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Overpowered Sword Chapter 287

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Level up with swords (287)


As the platinum-colored sword light ran like the horizon, several mountain peaks caught in its path were obliquely cut off, causing an untimely landslide.

It is 〈Seven Star Sword〉.

The arcane sword art, whose infallibility had been cut off with the death of Saint King Roderick, spewed out light for an unknown number of times, imitating the chariot of seven stars swimming gently through the night sky.

Once, twice, three times.

The swords of light erupted one after another as if they were tearing apart the entire mountain range that had been peaceful until recently.

The light of destruction, which can instantly annihilate ten thousand enemy soldiers, strikes its teeth in double digits as the eyelids close and open once.


【Hahahaha! Good! Fly more!】

Facing the sword light that was faster than sound, there stood a giant who was swinging his fist at even faster speeds.


The strongest part of the Three Demons, created directly by Vritra with the power of <Corruption>. Even though Leon had cut off one of his arms earlier, he used it against him to relieve the imbalance within me, and now he was a monster whose danger had become so powerful that its level of danger could not be measured.


When the fist wrapped in a frost storm hit the blade of light, the ultra-high heat energy body was instantly shattered and the fragments were scattered.

Absolute extreme strength.

Cyclops is a mutant who impressed even Vritra, who has lived for thousands of years, and cannot match him with simple physical strength.

Its large and powerful body alone is equivalent to that of a master, but with the addition of its innate ability to nullify the flow of energy, it has become a monster that can attack even <Auror Blade> from the front.

“Tch, ‘Seven Star Sword’ doesn’t work anymore?”

[Your learning ability is also quite excellent. He is closer to the giants of the past than to a monster. It can be called ‘Hrimturs’.]

Hrimturs means ‘frost giant’ in ancient language.

As if Vritra had not named him that for nothing, his potential was not ordinary.

With the <Icarus Wing> completely integrated with his body, Leon’s instantaneous speed was more than three times that of Hrimturs, but he had not yet been able to properly hit the creature’s gigantic body.

This was because the power of the <Seven Star Sword> had decreased due to the frost storm, and it reacted with agile movements that did not suit its large size.

Leon, who was looking at the majesty of the thing from the front, clicked his tongue.

‘The combination of ‘Sun Sword’ and ‘Seven Star Sword’ seems to make sense, but I feel like that guy still has some cards left in his arsenal. I have to take out the Heart Sword…’

Even if you are stronger than when you started, you can gain an overwhelming advantage if you use <Individual Light>.

Seriously injured by a single sword, fatally injured.

The sword inside me growled fiercely, thinking that a third attack could cut off my life. Despite this, Leon was unable to use Heart Sword right away. Unlike 〈Auror Blade〉, it was difficult to recover the soul and spirit consumed by the mind sword in a short period of time.

If Vritra attacks right after that, Leon will not be able to hold out for a moment and will be killed.

[From the moment it became a two-sided front, the leadership of the battlefield was virtually transferred to the opponent.]

El Cid said.

[In the end, there are two options. Either throw a game of victory and finish him off, or trust the allies in the rear and continue the delayed battle.]

‘Can Ellahan and Karen take down these two guys… That’s right.’

At a speed that made each second feel like a minute, Leon thought about it for just a few seconds.

If Ellahan encounters the lich, his chances of winning are high.

Even if she was strengthened with <Corruption>, if she were the strongest opponent of all time with her undead sacred power and holy magic, she would be overwhelmed by the correlation rather than the scale of her strength.

But in Karen’s case, it was a little ambiguous.

A high-ranking shaman is also skilled in elemental magic, and if there is no compatibility, superiority or inferiority is bound to be determined by the scale of power.

“—Let’s get rid of it.”

Above all, this giant is the most dangerous.

Leon decided that way.

Hrimturth will be a greater threat to the Allied Forces than both the Trollshaman and the Lich combined. If you fail to subdue an enemy with outstanding potential in the first round, you will be in big trouble.


It was that moment.

Almost immediately after El Cid stopped him, a black air current flowed from Hrimturus’ body, enveloping the 20 meter tall figure and taking control of the area.

Leon, who opened his eyes as a transcendental, immediately realized.

That pitch-black fog is the power of the enemy he must defeat, and is a type of summoning ritual that summons minions to his side.

【Hmm, that’s a shame. Is this the end?】

Hrimturs also sensed this and raised his fists.

【I guess we will have to decide the winner at the next opportunity.】

“Are you trying to run away?”

【This is the owner’s call. There’s nothing we can do about it.】

Hrimtus calmly acknowledged his provocation and said goodbye with a twitch of his own lips.

【If you had decided a little sooner, I would have died. But it won’t be like that next time. At that time, I will overcome my limits and throw off this cumbersome leash.】

Leon had no time to reply.

