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Overpowered Sword Chapter 293

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Level up with swords (293)

In the plains near the Titan Mountains, armies that may number 10,000 or more were clashing.

Not only was there a large number of people, but the combat power of each person was exceptional. The radiance wrapped around the weapon is an ‘Auror Weapon’, and the items equipped throughout the body are all first-class items containing a considerable amount of artifacts and special metals.

There was a battlefield where strong people who could shake off their obscurity anywhere on the continent had to fight like mere soldiers.

The guys I was dealing with on the other side were the same.

Swamp Troll Ogre Wyvern.

They are losers who can dominate an area anywhere on the entire continent, and they are monsters that make even warriors who have experienced all kinds of hardships shudder.

Even if you faced them alone, you would have to risk your life, but the sight of them protecting five and ten in groups was even terrifying.



Among them, those at the forefront of the Allied Forces were even more powerful.


A weapon that was simply too large and heavy to be called a sword, with its blade resting on a piece of metal, cut several trolls to pieces.

Once again, there was no cutting or tearing.

The entire upper body was shattered as if it had been hit by a car. It was instant death. In terms of regenerative power, both the heart and the brain must be intact. If only the lower body remains, it cannot be revived unless it is a planaria.

“The old man is leaving! “Get out of the way, you bastards!”

Countless monsters blocked his path, but Tyrone swung his sword without even leaving a smile on his face.

His nickname is ‘Mountain Breaker’.

To put it another way, bankruptcy.

The name of the unnecessarily large and heavy sword was ‘Pasan’. A greatsword specially made to handle his physical strength and the <Auror Blade> by processing the cloud iron he obtained during several adventures.

There was no way he could be stopped by ogres or trolls. As soon as Tyrone lifted




higher than his head, the ground surface sank as if gravity had multiplied several times.

No, in reality it was no different from an increase.

Auror Blade’s “Breaking Sword” truly breaks down mountains.

By replacing all of the innate strength and aura with physical power, it is powerful enough to kill even a mountain worm with a single blow. The form itself was a simple horizontal cut, but the destructive power that followed the sword’s trajectory was literally heaven and earth.


The moment the ink-colored greatsword was struck vertically, the bodies of the monsters lying in front of it were crushed flat. The power to crush even medium to large monsters like ants trampled by military boots!

Even the Titan warriors did not spare exclamations and showed respect to the human who had reached the same level as the warrior commander.

And it wasn’t just military personnel who were inspired by his performance.


Astrid blinked as she activated five orbs simultaneously at the rear, hundreds of meters away from the vanguard.

Only the faint blush on his expressionless face reveals his excitement from the heat of battle. The blood flow and heart moved a little faster than usual, but my head, which was as cold as usual, put together multiple techniques of unique magic at a fast pace.

“Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon.”

Every time she muttered a word, the light of each orb flickered brightly, responding to the call.

As an artifact, each orb is a premium item.

Astrid, as her nickname “The Constellation Chasing Wizard” is, is someone who uses star-related magic. The orbs it carried were all replacements for stars and were the cornerstone for imitating constellations.

How many times have I used all five of them?

Astrid, who was almost going back to her memories, came to her senses and activated the magic circle that was about to be completed.

“Constellation Magic 〈Cassiopeia〉.”

As the Great Magic is activated, the world sympathizes with its power.

With the output of the Archmage added to the 5 special artifacts, things that should not be possible are pulled into the realm of existence.

Astrid opened her mouth as she became aware of the throbbing inside her heart, overloaded with magical energy that she had felt for the first time in a long time.

“In ancient times, the vain queen Cassiopeia declared that her daughter was more beautiful than a sea nymph, and Poseidon, god of the sea, punished her arrogance with high and rough waves.”

Constellation magic is a magic that unravels the stories related to constellations and reproduces the phenomena left behind in those stories.

The phenomena that can be realized with 〈Cassiopeia〉 are sea monsters and tsunamis.

Of the two, she naturally chose the latter.


Suddenly, a high wave arose between the Allied Forces and the monsters and began to move forward as if pushing the boundary line.

The monster wave was engulfed by a tsunami that was only about 10 meters at first, but grew large enough to engulf Rodelin in just a few seconds.

“What is it? “Did you break a dam somewhere?!”

《The activation of the Great Magic has been confirmed. It is presumed that Astrid used the individual name of the adventurer dispatched from the guild.》

Rodelin narrowly jumped to avoid the tsunami and spoke to Karen, who was placed on her palm.

Like them, Tutankha also left his body floating in the air.

“Is it a cannabis corporation? “It’s very different from witchcraft.”

“A miracle that changes the world.”

“The power to bring back the ancient history of constellations.”

As a shaman who reached the same level as an archmage, he instantly saw through the essence of constellation magic.

Witchcraft cannot cause the same phenomenon as that great magic.

But Tutankha smiled darkly.

“Great magic is also a force that ultimately distorts the natural order.”

“If you distort the distorted part even more.”

“Disintegration itself is not that difficult.”

