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Overpowered Sword Chapter 274

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Level up with swords (274)


Since it is a creature that appears in ancient mythology, there are not many people in today’s era who know its details, but El Cid knew it well thanks to the knowledge accumulated by Rodrik during his lifetime.

He is one of the three main gods on a par with Zeus, the master of the sky and the king of Olympus, and the ruler of the underworld who oversees the afterlife.

The owner of Kynee, a magical device that hides one’s appearance.

His power in the underworld was so absolute that even at the time of the Titanomachy, which almost destroyed all of the gods of Olympus, not a single Titan came down to the Palace of the List.

This was because in the underworld, there was no being that could escape his sight, and if death was declared, no one could survive.

“Well, you probably won’t run into me anyway.”

[That’s right.]

El Cid did not deny that.

If she were one of the three main gods of Olympus, she would be a great person several levels higher than the goddesses of this world.

It is possible to reset civilization and reorganize the ecosystem by ignoring causality and projecting one’s power. Wouldn’t it be great if you went to the palace and strangled Cerberus like Hercules, the great hero of ancient mythology? There was no way I would pay attention to a single human loitering near the entrance.

[Even if I’m friendly towards you, it’s better not to meet you. Most of the gods of Olympus act emotionally, so they can be cursed or kidnapped for the slightest action.]

Leon looked down at the hilt of his sword with a distrustful gaze.

“Even though he is a god in name and appearance?”

[Even more so because he is a god. [There are some who are more arrogant than dragons and think of all life on earth as toys.]

A goddess who looks down only with mercy and love could be said to be a special species. In general, mortals were treated by the gods as nothing more than something to play with. It was also common to give blessings if you liked it and curses if you didn’t like it.

This also applies to forcing unreasonable trials, staging meaningless tragedies, or manipulating and destroying relationships.

[The god-king Zeus is famous for having a strong sexual desire for gods and mortals, scattering thousands of his seeds. There were many times when he deceived me with words or disguised himself, and in some cases, he raped me.]

“You’re an evil spirit, right?!”

[I heard that from the perspective of the gods, they think it is a favor given to them by allowing them to give birth to the god-king’s child? Hera, Zeus’s companion goddess, was so disgusted by this that she even cursed the raped woman.]

“…It’s the opening scene. “I shouldn’t let my kids hear it.”

Leon clicked his tongue, thinking that the myths and legends of this world about good and punishment were very moderate.

The truth is worse than the rumors, but how can those who call themselves gods be so vicious?

Due to the impression of the Holy Church and the Goddess, Leon thought that all the gods were good beings, but that illusion was shattered.

It was then.


Rodelin, who was following Leon without saying a word, said.

“An interference phenomenon of unknown origin is occurring.”

“What do you mean by interference phenomenon?”

When Leon asked a question, Rodelin answered in a quiet tone.

“According to the reasoning of the logic organ mounted on my core body, it appears that life activity has been forced to stop in this area. “The rate of decay and decomposition of organic matter is abnormally fast, and energy consumption has increased dramatically.”

“what?! “I didn’t feel it…”

“It is assumed that the Master is not affected by this interference phenomenon. “Maybe it’s because of the ‘God’s protection from another world’ mentioned by that demonic beast Cerberus.”


Then again, it makes sense.

Leon, who agreed with her guess, was soon able to resolve one more question.

Why didn’t Cerberus talk to William?

[It will be just as you think.]

El Cid read the intention and confirmed.

[The degree of erosion of the four major demonic landscapes is incomparable to other demonic landscapes. This area is already like the afterlife. It also means that if a living person steps in, he or she cannot come out unscathed.]

‘Even if it’s someone as powerful as Cardinal William?’

[It has nothing to do with the level of force. To fight against the laws of the world itself, you must become a transcendent or receive protection from corresponding beings.]

That was the reason why Cerberus allowed Leon’s approach and refused communication with William from the beginning. If it weren’t for ‘Anubis’ protection’, there was a high possibility that Leon’s life would have been eaten away with every step he took.

In Rodelin’s case, she was neither ‘the living’ nor the ‘dead’, so she seemed to be free from the laws of the underworld.

Leon and Rodelin, who discovered one more law of the magic ‘famous song’, began to move forward again.

It was some time after that.

“…I think we’re almost there.”

The fog that had been thick everywhere had suddenly disappeared, revealing a gloomy shimmering sky and horizon.

Grayish white and greenish purple.

Colors that cannot be seen normally are tangled and swirling around.

The other side of the world that creatures that would go crazy just by looking at them should not be aware of. The corpse flower seen at the beginning of the Demonic Sutra cannot even grow buds around here.

This was the deepest part of the ‘Famous Songs’ of the Four Major Demonic Sutras.

The center of the distortion point where two dimensions are twisted.

A warrior and a golem made of gold arrived in a place where even divine beings were reluctant to approach.

—Are you here?

It was that moment.

A deep voice echoed in his head, reminding him of a being he had encountered once before.

Cerberus, the watchdog of Hades. A part of the transcendental species, which can be called a divine beast or a demonic beast, suddenly pulled its huge body out of thin air.

Leon, who had not recognized it at close range, stiffened.

[Don’t be surprised. Because it is impossible to detect movement through the dimensional plane at your level.]

‘…explain it later.’


Leon, who had regained his composure through El Cid’s words, took a breath.

Then he immediately opened his mouth with a calm expression.

“I don’t think I made you wait that long. What do you think?”

—joking. By my standards, it’s surprising that it’s already arrived. They also caught all the escaped convicts. Thanks to you, I will be able to avoid the bad news.

“Are you saying this?”

