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Overpowered Sword Chapter 303

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Level up with the sword (last episode)

Outer Plane.

It is a general term for the outside of the dimensional boundary, which belongs to laws that are completely separate from this world.

There were countless dimensions that came close to the hell imagined by humans, such as <Nastrond> and <Tartaros>, and there were also countless higher dimensions such as <Draconia>, where the dragons migrated, leaving only Albion behind.

However, the place where the Holy Sword El Cid drifted was an area that could not even be called a dimension.


A dazzling light bursts from the holy sword El Cid, and soon the young man with blond hair reorganizes his body.

On the other side, it was something that could have been done but was not possible due to the law of causality, but from the point of departure from the dimension to which it belonged, all the powers that could be exercised as a transcendent were unlocked.

“Tsk, it’s so thick.”

El Cid, or Rodrik, first moved his neck from side to side.

Wow! Wood clatter!

In some ways, it could be said that the body had just been born, so its bones and muscles were stiff.

It was as if a person who had been unable to move from his bed for years had suddenly become free. Although it was a situation that would normally require a considerable period of rehabilitation, Roderick relaxed his body by moving to the limit of his range of motion without any problem.

Then he looked around and let out a long sigh.

“…It was just as I expected from beginning to end. “In a bad way.”

Stretching out in all directions of Roderick was an infinite space, a dimensional horizon.

I predicted that this would happen with a probability of more than 90%.

<Dimension Crack> is like a hole in a water tank somewhere, so if you are sucked into that hole, you will not arrive at a specific dimension but will fall into the void between dimensions.

A dark hell where even the concept of distance, let alone direction, is ambiguous.

‘It’s not a big problem if you can’t see anything.’

There is no light source, there is no ground supporting the feet, and gravity does not exist, so the body does not fall down.

I guess it feels similar to being thrown into outer space.

Rodrik thought so, but then quickly denied the thought.

‘Space is a hundred times better than here. ‘I can know where to return and can move as I please.’

Strictly speaking, it was the most similar concept.

If you substitute the dimensional system as a planet or star and the dimensional horizon as outer space, it can be said that they are almost identical.

However, unlike outer space, there was nothing to use as an indicator on the dimensional horizon. You never know whether you will move a few kilometers with one step or whether you will flounder in place.

It was similar to taking a piece of sand, dropping it somewhere in the ocean, and asking it to return to its original location.

“At the earliest, 30 years, at the latest, more than 100 years…get it in order.”

As soon as someone heard those words, they would have shouted that it was impossible, but Roderick calmly estimated the time of his own return.

He scratched the back of my head and stretched out his grip.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a hard time. “What on earth is going on because of the student I accepted in my later years?”

Even though he thought his situation was funny, Roderick giggled and materialized the holy sword.

A new weapon created by the goddess herself.

The vessel that sealed the soul of the transcendent, which could be said to be outside the standard, itself rivaled the power of God. A brilliant light emanates from the hilt and body of the sword, illuminating a radius of several kilometers.

“…Well, I thought so.”

If a light source appears in a place where not even a single point of light existed, it is bound to bring in the inhabitants of that dark world.

Rodrik sensed a figure approaching rapidly from afar.

These are people who have survived in a realm harsher than outer space.

The monster summoned in <Devouring the City> also reigns here as a predator, but is not an absolute entity.

Chilseongseonhyeonggi (七星劍形氣)

Choi Jong-ohui (最終奧義)

Author Labalalje (斫迦羅跋剌底) Chilbochaewolgwang

(七寶彩越光) The

ultimate skill of 〈Seven Stars Sword〉 unfolds without even a single breath of preliminary movement. . A cluster of seven towering stars shined down on all directions, stopping the dimension species accustomed to darkness.

Of course, that stiffness only lasted for a moment, but to Roderick, that moment was like an eternity.

The ‘wheel-turning king’, the deity of savior who appears in ancient mythology, is embodied by changing one letter as if it were a play on words.

Not ‘Saint’, but ‘Star’.

