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Overpowered Sword Chapter 67

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Level up with swords (67)

“You’re a vampire?!”

The owner of the top, Arnold, was shocked and straightened his body. This is because I almost fell backwards with the chair.

This was the reaction Karen had expected from Leon just a moment ago.

Arnold, whose eyes were trembling, calmed his breathing. He is not alone, but is in charge of the Storm Merchant Marine. Even if lightning struck a dry sky, there was an obligation to think about countermeasures.

Three people visited him just as the sun was rising.

Gustav and Leon Karen quietly waited until Arnold calmed down.

“You showed your ugly side.”

Arnold continued to ponder for a few minutes and then looked up.

Even if it was bad news, it was better than facing it without knowing. In some ways, it could be said to be good news since we figured out the variables with just a few days left before going to Rubena.

said Arnold, who, like a merchant, immediately accepted the information.

“There are vampires hiding in the Rubena territory, and as if that wasn’t enough, they are actively expanding their influence.”

“If we look at what has been revealed so far, yes.”

“There is no way to look below the surface, so we have no choice but to judge based on the current situation.”

The way the information was obtained was accidental.

If Gustav and Jerome hadn’t had a long-standing bad relationship, if they hadn’t run into each other at the tavern that day, if Leon hadn’t watched the duel between the two, they wouldn’t have reached this point.

Vampires and Dhampirs.

The correlation is clear. There was someone behind Jerome, and the possibility that it was Count Rubena was very high.

“Okay, that won’t work.”

Arnold, who had been thinking for a while, opened his mouth again.

“We cannot avoid the County of Rubena. “I could have made an excuse if the item had been taken away by a group of magic bandits, but it would be an insult to the count if I came all the way here and refused to deliver it.”

That was correct.

To a noble, his prestige was more important than his life, so he couldn’t stand still after being cheated on by a merchant who was not even a noble. The entire Rubena family will turn into enemies of the Storm Merchants.

If that happens, even if you avoid this crisis, you will die not long after. Arnold knew that, so he closed his eyes tightly.

“…I guess it can’t be helped.”

Gustav smiled bitterly when he realized his choice.

If you look at it strategically, it was the worst option of all to go into a place where danger lurks.

However, I couldn’t hit them all.

The rule of mercenaries is that once you receive a request, you stay with them until the end. If you stop in the middle because you fear for your life, you will completely destroy the trust and ransom you have built up. The punishment and compensation for damages that would come from the guild were a bonus.

“I will spend all my extra money.”

Arnold looked at the three people in turn with an expression of shamelessness.

“Let’s hire additional mercenaries here in Balkas and prepare silver weapons and holy water that work well against vampires. “I will not shamelessly ask you to spare my life.”

“Upper stock.”

Gustav cut off the begging and went in.

“To be honest, I’m not satisfied. It’s dangerous in this case. If you go in ten times, it will be difficult to come out alive the third time. “If I had known it would end up like this, I wouldn’t have accepted your request.”


“But we don’t say it twice. “I know that the owner of the top will do his best, so please don’t lower your head any longer.”

Arnold was speechless and looked as if he had been hit by that honest yet mercenary sound.

You’re worried about his reputation when he says you’re going to force him down a path that puts his life at risk? Arnold, who was left speechless by the unexpected consideration, bowed one last time to Gustav.

And then, regardless of who was first, he smiled.

“What are men anyway?”

Karen, who was watching this, grumbled for no reason.

She stayed up all night trying to score some points with Leon, but she was a little nervous. In a different atmosphere than usual, Gustav and Arnold also cleared their throats and changed the topic.

Now that the main story was over, it was time to discuss and decide on miscellaneous matters.

A list of mercenaries that can be hired in Balkas.

It is a route to quickly purchase silver weapons and holy water.

“I’ll leave all that to you. “If anything needs to happen between me and Leon, please call me separately.”

“all right.”

Karen, who blatantly left the place, grabbed Leon with one hand and left the room. If we were talking about strategy and tactics, I didn’t know much about administrative work and had no interest in it.

