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Overpowered Sword Chapter 290

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Level up with swords (290)

Immediately after the negotiations between Vritra and the Goddess were concluded dramatically, the Allied Forces began to quickly shift their forces.

A week was never a long time.

Even the transportation system of the Kingdom of Jugend, which was ranked first on the entire continent, could not complete preparations for war in just a few days. Of course, it was impossible to mobilize all the troops throughout the area, so elite troops such as the Royal Guards had to be selected first.

And there was another problem bigger and more important than troop transport.

Jugend’s greatest strength is not the strength of each soldier, but the Iron Wind Thunder, which deals with the number of soldiers. It was the power equivalent to the bones and muscles of the steel kingdom that continued to protect its sovereignty even against Clyde, which was many times superior in national power and population.

A state-of-the-art weapon installed on the walls and strategic points of each area and performing its role in any situation.

However, there was a very fatal flaw in the Cheolpungnoehwa.

-How do we transport these heavy things to the Titan Mountains?

It was a problem I had never thought about before.

―No, you don’t know how to transport it?

– That’s because I’ve never transported it or used it before.

The dwarves didn’t have anything to say either.

Several centuries have already passed since the Kingdom of Jugend was established, but there has never been a war of aggression beyond its borders.

The defense system, which was so thorough that it bordered on obsession, was only in preparation for when an enemy invaded, and did not take into account pursuit or preemptive attacks.

In an environment where self-sufficiency was impossible, Jugend was a country that had no particular need to covet additional territory or resources.

So all we had to do was protect the border area.

―The production and maintenance of artillery can be easily handled in each area… and it is also possible to transport them on iron horses within the kingdom. Tsk.

It cannot be transported to areas where there are no railroad tracks.

No one would have expected that an extremely closed ecosystem would hold us back in this way.

It was not a situation that the leadership could easily overcome.

―Jugend’s power, excluding gunpowder weapons, should be set at less than half, or less than 20%. It’s such a big loss.

―Can’t it be moved with magic? “If it were a space war between non-living things, it wouldn’t be completely impossible.”

―Do you know the mass of cannons and gunpowder shells? Even if you replace all the wizards on the entire continent, you won’t have enough magic power.

It’s not something we can give up on because it’s realistically difficult, so we gathered people who were willing to use their brains and shared their opinions.

But the solution actually came from somewhere else.

―Can’t we just pick up these pieces of scrap metal and move them?

-Just make the cart a little bigger. We’ll pull it out.

The Titan warriors, who had nothing to do while everyone else was busy, suggested a method that was even ignorant.

At first, it was dismissed as nonsense, but as the cart loaded with more than a hundred cannons was being dragged by three or four warriors, I had no words to say.

The Titans’ physical strength, capable of handling Aurors as well as Ogre-level physical strength, was literally transcendent.

-I can’t say it’s enough, but I think we can meet the minimum.

―It was something that could be solved in this way…!

They say that if your head is bad, your body will suffer, but there has never been a case where the opposite has been true.

The intellectuals grabbed the back of their necks and struggled.

Jugend’s transportation problem was thus resolved, and some of the news that arrived at the Allied Forces was quite pleasant. So much so that Leon, who read the contents of the letter from the ‘guild’, let out an exclamation without realizing it.

It was a message that the majority of the strong members of the guild would be dispatched, regardless of whether they were mercenaries or adventurers.

Not only B rank and A rank, but even S rank, which cannot be treated lightly even within the guild, were moved by three people.

Among them was one familiar face.

“It’s been a while.”

〈Sword Demon〉 Cedric bowed his head in greeting.

“…I wasn’t used to the experience of being overtaken by someone, but it wasn’t a very good feeling either.”

Cedric’s lips were slanted, as if he sensed from Leon’s aura that he had reached a higher level than himself.

Warrior Leon.

If it weren’t for the title attached to the name, wouldn’t they have said to give it a try rather than being convinced of Leon’s strength and growth?

“It’s been a while, Sir Cedric.”