The Godhead who appeared as the Lord of the Stars established a beam of light divided into seven colors like a rainbow as a divine punishment.


Since there is no air to act as a medium for shock waves, there is no sound or vibration.

The flash of the Seven Treasures of the Moonlight pours down like a shower and surges backwards again, tearing apart a radius of several kilometers around Roderick.


It was an attack that could bury Vritra, who had become the Demon King, with a single blow, but as many as half of the dimension species survived.

Each one is stronger and more tenacious than Vritra.

Even after understanding that, Roderick just snorted.

“Stupid guys.”

Even if it was the final sword of the Seven Star Sword, it was only a slightly stronger attack than a normal attack to Roderick.

The sword flashed several times at an invisible speed, shattering the dimensional species that were crawling in half-dead bodies. This time, not a single animal survived.

Roderick, who had simply summarized the first attack, turned his attention.

He, who prides himself on being the greatest, strongest, and greatest genius in all dimensions, did not fall into the <Dimension Crack> just because of his confidence without any basis.


With an eye power that could even see cause and effect that could not be compared to Leon or Cassim, he recognized a long trajectory extending somewhere inside the holy sword.

Holy sword El Cid.

The sword forged by the goddess herself with her power was like a compass that pointed to the dimension it belonged to.

And there was one variable he hadn’t even thought of.

“Is this… the power of the Demon Lord leaked by that idiot Vritra?”

Rodrik muttered while glaring somewhere on the horizon of the dimension.

Like the Holy Sword, the Demon King’s power was deeply intertwined with the dimension to which it belonged, so if it was possible to trace the source of that power, it was not impossible to calculate the coordinates of the dimension.

If you had just one of the two, it would take quite some time, but if you use both, you can greatly shorten the process.

‘I’ll have to first kill all those who have picked up the devil’s power and then find a way to return.’

Roderick, with the holy sword slung over his shoulder, took a step forward.

The dimensional coordinates are forcibly fixed, supporting the feet like the ground.

If you don’t focus on each step, only one person can walk straight in this uncertain area where you bounce around randomly.

The dimension species bared their teeth like hungry animals in pursuit of his trail, but none of them achieved their goal.

As always, without looking back once.

Rodrik began his long journey to his distant hometown.

@ @ @

“…At first, things went well so I thought it would take 20 years, but after that, annoying guys started coming to visit me often. Either the evil spirits who once descended here and were beaten to death by me, or those who used me as an indicator to conquer this world. “It took quite a while to kill every single one of them.”

Drinking the tea the goddess poured for him like it was plain water, Roderick neatly rebuilt his tattered clothes.

Soon, all the drowsiness left him and he frowned.

“Anyway, you look like you’re free? “Is there anything you want to do?”

“Yes, I’ve been playing like this for almost 30 years. “The children on earth are doing better than I expected.”

The goddess laughed at his provocation and spoke angrily.

“Well, in a way, it’s thanks to you, Roderick.”

“Thanks to me?”

“The hero Leon’s performance was amazing. “I was a little worried that I would lose motivation after you and the Holy Sword disappeared, but I was worried for no reason.”

Human-led history In human history, 50 years was an extremely short time. It is a time when several large-scale wars break out and end, and national revival and decline can alternate.

With the subjugation of Demon King Vritra, humanity was rid of a major threat, but the world could not immediately become peaceful.

Countries that had consumed a lot of national power through the Allied Forces had to guard against invasions and threats from neighboring countries, and the movements of the Titans liberated from the Titan Mountains were also a hot topic in many ways.

However, the active activities of Leon and his group under the pretext of closing down the Demon World stopped the disturbing movements of the entire continent.

“Even excluding the four major magic zones, three-digit magic zones exist sporadically, and there are quite a lot of resources and agricultural land buried around them.”

Roderick, who immediately understood the goddess’s words, gave a small exclamation.

“indeed. “Are we minimizing national friction by inducing development in that region by balanced closure of the demonic realms of the entire continent, and by showing off the military power of the warriors as a bonus?”

“It’s just as you said. “That’s an accurate analysis.”