As Tutanka waved the skull staff in his hand, the waves sweeping the surface gradually slowed down.

Unlike external law, magic was not rejected by natural principles because it maintained certain lines. Horsepower can make a fire without fuel, but this does not negate the oxidation process. All it does is replace some of the missing elements with magic.

If it goes beyond that and causes a phenomenon that is not permitted by the laws of physics, nature will not tolerate that force and will erase it.

“My orbs’ calculation speed is slowing down…!?”

Astrid’s eyes widened in astonishment when she recognized Tutanka as the object interfering with her magic.

It had to be that way.

Orbs equipped with artificial spirits assist the elves’ mental abilities, which are already far superior to those of humans. Even Grania, the court mage from Clyde’s squadron, couldn’t surpass her in computational speed.

Tutankha was accomplishing the feat without any hesitation.

“Anyone wants!”

If it weren’t for Karen’s interference, Great Magic would have been completely destroyed.


“It’s annoying.”

“That piece of scrap metal will become a coffin for four years.”

Tutanka pulled out the two daggers stuck in his abdomen with a rough movement of his hands and threw them away.

As I was concentrating on “Cassiopeia,” I accurately hit the gap of half a beat that occurred in the ritual. All three heads glared at her with bloodshot, red eyes.

It was that moment.


The earth shakes.

The strong men who would not lose their balance even if they fought on a shaking boat stumbled for a moment, and the waves that Tutankha was unable to block bounced upward, splashing them with spray.



The mountain worm rose from hundreds of meters underground, letting out a terrifying roar and opening its hideous maw.

A single drop of acid was enough to make a hole in a steel ingot, splashing loudly and killing victims one after another without distinction. Those who reflexively raised their aura were safe, but those who were unfortunate enough to fall on their eyes or skin were in terrible condition.

“Kwaaagh! Snow! “My eyes!”

“Use the Seongbeop!” It doesn’t matter if it’s a recovery spell! “There was even a hole in my arm to the bone!”

Those who ended up that way were rather fortunate.

Mountain Worm.

Among S-rank monsters, this monster has a size and strength that surpasses that of Cyclops, causing a landslide every time it moves, forcing the map to be remade.

Since most of them live in deep remote areas, there was no damage to civilized areas for decades, but today that record has been broken.

This was because the Mountain Worm, which soared tens of meters, threw itself into the middle of the Allied forces.


The ground collapsed with a single torso hit.

The ground, which was hard and thick because it was made of rock, was torn like a piece of paper, and hundreds of elites fell into the ground, which was as deep as a canyon.

Few people died or were seriously injured in the fall, but the problem was that they were stranded underground as the formation collapsed. If the land is buried, you will be buried alive immediately.

“Hmm, are they them?”

“I didn’t know we would be dealing with a group.”

“I guess I can fight without any regrets.”

The ones who noticed their approach before anyone else were the warriors of the Titan tribe, who shared their hometown.

Titan Mountains.

A land where most of the disaster-level monsters, which number less than three digits even on the entire continent, inhabit. S-rank monsters were difficult for an average person to see once in their life, but for the Titans, they were welcome prey.

Since the Titans had not particularly taken over the entire Titan Mountains, monsters corresponding to their homeland reigned in areas some distance away from the village.


Sure enough, a drake struck like a thunderbolt from the distant sky with a loud roar.

His appearance was completely different from the one defeated by Leon.

A man who had lived in the Titan Mountains for decades and survived several battles against Titan warriors had large scars engraved on his body.

The vertically split pupils slowly scanned the Titan warriors and stopped abruptly when they spotted the warrior leader, Vulkan.

“ha ha ha! “You lizard child recognized me!”

Vulcan laughed cheerfully and clapped his fists together.

The sensation of breaking his ribs and inserting my hand into his ribcage was still vivid.

The same was true of the breath that was used during that time.

Additionally, the appearance of the Mountain Worm Drake was only the starting point.



Two cyclops shout and swing their clubs, and a two-headed basilisk jumps out from behind them.

Risk level S rank.

The monsters, the details of which even the guild could not understand, had finally entered the realm of humanity. They are named ‘disaster level’ because they cause damage similar to a natural disaster, and they are monsters that have no possibility of subduing anyone other than the master level.

〈Mountain Breaker〉 Tyrone felt the vibration approaching from below again and clenched his molars as hard as he could.

“Whoa…! Isn’t this just one? “At least three!”

Then a large, long shadow appeared on his left and right.

They were Sarunga and Galek, warrior commanders of the Titans.

Sarunga had lost one of his legs in the last battle, but it had long since been regenerated thanks to his race’s unique resilience.

“I’ll join you.”

“Do you think three people will be enough here?”

“…Huhahaha! Thousands and thousands of horses! Let’s have a drink afterward!”

Sarunga and Baltan grinned and accepted his offer.

“The Titans’ alcohol is special. “Even dwarves can’t stand it.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing how many drinks you can last.”

The three warriors, who had overcome the racial barriers and became one, moved along the expected path of the mountain worms.

It wasn’t just them.

