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Overpowered Sword Chapter 80

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Level up with black (80)

Titan Mountains.

It is one of the stateless areas like the ‘Top of the Stars’ located at the northern end of the continent, and the surface area recorded on the map is so vast that it is almost half of a small or medium-sized kingdom. The deep part, which can be said to be a demonic area in the true sense of the word, is similar to or wider than the marquis territory.

It’s not a place worth wandering around in without a map.

However, how many people would come to a place where it would be difficult for even an A-rank adventurer to save their lives in order to create a map?

Even the Empire, which entered with 300,000 troops, failed to explore the depths of the Titan Mountains. It was not something that a single adventurer or explorer could accomplish.

‘El Cid is going this way, right?’

When Leon, who was taking steps carefully, asked, El Cid answered in a rough voice.

[Why do you keep asking when you say it’s true? Don’t you trust me? Huh?]

‘It’s because there’s nothing visible…’

I thought the outskirts were pretty dark, but once I got inside, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Even if you focus the aura on your eyes, you can only see about 10 meters away.

Because the light itself was so rare, increasing night vision seemed to have little effect. Even if you are a martial arts master, if you cannot adapt to this environment, you will not be able to demonstrate even half of your skills.

However, Leon and Karen were able to walk without tripping or anything.

‘If <Bobeop> hadn’t reached level 6, I would have had a hard time.’

While thinking that, Leon took another step forward.

The feel of the ground through the sole of a shoe.

And I felt the shock wave created by my feet spread out in the shape of a circle and hit a radius of several meters before coming back.

This is the 6th stage of ‘Bobeop’.

Through the act of ‘walking’, you can take control of the area and understand with your five senses what changes are taking place without even looking. Leon was still at the level of distinguishing the shapes of landmarks, but walking through a dark forest was no more difficult.

[It can be said to be a type of echolocation.]

El Cid said as if supplementing his realization.

[Just like blind bats shoot ultrasonic waves and read the echo to find prey. The 6th step is to use your own steps to read the surrounding movements. As your skill level increases, you will be able to see the opponent’s subsequent actions through their center of gravity or stepping stones.]

Leon reached level 6 while fighting against monsters that attacked in the middle of the night a few days ago.

Until then, he had completely relied on the Aura Sense to fill the gap in his vision, but as dozens of monsters flocked in, the Aura Sense also began to cause confusion.

When he finally reached the point where one side of his head was tingling, beyond the limit of his concentration, he finally realized.


The auror power possessed by Angela, the Holy Iron Knight who fought together in Rubena. When El Cid explained the power, I was also told how versatile the vibration was.

‘The essence of movement.’

If you dig deep into that logic, you have no choice but to become stronger.

It was clear that the fact that Angela was a strong figure among the Holy Knights at a relatively young age played a role.

As seen in Rubena, she only uses that power in the form of shock waves, but the true power of ‘vibration’ is revealed in close combat. You can detect every move in advance and weaken the impact of your opponent or amplify your own.

A warrior of the same level would be able to fight 100 times and win 100 times.

‘…Karen is a slightly different case.’

Leon felt Karen following behind him with a slight vibration and understood how Karen was aware of her surroundings.

[The senses of a top assassin are close to supernatural powers. Well, until that happens, we have to undergo training that is no different from torture.]

El Cid spoke in a somewhat bitter voice.

As he said, Karen was able to see through the invisible darkness with just her five senses. The wind passing by your skin, the faintest smell, the faintest noise than the sound of your breathing.

It was like evidence that the nervous system had been remodeled from the core through repeated training to maximize the five senses since childhood.


It was then.

When Leon, who had been a few steps ahead, stopped, Karen, who was following him, bumped her face into his back and grumbled.

“what? Why did it suddenly stop?”

“Take a look over there.”


Karen also opened her mouth when she saw the direction he was pointing at.

A mountain famous for fear and infamy.

The depths of the Titan Mountains were completely different from the image.

“Wow, it’s really pretty…”

It was still quite a distance away so it was faint, but the vegetation dyed in a soft blue light was a fantastic sight in itself.

[This is a phenomenon that occurs when the density of mana in the air becomes too high.]

El Cid said as if it was no big deal.

[Inside the Titan Mountains, there is a place where the dimensional boundary is unstable, and monsters frequently pour out from the cracks. The Titans made it their mission to block that wave.]

‘Ah, perhaps it’s the reward for receiving the goddess’ blessing…’

[Yes, that’s what you think.]

Leon even felt a chill hearing those words.

According to El Cid’s explanation, that beautiful scenery was created on top of the corpses of countless monsters. The result of slaying tens or even hundreds of thousands of monsters over several centuries and spilling their blood.

There was so much mana left that the ecological cycle could not handle it, sticking to the surrounding vegetation.

‘…Does this mean that this is the real depths?’

A place where the corpses of monsters hunted by the Titans were strewn about.

They don’t waste their power on B-rank monsters. The blade only targets monsters of A rank or higher.


“Yes, I understand.”

Karen, who seemed to have guessed this situation similarly, nodded with a slightly pale complexion.

The visibility distance has widened, but the sound of their footsteps has decreased.

Before I know it, I pass the shadows of trees towering over 30 meters and move forward as unnoticed as possible. As the concentration of mana increased, the air became heavier, and they noticed that it took a little longer to breathe.

‘It’s dangerous.’

I am feeling overwhelmed.

As Leon wiped away the sweat that had formed on his forehead, he realized once again how absurd this place was.

