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Overpowered Sword Chapter 284

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Level up with swords (284)

Skeletons that rose up throughout the city ran in search of the living, following orders given to them by their creator.

The only advantage of an undead skeleton made entirely of bones was its speed due to its light weight. It was possible to cover the distance that would have taken a ghoul in ten seconds in less than half of it.

With thousands of skeletons scattered about, the outskirts of Area 13, as seen from the castle walls, were in complete disarray.

Laudum was trembled at the sight and gave orders to his subordinates.

“The shift personnel go down immediately and block the enemy! “We must guide them so that they cannot enter the central evacuation zone!”

Except for the personnel assigned to the bombardment unit, the remaining soldiers hurriedly ran down the castle wall.

Because they are a very strong race, no one was injured or fell even when jumping from a height of 10 meters. Nearly half of the Royal Guards also went down and accompanied them, leading the troops toward several strategic points.

Nevertheless, it was Rodelin who played a bigger role than anyone else.

《The aptitude object of Unit 6571 has been confirmed. Considering the structures and explosions in the city, the ammunition type is changed from ‘Fire Burst’ to ‘Lightning Spear’.》 She

instantly grasped the number and location of the enemy on high ground and opened all gun ports, increasing her power.

Because external combat armor was being deployed, the response was quicker. Since ‘Fire Burst’ would cause enormous damage not only to skeletons but also to the city area, it was a consideration to use ‘Lightning Spear’, which can accurately defeat only the target.

Pajik! Squeeze! Puzzle!

In just a few seconds, dozens and hundreds of lightning bolts flew out and crossed the sky. To prepare for any possible accident, fire upward and hit the target in the form of a downward strike from the sky.

It wasn’t the firepower that something like a skeleton could withstand.

Because it has been strengthened by the power of Desmond and Tutankha, its magic resistance has also increased, but it is not enough to withstand 5th rank magic on its own.

The impact point and the bones around it collapsed into a handful of ash.

‘Even if you strengthen it with black magic and witchcraft, the foundation is ultimately a skeleton. ‘A quantity of one thousand units cannot pose a significant threat to Area 13.’

Because of the shocking entry method, it only seemed threatening and did little actual damage.

According to the instructions he gave the day before, all residents of Area 13 had evacuated, and the roads were blocked except for a few places, so the skeletons were struggling with nowhere to go.

I could have just left it like this and dealt with it later.


Leon looked at the horizon and realized that his guess was true.

It is a two-action operation.

The shadow fluttering in the distance must be that of a giant, so unlike yesterday, the Three Horsemen must have begun to participate in the war in earnest.

The monster wave must have attracted more monsters from somewhere, and even though thousands of them had died the day before, it was not noticeable at all. Although it seemed like it was difficult to find replacements for high-ranking monsters like the Armored Ogre, their numbers seemed to have definitely decreased.


“All troops! “Ready to fire!”

The guys weren’t the only thing that changed from yesterday.

The artillery unit, which could not perform its role due to the cold rays, even rolled up winter cannons and quickly filled them with gunpowder and shells they had prepared.

The dwarves, who were united in stubbornness and determination to not suffer the same thing twice, growled fiercely.


“Gunpowder charging complete!”

“Aim complete!”

Iron cannons sticking out from all over the walls of Area 13 open their spouts, showing off their dull luster.

Unless they are dragging refugees in like they did yesterday, they can shoot without a moment of hesitation. Hundreds of cannons gasped at the monsters that were getting closer and closer.



Along with the loud shouts of Garrison Commander Laudum, the cannons spewed fire all at once.


Rather than firing them all at once, they are divided into groups and fired sequentially. This was because it was more efficient to apply continuous pressure than to exert maximum power all at once and then rest.

Iron wind and thunderstorms rage.

A chunk of metal was fired from a distance of more than 2 kilometers and landed right in the middle of the monsters.


Monsters such as goblins are shattered and only their fragments are scattered, and even medium-sized monsters such as trolls and ogres fall down with more than half of their bodies blown away if they are hit directly.

If things continue like this, they will be annihilated in less than 30 minutes.

There was no one running away due to Tutankha’s spell, but even if they advanced in this state, there would not be enough left to attack the castle walls.

Was that why?


Hrimtus came out with earth-shaking footsteps.

Laudum, who was frozen by that majesty, struggled to raise his voice.

“There is nothing to be afraid of! In front of Jugend’s iron cannon, that big guy is just an easy target to hit!”

Even though it was a border area, they had no experience dealing with monsters as large as Cyclops, so the bombardment unit was worried for a moment about where to target.