Leon, not paying attention to his unpleasant sentiments, greeted him and then glanced at the scabbard hanging on his belt.

〈Dine Life〉.

The last time I saw it, there was something latent in the sword that was a little annoying, but Leon, who had become a transcendent, was able to see through its true nature accurately.

A magical sword that grows by eating blood and life.

“Thank you for coming all the way here, but I would like to ask you one more thing.”


“Please swear that you will properly control that sword and that you will not absorb the life force of your allies. Otherwise…”

The moment a light flashed on Leon’s expressionless face, Cedric felt the Reaper’s scythe pressed against the back of his neck.

Dies in one blow.

I didn’t shoot to kill him, but my senses, trained in life-and-death struggle, were warning me of imminent death. Cold sweat seeped from the nape of my neck and ran down my back like blood drops.

“I will break it up right here and now.”

“…I swear. In this fight, my sword will not covet the life force of my allies.”

“thank you.”

Cedric chuckled and accepted the conditions.

〈Dyneslife〉 whined, asking who could make a promise, but he quickly became quiet as he grabbed the hilt of the sword with all his might.

Leon glanced at him and turned to the others.

S-rank adventurers dispatched from the guild.

Each and every one of these great people is mentioned in the mouths of celebrities every day and inevitably becomes the subject of all kinds of creations.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Astrid.”

Even though he was a pure-blooded elf, he was an adventurer who pursued magic rather than elemental magic and entered the realm of anti-magic.

Perhaps because of her personality as well as her dull face, she only shook her head once in response to his greeting. Not a single breath escaped from her tightly closed lips.

“I’ve heard a lot of adventure stories, Sir Tyrone.”

“ha ha ha! I am really happy to meet you. “I never dreamed that I would meet a hero and fight with him in my lifetime!”

A man with a bushy beard like a bandit laughed, shaking his large, ruggedly muscled body.

There was a clanking sound of metal behind him.

It could be said to be a great sword, but from anyone’s perspective, it was a weapon closer to a piece of metal than a sword. Even though the blade is not set up properly, it should be able to kill a medium-sized monster with just its weight.

This giant was an Auror Master who was no less worthy of comparison with Cedric the Mountain Breaker, who gained fame by successfully subduing the Mountain Worm with a single great sword.

‘not bad. ‘It’s going better than I expected.’

With the addition of Titan warriors and strong men dispatched by the military guild armed with Jugend’s new weapons, I couldn’t help but feel reassured.

Not only them, but all of the cardinals of the Holy Church joined, leading all of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, and if you count the elves brought by William himself, the beast people scheduled to arrive in the future, and the Bedouin tribe, it could be said to be more than 80% of the total strength of humanity. .

Unfortunately, some countries, which had exhausted their strength due to the Clyde Civil War a few months ago, were anxious to defend themselves, but it was impossible to force them to give up their full strength.

[It’s a shame that I already killed people like <Devil King> and Nephren-Ka, otherwise it would have been the end.]

“That’s right. “When I think about it, it’s true.”

Leon, who came to the top of the hill after meeting with the people from the guild, agreed with what El Cid said.

If Nephren-Ka had engulfed the Bedouins and the entire desert and invaded the steppes, the number of enemy soldiers, not to mention the reinforcements of the two forces, would have undoubtedly multiplied.

There was nothing more to say when it came to 〈Death King〉.

“If the ‘Death King’ had acquired full divine status, wouldn’t he have become more dangerous than Vritra?”

[I guess so. The Demon King’s power is annoying, but he who has become a deity from an external dimension ruins the world with his mere presence. According to the 〈Death King〉’s divine status, it seems like he would try to change all living things into the form of ghosts.]

“That Mors guy even stabbed Vritra in the back.”

Only the evil cult could understand his empty inner self, but even there he could not find a means to fill the void.

That’s why Morse tried to go ‘outside’.

〈Death King〉 is nothing more than a by-product, and it would have been a good thing that the world would be ruined so miserably.

“…It’s breathtaking.”

