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Overpowered Sword Chapter 281

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Level up with black (281)

Leon’s eyes, looking over the horizon in the sky, momentarily sparkled with golden light.

Originally, it was a distance that his eyes should not have reached, but his senses had already surpassed the spatial limitations by several levels. The monsters were watching him from several kilometers away, and their hideous appearance was clearly visible, down to every single dead skin cell.

He muttered after looking at all three monsters.

“…They look unusual.”

El Cid, who shares Leon’s field of vision, received the message.

[Is this a Cyclops, a lich mutant made by combining a three-headed troll with a dragon bone?]

“I’ve seen twin heads before, but this is my first time seeing three.”

[Usually called Triplets. Because it is so rare, the name itself is rarely used.]


Twinhead alone is someone you only see once every few decades, but there was no further explanation for Triplet.

Since ancient times, the head has been recognized as a vessel containing the soul.

However, having multiple heads means having the soul of multiple people. Unlike normal beings, monsters tend to deviate from the specifications of their bodies, so individuals with larger-than-average soul specifications inevitably undergo mutation.

A few more eyeballs sprouted, the material of the skin changed, or horns that did not exist on their kin sprouted.

[Among them, the case where the head grows is even more special.]

El Cid said.

[The brain is directly connected to intelligence, so if the number of brains increases, thinking and judgment abilities greatly increase. Even human wizards can easily do things like multicasting and chanting without talent.]

‘Is it also true that most twinhead trolls are shamans…?’

[I became a shaman because I had no choice but to study on my own unless I found a magic book with well-written information from the basics to advanced content somewhere.]

Twinhead trolls are at least dangerous due to their cunning behavior and ability as a shaman, and many of them become leaders of the group. is set at S rank.

Three heads was truly an unprecedented case.

Even though he felt the gaze of Leon, who had become a transcendental person, he did not back down and glared at his six eyes, which was quite scary.

[Rich is roughly an 8th rank warlock. Since dragon bones are mixed in, the output can be considered higher than that. The last one is—]


Of the three, this one looks the most dangerous.

No matter how you look at it, the 50-meter-long body looming over the horizon and the cold air swirling around it was not a natural phenomenon. Just by staying in that spot, he was exerting a force that was close to a natural disaster.

Frost giant.

It was a scene as if a monster that appeared in ancient mythology and was said to have fought against the gods had come to life.


The monsters that had stopped for a moment began to squirm, as if they were still trying to do more after seeing Leon’s sword strike.

Orc troll kobold gnoll goblin.

Even though the risk was not high, if the quantity was 10,000 units, it was a force that even the legion could not underestimate. From Vritra’s point of view, it was power that could be obtained from anywhere on the continent, so even if it was consumed in vain, it would not cause much damage.

The strategy of wasting gunpowder and ammunition in the 13 areas by consuming low-quality troops and then piercing the gap was fully feasible.


Definitely discourages.

When the holy sword was illuminated once again, an enormous amount of heat was generated, creating a haze around Leon.

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Crimson Eclipse (Red Lotus Eclipse)

Prominence A

long pillar of fire with the sword body as a support erupts out, and Seven

Star Sword (Grand Chariot)

Heavenly Line Transplant (天璇庌式)

Merak (Merak)

With sword light extending as long as the horizon. I got angry and fell down.


The monsters caught up in the sword light are shattered along with the ground.

The power density was lower than the previously used Wall of Light, but it was not necessary to defeat low-level monsters.

Even if you become a transcendent, the total amount of power still exists. It was annoying to those who were quietly watching from behind the monster wave to wipe it out by increasing the output.

It was that moment.


Beyond Leon’s vision, Cyclops King Hrimturus gathered power into his eyeballs.

The only eye color has a light that is even pale.

It was a precursor to a light attack.



El Cid saw the direction the guy was aiming and cursed harshly. If it had been aimed at Leon, it would have been avoided or blocked, so there wouldn’t have been much to worry about, but what Hrimturs was aiming for was the 13-area wall that exists beneath Leon’s feet.

It is a spread attack with a range that is difficult for Leon, who has just used <Seven Star Sword>, to handle alone.


Before Leon had time to react, Hrimturus’ eyes flickered bright blue and shot out a beam of light.

From left to right.

Shake your head as if swinging it horizontally once. Following that movement, the beam moved laterally and struck the 13 areas. Because it was a magical attack, it was slower than the actual speed of light, but it was faster than most lightning-type magic.


Leon quickly fell and blocked his path, releasing his power.

