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Overpowered Sword Chapter 278

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Level up with swords (278)


Even if they had never witnessed the actual thing, there were few people who did not know of its existence. The large mountain ranges drawn in the center of the continental map are the owners of a land that could never be conquered even during the heyday of the Clyde Empire, which once ruled more than half of the continent.

They were a race that fought against the Demon King’s army under the command of Saint King Roderick and was recognized for their exploits, earning them the right to become a new species.

A monster ogre whose danger level is as high as A+.

Monsters who throw rocks the size of houses and crush metal like paper with their untrained bodies.

With the blessing of wisdom added to their already powerful physical abilities, the Titans’ combat power literally surpassed common sense. The unilateral destruction of the empire’s legions was not a coincidence, but a natural result.

Just three or four warriors gathered together can defeat S-rank dangerous monsters, and when they reach warrior leader level, they are monsters that can take on two or three masters on their own.

If the entire population of Titans, who can stand on the front line, gathers in triple digits, it will become a force more than enough to take down a powerful country.

“If you hit the pickaxe on the ground, mithril will pop out! “When you hit the hammer, the hammer, the anvil,”

the northern wall of Area 1 of the Kingdom of Jugend.

From that watchtower, a humming sound that had neither pitch nor tempo flowed ceaselessly. It was painful to the listener, but everyone else was dozing off so there was no problem.

Blacksmith Brook, who was finally resigning from his position as a guard, which he had to perform every 10 years, felt like emptying his dry wallet and pouring himself a bottle.

He stopped humming and shouted while swinging his spear.

“Hahaha! Starting tomorrow, I, Brook, will go back to the blacksmith shop! The damn castle walls and the damn guards! “This next cycle, even if I have to go down to the lower area, I won’t be in charge of the guards!”

Brooke, who was so excited, couldn’t overcome the boredom even though she was talking so loudly, and her colleagues, who were soundly asleep, didn’t know how to wake up.

Even if they were awake, they were the ones who would yell at the person who was leaving tomorrow, asking why they came first, rather than say a good word. Still, there was enough affection to exchange a drink or so.

“Well, if you think about it, it’s not that bad of a time… hmm?”

It was that moment.

There is a rumor going around that dwarves have poor eyesight, perhaps because of their stocky appearance, but in reality, they are good. Although they couldn’t see targets several kilometers away like elves, they were quite superior to humans.

The walls of Area 1 are high.

And since the visibility available in high places was much wider than in lowlands, he quickly noticed the anomaly.


A thick cloud of dust rising from the horizon.

Even if 10,000 cavalry units rushed forward, that level of dust would not have been raised, but in an instant, a cloud of dust rose into the sky and was swirling like a dragon fist wind.

Even though Brook had lived for quite a long time, it was a natural reaction to freeze at a sight he had never imagined.

Still, Brook seemed to be aware of his role as a guard, and immediately stretched out his hand toward the emergency bell—

“I’m sorry. “Please let me pass quietly.”

Suddenly, a huge shadow stood tall in front of the emergency bell.

It was a surreal experience.

As a rule of thumb, he is at least 5 meters tall, but with that size, he was behind him and there was no sign of him?

Although blacksmithing was his main occupation, Brook was also a strong man who could fight expert-level warriors. Even if he was a sword master, he would be able to delay the battle for a few minutes.


‘Monster, this giant is a terrifying monster…’

He didn’t even realize it, so his upper and lower jaw trembled and several of his teeth made a clicking sound.

Even though it’s right in front of me, I can’t feel it at all. Just as it becomes calmer when you enter the eye of a typhoon, I realized that this giant is the central point of the typhoon.

It was right after that.

Only a few seconds passed as Brooke was filled with fear unlike anything she had ever experienced.


Accompanied by a heavy sound, one or two shadows fall in a dizzying manner that cannot be counted.

This is ridiculous.

Brooke wanted to scream like that with her mouth wide open.

‘The walls of Area 1 are over 60 meters high!’

Although it was a few steps lower than the walls of Karellum, which were expanded with an astronomical budget, Jugend’s 1st area was no slouch.

