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Overpowered Sword Chapter 33

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Level up with black hair (33)

The very next day, Leon left the dorm as soon as the sun rose. It was partly because I was feeling impatient, whether I knew it or not, and partly because it was around that time when no one was watching.

13 Prima District.

It was a shantytown district in the northeast, quite far from downtown Blaine. Just as no matter how well-off a neighborhood is, not all residents are wealthy, there were many people in poverty, even excluding areas as blatant as slums.

Each time Leon’s foot touches and falls, the height of the building gradually decreases. The windows that were supposed to be transparent became hazy, and the faces of people passing by also became shabby.

This was a slum with a different meaning from a slum.

‘Why did the church have a branch in this area?’

When Leon wondered about that, El Cid read his thoughts and answered.

[Be careful.]


It was a very condensed answer.

El Cid soon realized this fact and began to explain what he knew.

[The Holy Order has always been like that since ancient times. We built buildings and sent priests to places where the poor, the lowly, and the marginalized stayed. Then, those in power who noticed the denomination’s intentions had no choice but to spend money on the slums. It’s the same as a political protest based on good intentions.]


[This was more effective than forcing the wealthy to give recklessly. Even though it only looks like that, I have less regrets about the money I spent ‘voluntarily’.]

Leon was secretly impressed.

Good deeds are undoubtedly noble, but good deeds that do not take reality into account are bound to lead to conflict. Even if an act is done with the right intention, can it be considered a true good deed if the results are disastrous? People who only pursue ideals always end up not being good.

However, the Holy Church was aware of the reality and reached a compromise without compromising.

[Goodness is not foolishness, and showing favor does not make one a benevolent person. Rather, priests become wiser because they put aside self-interest.]

There are many people who do not know this principle.

Those who are blinded by gain are easy to be tempted, and those who are obsessed with desire are easy to be manipulated. Since the priests do not belong to either side, their mentality is like a mountain.

The only thing they revere is their own beliefs and the teachings of the Goddess, so they cannot be deceived by any means or methods.

[I see clouds in the sky that are farther away than the gold coins on the ground. So, it’s natural to be strong both physically and mentally.]

“I see.”

Leon, who understood El Cid’s words, muttered.

“…There’s no way you’d be fooled by a clumsy lie?”

[I understand well.]

“Then there is nothing we can do. “I have no choice but to tell the truth.”

I didn’t want to call myself a hero as immature as I am now, but I couldn’t continue to be stubborn in this situation. Moreover, even if he were to reveal his identity, the person in question was a priest, so if he asked for silence, he would never reveal anything.

Leon, who had decided on a course of action, walked confidently.

Soon after he set foot in the Prima district, he discovered another difference between this area and the slums.

‘I don’t sense any malice… I feel anxious, but I don’t see any intention to harm others.’

It was a big difference from the slums, where my whole body was constantly tingling. When I looked closely, I noticed that the faces of the people passing by were very different.

Unlike his shabby appearance, his eyes were clear and without any evil light. Don’t be wary of your surroundings or look into other people’s pockets. It was proof that trust in others remains.

The reason is probably the building in front of you.

“Holy Church.”

Leon stopped walking and raised his eyes. It was an unassuming, but well-built building.

The pattern of the sun and moon symbolizing the goddess.

Perhaps because we arrived early in the morning, the door was closed, but there was a sign of presence outside the window. The aura flowing from within the body wriggled in pleasure towards the presence. Perhaps the owner of that presence is the person in charge of this branch.

Bang bang.

As he grabbed and released the doorknob a few times, a figure moving inside the door approached him.

And then he opened the door without saying a word.

“who are you?”


Leon, who was about to say hello, forgot what to say.

This was inevitable because the identity of the person who appeared behind the door was truly unexpected.

A neutrally trimmed beauty with pointed ears. Because there is only one species with such characteristics. Leon, who saw a sub-race for the first time, said without realizing it.

“You’re an elf…?”


He didn’t show the slightest hint of displeasure.