When Leon looked at Cerberus’ sharp claws with a shocked face, the three heads giggled at the same time.

The reaction was that I knew that would happen.

—I’m kidding.

“…It’s not that funny.”

Cerberus said, ignoring his grumbling.

—Now, from now on, you will close the connection between the list and this world, separating the two dimensions as they were. Are you ready?

“If I hadn’t meant to do that, I wouldn’t have come this far.”

—Hehehe, that’s not wrong. Follow me.

As Cerberus turned and took a step, Leon and Rodelin almost ran as they followed his steps.

Even the ominous air of ‘Famous Song’ is unable to move in front of him and runs away. The ghosts wandering in the sky would also run away without even looking back as soon as one of the three heads glared at them.

To the dregs that overflowed from the Master of Demons, Cerberus was a literal messenger of death.



Leon, who was chasing the guy, suddenly spoke.

“I want to ask you something about Sisyphus. Is that okay?”

—No, he escaped again.

Cerberus shook his three heads in a tired tone.

Because he was so large, his movements created a gust of wind that knocked Leon’s hair back.

It turned only one head to face him and spoke.

—I’m sorry, but there is no answer I can give back.


—Sisyphus, the sinner of Tartarus, is outside my jurisdiction. How can I arbitrarily manage a guy who wanders around avoiding my eyes in the first place? Although it was a surprise attack, he was the one who subdued Thanatos. I don’t even have the right to view his information.


Leon, who was at a loss for words, calmly agreed.

Even though Cerberus was a high-class magical beast and a divine beast, he was no greater than a prisoner who could even subdue the god of death.

It’s not something you can ask for just because you caught a few escaped convicts.

In that case, there was no need to inquire further.

Leon and Rodelin quietly followed Cerberus.


In just a few minutes, Cerberus and the two outsiders arrived in front of the distortion point in the epicenter dimension of the Demonic Sutra ‘Famous Song’.

When Leon saw that, he unconsciously closed his eyes.


It felt like my eye was being stabbed by a hot skewer.

It’s not physical pain.

The ‘Stigmata of the Watcher’ reads the situation by looking straight at the twist in the providence of phenomena that should not exist. A place where the boundaries between dimensions are broken, the laws of the two worlds collide, and mutants who do not fit into either world can emerge.

The essence of the magic world.

—What is it like?

“…It’s terrible.”

Leon barely suppressed the pain in his eyes and answered.

“I know why you brought me here. This is a phenomenon that cannot be stopped without a holy sword. yes?”


If the border between the two worlds were separated by a bridge, the reaction would be enormous. It was no different from a rope tangled with dozens of knots. If you make a mistake in pulling, the contents inside will break or another knot will form.

A sharp knife was needed to solve this.

A means that can perfectly fulfill the laws of the world that can cut dozens of knots at once.

“Okay I can do it.”

Leon, who had assessed the possibility with the holy sword, was convinced.

You can quit.

Fortunately, Cerberus managed to not exceed a certain level in ‘Famous Song’, so it was a much better situation than the demonic scene seen in the Titan Mountains.

If we cooperate in separating the two dimensions in Myeongbu Magic, we can minimize the reaction after breaking the distortion point.


“Let’s finish the deal before we finish all the work.”

Leon, with the holy sword draped over his shoulder, looked at Cerberus.

Three heads tilted at the same time and met their gazes.

-what? what are you talking about?

“You said it with your own mouth. “I will give you the compensation you deserve.”

—Of course. Are you really going to bargain over the compensation?

“At least I would be entitled to know what and how much I can demand in return.”

Leon and Cerberus’ gazes met at the midpoint.

It was an exchange that could not even be called a war of nerves.

It was Cerberus who took a step back first.

—Hmm, good. tell me what you want

As soon as Leon heard those words, he came up with the answer he had already thought of.

“Killing the dragon. “The weapon is good and the protection doesn’t matter.”

—Dragon Slayer… If there is an enemy that a hero must defeat, it will definitely be the evil dragon or evil dragon type.

“Exactly. “I heard he’s a guy who accepted the power of the devil.”

—Is it a demonic dragon and an evil dragon? A few things come to mind.

Cerberus blinked his six eyes.

—Arm protection confiscated from prisoners imprisoned in Tartarus. Among them, I will choose one that will be helpful in slaying the dragon. You will be able to take an amount commensurate with your merits.

“I guess it’s deferred payment?”

-of course.

Leon grinned at the attitude that there would be no further compromise this time and turned to the distortion point of the dimension.

Is it because I was mentally prepared, unlike the first time?

The ‘Beholder’s Stigmata’ still stung, but not to the point where I couldn’t open my eyes. Leon’s eyes widened, and in the center of his vision, a disgusting, distorted chaos writhed like a mollusk.

I feel nauseous.

Shaking off that feeling, I aim the holy sword horizontally.


Instinctively, the moment there was a gap in the flow of the distortion point, Leon’s body leapt one step forward and hurled the holy sword.


Dimensional distortion met the blade.

As if being dipped into a swamp, the silver-white sword body dug in and shook violently, emitting dazzling light from within.

Like a fish struggling after being pierced by the tip of a harpoon.

El Cid, the holy sword and key to providence materialized through the power of the goddess, broke down the imbalance between the two dimensions. The boundary between the living and the dead is clearly divided again, and the corpses that have lost their rest soon collapse, returning to the dust.

[Concentrate. It will come soon.]

What do you mean by coming? There was no time to ask back.

The moment the portal to the Myeongbu Magic Island becomes distorted,


An enormous amount of karma flowed through the holy sword, boiling up as if it would explode Leon’s soul.

Leon’s eyes were bloodshot as he barely managed to keep his mouth shut.

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