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Overpowered Sword Chapter 30

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Level up with swords (30)

A mansion near the slums.

When the sun goes down, there are no more passers-by, but recently, one customer has been visiting consistently.


Leon groaned briefly.

The hand holding the sword hilt trembles, and the sweat-soaked body releases hot steam. It was a feeling of fatigue I had never felt before, even when I walked hundreds of times around the parade ground.

He stopped.

Raising the holy sword horizontally, he maintained a posture as if he were about to stab the enemy in front of him.


El Cid said after seeing the sword play shake.

I had been maintaining this position for over 30 minutes already. Bull stance: A posture that moves forward as if stabbing. Unlike the feeling of pressuring the opponent, it was a famous move that was useful for defense.

This is a posture that Leon also practiced countless times at the academy. Despite this, his entire body was shaking convulsively.

It was never because the holy sword was heavy.

‘It’s so hard…!’

If you just stay in the pose, you can last for half a day. His body was trained to the limit, and El Cid surpassed even that limit by engraving <acquired bonelessness> on his body. You can spin a coin with two fingers and stand on one toe.

There is no reason to tremble over a piece of iron that is only about 1 kilogram.

But why was he covered in sweat, unable to catch his breath, and moaning?


The forearm holding the sword twitches.

Thick blood vessels appeared and subsided repeatedly in the forearm muscles, and the contraction and relaxation continued so repeatedly that the entire arm swelled.

No, it wasn’t just the forearms.

The same was true for the biceps and triceps, as well as the lats underneath the deltoids of the shoulders. If you look closely, the thickness of the thighs is constantly changing. Even though you are just maintaining one posture, the muscles of your entire body are shaking uncontrollably.

It was no different from a high-intensity full-body workout.

[Feel how your body moves.]

It was a practice recommended by El Cid himself.

[When operating an auror, the human body exceeds its limits. You shouldn’t move in the same way you normally do. The range of motion of the joints must transcend the limits created by the elasticity of the muscles.]

People who have nothing are weak.

Without a weapon, he cannot defeat even a single wolf, and no matter how much he trains his body, he cannot break even a single rock.

But auror users can.

He can rip a bear to death with his bare hands, pierce granite with his fingers, and even overpower a dragon depending on his skills and effort. The power to transcend even the inherent limitations of the race!

That was the Aura.

[But even after mastering that transcendent power, most practitioners are merely strong humans. Why is that?]

Leon didn’t even have time to open his mouth.

[Simple. It’s because I’m caught up in the frame of ‘human’. Aura is ultimately a function added later. This means that it is not something ‘natural’ like the gills of a fish or the wings of a bird. So the method of using Aurors is bound to be crude.]

El Cid knew.

If you have fully mastered Aura, there are no limits to how you can use it. It can breathe in place of the lungs, circulate blood in place of the heart, and even replace the nervous system.

If the true purpose of Aurors was to make them stronger and coat their weapons, then humanity would have been extinct long ago.

[Watch how the Auror moves when your body reaches its limits. If you don’t understand that power, you’ll just waste your aura by scratching the surface like other guys.]


[Why does using an auror increase your power? Why is it getting faster? Why do my senses become more sensitive? If you don’t know anything and are swayed by power, you are nothing more than a monkey that only knows how to throw stones.]

Leon held on to his fading consciousness.

Although I did not understand everything El Cid said, the wisdom contained in his teachings was passed on. There is no room for distracting thoughts, so the mind, which is close to selflessness, looks inside the body.

The muscles writhing beyond the skin and the blood flowing within the blood vessels came to mind like a fantasy.

‘…I have to…see…the movements of the Aurors…’

This is why I overworked my body for hours. Aurors show their true value only when their bodies reach their limits. The common belief that overcoming life crises makes you stronger was also in the same vein.

Muscle fibers that have reached their limit break and capillaries rupture, causing blue bruises to appear all over the body.

Even Leon’s transcendent mental power was used up.

The moment I literally reached the edge of the cliff…


The auror that was sleeping inside my body boiled up.

The power of the ‘sun’ like dawn!

The heat fills Leon’s body, which was exhausted to the point of exhaustion, and infuses it with mysterious vitality.


Leon managed to shake off that thought.

A wonder?

Why does he assert that he cannot understand what is happening inside his own body? El Cid said. Don’t get stuck in a box and don’t define your own limits.

So he looked without giving up. Golden eyes see through all the changes inside the body.



The aura that seals the muscles, the aura that returns blood to the blood vessels, and the aura that burns accumulated fatigue. I didn’t know how that was possible, but I understood how it worked.

If so, you can use it.

The battered body quickly returns to normal. As the aura flowed through the blood, the capillaries near the skin glowed gold, casting a soft light around the body.


El Cid smiled at the sight.

Leon himself was not sure, but his Auror abilities had advanced several levels. The fact that he was a commoner who had no access to Auror practice actually worked as a stroke of luck. If I had any preconceptions about Aurors, I wouldn’t have been able to understand even 10% of the teachings.

Because Leon was nothing but a blank slate, he was able to accept El Cid’s teachings straight away.

[A sincere genius is better than a clumsy genius.]

In this part, Leon was much better than Lian.

Since there was no one who taught him properly, he knew he was thirsty, and since he had no unnecessary stubbornness, he was quick to accept it. If things continued like this, it would soon be possible to form an Auror.

After some time, Leon woke up.

“…It’s an amazing feeling.”

He said while looking at my palm.

“It seems like the Aurors are alive. It flows through the blood vessels or seeps into the muscles. “I didn’t know it moved like that.”

[It would be even more so since he is an Auror of the Sun.]

