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Overpowered Sword Chapter 38

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Level up with swords (38)

It was two days later.

It could not be said to be a particularly long time, but the scale of the events that occurred during that time was enormous.

An urgent quest was delivered to all guild members with a C rank or higher from the Blaine branch, and every single mercenary group staying in the city also accepted the request. And everyone except exceptional cases accepted the request.

Emergency quests are already compulsory, and they even bear the seal of the Holy Order. If you refuse without any reason, your reputation in the world will plummet to the bottom.

Unless you plan on retiring, you have no choice but to accept it.

“Even so, I never thought 1,500 people would gather…!”

Leon spoke in a voice mixed with exclamation.

At the bottom of the hill he was climbing, many of Blaine’s adventurers and mercenaries were forming a formation. They were all talented and veterans who were confident in their own abilities.

You could say it was truly an all-out war.

[It seems that the lump was able to persuade the lord well. The military’s movements are not bad either. The commander may be capable.]

‘Are you the guard commander?’


After hearing El Cid’s words, I turned my attention to the outskirts and saw a garrison set up as if to surround District 25.

A catapult that is already loaded is truly threatening.

Rocks coated with oil were placed in a net, as if they were intended for chemical work. The armament of the soldiers was also consistent. Bow Crossbow Even the ballista installed on the roof of the building.

Due to the nature of the military, where individual abilities were low, close combat seemed to be left to adventurers and mercenaries to provide covering fire.

[It’s a wise choice. Even if you charge in clumsily, you will only become a sacrifice to the foreign law, so it is better to annoy the enemy in a passive way rather than giving him strength.]

Leon agreed with those words and looked back.

‘Well, in the end, the main attack is this way.’

About 1,500 adventurers and mercenaries.

A garrison unit that mobilized everything from ballistas to catapults.

Although the army is large enough to fight a siege, all of those personnel are merely tribute. To compare it to the ‘hammer and anvil’ commonly discussed in tactical theory, it was like an anvil.

However, the assault team that was supposed to suffocate the enemy still only consisted of three people.

‘The bishop and I. And Khan… I’m not sure what kind of people the rest are.’

Unlike Cesare, who is a knight of the Holy Iron Chain and carries a mace in full body armor, Khan is equipped from head to toe.

My skin tingles from the spirit overflowing from the two of them.

Leon also used the money he had saved to reorganize his gear, but it didn’t make much of a difference. Even if the money was saved, it wasn’t that much money, and there was no way that there was any equipment that could defend against foreign techniques that even a holy sword could not block.

“There’s one more person coming.”

As Cesare spoke, a man approached.

He was a middle-aged man wearing full body armor that was different from the church’s style and with a dark brown mustache. The impression itself was ordinary, but no one would say the same thing after seeing the blade-like force.

Cesare, who had previously heard his identity, greeted him.

“nice to see you. Sir Conrad?”

“Yes, that’s right. Conrad, Count Blaine’s chief knight, greets the Guardian of the Goddess.”

“It’s an undeserved title. “May the goddess bless you.”

Konrad Khan’s eyebrows twitched at that name.

Due to the characteristics of a free city, Count Blaine was unable to operate a knighthood, but this did not mean that he could not recruit knights. Rather, since they could not create a knighthood, they needed excellent knights.

The first among them was Conrad.

He is said to have accumulated many military achievements since his days as a free knight and will become a master within the next ten years. Even as Khan, who had nothing to fear in the world, he was an opponent worth being wary of.

“Tch! “It’s definitely an uncomfortable position for me.”

As Conrad, who had shaken hands with Leon, passed him by, Khan sneered as if he knew that would happen.

The existence of slums is always implicit.

There was no way the lord would happily leave an area he could not control in his arms. The intention was to wipe them out whenever the opportunity presented itself, and there was a high possibility that this subjugation war would be the opportunity.

It was then.

“――――Maybe I was a little late.”

An eerie voice was heard from the shadows where no one was present.

“Who are you?”

Conrad quickly drew his sword and shouted.

A crimson aura was already blooming on the blade, engulfing the surrounding air like flames.

If I had sensed even the slightest hint of hostility, I would have attacked immediately.

But the owner of the voice was not surprised and just giggled.

“Are you calling me and asking who I am?”

Khan, unable to hear the strange voice, fired back.

“If you have this shitty voice, you’re probably the only one, ‘Guardian.’ If you come, show off your gloomy appearance. Anyway, if you and I don’t do our jobs, we’ll be put on the heresy list and burned.”