Even if they bring an army of 1 million, they can easily stop it.

This was something that all the craftsmen who participated in the wall construction agreed on.

“Whoa! “It’s a pretty good wall to climb.”

Sarunga, the warrior leader, came up next to Kasim and said.

The leg that had been cut off the previous time had grown back and was walking on the ground just fine.

That’s not all.

The Titans followed him, running up the castle wall in a few steps.

“It’s a bit narrow because it’s all gathered like this.”

“Think about the difference in size between us and the dwarves.”

“Oh, be careful! “If you fall from here, you might get bruised!”

“I didn’t push because I wanted to. “I was pushed out too.”

Brook, who was listening to the noise of the Titans, looked up at Kasim with an expression that seemed like he was going out of his mind.

Cassim, who saw that face, also clearly looked embarrassed.

“I apologize again. It’s a waste of time to go through all the procedures and come all the way here. As soon as we get down, contact the palace and call the Grand Meister. “He will quickly understand why I came.”

“…Please state your name.”


Cassim grinned and turned his back on the sight of him not forgetting his duty as a guard even though his loose legs were shaking.

“Tell them that it is King Kasim of the Giants and all of the Titans.”

* * *

As soon as Leon and the others heard the urgent news, they rushed out of the conference room and headed towards the place where the Titans were said to be staying within a few seconds.

His reaction was faster than ever, fearing that there might be a conflict between the Kingdom of Jugend and the Titans. If Cassim and the Jugend forces collided even if just by chance, the outcome was obvious even without looking at it.

It was fortunate that it took about 10 minutes for all the troops in area 1 to clear the floor.


“Oh, you are a priest?”

When Leon, who desperately hurried his steps, reached his destination, he was already there.

“Hahaha! Jugend’s alcohol is pretty good too!”

“I like demon beast meat, but I also like dishes mixed with spices. “It’s my first time coming down the mountain, so it’s just a new experience.”

“what? Is this your first time? “When dealing with peddlers, I would have been able to go down and back for a little while.”

“I wanted to go hunting one more time during that time.”

Food and liquor containers piled high like a mountain.

The Titans sweeping the mess were making a fuss. Some people drink alcohol and some people eat meat.

I didn’t even know how long it had been since I left the Titan Mountains, so I showed signs of excitement without knowing it. Leon looked back at Cassim with an expression that was even dejected by the atmosphere.

‘Well, there’s no way the dwarves would fight when he was sentenced to death.’

The legend of the Giant King is an old story from 300 years ago for humans, but dwarves, like elves, are a long-lived species.

300 years ago wasn’t that long ago.

There were several people within the Jugend royal family who remembered his face and power. The peak of the Titans, who collapsed mountains and shattered the lines of the Demon King’s army with a single punch.

Fighting with Kassim was tantamount to suicide.

“…Whew, I’m glad.”

“hmm? “What do you mean?”

However, the group followed him one beat before his answer.

“Hero! too fast! “What if you leave us behind?”

“That’s right. “Please don’t leave me behind.”

“…Master Leon’s behavior has been updated. From now on, I will anticipate that path and take the lead.”

Leon was embarrassed by the strong reactions, but quickly apologized.

“sorry. “I guess I was too anxious.”

Soon Irexana and Albion also arrived at the square.

They looked around blankly at the Titans occupying Area 1’s square for a moment, then approached Cassim.

Irexana greeted him first.

“It’s been a while, King of the Titans.”

“Right. “How many years has it been?”

Kassim accepted his greeting and briefly conveyed the situation. Perhaps because they had met each other, their conversation flowed smoothly.

It was then.

“Hmm, the giant king. “It has earned its title.”


Cassim, who belatedly learned of Albion’s existence, narrowed his eyes.

“You…I see. “I didn’t know that the dragon Rodrik saved still remains in the world.”

“I’ve become a body that I can’t leave. “The bastard who made me like this has run away to heaven.”

“He is a man whose loyalty is not worth a penny.”

“I agree. “It seems like we have a good conversation.”

As the old saying goes, if you want to become friends with someone, make a common enemy. Cassim and Albion obeyed each other without making a fuss.