It is a huge body measuring a whopping 50 meters from the soles of its feet to its head.

If you shoot from this distance, you will definitely hit, but it was difficult to find an area that would make an effective hit. So the bombardment unit ultimately chose two locations based on common sense.

heart and head.

It was the most fatal vital point for any living being.


Hundreds of cannons fired at Laudum’s command.


A metal shell larger than the head of an adult male is shot out, red-hot like a meteorite.

The sight of each shot raining down spheres of destructive power comparable to the lance charging of an elite knight was truly spectacular.

Leon also quietly watched him.

How will Hrimturs respond? Either he will be able to withstand all the hits with his powerful durability, or he will be able to withstand it all.


That was then.

Hrimturs made eye contact with Leon, who was looking at him, and then squinted his big lips. It was an expression that could only be described as ridicule.

Immediately after that, the guy moved.

50 meters.

If you look up before your eyes, you will see an awe-inspiring body as tall as a mountain and rotating, creating an afterimage.


Swing your palm wide.

As for explaining the movement itself, that was it. While turning my back, I twisted my upper body and shook my palms diagonally.

That was it.

But the result was terrifying.


The wind pressure generated by Hrimturs’ movements created an untimely whirlpool and sent waves of dust beyond the castle walls.

Perhaps due to the frost storm lingering around his body, the warm air became so cold that his hazy breath leaked out. Even though I didn’t do it with that intention in mind.

Leon pulled the sword from his grasp in the gust of wind.


Four times to be exact.

When the holy sword that cut the air returned to its original position, several shells that had bounced out to area 13 due to the wind pressure were shattered.

Otherwise, he would have broken the castle wall somewhere and been thrown in.

As a result, not a single shell hit the guy.

‘It’s an unbelievable amount of power.’

[It’s not like someone that big can understand it. If it’s 50 meters, it’s a level I’ve only seen once or twice in my lifetime…]

‘The frost storm it controls is also different from simple cold. ‘I felt interference in the conceptual realm that weakened the power of movement itself.’

Is this an innate ability that was awakened through [<Fallen]? It must be troublesome.]

After speaking a few words with El Cid, Leon flew up.

It was true when I saw Hrimturs from a distance, but I felt it even more clearly now that I saw it up close.

If you fight this guy around the castle walls, Area 13 will collapse in the aftermath. It will be a fight on a scale where the ground turns over and the sky is torn apart with just one attack and defense.



Only a single voice comes out from the shadow of the cloak.

As she learned elemental magic separately, her use of shadows became more sophisticated, and the limitations of space became almost meaningless.

Leon said.

“There are two signs felt in the enemy camp. “It’s just that giant and the three-headed troll shaman.”

-What about Richie?

“doesn’t exist. “It doesn’t seem like he was hiding his presence.”

Even if he was an 8th rank lich, he had no ability to deceive Leon’s senses at this distance. When holding the holy sword El Cid, he is a complete transcendent. In order to play on that sense, the other person would have to rise to an equal level, but this was not possible for the undead who had only raised their level through <Corruption>.

There were three main things Desmond could try.

“Either try to find the right moment to make a surprise attack outside my sensory area, or move to the area where the execution is located and join in.”

―Or are you talking about infiltrating Area 13 and targeting the rear?


Leon affirmed her words and raised his sword.

Hrimturs was looking directly at him.

The monster may have read the intention of dropping it here, but the monster was also caught up in the aftermath.

“Tell Karen Ellahan that Richie is gone. And can you hold that fat guy until I get back?”

―He’s a shaman, so we’re not a good match.

There were many types of shamans’ methods that were insidious and unknown, making it difficult for even assassins whose main tactic was to catch the opponent off guard was to approach them carelessly.

But Karen answered without even a moment’s hesitation.

-Don’t worry and have a nice trip! Oh, is it okay if I kill him by myself before the hero comes back?

“of course.”

Leon smiled once at that brave answer and looked forward again with an expressionless face.


The strongest giant of the Three Demons smiled fiercely and raised both fists.

As if to counter him, the holy sword rises vertically and then falls.

The pillar of light that pierced even the clouds of the Grand Chariot

and soared beyond struck Hrimturus, and the fist wrapped in the frost storm countered the slash with the force of a landslide.

Darkness and storm.

The moment the two powers collided, heaven and earth shook.

* * *


It is a conflict of absurd proportions.

Desmond, who sensed the reality, stiffened without even realizing it.