As the figure covered in darkness disappeared, the presence that had been pressing down on the surrounding area disappeared along with it.

Leon, who was barely holding the holy sword, hung his hand and gritted his teeth.

“…I even learned how to provoke the damn guy.”

It was then.


Karen, who had come running from far away with an urgent look on her face, suddenly stopped right in front of him.

Because he continued to jump through space with <The Black Dance>, his appearance was truly a mess, putting him under even more strain than the fight with Tutankha. She ran desperately and looked around with a puzzled expression.

“What about the warrior? Did you kill both of them by any chance? “For that matter, I can’t see any bodies.”

“Wait, two guys?”

“Yeah, the guy I was dealing with suddenly disappeared. So, I came to support you because I thought you were going to attack the hero…”

Upon hearing that, Leon’s complexion turned pale.

“I’m not.”


“You weren’t targeting me. “There is one more person besides me that Vritra would target first!”

Leon fumbled with the hilt of his sword, opened the world map, and rolled his eyes to find the mark of Vritra.

Isn’t that his current location?


Jugend’s eastern border area 11.

This was the area where Cassim and the Titans had decided to defend.

* * *

Area 11, like Areas 12 and 13, was a fortress built on the border. The high walls, deep moat, and hundreds of cannons were enough to cut the number of a million troops by almost half.

The Kingdom of Jugend had many things to drool over from other countries, from the great vein that was the heart of the kingdom to the dwarf ‘Jugendsteel’.

Perhaps that’s why the 10th division area, which is the border area, was particularly well guarded. The city was also designed to be advantageous for defense in case the walls were breached, and the blacksmith facilities were designed to maintain mass-produced artillery rather than high-quality artillery.

A land that not even the Clyde of the Golden Age dared to venture into.

This excessive defense system was also the reason why the steel kingdom continued its history until now.



A Titan with an X-shaped scar on his chest, lying in the middle of the ruins, let out a long, heavy sigh.

Some will be surprised by its ferocious appearance, while others will be surprised by the spirit that resides in its body. Although the Titans were made up of warriors that even a sword master could not underestimate, the intimidation of this giant was unique among them.

Everyone who stands facing him can’t help but be in awe, as if they are looking at Mount Tai, which has been shrunk to 5 meters in size.

The living legend, King Kasim of the Giants.

If you know Saint King Rodrik, there is no one who does not know his name. This was an expression used to refer to the Titan as the incarnation of the reverse radiator force that can destroy a mountain with a single fist.

“…I have no excuse for the priest.”

However, Kassim laughed bitterly as he raised his upper body.

One arm, which is thicker and stronger than a steel pillar, has been roughly torn off starting from the shoulder, and there is a hole in the abdomen so big that you can see the scenery behind it, but breathing is not disturbed.

“I didn’t know that biting my compatriots would lead to trouble.”

Finally, he stood up on two legs and crushed the skull of Desmond, the skeletal warlock, in his right hand.

Since they were all dying, it was easy to catch and kill them.


The one crushed by the hands of the Transcendent was denied its immortality and was destroyed without even being able to utter a scream. Even though it was strengthened using <Corruption> and Dragonborn, it was truly a meaningless ending.

【Hmph, he was a piece of trash.】

Vritra, who was looking down at him from the distant sky, shook off a mental wave.

【I couldn’t jump over my wall alive and was reduced to undead, but I didn’t know my own worth. Even if I hadn’t summoned him, he’s an idiot whose name would have been cut off right there.】

“That’s not something a guy whose life was saved thanks to that idiot would say.”

Cassim laughed at Vritra with his completely devastated body. Even though his defeat deepened, he remained confident.

“I never would have thought that a being who was born as a dragon and even called himself the Demon King would manipulate his minions behind their backs. “If I had to pick just one reason for today’s loss, it would be that I overestimated you.”

【Shut up.】

“Uncharacteristic of you, I should have been suspicious from the moment you entered the battlefield, but there is no way that your rotten nature has changed.”

The battle in Area 11 took an unexpected direction.

The moment the defense forces gathered in anticipation of a monster wave, the sky turned black and Vritra descended from beyond.

Ancient Dragon.

The power of a dragon alone could rival Cassim’s and Zaung’s, but the strength of the one who had even absorbed parts of the Demon King was truly beyond the standard. With the appearance of Vritra, even the fearless Titans were frozen to the core, and most of the other defensive forces were unable to withstand and fainted.

Only Cassim faced him without wavering an inch and cried out in a voice that made the entire castle wall tremble.

-Retreat at least 30 kilometers away with all personnel!

Even if low-ranking people join in the battle of the transcendental, the flow will only become more chaotic.

Vritra and Kasim.