There is no time to use 〈Seven-Star Sword〉 or 〈Sun Sword〉.

Using the holy sword, he splits the light of the beam and sprays the aura drawn from his body in all directions. So, even if it wasn’t possible to completely cancel out the light beam, it was possible to at least halve its destructive power.


“Tsk…! “It’s cold after all!”

The hem of the cloak freezes with a crunching sound.

It was because of the power contained in Hrimturs’ beam.

Even an artifact that accumulates the power of the sun cannot withstand all the cold, so what if it comes into contact with a living body?

Just the output he halved would be enough to turn the top of Area 13’s castle wall into a glacier. In order to somehow deal with the disaster caused by a moment of carelessness, Leon pulled out his sword of heart and—


I was about to stop my sword when I heard a sonorous voice.

“Give us the courage to face the fierce north wind! “Have the patience to wait for spring without breaking even in the cold of winter!”

Before I knew it, Ellahan had jumped up onto the castle wall and was shouting in a voice that seemed to reach the heavens, holding his castle sword high in the air.

Every time she shouts a word, a translucent protective shield is created as if surrounding the castle walls of Area 13. Even though she was the strongest saint of all time, her red complexion turned pale as she ran, perhaps because it was difficult.

Ellahan faithfully performed his role until the end.

“Please let me lead the way with your staff when you remove the frost that has settled on this land!”

At the same time as the Holy Law Barrier was unfolding, Hrimturth’s cold ray reached the castle wall.

Twelve layers of the translucent protective shield shatter at once, and the remaining three layers also collapse, cracking like a spider web. However, the power that could instantly turn a living person into an ice statue diminished and only turned the dwarves’ beards and snot into icicles.

“Huhhh! “It’s so cold!”

“At times like this, I need to drink a bucket of rum!”

Even though they were shivering with chills, the dwarves firmly held onto the weapons that were stuck to their palms.

They knew it too.

If it weren’t for the two men a moment ago, every single one of the defenders stationed on the walls would have frozen to death. Can the dwarves who live with iron in front of the furnace just be watched over?

In the cold, where humans would have suffered cardiac arrest, the strong hearts of the dwarves made their blood boil even more.

But one big problem arose.

“Leader! “All the gunpowder is frozen!”

“Even the firestone has lost its taste?! What do we do?”

“You idiot!” The cannon’s connections are all frozen and won’t turn! “If I force it to turn, the shaft will break!”

The iron cannon, which can be said to be Jugend’s strongest weapon, has been neutralized.

It may not be known whether Hrimturs had foreseen this far before shooting, but from Jugend and Leon’s perspective, it was bad news that could not be ignored.

Cold ray.

That was a level of power that even Leon could not immediately offset if he was not prepared. As the light emitted from the body of Leon

, the Sun Sword,

falls on the entire walls of Area 13, the frost-covered ground and armor melt, releasing cloudy vapor.

Fortunately, Jugend’s climate was currently warm.

If you remove the power of the frost ray, Leon will recover his body temperature and original condition with just a little heat.

‘…Still, it will take some time to get everything, including gunpowder, back to normal.’

If you try to melt gunpowder at high temperatures, you might accidentally explode it, and Leon had little knowledge in that field.

So focus on what you can do.

Leon, with his sword hanging down, slowly descended and landed on the ground with his back to the gate of Area 13. No matter what tricks the three monsters try, they will not be able to break through if they face him head on.


Next, Ellahan jumped from the castle wall and landed next to him.


Leon questioned the call without looking back.

“What about the others?”

“We immediately dropped from the airship and are on our way to the castle walls. “Only my sister and I, who had no troops under our command, took the lead.”

“You blocked it well just a moment ago. My mistake. “I didn’t know there was a way to disable the castle wall from that distance.”

“What about that ray?”

Leon nodded yes and confirmed.

“It must be a monster that Vritra strengthened with <Corruption>. There is a three-headed Troll Shaman and an 8th rank warlock Lich Cyclops whose physique is over 50 meters tall. “He also shot the cold ray.”

“50 meters?!…Oh, I see.”

Ellahan, who was hardly surprised, opened his eyes wide and soon became convinced. Since it was capable of shooting a dragon breath-level ray, its specifications were bound to be different even among giant monsters.

“Here you come again.”

Leon was already feeling dizzy and glared at the monster wave that had painted the horizon black.

Did he see his coming down as an opportunity?

Unlike just before, where low-level monsters were at the forefront, hundreds of monsters ranging from B rank to A rank were mixed in. Among them, the ogre armed with armor and a long spear was a truly terrible combination.