[Huh, how dare they openly gossip in front of me?]

The hilt of the sword trembled at Leon’s waist.

‘Isn’t it a front attack because you’re talking about it from the front?’

[That doesn’t really matter! Ugh, damn it. If I had a body, I would beat those arrogant bastards until they crumble…]


Leon let out a long sigh and shook his head.

Is this immature human being a holy king?

There was a degree of distortion of history, which was shocking to me.


After summarizing the story, Kasim approached Leon.

Cassim looked him up and down with bright eyes.

“A lot has changed in the time I haven’t seen you. “I didn’t know you would already be in the same place as me.”

“It’s the same place. “I still have a long way to go.”

Since he is a Grand Master who cannot use the Five Swords of the Heart without the Holy Sword, El Cid would laugh if he were to be on par with Kassim at that level.

When Leon declined, Cassim smiled happily.

“Don’t think I was too hasty.”


“The world doesn’t always wait for us to prepare. “If you slow down even for a moment to match the tempo, they will callously overtake you.”

Cassim advised him as if he could see through his inner thoughts.

“Is it too much or too little? That is also true depending on the time. “Sometimes you have to go too far to obtain something, and in an uncertain future, there is no such thing as a certain time.”

Now that Vritra has begun to move in earnest, Leon’s power will undoubtedly be of great help. If I had built up my strength to become a transcendent, I would not have been able to gauge my prospects even if I had waited a few more years.

Even if he survived until then, the amount of damage caused by Vritra to the entire continent would have increased enormously.

“Believe in what you have done to this day. “If you find it so hard to believe in yourself, try believing in the people who believe in you.”

“…your death penalty.”

Leon nodded while listening to those words.

After patting him on the shoulder a few times as if to comfort him, Kassim invited a few more people and sat down in a circle.

It seemed like they were about to start the meeting right here.

Leon and his group and several warrior-level Titans from Irexana Albion.

When I visited the Titan Mountains, Vulkan, who was the village chief, was also among them. After bowing to the Titans who were waving with happy faces, Leon and the others returned to their places.

“Let’s cut it short and get to the point. Some people may know why I came here, and some may not. “I will postpone the explanation for later.”

The tone of voice may have sounded like an outburst, but no one tried to criticize it in front of Kasim.

In the middle of the square, where silence had already fallen, Kassim, who had attracted everyone’s attention, declared the theme of the meeting.

“This is a time of disaster that the Holy Church has warned about several times. If the entire continent does not join together to fight against him, it will be worse than it was 300 years ago.”

Holy King Rodrik is dead.

The great hero, whose birth itself was like a miracle and who terrified the demon king and dragons as it wasn’t enough to save the world on his own, has already ascended to the sky.

What was hanging from Leon’s waist was only a piece of it, and even if all of the causality left in the sword was used up, it was impossible to subdue Vritra.

So we have no choice but to do it.

It is an ordeal that those living in this era must overcome on their own.

“The Holy Church has already sent dispatches to the sub-races and nations scattered across the continent, including the Elven Forest and the Great Desert.”

This was the information exchanged with Irexana a little while ago.

This is why Second Cardinal William is not in Jugend. He left for his hometown to persuade his compatriots to prepare for the coming calamity.

It was also true that dispatches were sent to nomads and beastmen.

“Even 300 years ago, all of humanity fought against the Demon King’s army under the name of Roderick. They were able to fight to protect this world without worrying about the walls of races or countries. Humans, this is what your ancestors were able to do. Dwarves, you remember. “The storm of iron and flame that raged at that time.”

Some people couldn’t breathe and swallowed dry saliva.

Some people couldn’t control their excitement and clenched their fists.

Even though they were afraid, cowered, and trembled, not a single person tried to escape from the heat that filled this square.

Kassim was silent for a moment.

When the atmosphere in the room became tense due to that silence,

“—I dare to make a suggestion here.”

A living legend reappeared after 300 years, raising the glory of the old days high like a flag.

“The reunion of the Allied Forces that unified the power of the entire continent!”

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