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Overpowered Sword Chapter 297

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Level up with swords (297)

Even on the battlefield where there were countless strong players who could make a name for themselves anywhere on the continent, there were a few areas where battles were taking place that even they could not dare approach.

A place where the ‘Exorcists’ and the cardinals are fighting.

A place where Hrimturus and the Beast King Harkapel are engaged in battle.

A place where disaster-level monsters and masters are fighting.

Lastly, the place where Karen and Rodelin clash with the three-headed troll shaman Tutankha was like that.


“A lump of scrap metal.”

“Mongrel female.”

Tutanka muttered three insulting words and swung the skull staff in his hand in a zigzag motion.

The evil spirits gathered at the edge, black as a swarm of bees, rush towards Karen. It was a curse that ignored physical defenses and attached directly to the soul, consuming its strength.

Karen, who had already dealt with me several times, was embarrassed.

“Oh, I told you not to use that! “I really like the way you fight!”

Karen, who freed herself from the evil spirits’ grasp, grumbled.

They constantly move their feet to avoid the evil spirits, but they don’t know how to give up and keep following them. Unlike magical projectiles, most spells include a tracking function. To be exact, it was one of the characteristics seen in curse-type magic.

It was the exact opposite of magic, which does not distinguish between living and non-living things and can hit anything as long as the coordinates are correct.

As long as there are materials that can specify the target, witchcraft can accurately target that target even from tens of kilometers away. Just like driving a nail into a doll with the target’s hair in it, as long as you are sure of the medium of the curse, you will never miss.

If you were a high-ranking shaman, your accuracy rate would increase even further. Karen must have thought that she would not be able to avoid the hands of evil spirits

attacking from all directions in the Jet

Black Dance (漆黑舞蹈

), Jo Young-hwan (操影三式

), Yuk Yeong-hwan (六影幻), and Karen quickly moved her hands.

“““Catch me!”””

At the same time, the evil spirits were momentarily confused as Karen, who had split into six, scattered in different directions.

If it was something like illusion magic, it would never have worked.

Since each one was a powder made of the same substance as the main body, Tutankha’s spell could not chase down the number of targets, which had increased from one to six.


“Same trick.”

“How many times do you think it will work?”

“That’s stupid.”

Vines sprouting from the ground wrapped around all six people and pressed on them, trying to break their bones. The vines that grew from the blood and flesh of monsters were so tough that they could not be cut with <Auror Weapons> and were strong enough to crush even steel.

The vines that cunningly tied the joints of the arms and legs to prevent them from struggling expanded greatly.

The intention was to divide the five bodies.


Six Karens were torn to pieces.

It was rare for an Auror Master to have a pure physical strength stronger than that of metal. Karen, who focused on stealth and speed, was a bit more vulnerable than other masters.

Was that why? The moment

Tutankha, with


pairs of eyes frowning at the same time, jumped up, dozens of stakes rose up from under his feet.

Just as the Impaler that pierced the air became transparent and lost its substance, Karen jumped out from under the ground.

From the beginning, the main body was hidden underground.

“Oh, I wasn’t fooled.”

Karen clicked her tongue with a look of regret, but then glanced at Tutankha’s left leg with a grim smile.

“How many times have you done this? “Do you remember?”

It wasn’t a deep wound, but it didn’t stop at the skin either.

Karen, seeing the blood flowing from Tutankha’s calf, calculated how many drops of poison had been applied to her dagger. I injected a dose that would have killed even a large monster, but it still moves.

Was it detoxified by magic, or was it because it was a mutant among trolls and had an excellent healing ability?

“Fucking bitch.”

“The way we fight is dirty.”

“Didn’t you just spit in my face?”

Tutankha spoke with bloodshot eyes, but Karen shrugged her shoulders and laughed heartily.

“Don’t you know that if I do it, it’s romance; if someone else does it, it’s adultery? “There’s no point in complaining about something like that against an assassin.”

“My mother is a goblin.”

“It will be eaten and then thrown away.”

“You look like a mudblood bitch.”

As his emotions got stronger, the words he could say became shorter, and Tutanka spewed out swear words that did not need to be interrupted. The swear words he uttered to Karen, who came from a slum and was very familiar with trash talk, were almost endearing.

Above all, the war situation was becoming increasingly favorable.

…Kwajik…Kwajijik… Rodelin,

who had finally regained freedom of movement by removing all the chunks of meat that had stuck to her body, blinked.

It was a spell that consumed more than a thousand corpses scattered across the battlefield, but its durability was exhausted by holding Rodelin for just 5 minutes.