Even if the difference in national power was significant, war was a gamble.

Regardless of whether you win or lose, you will have to take a lot of damage, and even if you win, it cannot be guaranteed that you will gain much.

That’s why the bait provided by Leon and his party was even more attractive.

“Resources and large areas of land have been accumulated for tens to hundreds of years in this unassailable danger zone. “There is no need to take on as much risk as in war, so I can’t help but roll my eyes.”

Leon and his party’s attack on the Demonic Land changed the atmosphere of the entire continent in a more moderate direction, and the countries that had come to focus on internal affairs rather than war had to change their positions to pacifists, wary of the power of the warriors that they realized in the process.

Rodrik chuckled as if he had seen the scene before his eyes.

“I understand why you said it exceeded your expectations. Leon, he probably didn’t plan everything from the beginning. yes?”

“Yes, it all just worked out well in the end.”

It was a story like something out of a children’s book, in which a warrior’s journey without the slightest political intention ultimately brought peace to the entire continent.

This is the exact opposite of Rodrik, who settled disputes through force alone.

The two knew that well, so they were happier than anyone else.

“Retribution for good and punishment. “I thought there were no words more meaningless than these.”

“It’s not something I would say as a goddess of mercy, but I did the same.”

“It’s in the past tense?”

“Because the hero Leon proved it.”

The goddess answered and poured another cup of tea.

Comrade Mal seemed quite happy to return after 50 years.

But Roderick, who could not understand those feelings, spoke.

“Okay, should I go down and show my face? If you’ve played and eaten for 30 years, don’t you think the causality would have accumulated a lot?”

The goddess twitched her eyebrows at his crude tone and answered while barely maintaining a smiling expression.

“I’m sorry, but could you be patient today? “You’re tired because you just got back, right?”

“No, it’s okay.”

“There are also passengers waiting for you.”


Only then did Rodrik turn to the goddess and tilt his head.

Are you a passenger?

Until 50 years ago, the only beings inhabiting heaven were him and the goddess. In order to qualify for ascension, one had to reach the transcendental level, and only a few people achieved that level.

Among them, a being who chooses to stay in this dimension and can endure the tedious years—

“——Has it finally arrived?”

He spoke in a voice lower and heavier than that of a human.

Roderick looked in that direction and smiled.

“You couldn’t possibly have fallen for the first time in 50 years. Did you ascend to heaven just to see my face?”

“To be exact, I came up to crush that face.”

Giant King Cassim.

The Titan, whose entire body’s muscles were red and ridged like an active volcano, pressed him with a presence that was incomparable to that of 50 years ago.

However, Roderick was not a person who could be intimidated by anyone.

“Your liver has swelled a lot since I wasn’t able to see you. “If it swells any further, it will stick out of the stomach, right?”

“You really have a long tongue. Are you planning to run away with the excuse that you are not feeling well?”

“Aren’t you being too picky when you say you won’t die even if you die in heaven?”

Roderick, who got up from the chair, hung down the holy sword he was clutching in his hand, and Kasim, who was standing naturally, raised both fists.

The goddess who saw this fluttered her palm once, and her chair and table moved several kilometers, creating a high ground from which she could overlook the fight between the two.

She is the highest deity above anyone else in this heaven.

If it were local, the creation of heaven and earth was easily possible.

“Pel, why didn’t you appear before Roderick?”

The goddess suddenly looked back at the werewolf beast king Hakapel who was prostrating next to her and asked a question.

Then, Hackapell touched his lips with a cool smile.

“I just thought that Kassim was a priority over me, who was not even sane. And…”

It was that moment.

As Rodrik and Kasim clashed, the entire heaven was shaken.

Only Hakapel, who was prostrate next to the chair and table where the goddess was sitting, looked down at the battlefield without shaking.

“I’ve waited 350 years, so why can’t I wait just a few hours?”

“I guess so.”

The goddess agreed and quietly tilted the teacup, and soon the teacup she placed down on the table made a clicking sound.

It was the sound of the curtain coming down on a long yet short story.


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