The danger level of the Titan Mountains is ‘unmeasurable’.

Even a guild with quite a few strong master-level members refuses the exploration. Just 30 years ago, the Sword Master, who was full of pride, went into the depths and was beaten to death by a passing Titan.

Not even a giant king, just a warrior.

‘If you survive in a place like this, you must be incredibly strong.’

With just one breath, your mana replenishes significantly.

How great of an effect would you see if you practiced here?

Rather than being amazed by the rich environment, Leon was thrilled by the strength of the monsters and Titans gathered in this land.

People have been killing and killing in places like this for not just a few years, but centuries?


At that moment, the earth shook.

It was something I had experienced several times while staying in the outskirts, but the intensity was completely different. Perhaps because the distance was getting closer, my legs realized the scale of the force and immediately froze.

At least five or six A-rank players are clashing.

The two people looked at each other once and then flew in that direction with a determined look on their faces.

It was time to face the true face of the Titan Mountains.

* * *

If the ogre is the king of the earth, the Wyvern is the king of monsters that reigns over the sky.

Not only are the scales and body of the <Auror Weapon> hard to stick to, but the claws that tear mithril with a single bite and the breath that turns full-plate mail into molten metal are also fearsome.

However, that level of risk cannot be ranked A+.

What makes wyverns more dangerous than ogres is that they fly in the sky and act as a group.


The Wyverns open their mouths with a terrible scream.

Teeth larger than the palm of an adult’s hand were exposed, and flames boiled inside the mouth, which was wet with acidic saliva.

It’s breath.

Wyvern’s breath is said to be more powerful than tier 5 attack magic.

Six rays of red flame swept toward the ground at once.


The strong and tough trees instantly turned into charcoal, and the melted ground coalesced like magma, spewing out black smoke.

Living things simply cannot survive.

In the heart of a heat wave, anyone would think,


The giant let out a loud laugh and swung his spear.


The breaths pushed by the wind pressure scatter.

A spear as long as 5 meters in length is swung at such a speed that an afterimage remains, so even the flame cannot move forward.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh——!

The window, which cleared all the smoke at once, immediately spun like a whirlpool and spun at incredible speed, forming a wall. A rushing wind arose and pushed away the breath, and even the Wyverns seemed to be taken aback, so they cut off their breath and looked down at the giant.

That was a mistake.

Since they could fly in the sky, the unaccustomed habit of being attacked caused the Wyverns to fall into a swamp of pride.


The ax flew in, making a horrifying sound.

The Wyverns hurriedly tried to fly upwards or duck downwards, but it was already too late to react. The wings of the three birds caught in the axe’s path were torn like sheets of paper.

Although it is relatively weak compared to the body, the skin cannot be penetrated by a sword, but the strength of the Titans easily surpasses even common sense.


Keek! Okay!

As the three wyverns fell to the ground screaming, the giant wielding a spear jumped on them without hesitation.

A wyvern that cannot fly has its combat ability reduced to less than half.

The giant’s spear pierced one’s chest and crushed the neck of the struggling one, killing both men in an instant. With a physical ability comparable to that of an ogre and a technical weapon capable of hitting vital points, the wyvern that fell to the ground could not survive even for a moment.

“What! “It’s barely like this!”

The giant who had finished off the three wyverns in about 10 seconds growled, and the wyverns, overwhelmed by his momentum, flew upward.

Then the giant who threw the throwing ax walked out and stood next to him.

“You’re not as belligerent as you think, are you? “I thought they were worthy of a long-awaited fight because their venom was high enough to attack us first.”

“That’s right. “Did I eat hallucinogenic herb by mistake?”

The giants stared at the Wyverns in the distant sky with cold eyes.

Although it was a distance from which they could attack unilaterally, the Wyverns who were terrified did not dare to fire their breath and just hesitated.

As soon as I opened my mouth, it felt like the ax was going to fly.

The giants looked as if they had lost steam in response.

“That’s not fun. “Let’s quickly organize this and go on patrol.”

“Well, sure.”

The giant holding a spear nodded at those words and tilted his upper body to aim at the Wyverns’ location.

Even if it is a spear, it is made by carving out demonic trees in this forest.

No matter how many pieces I threw away, I just had to rebuild them.


The giant’s lumpy body swells even larger, and its muscles emit bluish light, increasing their strength.

If anyone had seen this, they would have been shocked.


Although the level was not high, it was a big problem that the Titans were able to use Aurors. They are a group of Titans who can threaten an A rank or master if they practice martial arts with their bare body.

But how powerful would it be if Aurors were added to that power?

That fear was now becoming a reality.


A spear was fired from the roaring giant’s hand.

As soon as it was thrown, the afterimage of the spear pierced through the sound and shook the whole place with a shock wave, chasing the Wyverns.

There is nothing to do but avoid it.

A trajectory that can line up wyverns.

The Wyverns stiffen without realizing it as they face death right before their eyes.


My eyes widened at the sound that was different from what I expected.


The giant with the ax was astonished when he discovered it.

The guy who even used his Aura to bite the thrown spear and shatter it into pieces without any hesitation was not a wyvern.

A monster with a huge body that flies like an eagle, dominates the wyverns, and reigns over the sky. Its hideous horns and red burning eyes laugh as it looks at the two giants.

The giants who knew his identity spoke in nervous voices.


The pinnacle of sub-dragon.

A monster with a danger level of S+ appeared in the sky of the Titan Mountains.

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