The aftermath of the battle between the two devastates a radius of several tens of kilometers into an environment where life can never live again. I didn’t want to pointlessly destroy something I had to protect with my own hands.

―With this fight, I will end both you and the war!

Now that Vritra has boldly taken on the fight, Cassim’s role is to overthrow him and end this worthless war.

And what happened after that in Area 11 was literally an earthquake. Without adding a single word of exaggeration, it was a fight that shook heaven and earth violently.

If Leon’s five-pointed mind is a starlight that moves forward nobly, Kasim’s five-pointed mind is a broken emperor who crushes and annihilates the entire universe.

One punch destroys space, and one kick transcends time and destroys the enemy.

Even Vritra’s <Yokcheon> was like a piece of paper in front of the martial arts that had evolved to the level of Simsanggoui. If he hadn’t been born as a dragon, he would have been beaten to death three or four times a long time ago.

【Say whatever you want, you mutant ogre! No matter what you say, it is this body that has won and you that have lost! The process is good anyway!】

As Vritra’s mental waves swept all over the place, they also had an influence on the material world, creating an untimely dragon fist wind.

Most of the ruins of Area 11, which can no longer be called a city, are caught up in the vortex, revealing an even more devastated surface.

It was a sight that would have made an ordinary person incontinent, but Cassim’s eyes glared at Vritra with a subtle sneer.

He wasn’t unharmed either.

One of the grotesquely distorted horns was shattered, and both wings were torn off, leaving only the huge body. The leg on his lower body, which had been hit directly by his mental anguish, still showed no signs of regeneration, and the scales had peeled off and the skin underneath was distorted unsightly.

‘It’s a shame.’

Even if only two or three warrior commanders were left, it was quite a fight worth fighting.

The three demons that Vritra took out as a secret trick were all quite powerful, but one of them was almost dying.

It was Desmond who was burned in <New Punishment>.

After finishing the bastard, Hrymtur and Tutanka attacked him half a beat later, but Kasim’s counterattack was not enough to blow the two bastards to the brink of death and broke off one of Vritra’s horns.

“Hehehehaha…! The tail that flies without wings looks like a fat lizard. “There is no other form that matches your ugly attitude!”

【You are hastening death! You loser!】

Finally, Beritra’s patience ran out and she began to slowly descend from the sky.

The one who had come down a little lower than the cloud level stopped.

Then he looked down at Kassim and laughed at him.

【I have no intention of falling prey to your provocation. From this distance, I will pour out my breath until you run out of breath. Let’s see how long the body contaminated by the Fall can endure.】

“…It looks like even the brain has not rotted.”

If he had gotten closer to 500 meters apart, he would have used his life-threatening special move and targeted Dongguijin without hesitation.

Ironically, Britra stopped just before that.

Even though he was ravaged by the power of the Demon King, his natural intelligence as a dragon did not seem to have decreased significantly.

‘If it burns your soul, it might be worth at least one hit.’

Cassim tried to suppress the disgusting feeling of ‘corruption’ that was creeping out from the hole in his abdomen and the cross section of his torn arm.

Albion 300 years ago could not survive even for a moment, and the power of the corrupted Demon King was eroding him. The ‘Corruption’ that Vritra instilled in Cassim not only nullified his regenerative power, but also tried to hasten his death by interfering with the functioning of the aurors.

Still, it wasn’t a very bad result.

Sensing that the end was only a few steps away, Cassim looked back at this ending calmly.

‘He used up all his ‘Corruption’ in this fight. It cannot recreate minions or contaminate its allies. If possible, I have no choice but to inflict more serious wounds to buy the priest a little more time.’

Finally, the words “Damn” rolled out of my mouth.

How much longer will Roderick laugh at his foolish behavior?

―Did you get scammed by a fake devil who wasn’t even real? Are you embarrassed?

Without realizing it, I thought about that auditory hallucination and ground my molars.

I was prepared to die, but I didn’t want to die even more.

I have to somehow survive after taking a hit.

【——What? How already?】

That was then.

Vritra opened her mouth wide at Kassim and looked back at the horizon with startled eyes. Cassim, whose cognitive abilities had been greatly reduced due to his injuries, could not feel it, but soon realized the reason.

There’s only one person he’s wary of besides himself.

“What are you doing, you coward?”

Cassim looked up at Vritra with a deep sneer.

He wasn’t the type of person who wanted to fight with his exhausted body.

“Isn’t it time to run away?”

【…You saved his life.】

Vritra flew up into the sky again and performed a very long space leap, accompanied by his subordinates lying on the ground.

After a whirlwind of darkness, the sky became clear.

Before we knew it, dusk was coming to an end.

Cassim saw in that red landscape.

“You came quickly, priest.”

A flash of platinum light approaching at the speed of a thunderbolt.

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