Leon also understood that feeling, so he followed without resistance.

The two walked aimlessly for a few minutes and stopped only after the presence of people had disappeared.

“what’s the matter?”

Leon, who knew he had something to say to her, asked a question first. As I said, if you just wait, sometimes you have to be able to scratch an itch to be called a colleague.

As expected, Karen responded as if she had been waiting for those words.

“Did you visit a dark dealer in this city last night?”

“Dark merchant?”

“Yes, I handed over a reasonable amount of money and asked a few questions. And I learned a little something along the way.”

Although the possibility occurred to her a few minutes ago, Karen tried to hide that part and appeal to her own competence.

In fact, it would have been unthinkable if it weren’t for her.

“There were magic bandits who attacked us in the desert, right? “I think it was Count Rubena who instigated them.”


Leon was horrified by those words and looked back at her.

“Why not? “You won’t be so desperate that you’ll attack the top just because you don’t want to spend a few pennies.”

“lets think. How did the magician leader select only the boxes containing the cargo? Moreover, if a band of thieves of that size had continued to operate, there is no way that rumors or their whereabouts would have gone unnoticed. However, the owner of the merchant swore that there were no dangers around there.”

“It suddenly appeared? Are you aiming for that box?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Karen laughed awkwardly, agreeing with his words.

“And the boss was someone I knew.”


“I told you before, right? After defeating the boss, the organization was disbanded. “All the assassins were driven out of Blaine.”

“no way.”

When Leon, who finally understood the situation, opened his eyes wide, she nodded with a bitter smile that she could not hide.

I still had the memory of cutting out the heart of ‘Mole’.

The smile that was on his lips as he died.

“He was an assassin belonging to an organization. Since he was in charge of managing the Rubena area, it would not be surprising if he had a separate connection with the Count. “Then he was unlucky to run into me.”

“Count Rubena doesn’t want us to come…?”

“It’s just my guess. No matter how large the territory is, it would be burdensome to completely bury the top, and the guard force is also strong. “If you call someone, you won’t be able to send them out quickly, so wouldn’t it be best to make something unpleasant happen?”

It was more than half a guess, but it seemed plausible.

If Count Rubena was planning something in his territory, it was clear that he would try to avoid other people’s attention until it was completed. His attempt to steal the cargo he had ordered could also be interpreted as such an attempt.

However, the Storm Merchant Marine was not able to protect the cargo, so they subdued the magic bandits and eventually had no choice but to enter Rubena.

For Count Rubena, things had become quite troublesome.

“…It must be dangerous.”

Leon muttered, realizing the seriousness of this situation.

Count Rubena must have raised the risk level several levels when the Storm Summit exceeded his expectations. Rather than letting down their guard, they will be prepared to destroy it more thoroughly.

In that case, it was not the time for Leon to choose between means and methods. I had to use it boldly when I used it as if something would happen if I saved it.

“Karen, I have a place to go.”

Leon made a decision immediately.

* * *

If Balcas was nicknamed the Citadel City because of its magnificent castle, Rubena also had a pretty cool nickname.

Night city.

High mountains surround both the east and west of the territory, so the sun rises late and sets quickly. That was the reason why we could see the night sky for a long time.

Rubena’s night was fast and deep.

It was almost dusk from 4 to 5 PM, so it was a suitable environment for a vampire who does not like the sun.


A faint fog flows through the shadows.

I can’t see well. Regardless of whether your eyes are good or bad, if you lack astral sensing ability, you cannot see it.

The fog, which cleverly avoided the sunlight, hid somewhere.

The ruins of a strangely unpopular slum.

There was a nobleman with black hair sitting inside. Even at first glance, it was clear that he had been born well and was well-educated. His eyes, the color of elegant wine, were impressive.

“―Are you back Roman?”

As a low voice came out of the nobleman’s mouth, the fog that had been floating around him gathered and transformed into a human shape.

A middle-aged man wearing old-fashioned butler clothes.