As Leon looked at the shape of the mountain range flickering in the distance, he could see how terrifying the enemy forces gathered there were.

Even excluding Britra, it is comparable to the Allied Forces.

“It’s great that the monsters in the Titan Mountains have survived.”

[Well, because the battle in Area 11 was unexpected.]

Unlike what was expected to be a clash between the Titans and the monsters of the Titan Mountains, what took place in Area 11 was a duel between Cassim and Vritra.

As a result, the Allies left behind Kasim and the Titan warriors in their hand, while Britra left behind the entire force they brought from the Titan Mountains.

A monster wave swarming with double-digit numbers of S-rank monsters.

Even the Titan warriors could not handle it on their own, so they planned to have them receive artillery support from Jugend’s walls.

“Even if we install all the cannons we brought from Jugend, it still won’t be more efficient than firing from the castle walls, right?”

[Because there is a difference in altitude. If you fight uphill, it will work even worse. Even that is better than nothing.]

“S-rank monsters can be a big variable in a melee situation, so we have to make sure to kill them.”

Even B-rank and A-rank monsters have power that cannot be underestimated, but S-rank was at a differentiated level even in the grading method.

To use the Mountain Worm as an example, it was a monster that could easily annihilate even an army of 10,000 units if you did not have the strength to block its movements or kill it clearly.

As another example, Drake has no way to land an effective hit unless a master-level player steps forward, and even if he hits and runs quickly from the sky and releases his breath, he is close to being impregnable.

Regardless of their level of combat ability, it is extremely difficult to attack them one by one, so they have been collectively referred to as ‘disaster class’.

“…Still, the Holy Church can take charge of the ‘Exorcist Bishops’ of the Evil Church, and Necator and Morse are missing, so I guess it’s okay.”

If the gap was not filled by three people, including Cordia, who died at the hands of Irexana in the Battle of the Great Mine, the ‘Exorcist Bishop’ had no choice but to be outnumbered while dealing with all the cardinals.

The most fatal blow was probably the disappearance of Necator, who could feed 3 or 4 people by himself.

Because he was powerful as a military officer rather than relying on foreign laws, he was able to handle Cardinal Cernutt, a type of strength that other bishops could not imitate.

[You shouldn’t let down your guard, but there will be more room than in other places.]

El Cid also agreed with that opinion.

When the forces of Vritra and the Allied Forces clashed, the only force that could lend strength was the Holy Church.

The day of the decisive battle was exactly two days later.

Since the starting point was said to be at least a week later, it was not a violation of the agreement even if it exceeded a week, but

“we can’t let him recover any longer.”

[I don’t know how well he hit Kasim, but most of the wounds will close in about ten to fifteen days. We have to fight before then.]

“That’s my opinion too.”

Leon had not yet fully mastered his abilities as a Transcendent and was inferior in many ways to Cassim, who had become a Transcendent more than a few decades earlier.

However, even if he used the Three Horse Guards as a meat shield, Vritra eventually defeated Cassim.

Even in a one-on-one match, Leon is not an opponent that can guarantee victory in a perfect situation.


Feeling his chest becoming suffocated for some reason, Leon let out a long sigh and looked at the distant sky.

Although he became stronger than when he was at the academy, the wall blocking his eyes only grew taller. It felt like the whole world was pressing down on his shoulders.

Still, I don’t look away.

Leon remained there, looking straight ahead, until dusk fell towards the west.

* * *

It was four days later.

Reinforcements from the Bedouin and Beastmen had not yet arrived, but there was no time to delay further because of them.

Leon, standing at the forefront of the allied forces, raised his sword.

Unlike Kassim, Leon had no experience in commanding or leading anyone, so he did not give a speech. He simply announced the path to follow as a warrior.


It was as if the sun, which was slowly rising in the eastern sky, had suddenly been pulled all the way to midheaven.

A second sun rose above the Allies’ heads. The fourth five powers of

the Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Red Lotus Four Style (紅蓮四式), which

appeared for the first time, were revealed.

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