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Overpowered Sword Chapter 79

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Level up with swords (79)


Leon let out an exclamation as if he was captivated by that bright light. Unlike the <Aura Sword>, where a halo of light remained around the blade, the <Aura Fire> flickered like an actual flame.

It’s a beautiful shape, but the power that fluctuates within it is absurd. The greatest destructive power that can be unleashed at a level below Master.

It would be possible to tear apart a huge rock with one swing.

[Oh… that’s bullshit! [I was already obsessed with the remaining talents.]

But El Cid thoughtlessly put a candle to that feeling.

[<Aura Fire> was unable to compress everything like <Aura Blade>, so the overflowing Aura spewed out like a flame. This means that it is a technology that is not perfect from the beginning. It’s not a skill that can be used continuously, as you might not know when you’re trying to win with one shot.]

“Well, it’s not a skill that can be used for a long time.”

Leon, who was momentarily excited by the success of <Auror Fire>, nodded as if agreeing with the words.

The golden flames swirling around the holy sword fade away.

It only lasted about 10 seconds, but 20% of the aurors were consumed. That’s it, even though it was on standby rather than in the middle of a battle. If you were to use <Auror Fire> in actual combat right now, you would be exhausted in about 30 seconds.

As Leon thought about that, a memory from a few months ago came to mind.

‘Bishop Cesare also used <Auror Fire> only briefly when necessary. If it could be maintained all the time, there would be no need for it, but does that mean it would consume so much power?’

[It is as he said.]

El Cid read his thoughts and agreed.

[It is different from <Auror Weapon>, which securely holds the Auror around the weapon, or <Auror Blade>, which fixes the Auror in a materialized state. As I forcefully apply my strength, all the auras that escape my control scatter into the air. It can be said to be the height of inefficiency.]

Nevertheless, there was only one reason to use <Auror Fire>.

[When you need to demonstrate power beyond your limits, <Auror Fire> is a shortcut created just for that moment.]

To sum it up in one word, it is a ‘decisive battle.’

Isn’t there an old saying?

Is there a need to use a cow knife to kill a chicken? To use the old saying, <Auror Fire> is a knife for killing cows. If you are an opponent who can win without using it, there is no need to use it.

This is an enemy that is likely to lose if you don’t raise the odds. It was a technique that could only be used against rivals or stronger enemies than oneself.

“…No, if you say it right, isn’t it very important?”

Leon reflexively asked those words back.

Although he is still an inexperienced warrior, he has overcome the challenges of life and death several times. The importance of the decisive battle could not be ignored.

The same goes for <Merak>.

If I hadn’t been able to cut Andrei down at that distance, I might have been caught in a self-destruction and suffered serious injuries or even died. However, El Cid disparaged one of those decisive battles as a ‘residual talent.’

[Are you stupid?]

El Cid snorted at that question.

[<Auror Fire> is ultimately only used by those below Master level. You should think about breaking the mastery barrier as soon as possible. Even if you delve into imperfect techniques, you will only end up stuck in place. That was the case with that gangster I saw in Blaine.]

“Oh indeed.”

Leon understood what he meant and agreed deeply.

<Auror Fire> is certainly a flashy technology, but it has no future. Just as your skills will not improve once you get used to using a trick, if you continue to rely on something as useful, you will be bound by its limitations.

If it hadn’t been for El Cid’s advice, Leon might have also fallen into that error and wasted several years.

[Hmm, I’m glad you understood it well.]

El Cid said, reading a hint of approval in his attitude. How many idiots are there who cover their ears and insist on the wrong path?

Fortunately, Leon was not included in that group.

[It’s been a while since I last checked my skills.]

As El Cid spoke, a translucent screen appeared.

Name: Leon

Title & Occupation: “Banpoon” Warrior

Level: 43

Strength B / Stamina B / Dexterity C / Auror B

<Sword Mastery (Advanced) Lv.1>

<Rodrick’s Martial Arts Lv.6>

<Acquired bone loss (stage 3)>

<Auror User (Advanced) Lv.5>

<Secret Sword Art (Seven Star Sword) Lv.3>

His abilities had changed significantly since the last time I saw him.

Her abilities, which had been hovering around the D rank, rose by almost two levels to a level similar to Karen’s.

The skill level was also the same.

<Sword Mastery> and <Auror User> have both reached advanced levels, and <Seven Star Sword> As expected, it was level 3.

[Hehehe, it has improved quite a bit.]

El Cid smiled darkly, as if he was satisfied with the change.

Leon didn’t know much, but his achievements were so great that it was hard to believe that he had achieved them in only four months.

After parting ways with the Storm Troops and beginning to stay on the outskirts of the Titan Mountains, Leon’s skills improved day by day.

If you think about it, it was only natural.

While riding in a carriage, I had no time to properly practice, just experiencing the transition between life and death over and over again. It was even more strange that his skills did not improve quickly after digesting the intensive combat experience and the power he had absorbed by cutting down a Lord-level vampire.

“Well, I learned a lot in the Titan Mountains.”

Leon shrugged his shoulders and added.

It’s not that it wasn’t, it was just as he said.

The monsters in the Titan Mountains, even those driven out to the outskirts, were stronger and more dangerous than those in other regions. Since I was fighting in a forest where I couldn’t even see an inch in front of people who would struggle even in a well-lit place, I had no choice but to die soon if I didn’t improve my skills.

In fact, I almost died once.

If it weren’t for the hi-potion prepared in advance, it would not have been possible to reattach the half-cut off left arm.

[A crisis is an opportunity or a trial is training.]

Leon muttered, even sighing at those shameless words.

