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Overpowered Sword Chapter 296

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Level up with swords (296)

As if mentioning the goddess could not be ignored, Vritra’s eyes narrowed with murderous intent.

It was that moment.

The magic circle, which was vibrating as if it was about to burst like an arrow caught on a tightly drawn bow string, releases its power. The ultimate magic, which corresponds to the 9th level, the pinnacle of magic, was a means that could annihilate an army with just one use.

Although it was only half a step behind the sword of the heart, which can be said to be the pinnacle of martial arts, it still surpassed the law.

Use that ultimate magic not once, twice, but six times.

The reach of multicasting, which only Dragon can achieve, has been revealed.

[Still, all six ultimate spells do not come at once.]


El Cid and Leon shared information in their heads with time still remaining even after the seconds had passed dozens of times.

To Leon, who had never dealt with ultimate magic before, El Cid’s words were like a lighthouse he had finally found while wandering the vast sea.

[Ultimate magic is the power that transcends laws like the Four Heart Swords. It is an ability that started out as magic and ended up not being magic. Above all, the biggest difference is that, unlike Heart Sword, the laws for changing ultimate magic are different for each type.]

‘The laws for changing… are all different?’

[Okay, let’s give an example.]

El Cid said.

[The magic circle appearing in the upper left corner is the ultimate magic of the <Hell Fire> flame system. Do you know?]

‘They say it’s a flame of the negative dimension that can burn anything.’

[That’s nonsense. If it’s a flame summoned from another dimension, it’s not magic, it’s a foreign method. 〈Hell Fire〉 simply intervenes in the legal framework of the combustion phenomenon and implements the ‘phenomenon of burning anything.’] It is possible to

ignite not only substances with extremely high combustion points such as stones and special metals, but also elements such as sound and light. Possible law changes.

The reason <Hell Fire> is a black flame is because it burns all light that enters its area of influence. Color is information that can be known through the reflection of light, but since there is no light coming out, it is pitch black.

[In addition, Keraunos, which is being developed in the lower right corner, imitates the power of the old gods and reproduces the characteristics of ‘absolutely hitting the target’ and ‘ignoring defense’. 〈End of Eternity〉 is a type of time system disintegration magic.]

But El Cid explained with a start.

[If ultimate magic that changes different laws is simultaneously activated within a certain range, what will be the result?]

‘…is it going to be twisted?’

[Correct answer.]

Changes to the law performed through mind sword or ultimate magic can never last, and if what happens as a result deviates significantly from the laws of nature, the world’s self-repairing power occurs more quickly.

As if the dimensional section that Leon had cut off a moment ago had been restored.

If only one type is used, ultimate magic exerts more stable power than Heart Sword, but if several different types of ultimate magic are used, various laws change at the same time and interfere with each other.

So, we have no choice but to hit them one by one.

‘Is the first one ‘Hell Fire’?’

There was no need to let down one’s guard just because they were flying one at a time.

As El Cid said, ultimate magic is equivalent to heart sword.

If you happen to be hit by <Hell Fire>, that body part will evaporate. Even with the vitality that has become stronger by absorbing the ‘Guardian’s Stigmata’, it takes a long time to regenerate the damage. As soon as

the Solitary Starlight


was struck vertically, <Hell Fire> was split, and even the magic circle behind it was neatly cut in two.

When it comes to exchanging blows, Leon is one step ahead.


[Make sure to hit back at 〈Keraunos〉. 〈End of Eternity〉 Oh shit. There was a reason why I only chose these things. These are magics that can’t be dealt with effectively, right?]

‘Are you planning on dragging it into a war of attrition?’


Leon sent out 〈Ceraunos〉 with his second sword strike and neutralized 〈End of Eternity〉 with his third sword strike.

If you can’t block or avoid it, just fight back.

If you want to rapidly accelerate time and cause all things to collapse, you can cut down that area of time. Time flows naturally and does not stop. Therefore, almost all time magic is level 9 and goes against the laws of nature.


Shake it off three times in a row and take long, deep breaths.

In most cases, it is worth using only the first half of <Seven Star Sword> and <Sun Sword> to fight against each other, but each and every hand that Vritra turns over is a deadly weapon.

If you tried to save your strength, you could have been crushed to death.

【Are you already exhausted? “It’s still good to see your mouth fluttering around.】

“Shut up. “Don’t use your mouth and just attack me.”