The cassock with Pellegrina, the cloak symbolizing the bishop, swayed gently. If I hadn’t learned it at the academy, I wouldn’t have recognized it. Above all, the rank of bishop in the Holy Order was a position that was treated on the same level as a viscount.

I had no idea that an elf in that position would be running a branch in the middle of a big city.

“The Goddess loves all races equally. That’s why I dedicate my life to worshiping Him.”

Leon lowered his head, feeling embarrassed by those words.

“Excuse me, Bishop.”

“no. It’s natural to question rare situations. “It’s not common for elves to be in my position, so please don’t blame yourself for being an insult.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

The bishop smiled kindly and led him inside.

As they were preparing breakfast, the thin rice porridge in the pot was bubbling and giving off a nice smell. Leon’s empty stomach growled when he smelled that scent.

As he averted his eyes out of embarrassment, the bishop handed him a bowl.

“If you’re in the market, eat it together. “My name is Cesare, the bishop in charge of Blaine.”

“Oh, I’m Leon. “I live as an adventurer.”

“okay. “It’s a name I’ve heard often recently.”

Bishop Cesare smiled and handed out the porridge.

“You exorcised the monsters in the sewers and under the castle walls, right? Thanks to Leon’s hard work, the water quality has improved a lot. The number of people suffering from stomach upset has also decreased significantly. Even the goddess will be pleased.”

“Haha, that’s too much praise.”

“no. “No matter how many times I tell you, it won’t be too much.”

Leon also quickly became speechless due to Cesare’s friendly attitude. The two chatted lightly while finishing several bowls of porridge.

It was after we finished eating that we got to the point.

“Now then, tell me.”

Cesare said, setting down two cups of coffee.

He also realized that Leon had a special business and recognized him as a person before that.

The results were very satisfactory.

The power of the sun is like the blessing of an adventurer goddess who prioritizes people’s hardships. Despite his young age, he has a humble personality and is even willing to apologize for prejudice against other races. He was someone I could open up to after a long time.

“Please look at these documents first.”

Leon presented the evidence before giving a few words of explanation.

Cesare took the stack of paper and immediately began to read it with a serious expression. With each passing page of paper, a reddish aura appeared on his white skin.

Cesare, who read it all to the end and put it down, said while clenching his fists tightly.

“…This is an issue that the church needs to take action on directly.”

But Cesare soon let out a long sigh.

“The source of information is the problem. Rather than move immediately from headquarters, they will ask trusted people to investigate. So it will be quite late.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

Leon confirmed his concerns and spoke without hesitation.

“So, I came to this branch to find someone who would research districts 23-25 with me. “Bishop Cesare, can you introduce me to someone worthy?”


Cesare closed his eyes and pondered.

Is it because there are no good people or is it a decision to make at one’s own discretion? He continued to think for several minutes and then shook his head.

It was a reaction that could not be interpreted positively.

“I’m sorry, but there are no people in this branch equipped with armed forces. “There are a few people who have learned recovery and auxiliary techniques, but I don’t think they will be of any help in the current situation.”


“I can’t help it.”

Leon, whose last confidence had collapsed, closed his eyes, and Cesare stood up and spoke.

“I will step forward.”

Leon raised his head at those words and asked back.


“It would be okay to leave office work to others for a while, so Cesare will accompany you. “The position of bishop is not meant to keep you away from bad things.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with me?”

Leon, surprised by the unexpected sound, asked several times. Could it be that someone as big as a bishop would follow him? If I did well, it far exceeded my expectations of only getting a few Paladins.

But Cesare took it a little differently.

“Hmm, do you not trust me?”

Before Leon could respond, he rolled up the sleeves of his cassock and exposed his palms.

Hands full of scars and rough, uncharacteristic of an elf.



The palm of his hand burned bright blue.

Leon reflexively took a step back. The power gathered in Cesare’s hands was extraordinary. It’s not enough that the aurors are clearly tangible, so they take the shape of flames?


A phenomenon in which auras that reach the limit of density leak out and burn the atmosphere around them. If you hit it in this state, the mithril won’t be able to withstand it a few times and will tear like a piece of paper.