El Cid, who had the same attributes as him, said.

[The sun has the power to promote the vitality of life. Minor wounds heal quickly and physical strength is recovered quickly. However, you need to consume the nutrients you consumed to equal that amount of recovery. Otherwise, they will dry out like crops exposed to sunlight without fertilizer.]

“Is that why you told me to bring food?”

[Oh, I was quite a glutton when I was alive.]

Leon wiped off some of his sweat with a towel and stuffed himself with wheat bread and beef jerky from his backpack. For an average person, it would have been enough for three people to eat, but it wasn’t long before they ran out.

This is because the calories burned while recovering as an Auror after hours of high-intensity training were also significant.

After finishing his meal, Leon lay down on the ground.

“I’m exhausted…”

I didn’t even need rock slime or living armor.

El Cid’s training was truly a trial, and every time I passed it, I felt like I had died and come back to life. Perhaps because the sense of relief is so great, there is little sense of growth.

El Cid said after reading his thoughts.

[I’m really worried. Then look with your own eyes.]

“My eyes? ah.”

As soon as I realized what it meant, the status window opened.

Name: Leon

Title & Occupation: “Barely a toddler” Warrior

Level: 23

Strength 134 (D) / Stamina 140 (D) / Agility 131 (D) / Auror 76 (E)


<Sword Mastery (low) Lv .MAX>

<Sword Mastery (Medium) Lv.2>

<Rodrick’s Method Lv.3>

<Rodrick’s Footprint Lv.3>

<Acquired bone loss (stage 2)>

<Auror User (Lesser) Lv.5>

Leon, who read the status window, was immediately taken aback.

“I don’t know what it is, if it’s <Sword Mastery (Medium)>, but why are <Auror Users> low level? “Wasn’t it just beginner level the last time I saw you?”

[That’s how fast you’ve grown. Well, I learned it directly from this person, so that much is natural. This is knowledge that other guys don’t have to dig into until they realize it.]

El Cid boasted like that and then grumbled.

[Anyway, it’s getting longer. <Sword Mastery> was integrated and <Rodrik’s> Will the series be combined into one? It would be better to look at abilities in broad terms rather than focusing on detailed numbers.]


[Like this.]

The briefly organized status window appeared again.

Name: Leon

Title & Occupation: “Just a toddler” Warrior

Level: 23

Strength D / Stamina D / Dexterity D / Auror E

<Sword Mastery (Intermediate) Lv.2>

<Rodrick’s Martial Arts Lv.3>

<Acquired bone loss (stage 2)>

<Auror User (Lesser) Lv.5>

It was definitely easier to watch because there was less to read.

Leon suggested getting rid of that embarrassing title, but El Cid didn’t even listen.

The scuffle ended not long after.

“The <Seven Star Sword> hasn’t even been registered.”

[I can’t say that I have mastered swordsmanship that can’t even hold a sword. If you had a conscience, you would know that, right?]


Leon, who was speechless due to El Cid’s scolding, remained silent.

<Seven Star Sword>.

It was a secret sword technique created by Roderick in his youth. In other words, it is called Grand Chariot.

Bigeom consisting of 7 movements.

It is said that even if you know how to use just one thing correctly, it is fatal, and if you can use seven things in a row, you will reach mastery. The most terrifying thing about this swordsmanship was that Rodrik perfected it at only 16 years old and then moved on to other swordsmanship.

‘What makes you think it’s a person…?’

People who try to compare become pathetic. It wasn’t at a level where I felt inferior or anything.

After thinking that far, Leon stood up.

Speaking of which, I was thinking of practicing the <Seven Star Sword>.

“I want to learn at least one thing before dealing with evil.”

Leon is still weak.

Although it is getting stronger at a rapid rate, it does not even reach the level of being a type of Auror. Even if I continued training like I was now, it was impossible to become strong enough to overwhelm the slums within two months.

So I wanted a card to use in emergency situations.

Even if you implement an <Auror Weapon> with the power of the Holy Sword, it is meaningless if you cannot properly use that power.

“If your <Seven Star Sword> is added to the auror made from a holy sword, you can give a blow to anyone, right?”

[If you are not at the master level, you will go to the goal.]


At that level, you can have some leeway in any situation.

Leon, motivated, raised his sword.

Just practice until you get it. I swing my sword here a hundred or a thousand times a day. A body and mind trained like steel made that outrageous effort possible.

But not like today.

[Leon is an uninvited guest.]

His face hardened at that whisper.

There were no guests who would come to the abandoned mansion. This means that it is not this mansion that has business, but Leon.

He opened his mouth calmly.

“Are you human?”

[…There is no sign of monsters or evil. I don’t see anyone who can be called competent. Judging by their behavior, they look like gangsters.]

“Are they from the slums?”

[It doesn’t look good, but it doesn’t look like he came to fight.]

I thought he would come visit me at least once.

Since he came and went several times using the excuse of requesting requests from an abandoned mansion, there must have been people keeping an eye on him inside the slum. Whatever your goal, you need to face it head on.

In order to properly investigate a slum, a helper from within the slum was absolutely necessary.

“I need to meet you.”

Not all slums were enemies. There may be a clue to finding evil.

Leon, who simply finished organizing his luggage, turned around.


El Cid, engulfed in light, turned into an ordinary long sword.

Because the holy sword was too flashy, it was not something to carry around in the slums. Also, anyone who was knowledgeable about the Holy Church or Roderick’s relics would know his identity just by looking at the sword.

So, I have no choice but to hide my true face.

“let’s go.”

No matter who was waiting for him outside the mansion, Leon, holding the holy sword, had no fear.

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