“…It is strengthened with evil powers. “I can feel the energy of curses and black magic in the monsters’ bodies.”

“A lich and a troll shaman?”

It was as he said.

The monsters that went berserk with the power of the two monsters Desmond and Tutanka ran without hesitation for their lives.

Whether or not the body mutates arbitrarily, it amplifies regenerative power, erases reason, and fills it with violence. 〈Berserk〉 〈Immortal Dead〉 〈Frenzy〉 〈Pain Forgetting〉 etc.

Reinforcement magic and spells, which can destroy themselves with just one effect, overlap several times, driving the monsters to the cliff of death.

‘We must block everything until the defense system recovers.’

Even if a single armored ogre is lost, the defenders on the castle walls cannot handle it. At the point when it is equipped with high-quality weapons, the Ogre’s danger level has exceeded A+ rank, but if it has been strengthened and has even lost its sanity, it may correspond to S- rank.

It was to the point where expert level players had to form a group to fight against each other.

It was then.

Shoo shoo shoo shoo.

Suddenly, the shadow beneath Leon and Ellahan’s feet expanded, and hundreds of people jumped out of it.

Those who took the airship and accompanied them to Area 13.

They were the Sacred Iron Chain Knights of the Holy Church and the Royal Guards of Area 1.

A group of strong people where each person reaches expert level.

They all appeared outside the walls of Area 13.

“Hero! “I brought them all!”

It was Karen.

“…This many people as shadows? “Are you feeling okay?”

“No problem! “Because the spirits eased my burden, I was able to easily transport about a thousand people over a short distance.”

Through her training with William, “Jet Black Dance” has grown by two or three levels, and her shadow is now close to being omnipotent.

spear and shield.

It is even closer to a contradiction that is tantamount to proof of a transcendent person who can possess both means of attack and means of defense.

“Okay, this is enough.”

A large-scale monster wave was approaching in real time, and the Seongcheolsak Knights and the Royal Guards lined up in front of it were preparing their posture without any sign of fear.

It was proof that there was nothing lacking in mental and physical training.

A group of expert-level fighters who are accustomed to group combat demonstrate overwhelming combat power even when facing enemies of a similar level.

Leon witnessed this once in Karelum.

“Lord Geoff has arrived.”

When he saw a familiar face and called his name, Geoff got down on one knee with a moved expression.

“It is the honor of a lifetime to be able to carry out the crusade with the warrior this time!”

“If you were the Holy Iron Fraud Knights, there would be no way for you to be attacked by a well-dressed monster. “I’ll have your back.”

“Oh oh oh…!”

Not only Geoff but all the Holy Iron Knights raised their weapons with expressions in their eyes that could not suppress their emotions.

Faith and fighting spirit coalesce into one mass, burning fiercely, and holy power and aura spread like wildfire. The force is enough to make even monsters steeped in madness shrink unconsciously!

Leon then looked back at the Royal Guards and added.

“I heard that since long ago, elves and dwarves have been fighting over who is better, right?”

“Hmm? Well, that’s true.”

“Of course I think dwarves are more amazing.”

Moloch, the captain dwarf who led the Royal Guards, responded with a puzzled look.

“Reinforcements will arrive in the next three days. “The Bedouin people, the beast people, or the elves.”


“Until then, if we can’t handle that monster wave and give up this castle or suffer a loud blow and groan, what will the elves say when they see the dwarves?”

Leon swallowed the words he wanted to say.

The dwarves’ faces, already as hot as well-heated iron, and their eyes glowing with the spirit of victory and victory, took away his concerns.

The dwarves were the bastards who hated being scared more than dying and would rather die fighting than admit defeat to the elves.

After raising the morale of the Holy Iron Knights and the Royal Guards to the highest level, I looked back and realized that the distance from the monsters was only a few hundred meters.

“Let’s get started.”

Raise the holy sword and move forward before anyone else.

The sight of the fluttering red cloaks caught the eyes of the defenders lined up on the castle walls above the Knights of the Holy Iron Chain and the Royal Guards.

He may not be more trustworthy than Rodrik.

It cannot be said that he is greater than Rodrik.



Ellahan approached his left side as if protecting him.

“Don’t forget me too, warrior.”

Karen approached his right side as if to provide cover.

A monster wave attacks as if it will sweep away the elite troops led by three people in an instant. Keying

in a situation that appears to have no chance of winning


The golden sword light proves that the warrior has returned to the present era.

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