[Hey, this guy is pretty strong too?]

‘How strong is he?’

Leon asked, unable to contain his curiosity.

[This is similar to the gangster I met yesterday. Unlike that guy, the basics of martial arts have been corrected and he knows how to use sacred laws, so this two moves will be advantageous. I don’t know what your experience is, but you have a lot of practical experience. The remaining tricks won’t work.]

‘Isn’t he at the bishop level for no reason?!’

As Leon, shocked by El Cid’s words, fell silent, Cesare withdrew the aurors from both hands and spoke.

“How is it? “It won’t hold you back.”

“I’m worried that I might hold the bishop back.”

“Hahaha, please don’t spread it too much. “I was a member of the Seongcheolswae 50 years ago, but now I am just a retired soldier.”

“The Seongseong Iron Chain Knights…!”

The true power of the Holy Church A name that always appears when selecting the strongest military group on the continent was mentioned. If it was definitely of the type to belong to the Holy Iron Chain Knights, then its military strength is not strange.

In Leon’s heart, trust in Cesare welled up. It was as if I had unexpectedly gained a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses.

“Please be kind to me, Bishop!”

“It was nothing. “I would like to ask you to take care of me.”

Cesare and Leon held each other’s hands tightly.

As we shook hands, Leon was once again impressed by the strength and firmness of his grip, and asked a question that naturally came to his mind.

“Bishop, are you a deacon? You have amazing calluses on your hands. “It’s a bit different from someone who uses a sword.”

“Oh, that’s not it. Of course, he was skilled in his own way, but he didn’t have the quality to overcome it with just his fists. So, I trained in a weapon that suited my aptitude.”

“That weapon…?”

“Do you want to see it?”

When Leon nodded immediately, Cesare got up from the table and walked into the storage room behind the living room.

Since it wasn’t something to use on a daily basis, it seemed to have been placed in the warehouse.

The weapon of a strong man who belonged to the Holy Iron Chain Knights.

Cesare’s ability to vaguely read with the palm of his hand was terrifying. Leon thought about how many types of weapons he had used to have hands like that.

‘Halberd? Morning star? Battle Ax? Or Warhammer?’

The Holy Iron Chain Knights do not unify their weapons.

They are just a group of knights, not trained in group warfare, and the capabilities of each individual are ridiculous, making them the strongest on the continent. The weapons used were also different for each aspect.

Is that why?

The weapon Cesare brought with him was beyond Leon’s imagination.


The ground shatters with a heavy sound.

It is a sight as if it had been hit by a meteorite. The stones swept away by the impact were crushed horribly, and the wind that passed by tore them apart, creating a sound like a deafening wall.

An iron ball larger than a cannon ball.

It was difficult to say that the chain connected to the iron ball was so thick that it could not be cut with a sword.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

The chain held in Cesare’s hand rotates at a speed that makes the iron ball hanging from the chain invisible.

It must have been at least tens of kilograms.

At that level, just brushing against it will kill you.

Leon looked at the majesty, even breaking into a cold sweat. All stereotypes about elves were being shattered. Since the body is thin and the overall image is sleek, I never imagined that it would use that type of weapon.

“Whoa, good. It’s been a while since I’ve had this taste.”

On the contrary, Cesare smiled cheerfully and said:

“Breaking the heads of heretics with this mace was so rewarding that even now that I have retired from the front line, my blood boils.”


“Evil must be destroyed. “Sin must be punished. The Goddess will look down on our temple, won’t she?”

“I guess so.”

“Of course!”

Leon, overwhelmed by his enthusiasm, took a step back.

I felt nothing but good will rather than malice, but Cesare’s mace was spinning terrifyingly at that moment.

Leon was speechless and questioned El Cid.

‘Hey, are you saying there are only innocent people?’


‘You want me to believe it’s a holy sword?’

[Now that I think about it, what does it matter?]

‘My words!’

Today, only one piece of evidence was added to the El Cid magic sword theory.

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