However, the ‘Kwanjigi’ did not reveal itself.

“I will move my way. ――I follow along on my own. I’m an assassin. “I don’t fit in with you guys.”

“Do whatever you want.”

Cesare resolutely responded to that eerie voice.

“If you just do your part, I won’t get involved. However, if you try to bury yourself only believing in the art of hiding, I will make you realize that there is no place to hide from the glory of the goddess.”

“―――You’re scary. Hehehe heh.”

After that, the ‘Guardian’ said no more.

‘I can’t feel anything…’

Leon felt chills inside.

I used not only Aura Sense but also ‘Eye Method’ to look at the shadows, but I couldn’t feel anything.

Assassins who reached A rank were that fearsome.


After some time, the last member of the rush group appeared.

“I’m a little late, right? “Because it’s a place with no structure or anything, there’s a lot to prepare.”

Karen was an A-rank adventurer dispatched from the guild.

She had gray hair tied up in a single strand and eyes with hard-to-see pupils. Aside from that, his voice and expression were so bright and cheerful that it even felt uncomfortable.

On the outside, he was a human in his early to mid 20s, but if he was an A-rank talent, he could have been of mixed race, such as a half-elf.

“Anyway, all six of us got together.”

Conrad looked around at the group with a long sigh.

There is not a shred of unity.

Two gangster adventurers, a castle knight, and a knight assassin.

If you wanted unity by organizing it this way, it was unreasonable. Regardless of all conditions, it was an inevitable result because each individual was able to muster their own skills.


Immediately after that, an earth-shattering roar rang out.

“ah! it started!”

People drawn by Karen’s words looked down the hill.

It was indeed as he said.

Is it time for the operation? The catapults with the longest range attacked first. Rocks heavily coated with oil flew into District 25, drawing a parabola like arrows.

Almost all buildings built in slums are poorly constructed.

It was fortunate that I could survive just one hit, let alone several.


Dozens of buildings collapsed in an instant, sending shock waves throughout the area. The result was that the attack to destroy the castle walls hit a poorly constructed building.

After that, fiery arrows decorated the sky.

In addition to arrows fired from the garrison, adventurers who had learned magic joined in with fire magic.

“Hehehe, you’re the minister.”

Khan smiled bitterly as he looked at the scene.

Even if it is not your area, it is the same slum. It would never be pleasant to see the entire area turned into a wasteland.

Either way, the wave attacks continued.

The destruction that started on the outskirts of District 25 soon spread inward, and the entire street burned, creating clouds of black smoke. At this rate, it seemed like they would be able to devastate District 25 without having to enter.


But there was no way that ‘evil’ would go away easily.

The moment Cesare let out a short groan, there were things popping out from within the dust cloud.

blood and flesh.

It has a shape that is roughly kneaded like clay.

What would happen if the word ‘grotesque’ were converted to a monster? Some of those who witnessed the sight with the naked eye were disgusted, and those who endured it also had their expressions distorted.

[Is it Abomination? It looks like you’ve got a bit of a tantrum.]

At that time, El Cid’s cold voice woke Leon up.

[They are made by clumping together the flesh and blood of living things. It is neither living nor inanimate. A being that cannot be established as life in this world. Although it is a failure with no special abilities or intelligence, it is durable enough to be used as a meat shield.]

‘What is the strategy?’

[Either cancel the external method that maintains the body through sacred law, or destroy it to a level where its regenerative power cannot keep up. They are pieces of meat without a brain or a heart, so they will have to suffer a bit.]

They were literally created to buy time.

The shape of the limbs was unclear, and the eyes, ears, and mouth were either attached or not attached in strange shapes.

Nevertheless, it rushes toward the encirclement at high speed.


Arrows rained down along with the garrison commander’s loud shout.

Direct firing, not curved cutting.

This is a shot to instantly kill an approaching enemy. Hundreds of arrows, perhaps over a thousand, pierced the flesh.



The lumps of flesh continued to run, ignoring the arrows stuck in their bodies. It struggles to close the distance by rolling and crawling in some form.

It was a glow that could not be stopped.

Arrows won’t do it.

When everyone agreed with that judgment, the mercenaries who established the front line took the first step.


Pike over 5 meters long pierce the front.

The Abomination’s weight and power pushed it back a few steps, but its relentless advance was stopped!

“Now! “Knock him to death!”

“Be careful not to get your weapons tangled up!”

Next, mercenaries and adventurers carrying cold weapons rushed in.

From here on, it’s a dog fight.