【Hehehe, I guess I can still play with it more.】

The magic circles that had stopped moving for a moment rotate at the same time, and three more are created as if filling the destroyed space.

Continuous firing of ultimate magic.

Even at the level of an ancient dragon, it was a waste that could not be ignored, but Vritra was already a monster that surpassed even the standards of the dragon race.

Just continuing the war of attrition will determine the outcome of this fight.

【Try to see how far you can go!】

The hero holding the holy sword El Cid jumped into the storm of ultimate magic that made it difficult to take even a single step.

* * *


Every time a vibration rings out in the distance, the bodies of those who sense it freeze for a moment.

The devil and the warrior.

The battle between a monster that wiped out tens of thousands of people with a single blow and a hero who could stand against it alone would determine the outcome of this war based on which side would win.

Someone thought that and felt a bit miserable.

If everything is decided by a duel between two beings, why are the people shedding blood here fighting?


A sonorous voice rang out loudly, cutting through the air of the battlefield, which was thickly stained with the smell of blood.

Saint Ellahan.

She swung the Seongcheolsae, which was bigger and heavier than her upper body, and crushed the remaining legs of the guy who had already lost one of his legs. Enemies that have completely lost their mobility are left lying around.

One of the ‘Exorcist Bishops’ was a murder-crazy Saxony.

“Hehehehe! Die, die, die, kill, die, die, die, so I can barely die and die…!”

With the maniac’s mutterings flowing through his ears, Ellahan asked questions like a judge sentencing a person in front of him.

“Is there anything you want to leave behind?”

“Kihihihihihihi leave? stay. What remains after death is death and death, and the dead and the killed die and die…”

“I hope you find a peaceful afterlife after atonement and repentance.”

After mourning the man who was obsessed with madness until the end of his life, Ellahan calmly swung his Seongcheolsae briefly.

Quack! And Saxony’s head was shattered.

Unlike Electra, her body, which did not specialize in immortality, twitched several times before becoming completely silent. It was simple for the last of the evil men who slaughtered tens of thousands of people with blunt saw knives to this day, but in this situation, there is no time to elaborate and execute them separately.

Even if just one person was killed, <Exorcism Bishop> was a major incident, and since six people were killed one by one, there were still five left.


Quartet of Palm Shock waves

burst out one after another from Adela’s small palm.

It uses its small body to hide itself in a melee, then suddenly jumps out, delivers a deadly attack, and then falls again.

It was a simple and ignorant strategy, but when combined with the combat experience and fighting skills of a veteran, it was truly terrifying. 〈Exorcist Bishop〉 The two were mortally wounded by one Adella and were on the defensive trying to heal their wounds.


“If you want to be beaten to death, stick your neck out! “I’ll break it down first!”

“Oh my god, you’re so scared.”

〈Exorcist Bishop〉 Electra, who eventually faced Adella one-on-one, smiled seductively.

Lips that shine as if fresh blood had been applied.

Even though she was of the same sex, Adela’s eyes kept getting drawn to the shine, and she realized it was a form of mental interference and shook her head. An ordinary person would not be able to free himself by stabbing his thigh with a knife, but each and every one of the cardinals possessed superhuman mental strength.

“You bitch who will stick with trolls! You’re enchanting me?! “I will grind you on a grater from the beginning!”

“Hehe, you look cute, but your mouth is too harsh.”

“You bitch!”

Adela, who had a complex about her youthful appearance, soon turned over the whites of her eyes and rushed over. I couldn’t help but feel angry because Electra, whose appearance was almost the exact opposite of what I was already concerned about, had struck me.

Adela, losing her senses, finally launched a frontal assault.

“die! “Die!”

The small fist created dozens of afterimages.


Orchestra of Fist

It was too powerful a technique for an unexpected action.

A brutal decisive battle technique that cannot be used except when charging in a straight line.

Electra, who had provoked her, probably didn’t know that the special move would come out right away, but her relaxed face turned pale and summoned a blood-red thorn vine in front of Adella.

An extradimensional creature whose binding force against living things surpasses even steel wire made of mithril.


“Get out of my face—!”

Even though her legs were covered in blood, Adela did not stop for a moment and soon reached Electra’s face.


The moment the 18 shots were fired, Electra’s curved body exploded like a rotten tomato.

A power of <Super Vibration> that renders defense meaningless.

It was a natural result since not one but dozens of shots were allowed. For the first time, Electra regretted her decision, believing only in her regenerative abilities and feeling no need to train her physical abilities.

