong people who cannot know who will win or lose even if they fight at the risk of their lives.

An ominous feeling, almost certain that most of them would end in defeat, tickled the back of his neck. I thought Urga and Zulu were very strong, but there were dozens of giants stronger than them.

“Hmm, I guess you’re in the training center.”

And Urga, who was leading the two, changed course.

“Follow me. “I’d like to show you the village first, but touring the Titans’ training camp wouldn’t be a bad experience either.”

“Is this the training center…?”

“It’s a place to train your body and skills. Our job is simple. Except for the time spent on physiological phenomena, all time is devoted to fighting or training. “If I want to repay the grace bestowed upon me by the goddess, I cannot be lazy even for a minute.”

Leon was a little surprised by the sincerity in those words.

The Titans, not the Holy Church.

I sensed a faith similar to that of a priest from someone who seemed to have never read the scriptures.

A heart of gratitude that is even pure.

The reason the goddess showed mercy to them may have been because she recognized this nature. The reason I stayed in this dark, deep mountain range for hundreds of years and continued to fight for my life against monsters was to repay that favor.

“We’re all here.”

The place where Urga stopped was a huge cave.

As expected from the place used by the Titans, it is incredibly large from the entrance, and is so deep and wide that it is difficult to look inside.

Leon and Karen heard screams coming from inside.




It was all the voice of Titan.

They were a race of warriors born from birth who did not groan even when their flesh was cut and their bones were broken, and they were screaming.

However, Urga was not surprised at all.

I just walked into the cave, gesturing to the two frozen people. If so, it doesn’t mean that something dangerous is happening. Leon carefully stepped inside the cave.

After five more minutes, Leon and Karen were able to witness the truth inside the cave.


A giant ignorantly carrying a large piece of iron stood up.

Dozens of blood vessels sprouted from the thick nape of his neck, and both thighs were swollen as if they were about to burst.


A giant lying on a flat pedestal lifts a piece of iron while making the sound of a pig being slit.

The muscles of his undressed upper body wriggle menacingly.

The enormous weight caused the muscle fibers to tear, but the giants screamed in pain but did not relax their strength. This is because they knew that only by enduring this rupture could they become stronger.

“What is this place…?”

When Karen’s voice trembled as she faced the terrible sight, Urga grinned and pointed inside the cave.

“Welcome. “This place is the traditional training center of our Titans, ‘Hell’s Club.’”

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