Roman got down on one knee and bowed his head politely.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“What are you saying? “What kind of king is this in a clan that has all been ruined?”

“Hehe, you will always be a prince to me.”

The master and servant, who exchanged scoldings as always, chuckled.

This trivial painting is already 200 years old.

Among the three generations of the vampire noble Nosferatu lineage, this nobleman was the one who inherited Wallachian blood.

After letting go of his laughter, Roman spoke in a serious voice.

“The Count’s men were not within a 1 kilometer radius. “I think I can last at least five days.”

“is it.”

Noble Tepes was relieved and then let out a long sigh.

Roman wasn’t the only vampire he had to control. Even if you criticize yourself for being a ruined clan, if you count their number, it would be one hundred. However, the fact that there were only two meant that Tepes’ situation was by no means perfect.

“My sin is great. “I had no idea that my complacent attempt to find a place to settle down would lead to such a disaster.”

“Your Majesty, that sin belongs to the wicked.”

“I may pass the blame on, but the responsibility is mine. “Don’t say it twice.”

Roman did not respond further after hearing the command.

The two were silent for a moment.

Because the situation was so bleak, I had nothing to say, and I wasn’t weak enough to invent hope that didn’t exist.

It was then.

Tepes’ eyes, which were staring into space, twitched.



Roman, seeing his reaction, tried to approach, but Tepes stopped him with one hand and closed his eyes.

It was to see somewhere other than here.

It is one of the powers of a vampire.

To connect the senses to the family members who shared their blood. Although it was not blood given of one’s own will, as long as the source was Tepes, a certain degree of mental interference was possible.


How many minutes have passed like that?

Tepes, who was sharing the vision of an unknown person, laughed.


It wasn’t a feeling of despair.

It was just laughter that couldn’t be suppressed from joyful joy. Roman twitched his eyebrows at the red face of Tepes, whom he had not seen in recent years.

I was worried that it might be heard outside of here.

Fortunately, the laughter stopped quickly.

“Good. very good.”

The fighting spirit that had been extinguished burned in Tepes’ eyes. I saw an incident that could be a clue to a counterattack.

He opened his mouth to share the good news with his confidant.

“It looks like Goddess Roman hasn’t abandoned us yet.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden….”

“One of the earl’s henchmen has been captured.”

Roman’s eyes widened.

“Are you talking about half pennies?”


Tepes nodded once and continued speaking.

“I was captured by someone using holy power. Seeing as he was able to neutralize non-purebloods in an instant, he must be in a fairly high position in the church. “A person of that caliber must have at least some information about me.”

“Oh oh! That’s good. “We just have to hold on until then!”

“For the first time in 50 years, I will be indebted to the church again.”

An inexplicable sound passed between the two people.

Why do vampires want help from the Holy Church and why do they speak as if they know them well?

These were things that someone would doubt their own ears if they heard them.

Tepes, Prince of Wallachia, stared at the walls of Rubena, which were already covered with the night sky. Normal people wouldn’t know this, but it was visible to vampires who could see spiritual vision. A barrier wall surrounding the entire castle. The barrier created using a large amount of silver was not at a level that he could break through alone.

“…Andrei Rubena you abomination.”

Tepes’ red eyes are filled with vivid anger.

As a high-ranking vampire, there was a curse in his gaze, but it was not enough to reach the mansion that was several kilometers away from here.

And it wasn’t a grudge that could be satisfied with something like a curse.

“Wait just a little bit longer.”

Red energy gushes from his beautiful, long fingers.

〈Blood Claw〉.

A form in which the overflowing life force of a vampire is compressed and turned into a blade of power. They demonstrate the same destructive power as the <Auror Weapon> without the need for separate Auror training.

Tepes wanted to tear the guy to pieces with this.

“I will execute you with my own hands, Andrei.”

Until then, I will definitely survive and avenge this revenge.

In the slums of Rubena territory, two vampires gnashed their teeth.

10 days until Leon and his group arrive.

The truth of the incident was gradually sinking into the labyrinth.

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