Even though many disaster-level monsters appeared, the Allied Forces did not stiffen in fear or turn their backs and rely on each other. Isn’t this scene proof that it is still too early for the world to be destroyed?

Leon felt the heat rising from his heart.


“Yeah, that annoying guy is moving.”

Leon answered El Cid’s words and turned his eyes to the horizon.

A shadow so large that it could not be hidden was approaching from behind the monster wave.

The only two left are Hrimturs, one of the Three Demons.

Even with the combined efforts of masters other than Leon, he cannot handle it.

‘The evil church hasn’t moved yet.’

Leon looked down at the ground and tried to hide his nervousness.

So far the Allies have fought very well.

The sight of him overpowering the monster wave, leading the subsequent battle in an advantageous direction, and struggling against the appearance of disaster-level monsters was more than expected.

However, unlike the Allied Forces, who had one card left in their hand, Brita had two cards left.

The evil cult and Hrimturs.

“…I can’t help it.”

Naturally, I put strength into my grip holding the holy sword.

If we were to fight back against the ‘Exorcist’ with cardinals, we would not have enough power left to deal with Hrimturs.

If possible, I hoped reinforcements would arrive before then—


It was then.

The vitality approaching from afar was that of a person he had met once before.

With determination, the expanded horizon goes beyond the horizon.

Only then was Leon able to see.

The words he had promised at Youth have finally come to fruition.

“You’re here, Hathi!”

No matter how fast the Beastmen and Bedouin tribes moved, the Titan Mountains were far away and their movement speed on the surface was limited.

What came to mind from there was Jugend’s airship.

Since a round trip was impossible to fly to the Titan Mountains, it was practically a means of discarding everything. If Leon hadn’t bowed his head and earnestly asked for it, it would have been a difficult loss for Jugend to have taken in the first place.

Nevertheless, the Kingdom of Jugend accepted the request.

All reinforcements from the Beastmen and Bedouin tribes who had just arrived at the border from the Great Desert were transported by airship and their internal organs were strained to their limits, thereby accelerating their arrival time on the battlefield.

Black smoke was escaping from the bodies of the airships that flew continuously for hundreds of kilometers.



Leon and El Cid smiled bitterly, regardless of who was first.

This is because when the airship approached their visual range, one person jumped out of the airship.

It was a human-sized distance that could only be seen as a dot, but to Leon, it seemed like close range. Hathi is more mature than when we met before and has become so polished that it is difficult to find any loopholes.

Heavenly God Wind Treasure (天狼迅風步)

Immediately move both legs in the sky and kick the empty air a few times to overcome the sound barrier.

The movement of the martial art <Cheonrang> created by Saint King Rodrik.

Hati ran at supersonic speed and stopped right in front of Leon.

“Leon! A long time!”


Her bountiful tail waggled loudly behind her.

“Hehe, you’ve become more dignified than before! “I’ve been listening to your achievements from afar, but I don’t think the story of your saga was as good as the real thing!”

“Hathi worked hard too, right? “You can tell as soon as you see it.”

It wasn’t a polite greeting, it was sincere.

As soon as Leon spotted her from afar, he realized that quite some time had passed since he had become a master.

They must have crossed the wall a few months after parting ways with their group.

Hati responded to his praise by pricking up her ears.

“Is that so? I worked hard because I didn’t want to be a burden to you. “Is this okay?”

“I never thought of you as a burden.”


His plaster-white face turned red from the untimely surprise attack, but Leon turned around without saying any more.

Hrimturth’s hostility stabbed me sharply in the back.

‘Will the people who came as reinforcements be able to handle him?’

If you are a chieftain of the beastman race, you are at a level that can compete with the lower level masters, but to that monster, even superiority in numbers means nothing.

The key was whether or not it could be a threat.

Hathi, who became a master, can do that, and Al Rajaz can too.

However, two people cannot even capture Hrimturs, let alone defeat him. All I could see was the annihilation of the Allied Forces of the Beastmen and Bedouins.

“Oh right! “Leon, do you know who I came with?”

It might be possible with three people.

Leon’s stiff face softened slightly at Hati’s words.

“Did you come with the Beast King?”

“It is true that he is the Beast King, but he is probably not the person Leon is thinking of.”

Hathi smiled and looked back at the airship that was still some distance away.

Did he even feel those gazes?

Another person jumped out of the airship into the sky.

At the same time, El Cid and Leon were both shocked.



As if following Hati, it runs through the air and approaches Leon several times faster than her.

Height appears to be just under 6.5 feet.

Sharply trained muscles.

Skin that is so tight that you can’t feel aging.

If it weren’t for his beard and bushy hair, he might have been mistaken for Barg or Skoll.

“…It’s been a while. You showed your ugly side last time.”

The great king of the steppes, a man from the Fenrir tribe, knelt down on one knee in the air and showed his sincere respect.

“See you after 300 years, brother Rick.”

Beast King Hackapel.

The living legend who had joined Rodrik’s journey, along with the giant king Cassim, had returned to his senses.

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