In the meantime, Tutankha launched an attack to somehow kill Karen, but failed.

《The restraint caused by the curse has been lifted. Karen, we will fight together again.》

“Yes! “Let’s finish this quickly!”

Another battle rushed towards its end.

* * *


A thick cloud of dust rose.

I could feel how fierce the battle that had just taken place was from the scars on the surface of the mountain that looked as if they had been scraped several times with a huge rake.

It was a fight that devastated an area of several kilometers, making it hard to believe that it was just two people fighting.

One punch shattered a mountain peak, and one kick created a nameless canyon. I don’t know who it was, but it seemed like whoever had to redraw the map of this area would have a hard time.

Toad, toad, toad.

One or two raindrops fell, but soon turned into a shower and began to stain the ground black.

The ground and air frozen by Hrimturs’ frost storm thawed, creating unseasonable rain clouds. The sound of shoot-a-a-a-a reverberates between the silent sky and the earth, dispelling the silence.


“It wasn’t too bad considering it’s been 300 years since I ran.”

In front of the crater, where the dust cloud had not yet completely subsided, Beast King Harkapel gazed vaguely at the sky.

While fighting Hrimturs, his body was all tattered and it was difficult to find his clothes in good condition. As a winner, he had the right to look down on the loser.

Because of the shower, all the dust settled quickly.

Hrimturth, who had collapsed in a large crater in the ground that had been cut out nearly 30 meters, looked up at him.

【It’s my defeat.】

“Yes, it’s my victory.”

Strangely, the expressions of the two people were very similar.

Both Hrimturs, who had accepted defeat, and Hakapel, who had achieved victory, were extremely calm.

Looking at the result alone, it was a landslide victory for Hackapelle, but the match itself was tight. Hrimturth was strong and hard, and Hakapel was fast and sharp. It was a life-or-death struggle between the frost giant, who pushed forward with blood and spirit, and the hunter, who skillfully aimed for the gap.

【Until today, I have never regretted this body size, but this time I was a little disappointed.】

“Not everything that is big is good.”

【It’s true.】

Hrimturth was so big and heavy.

The power and destructive power that comes from its mass is undoubtedly overwhelming, but for Hackapell, who surpasses even Leon, who became a transcendent, in terms of speed and flexibility, it is nothing more than a prey full of loopholes.

They couldn’t know, but even Vritra transformed her body within Leon’s sword fist.

The dragon, who had been observing human power since ancient times, had long ago realized that when dealing with a master-level warrior, one should not rely solely on the enormity of its size.

【…It was a fight that was too much for the Beast King Hakapel in the end.】

“It is me. “I’m proud of having taken that life.”

【Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe…that’s a nice…sound to hear…】

Hrimturth laughed like that and slowly lost his breath.

It was the end of the Cyclops King, the strongest of the Three Demon Lords.

“…It was close.”

After confirming that the bastard was about to die, Hackapell stumbled once.

It was the first fight in 300 years.

I’ve warmed up in my own way by coming this far, but can a hiatus be that simple? Above all, Hackappel’s physical condition itself was the biggest problem.

“Well, it seemed like you figured it out at a glance.”

Hackapell let out a bitter smile without realizing it.

It had to be that way.

He, who was suffering from dementia, came back to his senses thanks to Leon and El Cid, who came before him. Hackapell, who had been wandering through memories of the distant past, recovered part of his consciousness and was able to look at his senile self objectively.

I could also see what state I was in.

―To get out of this state, you must rise to the level of a grandmaster or accept heavenly destiny and wait for the day of death.

The former was impossible.

There was no way I could do what I couldn’t do even when my body and mind were intact, with only fragments left.

So Hackapell decided to wait.

The moment when you can burn the remaining life that is no more than candle wax.

“I think this is at least enough to pay for the meal, Brother Rick.”

Was it the day I heard about the great-granddaughter who had been visiting occasionally since the warrior left?

The creation of an allied army led by the Giant King Cassim.

The appearance of the demon king Vritra, who was hiding behind the evil cult.

The final battle that takes place in the Titan Mountains.

After hearing that, Hackapell accepted the end of his life.

“…about an hour from now.”

If I had just slept in my bed, I could have survived for a month, but I did not continue my miserable life with the intention of it ending that way.

The feeling in my toes became faint.

Even though he felt that, Hackapell jumped towards the darkness swirling in the distance without a single regret.

‘This time, we will be together until the end.’

To bring back a promise that was not kept in the distant past.