An 8th rank person could be considered a true master of magic, as he was just one step away from reaching the ultimate magic that allowed him to manipulate the laws of the world at will.

That’s why I knew better.

It was the hero and Hrimturs who stood at the center of that terrible clash that even slightly distorted the dimensional realm.

《Vulgar and lowly monsters are on the same level as this Desmond… This is unacceptable. 》

When he received that power from Vritra, he realized that Hrimturth, not him, had crossed the wall and became jealous.

Monsters, mutants, etc.

Even Death, who has been studying magic for hundreds of years, has become superior to himself, who has made him his friend? Even though I knew that the world was irrational, I was once again enraged by that irrationality.

However, he did not show his anger on the surface.

There were many things more precious than pride to the old wizard who had survived for hundreds of years by avoiding the Holy Church’s extermination order and who had been hiding in the shadows of the continent.

I have no intention of ruining work due to emotional reasons.

《It is suicidal to clash head-on with an all-powerful hero. I’ll leave that to you, the less intelligent ones.》

It was not for nothing that I entered this underpass, leaving behind Hrimturs and Tutankha. Infiltrate the skeleton army from above, divert the opponent’s attention, and infiltrate from underground in the opposite direction.

Thousands of corpses were created in yesterday’s battle.

Among them, the undead that had been painstakingly reprocessed over the past day were reborn as stronger than when they were alive.


Desmond, who shared the feeling of the guy who was moving ahead, slowly realized that the ground was getting closer.

The warriors are engaging Hrimturs from afar, and the artillery fire that should be guarded against turns into a self-defeating weapon once inside the city, so it cannot be fired. It was a bit annoying that the Holy Church’s henchmen were nowhere to be seen, but by the time they realized his attack, there would be no way to do anything about it.

So, take control of this castle and city, and if the warrior returns tired from fighting the two guys, take his head.

In front of the undead made from the corpses of his comrades and those he was supposed to protect, his holy sword will be infinitely helpless.

《The throne of all people and all is placed before me. Hehehehehe!》

The undead armor ogre dug the blocked tunnel and opened a path to the ground.

Desmond led thousands of undead to the surface.

Looking forward to the screams of mortals who will witness his appearance and fall into inextricable despair.

“——I was waiting.”

However, what greeted Desmond was a formation of Holy Iron Knights armed with silver-white armor and surrounding him.

The person standing in front of everyone else was a woman in full armor.

An entity that is known as a symbol of fear in all evil cults and black magic organizations and in all eras. The hammerhead that shatters a human figure with one swing proves its identity.

Seongcheolsae Ellahan.

The staff of the goddess that carries the same name.

“Saint Ellahan sentences you to death. “If you have any objections, respond with your ugly life.”

《…Did you read my plan? For a group of fanatics of the Holy Church, they seem to be quite intelligent.》

Ellahan answered with a cool smile.

“Dealing with people crawling underground avoiding the light is something our church is very familiar with.”

As soon as she heard from Leon that Lich was nowhere to be seen, she summoned all the Holy Iron Knights and searched every corner of the city.

As dwarves are skilled in ley line exploration, there were many useful tools scattered throughout the blacksmith shop in Area 13. An iron rod that infuses mana and points to find empty space in the soil, or a compass that senses vibration and tells the direction and scale.

By seeking cooperation from dwarves who knew how to use it, Ellahan was able to detect Desmond’s route in advance.

I don’t intend to explain everything there.

“Deus Lo Vult.”

As soon as you recite the three-word movement spell, a golden line appears on the <Sacred Barrier> and supplies the holy power overflowing from the body to various parts of the body, activating its function.

Amplification of the defensive power of the confrontation class and the already enormous sacred power.

Desmond, seeing Ellahan transformed into an incarnation of light, reflexively took a step back.

Although he overcame some of the limitations of the undead with the power of <Fallen>, the fear of light and divine power did not disappear. Moreover, the power of Ellahan, who is said to be the strongest saint of all time, was stronger than any of the saints Desmond had encountered in his life so far. Because it was the strongest.

“Desmond, the religious enemy.”

Ellahan, who understood the identity through someone’s words and said the name of the wanted person, aimed at the Seongcheolsae, which was wrapped in a dazzling light.

To the undead, it is a weapon more fearsome than the Reaper’s scythe.

Desmond, the Three Demon Lord, faces his nemesis.

“It’s time to return to ashes.”

《…Let’s see who will return to ashes.》 Thousands

of undead and dozens of Seongcheolsaegi knights.

One saint and one lich.

The third skirmish began somewhere in Area 13.

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