If things continue like this, you will be beaten until you die.

“Where are you running, bitch!”

In a desperate attempt to regenerate from the lower body, he tried to run backwards, but Adela, who had predicted this, shattered his knee with a lower kick.

Electra’s regenerative power was truly amazing.

While her knees were shattered and she was rolling on the ground, her entire upper body regenerated, revealing the beautiful woman’s naked body without even a single thread of clothing. Regardless of the level of religious belief, a man with normal desires would have stopped his hand for even a few seconds.

Yes, if it were a male.

“…Are you bragging to me that you have big breasts?”

I even had the illusion that the auror tangled around Adella’s fists had momentarily turned blood red.

Electra shook her head and said that was not the case, but something bobbing along with the movement was even more provocative.

Unfortunately, the regeneration of the head was delayed by a step, so it took a few more seconds for the tongue to sprout. Not to mention the chanting of the Outer Law, if there is any way to calm this scary little bastard—


Adela tilted her head with a creepy voice.

“You thought I was a little bastard just now, didn’t you?”

This time, while Electra was frozen, at a loss for words, Adela naturally climbed onto her body.

Because his body is so small, he crushes his chest like a cushion.

She growled, looking uncomfortable even at the ride.

“Let’s see how long we can play.”

Two small weapons fell a few seconds faster than Electra’s head regenerating.

A cardinal who can outsmart even Irexana with her destructive power.

Adela from 〈Maengjin〉.

When it comes to bare-handed fighting, there is no way a person with the second-highest skill level in the cult would lose at a certain range. If you’re a martial arts master like Necator, it’s even worse if you’re a martial arts expert like Electra.

Quang! Quang! Quang! Quang!

With a mechanical movement, you hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, and then hit again.

Of course, no matter how fast the fist wrapped in the aura of <Super Vibration> was regenerated, it would crush the skull faster than that. Even if you have acquired immortality, it takes strength to use that ability. As someone said, if you kill until you die, you will die.

How many times did I hit it?

Even the monsters avoided Adella’s bloody force, and the bishops of the evil church were caught by the cardinal and could not help.

Electra died just like that.

“…What are you dead?”

Even after waiting, there was no sign of it regenerating any further, so Adela, who had cooled off the heat by hitting it, stood up with a sour expression on her face.

It was because the compatibility was so good.

Electra underestimated Adella’s recklessness and overestimated her regenerative abilities, so she fell into the warrior’s killing range. If we had tried to fight carefully, we could have lasted several hours.

“Cardinal Adela.”

“I’m here? Looks like the cutie did something too.”

“I defeated your Saxony.”

There were still four people left, but the situation was going in favor of the Holy Church. Hecatoncale’s intimidation and immobility by Leon was also a major variable, and the Exorcists lacked much experience in fighting opponents of the same class compared to the Cardinals.

There was not a single martial arts plotter of the same level as Necator or Morse to be seen.

‘I’m so glad I was able to get rid of it a long time ago.’

If Necator or Morse were added at this stage, at least half of the cardinals would have died by the time the news of Leon’s victory was heard.

The victory in the Clyde Civil War played a decisive role.

Ellahan spoke in front of Adela, who was thinking like that.

“I want to go see that hero.”

It was something she said with a lot of intention, but she said,

“Huh? okay.”


“You say I can go?”

Adela said yes without much hesitation.

She soon realized what Ellahan was worried about and patted his shoulder while giggling.

“What is it, cutie? Are we that unreliable?”

“That’s not it…”

“Then don’t worry and go. “Isn’t it time for you to carry out the legacy left behind by the first saint?”

It was only after hearing those words that determination appeared in Ellahan’s eyes.

300 years ago.

The power she built up in her desire to help those who could do nothing but look at the backs of Saint King Roderick lay dormant within her.

There was no time for further hesitation here.

“I’ll be back!”

“Please come back healthy and healthy together with the warrior.”


After saying one last good word from Adela, Ellahan jumped up towards the battlefield that was still shaking the earth in the distance.

It was quite a long distance to cross the battlefield, but I wasn’t worried that Leon wouldn’t be able to last until then.

I guess that means believing.

“Please wait a little longer, warrior!”

Saint Ellahan, armed with the church’s secret art, ‘Jeongbeop’, which was taught to her by William, began to cross the middle of the battlefield.

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