‘I now know why Roderick had no students when he was alive.’

[Because there was no one who could match the greatness of this body!]

‘…Didn’t everyone who followed die?’

No answer came back.

Leon, who was creeped out for no reason, changed the topic while adjusting his sword.

I had a feeling that if I talked more about this topic, the training would only become harsher.

“I think it’s time for Karen to return.”

Perhaps because they had knocked down a few trees while fighting the monsters, the sunlight shining overhead was quite bright.

This was proof that it was still midday.

It is dark both day and night due to the lush forest, but the monsters prefer the night due to their nature. Combat power also tended to be stronger at night, so neither Leon nor Karen walked around in the middle of the night.

[That guy is surprisingly sincere. Since he was a former assassin, I thought he would be good at using tricks.]

“I thought so too at first, but…”

Karen was more enthusiastic than he and El Cid imagined.

Her role in these mountains was not large.

The monsters of the Titan Mountains are basically large and hard, and are not easily affected by poison. The killing power that is so great against humans is not even half effective against the monsters here.

Nevertheless, she stayed here with him and occasionally went outside the mountains to bring him daily necessities.

This allowed Leon to focus entirely on training.

“He’s an indispensable colleague now.”

[Yes, I brought him well.]

El Cid did not deny that either.

Karen’s dedication was quite touching to him, who had a better eye for people than anyone else.

A ‘companion’ that Roderick did not need.

Maybe it was because I felt that void again.


As if ignoring the bitter sentiment, El Cid changed his words.

[I think it’s time to go deeper.]

“…I see.”

Leon looked inside the mountain range with a calm expression after hearing those words.

There was a rare hint of tension in his gaze, but that was inevitable when living here.

The roar and force that comes from inside the mountain range every few days.

That terrifying presence was so great that even a light brush made the hairs on my entire body stand on end. It was more than Andrei, who had become a Lord-level vampire, the troglodyte he had encountered in Blaine in the past.

‘It’s probably the energy of the Titans.’


It is the name of this mountain range and also refers to its owner.

While Leon was staying at the Royal Academy, he learned about the history of that race.

A monster ogre with a danger level of A+ rank.

A monster that overwhelms A-rank mercenaries and adventurers with its innate physical ability, and even possesses enough intelligence to use crudely made tools or use language, albeit poorly.

Hundreds of years ago, among those ogres, an individual appeared who gave up his life as a monster and sought the mercy of the goddess.

It is the Giant King.

―If you accept us as residents of this land, we will dedicate our lives to subjugating monsters.

The goddess accepted the request.

And he bestowed the blessing of wisdom on the group under the Giant King, allowing them to speak and think like humans.

This was the moment when the Titans, a race with overwhelming physical ability and human-level intelligence, appeared.

[With your current skills, you will be good enough to not die.]

After hearing El Cid’s evaluation, Leon smiled bitterly.

“With two A-ranks accompanying me, I wonder if it’s ‘impossible to die’… It’s a ridiculous place, really.”

The Titans are not particularly hostile to humans, but are merciless to those who rudely invade their territory.

Moreover, the monsters in the depths of the mountain range alone were sufficiently threatening.

The Titan Mountains were a place where A-rank dangerous monsters roamed around in groups, and monsters known to have already disappeared occasionally showed themselves.

At that time, the shadow stretched from Leon’s feet.

“I’m back!”

And Karen suddenly popped out and shouted brightly.

The bag on my back was so full that it felt like it was going to burst, as if I had been hoarding daily necessities in the village below the mountain range.

Even after filling up the subspace ring, that’s as much as I have left.

Leon conveyed his thoughts to her as they packed up their belongings together.

“Are you finally going to enter the interior of the mountain range?”


Karen looked uncharacteristically nervous at those words.

The master assassin’s senses were warning him.

This place is at a disadvantage.

This place is dangerous.

Never fight here.

Run away. You must not go inside.

The moment an assassin forgets his or her limitations, he or she dies.

Decades of experience froze the flowing blood.


Leon was also reading that hesitation. Next, he reached out his hand and held Karen’s hand, which was shaking without realizing it.

As his body temperature is transmitted, the frozen blood melts.

Karen was shocked when she finally realized that her hand was being held, but she did not try to pull her hand away.

Leon said seriously while looking into her eyes.

“thank you. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.”

Don’t ask me to follow you.

It doesn’t even tell you not to follow.

Because that choice was Karen’s own, not Leon’s. So, without digging further, he revealed his true feelings.

Thank you for being with me so far.

From now on, I will leave it to your choice.

“…What is it, hero? “Once again.”

Karen responded as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly, my hands stopped shaking.

With a cheerful smile as always, she waved her clasped hands up and down.

“You’re not planning on leaving me here, are you? “I’m going to meet a great person like the King of Giants, and wouldn’t it be a shame if my name was left out of this part?”


“No way! I’ll follow you even if I have to secretly follow you, so don’t tell me you’re going alone. “That’s what being a colleague is, right?”

Leon grinned instead of answering that question.

Saying more here will only ruin the good mood.

Karen chose.

He just has to accept that choice.

“let’s go.”

Leon let go of their joined hands and turned away, putting all of his belongings inside the subspace bracelet.

A land where the darkness is wide open and you cannot see an inch in front of you.

Even the sunlight pouring in from the hole above your head does not travel 10 meters before being swallowed up by the darkness. If you turn on the light because it is dark, you will be a target for monsters, so you have to rely on your aura sense and intuition to make your way.

A magic that would make even veteran rangers run away barefoot.

Two adventurers entered the depths of the Titan Mountains, where there was no map.

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