* * *

These were not the only two battlegrounds that faced the final moments.

Holy Church and Evil Church.

From the name to the purpose of existence, the fight between those who could not tolerate even a single dead skin from each other was extremely fierce. Even though Saint Ellahan left the battlefield and the two ‘Exorcist Bishops’ died, neither side knew how to back down.

The guys who rushed at me as if they were risking their lives and used their power to demand that we die together were truly terrifying.

“Die, you bastard!” For Morse!”


Cardinal Anna, whose stomach was pierced by a sharp tentacle, jumped up like a fish caught on a needle and was thrown away, vomiting blood.

When Adela saw that, she rolled her eyes and rushed over.

“You fucking bastard!!”

Although she wasted quite a bit in the battle with Electra, Adella’s power was not something to be ignored even in that state.

The wave that shot out from the fist accidentally hit the ground.

Bishop Rafflesia, who had defeated Anna, stepped back and stuck out his tongue. There was no way that the <Chaos> sect would not know what was dangerous and what was safe. Wild boars that run wild must be avoided first.

“Ebebebebe I couldn’t get it right! It’s late! “Your colleague was left behind!”

“—I will definitely kill you.”

As Adela gritted her teeth, Rafflesia, who was drunk with madness, also flinched and took a few steps back.

Then Cardinal Crone stepped forward as if to fill Anna’s vacancy.

“Cardinal Adela, what is Anna’s condition?”

“Three internal organs were pierced. “I won’t die right away, but it’s impossible to continue the battle any further.”

“I will leave it to Cardinal Beride.”

“Yes, that ridiculously large shield can protect it.”

Anna’s limp body was handed over to Cron, and Adela spit out the blood that had accumulated in her mouth.

There are less than 20% of the Auras left, which were always overflowing, but there is not a single Cardinal who would whine to this extent. If I have to, I’ll have to kill that bastard, even if it means I’m left with only my bare body.

Adela thinks so and is about to take a step toward


Hecaton Kale moved.

The guy who had been frozen in fear of Leon finally went berserk with one move, 〈Exorcist Bishop〉, swinging a hundred arms.

Adela responded.

Irexana also reacted.

However, Cardinal Kron was one step late and had no choice but to throw Cardinal Anna, who was in his arms, to a safe place.


The arm pierced his chest precisely, pulled out his heart, and blood gushed out like a fountain.

“…O God…destroy…sin…”

He recited the sutra until the end, burning one of Hecatoncale’s arms and causing Cron’s body, which lost its support, to fall to the ground. It was.

If he had nothing to protect, it would have been a serious injury, but he was stabbed while holding Anna. The death of someone who had been with us for decades. The cardinals were extremely saddened by it, but responded calmly.

“I will stand at the forefront. “Let’s take away the mobility first.”

“I will leave Cardinal Anna to Seong Cheol-sway.”

“There are four left. “Don’t let down your guard until it’s all over.”

“Cardinal William is in charge of these two guys. Just take note of Rafflesia and Hector.”

They maintain their positions with expressionless faces and briefly exchange information and warnings to raise awareness.

The sudden air was drawn like a bow string.

It starts as soon as someone opens their mouth or moves their body.

At that time,


Irexana twitched her eyebrows at the fluctuation of power felt in the friendly camp.

It was enormous.

The mana of three or four shots of ultimate magic was concentrated in one place and soon became quiet like the calm before a storm. Irexana, realizing the omen, immediately signaled the cardinals to bow down with their hands.

The cardinals followed suit without hesitation.

It was right after that.


Dragon Breath.

The deadly attack that Vritra fired once and wiped out 20% of our troops was executed from the opposite direction. As soon as a light flashed on the horizon, a beam of destruction flew in.

Of course, it was a power that could not be compared to <Doom Breath>.

It cannot erase space and time or threaten the transcendent.

Nonetheless, the attack was definitely dragon breath.

“A dragon…? why…?”

One of the bishops controlling Hecatoncale stared at the light that flew right in front of him with his mouth wide open.

They wouldn’t know until the end.

The existence of the dragons that remained in this world and the hidden story of Roderick, who saved her.


Although the inside of his heart was throbbing sharply, Albion looked beyond with a calm expression.

Due to her attack, half of Hecatoncale’s body was blown away, and one of the bishops riding on it was completely evaporated. I wanted to sweep more and bigger if possible, but this was the limit for the current Albion.

Albion smiled slightly when he saw Irexana bowing in the exact direction she was in.

“Don’t die, kid.”

The scales of the final battle are increasingly tilted towards the Allies.

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