If the opponent was a monster with no vital points, the best thing to do would be to turn its entire body into minced meat. Maces, spears, blades, hammers and countless other weapons cut into chunks of flesh.

“Hmm, the battle line is starting to get stalemate.”

Conrad briefly analyzed the situation.

Thatcher itself was great, but the Abomination is a monster that cannot be easily defeated. It will last at least a few dozen minutes. The catapult’s attack is still there, but it’s hard to see because of the dust cloud. Is it working or is it a pointless attack?

If their strategy goes as they know they are at a disadvantage in an all-out war, they will try to retreat into their shells.


It was that moment.

Smoke clouds from the fire and dust clouds from the collapsed building began to swirl like a waterspout centered on a certain area.

It was an extremely unnatural shape.


An artificially formed tornado. A stone fired from a catapult struck the outer wall, but instead of piercing the wall, it bounced backwards and hit the catapult that launched it.

No matter how you look at it, it is not a natural phenomenon.

“I think it’s time for us to step up.”

Everyone was up, not to mention Cesare.

From now on, it was the moment when the real protagonists of this fight, the six members of the rush group, had to play an active role.

The group, with Karen at the front, ran out of the hill.

Since this was the intention from the beginning, we also conveyed this to the garrison in advance. Enter the alleyway quickly, following the path that remains without collapsing even after several waves of attacks.

‘Quick, quick. ‘Am I slow?’

Leon ran as fast as he could, but fell behind.

If you think about it, it was natural.

Because he was able to break the barrier, he was placed in the rush group, but his capabilities did not even reach B rank. Naturally, it was difficult to keep up with a group where each person was an A rank.

If it weren’t for the sun attribute, which has a body trained to the limit and a good recovery ability, I might have really been left behind.

“omg…! Huh…!”

By the time he reached the tornado in just a few minutes, Leon was on the verge of exhaustion. It was only then that he was able to regain his breath after his companions, who realized his condition, waited for a while.

Conrad said with a shy expression.

“I didn’t think of you like this. “I’m sorry.”

Leon didn’t have the strength to answer, so he just shook his head.

The problem was that they were immature, but rushing was the right thing to do. The priority was to recover my stamina as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the other party members were looking at the tornado.

This was because I wanted to test how great the power of the barrier created by external methods was.


Conrad’s sword bounced lightly.

“Wow, that’s an absurd barrier.”

Even though the Aura Fire had appeared, the blade did not work as if hitting tough rubber with a club.

Regardless of how high or low the defense is, the attack itself is nullified. The foreign taste was even unpleasant. So did the rest. Neither Khan’s fist nor Karen’s dagger worked at all.

Cesare’s holy method would probably work, but it was a power that had to be saved for the fight inside.

“It looked ugly afterward.”

Leon approached with a barely normal gait.

Then the other party members looked at him with interest, wondering how to break through this barrier.

It is a barrier that cannot be broken through even with aura fire.

Although I had heard this before, I could not believe that the ‘Solar Auror’ had such great power.

‘El Cid.’

Leon, standing in front of the barrier, raised his holy sword vertically.

‘Is the strength you have gathered enough?’

[Not enough! It’s overflowing thanks to those who cut it last time. One foreign wizard is more effective than a thousand monsters, right? Don’t begrudge me for saving it for no reason, just blow it away.]


Leon closed his eyes and concentrated his mental power.


Holy sword El Cid.

A golden aura overflowed from the sword body. Even the sacred power dormant inside the Holy Sword of the Power of the Sun. A power that was not only visible but could even be felt as warmth radiated out.

It is completely different from the heat of Auror Fire.

It was a kind and bright force, like the rising sun, that seemed to boost the vitality itself.


Cesare looked at Leon’s back with wide eyes, as if he felt something from the light.

And Leon, who had gathered all his strength, widened his eyes.


A blade dyed in golden light erupted.

At the same time, the vortex caught in its orbit was torn apart, revealing its previously invisible interior.

The outer law barrier has been torn!


The rush group, including Karen, jumped into it all at once.

The ‘Guardian’ was still invisible and could not be known, but at least five people had clearly infiltrated the barrier.

Just in case, Cesare threw words into the air.

“Have you come in?”

Immediately the strange voice returned.

“—of course.”

It seems that all six people came in.

The primary goal of the operation was achieved.

The next step is to eliminate the foreign magicians inside the barrier and stop the tricks they are carrying out.

The intrusion team, which had no presence of presence, entered the 25th district at once.

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